10 letter words ending in al

Aboriginal (a.) First; original; indigenous; primitive; native; as, the aboriginal tribes of America.

Aboriginal (a.) Of or pertaining to aborigines; as, a Hindoo of aboriginal blood.

Aboriginal (n.) An original inhabitant of any land; one of the aborigines.

Aboriginal (n.) An animal or a plant native to the region.

Abortional (a.) Pertaining to abortion; miscarrying; abortive.

Abranchial (a.) Abranchiate.

Absinthial (a.) Of or pertaining to wormwood; absinthian.

Academical (a.) Belonging to the school or philosophy of Plato; as, the Academic sect or philosophy.

Academical (a.) Belonging to an academy or other higher institution of learning; scholarly; literary or classical, in distinction from scientific.

Accidental (a.) Happening by chance, or unexpectedly; taking place not according to the usual course of things; casual; fortuitous; as, an accidental visit.

Accidental (a.) Nonessential; not necessary belonging; incidental; as, are accidental to a play.

Accidental (n.) A property which is not essential; a nonessential; anything happening accidentally.

Accidental (n.) Those fortuitous effects produced by luminous rays falling on certain objects so that some parts stand forth in abnormal brightness and other parts are cast into a deep shadow.

Accidental (n.) A sharp, flat, or natural, occurring not at the commencement of a piece of music as the signature, but before a particular note.

Accipitral (n.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, a falcon or hawk; hawklike.

Acoustical (a.) Of or pertaining to acoustics.

Acronychal (a.) Rising at sunset and setting at sunrise, as a star; -- opposed to cosmical.

Acrostical (n.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, acrostics.

Acroterial (a.) Pertaining to an acroterium; as, acroterial ornaments.

Actinozoal (a.) Of or pertaining to the Actinozoa.

Adaptorial (a.) Adaptive.

Additional (a.) Added; supplemental; in the way of an addition.

Additional (n.) Something added.

Adjectival (a.) Of or relating to the relating to the adjective; of the nature of an adjective; adjective.

Agrestical (a.) Agrestic.

Alchemical (a.) Of or relating to alchemy.

Alkaloidal (a.) Pertaining to, resembling, or containing, alkali.

Amblygonal (a.) Obtuse-angled.

Ambulacral (a.) Of or pertaining to ambulacra; avenuelike; as, the ambulacral ossicles, plates, spines, and suckers of echinoderms.

Ammoniacal (a.) Of or pertaining to ammonia, or possessing its properties; as, an ammoniac salt; ammoniacal gas.

Anagogical (a.) Mystical; having a secondary spiritual meaning; as, the rest of the Sabbath, in an anagogical sense, signifies the repose of the saints in heaven; an anagogical explication.

Analogical (a.) Founded on, or of the nature of, analogy; expressing or implying analogy.

Analogical (a.) Having analogy; analogous.

Analytical (a.) Of or pertaining to analysis; resolving into elements or constituent parts; as, an analytical experiment; analytic reasoning; -- opposed to synthetic.

Anarchical (a.) Pertaining to anarchy; without rule or government; in political confusion; tending to produce anarchy; as, anarchic despotism; anarchical opinions.

Anatomical (a.) Of or relating to anatomy or dissection; as, the anatomic art; anatomical observations.

Androgynal (a.) Uniting both sexes in one, or having the characteristics of both; being in nature both male and female; hermaphroditic.

Androgynal (a.) Bearing both staminiferous and pistilliferous flowers in the same cluster.

Aneurismal (a.) Of or pertaining to an aneurism; as, an aneurismal tumor; aneurismal diathesis.

Anticlinal (a.) Inclining or dipping in opposite directions. See Synclinal.

Anticlinal (n.) The crest or

Antimonial (a.) Of or pertaining to antimony.

Antimonial (n.) A preparation or medicine containing antimony.

Antiphonal (a.) Of or pertaining to antiphony, or alternate singing; sung alternately by a divided choir or opposite choirs.

Antiphonal (n.) A book of antiphons or anthems.

Antisocial (a.) Tending to interrupt or destroy social intercourse; averse to society, or hostile to its existence; as, antisocial principles.

Antitropal (a.) Alt. of Antitropous

Antorbital (a.) Pertaining to, or situated in, the region of the front of the orbit.

Antorbital (n.) The antorbital bone.

Apagogical (a.) Proving indirectly, by showing the absurdity, or impossibility of the contrary.

Aplacental (a.) Belonging to the Aplacentata; without placenta.

Apocryphal (a.) Pertaining to the Apocrypha.

Apocryphal (a.) Not canonical. Hence: Of doubtful authority; equivocal; mythic; fictitious; spurious; false.

Aporetical (a.) Doubting; skeptical.

Apozemical (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a decoction.

Appendical (a.) Of or like an appendix.

Archetypal (a.) Of or pertaining to an archetype; consisting a model (real or ideal) or pattern; original.

Argumental (a.) Of, pertaining to, or containing, argument; argumentative.

Aromatical (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, aroma; fragrant; spicy; strong-scented; odoriferous; as, aromatic balsam.

Arthrodial (a.) Alt. of Arthrodic

Artificial (a.) Made or contrived by art; produced or modified by human skill and labor, in opposition to natural; as, artificial heat or light, gems, salts, minerals, fountains, flowers.

Artificial (a.) Feigned; fictitious; assumed; affected; not genuine.

Artificial (a.) Artful; cunning; crafty.

Artificial (a.) Cultivated; not indigenous; not of spontaneous growth; as, artificial grasses.

Artistical (a.) Of or pertaining to art or to artists; made in the manner of an artist; conformable to art; characterized by art; showing taste or skill.

Assonantal (a.) Assonant.

Asteroidal (a.) Of or pertaining to an asteroid, or to the asteroids.

Asymmetral (a.) Incommensurable; also, unsymmetrical.

Atramental (a.) Alt. of Atramentous

Auditorial (a.) Auditory.

Autogeneal (a.) Self-produced; autogenous.

Autopsical (a.) Pertaining to autopsy; autoptical.

Autoptical (a.) Seen with one's own eyes; belonging to, or connected with, personal observation; as, autoptic testimony or experience.

Balsamical (a.) Having the qualities of balsam; containing, or resembling, balsam; soft; mitigative; soothing; restorative.

Barmecidal (a.) Unreal; illusory.

Beatifical (a.) Having the power to impart or complete blissful enjoyment; blissful.

Beau ideal () A conception or image of consummate beauty, moral or physical, formed in the mind, free from all the deformities, defects, and blemishes seen in actual existence; an ideal or faultless standard or model.

Bell metal () A hard alloy or bronze, consisting usually of about three parts of copper to one of tin; -- used for making bells.

Beneficial (a.) Conferring benefits; useful; profitable; helpful; advantageous; serviceable; contributing to a valuable end; -- followed by to.

Beneficial (a.) Receiving, or entitled to have or receive, advantage, use, or benefit; as, the beneficial owner of an estate.

Beneficial (a.) King.

Bequeathal (n.) The act of bequeathing; bequeathment; bequest.

Bicorporal (a.) Having two bodies.

Bimestrial (a.) Continuing two months.

Biological (a.) Of or relating to biology.

Biparietal (a.) Of or pertaining to the diameter of the cranium, from one parietal fossa to the other.

Bipunctual (a.) Having two points.

Botryoidal (a.) Having the form of a bunch of grapes; like a cluster of grapes, as a mineral presenting an aggregation of small spherical or spheroidal prominences.

Bovey coal () A kind of mineral coal, or brown lignite, burning with a weak flame, and generally a disagreeable odor; -- found at Bovey Tracey, Devonshire, England. It is of geological age of the oolite, and not of the true coal era.

Brachyural (a.) Alt. of Brachyurous

Broad seal () The great seal of England; the public seal of a country or state.

Campestral (a.) Alt. of Campestrian

Canal coal () See Cannel coal.

Cannonical (a.) Of or pertaining to a canon; established by, or according to a , canon or canons.

Carnassial (a.) Adapted to eating flesh.

Carnassial (n.) A carnassial tooth; especially, the last premolar in many carnivores.

Catamenial (a.) Pertaining to the catamenia, or menstrual discharges.

Catharical (a.) Cleansing the bowels; promoting evacuations by stool; purgative.

Catharical (a.) Of or pertaining to the purgative principle of senna, as cathartic acid.

Catholical (a.) Catholic.

Causidical (a.) Pertaining to an advocate, or to the maintenance and defense of suits.

Cemeterial (a.) Of or pertaining to a cemetery.

Centennial (a.) Relating to, or associated with, the commemoration of an event that happened a hundred years before; as, a centennial ode.

Centennial (a.) Happening once in a hundred years; as, centennial jubilee; a centennial celebration.

Centennial (a.) Lasting or aged a hundred years.

Centennial (n.) The celebration of the hundredth anniversary of any event; a centenary.

Centesimal (a.) Hundredth.

Centesimal (n.) A hundredth part.

Ceratohyal (a.) Pertaining to the bone, or cartilage, below the epihyal in the hyoid arch.

Ceratohyal (n.) A ceratohyal bone, or cartilage, which, in man, forms one of the small horns of the hyoid.

Ceremonial (a.) Relating to ceremony, or external rite; ritual; according to the forms of established rites.

Ceremonial (a.) Observant of forms; ceremonious. [In this sense ceremonious is now preferred.]

Ceremonial (n.) A system of rules and ceremonies, enjoined by law, or established by custom, in religious worship, social intercourse, or the courts of princes; outward form.

Ceremonial (n.) The order for rites and forms in the Roman Catholic church, or the book containing the rules prescribed to be observed on solemn occasions.

Cherubical (a.) Of or pertaining to cherubs; angelic.

Chimerical (a.) Merely imaginary; fanciful; fantastic; wildly or vainly conceived; having, or capable of having, no existence except in thought; as, chimerical projects.

Circensial (a.) Alt. of Circensian

Climatical (a.) Climatic.

Cloisteral (a.) Cloistral.

Cognominal (a.) Of or pertaining to a cognomen; of the nature of a surname.

Cognominal (n.) One bearing the same name; a namesake.

Collateral (a.) Coming from, being on, or directed toward, the side; as, collateral pressure.

Collateral (a.) Acting in an indirect way.

Collateral (a.) Related to, but not strictly a part of, the main thing or matter under consideration; hence, subordinate; not chief or principal; as, collateral interest; collateral issues.

Collateral (a.) Tending toward the same conclusion or result as something else; additional; as, collateral evidence.

Collateral (a.) Descending from the same stock or ancestor, but not in the same

Collateral (n.) A collateral relative.

Collateral (n.) Collateral security; that which is pledged or deposited as collateral security.

Collingual (a.) Having, or pertaining to, the same language.

Colloquial (a.) Pertaining to, or used in, conversation, esp. common and familiar conversation; conversational; hence, unstudied; informal; as, colloquial intercourse; colloquial phrases; a colloquial style.

Commercial (a.) Of or pertaining to commerce; carrying on or occupied with commerce or trade; mercantile; as, commercial advantages; commercial relations.

Commonweal (n.) Commonwealth.

Concentual (a.) Possessing harmony; accordant.

Conceptual (a.) Pertaining to conception.

Conchoidal (a.) Having elevations or depressions in form like one half of a bivalve shell; -- applied principally to a surface produced by fracture.

Concubinal (a.) Of or pertaining to concubinage.

Congenital (a.) Existing at, or dating from, birth; pertaining to one from birth; born with one; connate; constitutional; natural; as, a congenital deformity. See Connate.

Connatural (a. ) Connected by nature; united in nature; inborn; inherent; natural.

Connatural (a. ) Partaking of the same nature.

Conoidical (a.) Pertaining to a conoid; having the form of a conoid.

Consensual (v. i.) Existing, or made, by the mutual consent of two or more parties.

Consensual (v. i.) Excited or caused by sensation, sympathy, or reflex action, and not by conscious volition; as, consensual motions.

Conventual (a.) Of or pertaining to a convent; monastic.

Conventual (n.) One who lives in a convent; a monk or nun; a recluse.

Cosmetical (a.) Imparting or improving beauty, particularly the beauty of the complexion; as, a cosmetical preparation.

Cosmogonal (a.) Alt. of Cosmogonical

Coxcomical (a.) Coxcombical.

Creational (a.) Of or pertaining to creation.

Credential (a.) Giving a title or claim to credit or confidence; accrediting.

Credential (n.) That which gives a title to credit or confidence.

Credential (n.) Testimonials showing that a person is entitled to credit, or has right to exercise official power, as the letters given by a government to an ambassador or envoy, or a certificate that one is a duly elected delegate.

Dasypaedal (a.) Dasypaedic.

Decahedral (a.) Having ten sides.

Deccapodal (a.) Alt. of Deccapodous

Decempedal (a.) Ten feet in length.

Decempedal (a.) Having ten feet; decapodal.

Decemviral (a.) Pertaining to the decemvirs in Rome.

Decennoval (a.) Alt. of Decennovary

Delusional (a.) Of or pertaining to delusions; as, delusional monomania.

Demoniacal (a.) Pertaining to, or characteristic of, a demon or evil spirit; devilish; as, a demoniac being; demoniacal practices.

Demoniacal (a.) Influenced or produced by a demon or evil spirit; as, demoniac or demoniacal power.

Dendroidal (a.) Resembling a shrub or tree in form; treelike.

Despotical (a.) Having the character of, or pertaining to, a despot; absolute in power; possessing and abusing unlimited power; evincing despotism; tyrannical; arbitrary.

Devotional (a.) Pertaining to, suited to, or used in, devotion; as, a devotional posture; devotional exercises; a devotional frame of mind.

Dexterical (a.) Dexterous.

Dextrorsal (a.) Alt. of Dextrorse

Diabetical (a.) Pertaining to diabetes; as, diabetic or diabetical treatment.

Diabolical (a.) Pertaining to the devil; resembling, or appropriate, or appropriate to, the devil; devilish; infernal; impious; atrocious; nefarious; outrageously wicked; as, a diabolic or diabolical temper or act.

Dialogical (a.) Relating to a dialogue; dialogistical.

Diarrhoeal (a.) Of or pertaining to diarrhea; like diarrhea.

Diathermal (a.) Freely permeable by radiant heat.

Didactical (a.) Fitted or intended to teach; conveying instruction; preceptive; instructive; teaching some moral lesson; as, didactic essays.

Dietetical (a.) Of or performance to diet, or to the rules for regulating the kind and quantity of food to be eaten.

Dioptrical (a.) Of or pertaining to dioptrics; assisting vision by means of the refraction of light; refractive; as, the dioptric system; a dioptric glass or telescope.

Dismarshal (v. t.) To disarrange; to derange; to put in disorder.

Disquietal (n.) The act of disquieting; a state of disquiet.

Distantial (a.) Distant.

Diuretical (a.) Diuretic.

Divisional (a.) That divides; pertaining to, making, or noting, a division; as, a divisional

Documental (a.) Of or pertaining to instruction.

Documental (a.) Of or pertaining to written evidence; documentary; as, documental testimony.

Dogmatical (a.) Pertaining to a dogma, or to an established and authorized doctrine or tenet.

Dogmatical (a.) Asserting a thing positively and authoritatively; positive; magisterial; hence, arrogantly authoritative; overbearing.

Domestical (a.) Domestic.

Domestical (n.) A family; a household.

Dramatical (a.) Of or pertaining to the drama; appropriate to, or having the qualities of, a drama; theatrical; vivid.

Duodecimal (a.) Proceeding in computation by twelves; expressed in the scale of twelves.

Duodecimal (n.) A twelfth part; as, the duodecimals of an inch.

Duodecimal (n.) A system of numbers, whose denominations rise in a scale of twelves, as of feet and inches. The system is used chiefly by artificers in computing the superficial and solid contents of their work.

Duoliteral (a.) Consisting of two letters only; biliteral.

Dynastical (a.) Dynastic.

Economical (a.) Pertaining to the household; domestic.

Economical (a.) Relating to domestic economy, or to the management of household affairs.

Economical (a.) Managing with frugality; guarding against waste or unnecessary expense; careful and frugal in management and in expenditure; -- said of character or habits.

Economical (a.) Managed with frugality; not marked with waste or extravagance; frugal; -- said of acts; saving; as, an economical use of money or of time.

Economical (a.) Relating to the means of living, or the resources and wealth of a country; relating to political economy; as, economic purposes; economical truths.

Economical (a.) Regulative; relating to the adaptation of means to an end.

Ecstatical (a.) Ecstatic.

Ecstatical (a.) Tending to external objects.

Ectodermal (a.) Alt. of Ectodermic

Ecumenical (a.) General; universal; in ecclesiastical usage, that which concerns the whole church; as, an ecumenical council.

Egilopical (a.) Pertaining to, of the nature of, or affected with, an aegilops, or tumor in the corner of the eye.

Egoistical (a.) Pertaining to egoism; imbued with egoism or excessive thoughts of self; self-loving.

Electorial (a.) Electoral.

Electrical (a.) Pertaining to electricity; consisting of, containing, derived from, or produced by, electricity; as, electric power or virtue; an electric jar; electric effects; an electric spark.

Electrical (a.) Capable of occasioning the phenomena of electricity; as, an electric or electrical machine or substance.

Electrical (a.) Electrifying; thrilling; magnetic.

Elenchical (a.) Pertaining to an elench.

Elenctical (a.) Serving to refute; refutative; -- applied to indirect modes of proof, and opposed to deictic.

Elliptical (a.) Of or pertaining to an ellipse; having the form of an ellipse; oblong, with rounded ends.

Elliptical (a.) Having a part omitted; as, an elliptical phrase.

Embolismal (a.) Pertaining to embolism; intercalary; as, embolismal months.

Emphatical (a.) Uttered with emphasis; made prominent and impressive by a peculiar stress of voice; laying stress; deserving of stress or emphasis; forcible; impressive; strong; as, to remonstrate in am emphatic manner; an emphatic word; an emphatic tone; emphatic reasoning.

Emphatical (a.) Striking the sense; attracting special attention; impressive; forcible.

Enclitical (v. i.) Affixed; subjoined; -- said of a word or particle which leans back upon the preceding word so as to become a part of it, and to lose its own independent accent, generally varying also the accent of the preceding word.

Encrinital (a.) Relating to encrinites; containing encrinites, as certain kinds of limestone.

Encyclical (a.) Sent to many persons or places; intended for many, or for a whole order of men; general; circular; as, an encyclical letter of a council, of a bishop, or the pope.

Encyclical (n.) An encyclical letter, esp. one from a pope.

Endodermal (a.) Alt. of Endodermic

Endorhizal (a.) Alt. of Endorhizous

Enneagonal (a.) Belonging to an enneagon; having nine angles.

Enneatical (a.) Occurring once in every nine times, days, years, etc.; every ninth.

Entodermal (a.) Alt. of Entodermic

Eparterial (a.) Situated upon or above an artery; -- applied esp. to the branches of the bronchi given off above the point where the pulmonary artery crosses the bronchus.

Epicentral (a.) Arising from the centrum of a vertebra.

Epichordal (a.) Upon or above the notochord; -- applied esp. to a vertebral column which develops upon the dorsal side of the notochord, as distinguished from a perichordal column, which develops around it.

Epichorial (a.) In or of the country.

Epicranial (a.) Pertaining to the epicranium; as epicranial muscles.

Epidemical (a.) Common to, or affecting at the same time, a large number in a community; -- applied to a disease which, spreading widely, attacks many persons at the same time; as, an epidemic disease; an epidemic catarrh, fever, etc. See Endemic.

Epidemical (a.) Spreading widely, or generally prevailing; affecting great numbers, as an epidemic does; as, epidemic rage; an epidemic evil.

Epilogical (a.) Of or pertaining to an epilogue.

Epiphyseal () Alt. of Epiphysial

Epiphysial () Pertaining to, or having the nature of, an epiphysis.

Epipleural (a.) Arising from the pleurapophysis of a vertebra.

Episodical (a.) Of or pertaining to an episode; adventitious.

Episternal (a.) Of or pertaining to the episternum.

Epitaphial (a.) Alt. of Epitaphian

Epithelial (a.) Of or pertaining to epithelium; as, epithelial cells; epithelial cancer.

Equatorial (a.) Of or pertaining to the equator; as, equatorial climates; also, pertaining to an equatorial instrument.

Equicrural (a.) Having equal legs or sides; isosceles.

Eremitical (a.) Of or pertaining to an eremite; hermitical; living in solitude.

Eruptional (a.) Eruptive.

Esophageal (a.) Pertaining to the esophagus.

Esoterical (a.) Esoteric.

Esthetical (n.) Alt. of Esthetics

Euphonical (a.) Pertaining to, or exhibiting, euphony; agreeable in sound; pleasing to the ear; euphonious; as, a euphonic expression; euphonical orthography.

Euphorbial (a.) Of, relating to, or resembling, the Euphorbia family.

Evidential (a.) Relating to, or affording, evidence; indicative; especially, relating to the evidences of Christianity.

Evolatical (a.) Apt to fly away.

Exegetical (a.) Pertaining to exegesis; tending to unfold or illustrate; explanatory; expository.

Exocardial (a.) Situated or arising outside of the heat; as, exocardial murmurs; -- opposed to endocardiac.

Exoterical (a.) External; public; suitable to be imparted to the public; hence, capable of being readily or fully comprehended; -- opposed to esoteric, or secret.

Extemporal (a.) Extemporaneous; unpremeditated.

Extradotal (a.) Forming no part of the dowry; as, extradotal property.

Extramural (a.) Outside of the walls, as of a fortified or walled city.

Febrifugal (a.) Having the quality of mitigating or curing fever.

Fissipedal (a.) Having the toes separated to the base. [See Aves.]

Flaminical (a.) Pertaining to a flamen.

Flectional (a.) Capable of, or pertaining to, flection or inflection.

Forensical (a.) Forensic.

Forinsecal (a.) Foreign; alien.

Fractional (a.) Of or pertaining to fractions or a fraction; constituting a fraction; as, fractional numbers.

Fractional (a.) Relatively small; inconsiderable; insignificant; as, a fractional part of the population.

Fragmental (n.) A fragmentary rock.

Frenetical (a.) Frenetic; frantic; frenzied.

Frictional (a.) Relating to friction; moved by friction; produced by friction; as, frictional electricity.

Fullonical (a.) Pertaining to a fuller of cloth.

Functional (a.) Pertaining to, or connected with, a function or duty; official.

Functional (a.) Pertaining to the function of an organ or part, or to the functions in general.

Furibundal (a.) Full of rage.

Futuritial (a.) Relating to what is to come; pertaining to futurity; future.

Geodesical (a.) Of or pertaining to geodesy; geodetic.

Geodetical (a.) Of or pertaining to geodesy; obtained or determined by the operations of geodesy; engaged in geodesy; geodesic; as, geodetic surveying; geodetic observers.

Geogonical (a.) Of or pertaining to geogony, or to the formation of the earth.

Geological (a.) Of or pertaining to geology, or the science of the earth.

Geoponical (a.) Pertaining to tillage of the earth, or agriculture.

Germicidal (a.) Germicide.

Gigantical (a.) Bulky, big.

Glossarial (a.) Of or pertaining to glosses or to a glossary; containing a glossary.

Glossohyal (a.) Pertaining to both the hyoidean arch and the tongue; -- applied to the anterior segment of the hyoidean arch in many fishes. -- n. The glossohyal bone or cartilage; lingual bone; entoglossal bone.

Gnomonical (a.) Of or pertaining to the gnomon, or the art of dialing.

Gonorrheal (a.) Alt. of Gonorrhoeal

Granitical (a.) Granitic.

Gressorial (a.) Alt. of Gressorious

Halfendeal (adv.) Half; by the part.

Halfendeal (n.) A half part.

Harmonical (a.) Concordant; musical; consonant; as, harmonic sounds.

Harmonical (a.) Relating to harmony, -- as melodic relates to melody; harmonious; esp., relating to the accessory sounds or overtones which accompany the predominant and apparent single tone of any string or sonorous body.

Harmonical (a.) Having relations or properties bearing some resemblance to those of musical consonances; -- said of certain numbers, ratios, proportions, points,

Hebdomadal (a.) Alt. of Hebdomadary

Helicoidal (a.) Same as Helicoid.

Hemipteral (a.) Alt. of Hemipterous

Hemitropal (a.) Alt. of Hemitropous

Heptagonal (a.) Having seven angles or sides.

Hermetical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or taught by, Hermes Trismegistus; as, hermetic philosophy. Hence: Alchemical; chemic.

Hermetical (a.) Of or pertaining to the system which explains the causes of diseases and the operations of medicine on the principles of the hermetic philosophy, and which made much use, as a remedy, of an alkali and an acid; as, hermetic medicine.

Hermetical (a.) Made perfectly close or air-tight by fusion, so that no gas or spirit can enter or escape; as, an hermetic seal. See Note under Hermetically.

Hermitical (a.) Pertaining to, or suited for, a hermit.

Hexahedral (a.) In the form of a hexahedron; having six sides or faces.

Hierarchal (a.) Alt. of Hierarchic

Historical (a.) Of or pertaining to history, or the record of past events; as, an historical poem; the historic page.

Holohedral (a.) Having all the planes required by complete symmetry, -- in opposition to hemihedral.

Holophotal (a.) Causing no loss of light; -- applied to reflectors which throw back the rays of light without perceptible loss.

Holorhinal (a.) Having the nasal bones contiguous.

Homaloidal (a.) Flat; even; -- a term applied to surfaces and to spaces, whether real or imagined, in which the definitions, axioms, and postulates of Euclid respecting parallel straight

Homaxonial (a.) Relating to that kind of homology or symmetry, the mathematical conception of organic form, in which all axes are equal. See under Promorphology.

Homocercal (a.) Having the tail nearly or quite symmetrical, the vertebral column terminating near its base; -- opposed to heterocercal.

Homodromal (a.) Alt. of Homodromous

Homogeneal (a.) Homogeneous.

Homotaxial (a.) Alt. of Homotaxic

Homotropal (a.) Alt. of Homotropous

Horizontal (a.) Pertaining to, or near, the horizon.

Horizontal (a.) Parallel to the horizon; on a level; as, a horizontal

Horizontal (a.) Measured or contained in a plane of the horizon; as, horizontal distance.

Hortensial (a.) Fit for a garden.

Hydropical (a.) Dropsical, or resembling dropsy.

Hydrotical (a.) Hydrotic.

Hyoglossal (a.) Pertaining to or connecting the tongue and hyodean arch; as, the hyoglossal membrane.

Hyoglossal (a.) Of or pertaining to the hyoglossus muscle.

Hyosternal (a.) Between the hyoid bone and the sternum, or pertaining to them; infrahyoid; as, the hyosternal region of the neck.

Hyosternal (a.) Pertaining to the hyosternum of turtles.

Hypaethral (a.) Alt. of Hypethral

Hypothenal (a.) Alt. of Hypothenar

Hysterical (a.) Of or pertaining to hysteria; affected, or troubled, with hysterics; convulsive, fitful.

Iconomical (a.) Opposed to pictures or images as objects of worship.

Ideational (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, ideation.

Ileocaecal (a.) Pertaining to the ileum and caecum.

Immaterial (a.) Not consisting of matter; incorporeal; spiritual; disembodied.

Immaterial (a.) Of no substantial consequence; without weight or significance; unimportant; as, it is wholly immaterial whether he does so or not.

Immemorial (a.) Extending beyond the reach of memory, record, or tradition; indefinitely ancient; as, existing from time immemorial.

Immetrical (a.) Not metrical or rhythmical.

Impersonal (a.) Not personal; not representing a person; not having personality.

Impersonal (n.) That which wants personality; specifically (Gram.), an impersonal verb.

Impunctual (a.) Not punctual.

Incorporal (a.) Immaterial; incorporeal; spiritual.

Incruental (a.) Unbloody; not attended with blood; as, an incruental sacrifice.

Individual (a.) Not divided, or not to be divided; existing as one entity, or distinct being or object; single; one; as, an individual man, animal, or city.

Individual (a.) Of or pertaining to one only; peculiar to, or characteristic of, a single person or thing; distinctive; as, individual traits of character; individual exertions; individual peculiarities.

Individual (n.) A single person, animal, or thing of any kind; a thing or being incapable of separation or division, without losing its identity; especially, a human being; a person.

Individual (n.) An independent, or partially independent, zooid of a compound animal.

Individual (n.) The product of a single egg, whether it remains a single animal or becomes compound by budding or fission.

Industrial (a.) Consisting in industry; pertaining to industry, or the arts and products of industry; concerning those employed in labor, especially in manual labor, and their wages, duties, and rights.

Inflential (a.) Exerting or possessing influence or power; potent; efficacious; effective; strong; having authority or ascendency; as, an influential man, station, argument, etc.

Infusorial (a.) Belonging to the Infusoria; composed of, or containing, Infusoria; as, infusorial earth.

Injudicial (a.) Not according to the forms of law; not judicial.

Inofficial (a.) Not official; not having official sanction or authoriy; not according to the forms or ceremony of official business; as, inofficial intelligence.

Interhemal (a.) Alt. of Interhaemal

Intermural (a.) Lying between walls; inclosed by walls.

Internasal (a.) Between the nasal cavities; as, the internasal cartilage.

Internodal (a.) Of or pertaining to internodes; intervening between nodes or joints.

Interposal (n.) The act of interposing; interposition; intervention.

Interramal (a.) Between rami or branches; esp., between the mandibles, or rami of the lower jaw; intermandibular.

Interrenal (a.) Between the kidneys; as, the interrenal body, an organ found in many fishes.

Interrenal (n.) The interrenal body.

Intervital (a.) Between two lives.

Intestinal (a.) Of or pertaining to the intestines of an animal; as, the intestinal tube; intestinal digestion; intestinal ferments.

Intramural (a.) Being within the walls, as of a city.

Intramural (a.) Being within the substance of the walls of an organ; as, intramural pregnancy.

Involucral (a.) Pertaining to, possessing, or like, an involucrum.

Irrational (a.) Not rational; void of reason or understanding; as, brutes are irrational animals.

Irrational (a.) Not according to reason; absurd; foolish.

Irrational (a.) Not capable of being exactly expressed by an integral number, or by a vulgar fraction; surd; -- said especially of roots. See Surd.

Irrubrical (a.) Contrary to the rubric; not rubrical.

Isagogical (a.) Introductory; especially, introductory to the study of theology.

Isocheimal (a.) Alt. of Isochimal

Isochronal (a.) Uniform in time; of equal time; performed in equal times; recurring at regular intervals; isochronal vibrations or oscillations.

Isothermal (a.) Relating to equality of temperature.

Isothermal (a.) Having reference to the geographical distribution of temperature, as exhibited by means of isotherms; as, an isothermal

Jesuitical (a.) Of or pertaining to the Jesuits, or to their principles and methods.

Jesuitical (a.) Designing; cunning; deceitful; crafty; -- an opprobrious use of the word.

Juristical (a.) Of or pertaining to a jurist, to the legal profession, or to jurisprudence.

Labionasal (a.) Formed by the lips and the nose.

Labionasal (n.) A labionasal sound or letter.

Lactifical (a.) Producing or yielding milk.

Lambdoidal (a.) Same as Lambdoid.

Largifical (a.) Generous; ample; liberal.

Ligamental (a.) Alt. of Ligamentous

Liturgical () Pertaining to, of or the nature of, a liturgy; of or pertaining to public prayer and worship.

Logistical (a.) Logical.

Logistical (a.) Sexagesimal, or made on the scale of 60; as, logistic, or sexagesimal, arithmetic.

Macropodal (a.) Having long or large feet, or a long stem.

Magnetical (a.) Pertaining to the magnet; possessing the properties of the magnet, or corresponding properties; as, a magnetic bar of iron; a magnetic needle.

Magnetical (a.) Of or pertaining to, or characterized by, the earth's magnetism; as, the magnetic north; the magnetic meridian.

Magnetical (a.) Capable of becoming a magnet; susceptible to magnetism; as, the magnetic metals.

Magnetical (a.) Endowed with extraordinary personal power to excite the feelings and to win the affections; attractive; inducing attachment.

Magnetical (a.) Having, susceptible to, or induced by, animal magnetism, so called; as, a magnetic sleep. See Magnetism.

Magnifical (a.) Grand; splendid; illustrious; magnificent.

Maieutical (a.) Serving to assist childbirth.

Maieutical (a.) Fig. : Aiding, or tending to, the definition and interpretation of thoughts or language.

Majestatal (a.) Majestic.

Majestical (a.) Majestic.

Maleficial (a.) Injurious.

Managerial (a.) Of or pertaining to management or a manager; as, managerial qualities.

Matricidal (a.) Of or pertaining to matricide.

Mechanical (a.) Pertaining to, governed by, or in accordance with, mechanics, or the laws of motion; pertaining to the quantitative relations of force and matter, as distinguished from mental, vital, chemical, etc.; as, mechanical principles; a mechanical theory; mechanical deposits.

Mechanical (a.) Of or pertaining to a machine or to machinery or tools; made or formed by a machine or with tools; as, mechanical precision; mechanical products.

Mechanical (a.) Done as if by a machine; uninfluenced by will or emotion; proceeding automatically, or by habit, without special intention or reflection; as, mechanical singing; mechanical verses; mechanical service.

Mechanical (a.) Made and operated by interaction of forces without a directing intelligence; as, a mechanical universe.

Mechanical (a.) Obtained by trial, by measurements, etc.; approximate; empirical. See the 2d Note under Geometric.

Mechanical (n.) A mechanic.

Mephitical (a.) Tending to destroy life; poisonous; noxious; as, mephitic exhalations; mephitic regions.

Mephitical (a.) Offensive to the smell; as, mephitic odors.

Meridional (a.) Of or pertaining to the meridian.

Meridional (a.) Having a southern aspect; southern; southerly.

Mesmerical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or induced by, mesmerism; as, mesmeric sleep.

Mesodermal (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, the mesoderm; as, mesodermal tissues.

Mesopodial (a.) Of or pertaining to the mesopodialia or to the parts of the limbs to which they belong.

Metacarpal (a.) Of or pertaining to the metacarpus.

Metacarpal (n.) A metacarpal bone.

Metallical (a.) See Metallic.

Metapodial (a.) Of or pertaining to the metapodialia, or to the parts of the limbs to which they belong.

Metatarsal (a.) Of or pertaining to the metatarsus.

Metatarsal (n.) A metatarsal bone.

Meteorical (a.) Meteoric.

Methodical (a.) Arranged with regard to method; disposed in a suitable manner, or in a manner to illustrate a subject, or to facilitate practical observation; as, the methodical arrangement of arguments; a methodical treatise.

Methodical (a.) Proceeding with regard to method; systematic.

Methodical (a.) Of or pertaining to the ancient school of physicians called methodists.

Millennial (a.) Of or pertaining to the millennium, or to a thousand years; as, a millennial period; millennial happiness.

Millesimal (a.) Thousandth; consisting of thousandth parts; as, millesimal fractions.

Misrecital (n.) An inaccurate recital.

Mnemonical (a.) Assisting in memory.

Monarchial (a.) Monarchic.

Monastical (a.) Of or pertaining to monasteries, or to their occupants, rules, etc., as, monastic institutions or rules.

Monastical (a.) Secluded from temporal concerns and devoted to religion; recluse.

Monitorial (a.) Of or pertaining to a monitor or monitors.

Monitorial (a.) Done or performed by a monitor; as, monitorial work; conducted or taught by monitors; as, a monitorial school; monitorial instruction.

Monoclinal (a.) Having one oblique inclination; -- applied to strata that dip in only one direction from the axis of elevation.

Monolithal (a.) Monolithic.

Mononomial (n. & a.) Monomyal.

Monopodial (a.) Having a monopodium or a single and continuous axis, as a birchen twig or a cornstalk.

Monopteral (a.) Round and without a cella; consisting of a single ring of columns supporting a roof; -- said esp. of a temple.

Monothecal (a.) Having a single loculament.

Monumental (a.) Of, pertaining to, or suitable for, a monument; as, a monumental inscription.

Monumental (a.) Serving as a monument; memorial; preserving memory.

Morbifical (a.) Causing disease; generating a sickly state; as, a morbific matter.

Multiaxial (a.) Having more than one axis; developing in more than a single

Multivocal (a.) Signifying many different things; of manifold meaning; equivocal.

Multivocal (n.) A multivocal word.

Myological (a.) Of or pertaining to myology.

Narcotical (a.) Narcotic.

Nasobuccal (a.) Connected with both the nose and the mouth; as, the nasobuccal groove in the skate.

Nasoseptal (a.) Of or pertaining to the internasal septum.

Natalitial (a.) Alt. of Natalitious

Natatorial (a.) Inc

Neological (a.) Of or pertaining to neology; employing new words; of the nature of, or containing, new words or new doctrines.

Neoterical (a.) Recent in origin; modern; new.

Nephridial (a.) Of or pertaining to a nephridium.

Neropteral (a.) Of or pertaining to the Neuroptera.

Nidamental (a.) Of, pertaining to, or baring, eggs or egg capsules; as, the nidament capsules of certain gastropods; nidamental glands. See Illust. of Dibranchiata.

Noematical (a.) Of or pertaining to the understanding.

Nonarrival (n.) Failure to arrive.

Nonnatural (a.) Not natural; unnatural.

Noological (a.) Of or pertaining to noology.

Nosocomial (a.) Of or pertaining to a hospital; as, nosocomial atmosphere.

Notorhizal (a.) Having the radicle of the embryo lying against the back of one of the cotyledons; incumbent.

Oblongatal (a.) Of or pertaining to the medulla oblongata; medullar.

Obsidional (a.) Of or pertaining to a siege.

Occasional (a.) Of or pertaining to an occasion or to occasions; occuring at times, but not constant, regular, or systematic; made or happening as opportunity requires or admits; casual; incidental; as, occasional remarks, or efforts.

Occasional (a.) Produced by accident; as, the occasional origin of a thing.

Occidental (a.) Of, pertaining to, or situated in, the occident, or west; western; -- opposed to oriental; as, occidental climates, or customs; an occidental planet.

Occidental (a.) Possessing inferior hardness, brilliancy, or beauty; -- used of inferior precious stones and gems, because those found in the Orient are generally superior.

Octahedral (a.) Having eight faces or sides; of, pertaining to, or formed in, octahedrons; as, octahedral cleavage.

Oculonasal (a.) Of or pertaining to the region of the eye and the nose; as, the oculonasal, or nasal, nerve, one of the branches of the ophthalmic.

Oligarchal (a.) Oligarchic.

Omiletical (a.) Homiletical.

Omosternal (a.) Of or pertaining to the omosternum.

Operatical (a.) Of or pertaining to the opera or to operas; characteristic of, or resembling, the opera.

Oratorical (a.) Of or pertaining to an orator or to oratory; characterized by oratory; rhetorical; becoming to an orator; as, an oratorical triumph; an oratorical essay.

Orchestral (a.) Of or pertaining to an orchestra; suitable for, or performed in or by, an orchestra.

Ornamental (a.) Serving to ornament; characterized by ornament; beautifying; embellishing.

Orological (a.) Of or pertaining to orology.

Orthodoxal (a.) Pertaining to, or evincing, orthodoxy; orthodox.

Orthogonal (a.) Right-angled; rectangular; as, an orthogonal intersection of one curve with another.

Otocranial (a.) Of or pertaining to the otocrane.

Otological (a.) Of or pertaining tootology.

Outgeneral (v. t.) To exceed in generalship; to gain advantage over by superior military skill or executive ability; to outmaneuver.

Oxytonical (a.) Oxytone.

Palinodial (a.) Of or pertaining to a palinode, or retraction.

Papistical (a.) Of or pertaining to the Church of Rome and its doctrines and ceremonies; pertaining to popery; popish; -- used disparagingly.

Paradisial (a.) Alt. of Paradisian

Paroxysmal (a.) Of the nature of a paroxysm; characterized or accompanied by paroxysms; as, a paroxysmal pain; paroxysmal temper.

Parricidal (a.) Of or pertaining to parricide; guilty of parricide.

Parsonical (a.) Of or pertaining to a parson; clerical.

Pathetical (a.) Pathetic.

Patricidal (a.) Of or pertaining to patricide; parricidal.

Pedantical (a.) Of or pertaining to a pedant; characteristic of, or resembling, a pedant; ostentatious of learning; as, a pedantic writer; a pedantic description; a pedantical affectation.

Pedestrial (a.) Of or pertaining to the feet; employing the foot or feet.

Pedimental (a.) Of or pertaining to a pediment.

Pennyroyal (n.) An aromatic herb (Mentha Pulegium) of Europe; also, a North American plant (Hedeoma pulegioides) resembling it in flavor.

Pentagonal (a.) Having five corners or angles.

Periastral (a.) Among or around the stars.

Perimysial (a.) Surrounding a muscle or muscles.

Perimysial (a.) Of or pertaining to the perimysium.

Periodical (a.) Of or pertaining to a period or periods, or to division by periods.

Periodical (a.) Performed in a period, or regular revolution; proceeding in a series of successive circuits; as, the periodical motion of the planets round the sun.

Periodical (a.) Happening, by revolution, at a stated time; returning regularly, after a certain period of time; acting, happening, or appearing, at fixed intervals; recurring; as, periodical epidemics.

Periodical (a.) Of or pertaining to a period; constituting a complete sentence.

Periodical (n.) A magazine or other publication which appears at stated or regular intervals.

Periosteal (a.) Situated around bone; of or pertaining to the periosteum.

Peripheral (a.) Of or pertaining to a periphery; constituting a periphery; peripheric.

Peripheral (a.) External; away from the center; as, the peripheral portion of the nervous system.

Peripteral (a.) Having columns on all sides; -- said of an edifice. See Apteral.

Peritoneal (a.) Of or pertaining to the peritoneum.

Peritropal (a.) Rotatory; circuitous.

Peritropal (a.) Having the axis of the seed perpendicular to the axis of the pericarp to which it is attached.

Phalangeal (a.) Alt. of Phalangal

Phalangial (a.) Alt. of Phalangian

Phantasmal (a.) Pertaining to, of the nature of, or resembling, a phantasm; spectral; illusive.

Pharyngeal (a.) Of or pertaining to the pharynx; in the region of the pharynx.

Pharyngeal (n.) A pharyngeal bone or cartilage; especially, one of the lower pharyngeals, which belong to the rudimentary fifth branchial arch in many fishes, or one of the upper pharyngeals, or pharyngobranchials, which are the dorsal elements in the complete branchial arches.

Phenomenal (a.) Relating to, or of the nature of, a phenomenon; hence, extraordinary; wonderful; as, a phenomenal memory.

Phthisical (a.) Of or pertaining to phthisis; affected with phthisis; wasting; consumptive.

Pictorical (a.) Pictorial.

Pindarical (a.) Pindaric.

Planetical (a.) Of or pertaining to planets.

Plasmodial (a.) Of or pertaining to, or like, a plasmodium; as, the plasmodial form of a life cycle.

Platonical (a.) Of or pertaining to Plato, or his philosophy, school, or opinions.

Platonical (a.) Pure, passionless; nonsexual; philosophical.

Podagrical (a.) Pertaining to the gout; gouty; caused by gout.

Podagrical (a.) Afflicted with gout.

Polyhedral (a.) Alt. of Polyhedrical

Polynomial (n.) An expression composed of two or more terms, connected by the signs plus or minus; as, a2 - 2ab + b2.

Polynomial (a.) Containing many names or terms; multinominal; as, the polynomial theorem.

Polynomial (a.) Consisting of two or more words; having names consisting of two or more words; as, a polynomial name; polynomial nomenclature.

Pontifical (a.) Of or pertaining to a pontiff, or high priest; as, pontifical authority; hence, belonging to the pope; papal.

Pontifical (a.) Of or pertaining to the building of bridges.

Pontifical (n.) A book containing the offices, or formulas, used by a pontiff.

Pontifical (n.) The dress and ornaments of a pontiff.

Poristical (a.) Of or pertaining to a porism; of the nature of a porism.

Positional (a.) Of or pertaining to position.

Praecocial (a.) Of or pertaining to the Praecoces.

Preceptial (a.) Preceptive.

Precordial (a.) Situated in front of the heart; of or pertaining to the praecordia.

Prefrontal (a.) Situated in front of the frontal bone, or the frontal region of the skull; ectethmoid, as a certain bone in the nasal capsule of many animals, and certain scales of reptiles and fishes.

Prefrontal (n.) A prefrontal bone or scale.

Preglacial (a.) Prior to the glacial or drift period.

Prejudical (a.) Of or pertaining to the determination of some matter not previously decided; as, a prejudical inquiry or action at law.

Prelatical (a.) Of or pertaining to prelates or prelacy; as, prelatical authority.

Prenominal (a.) Serving as a prefix in a compound name.

Preorbital (a.) Situated in front or the orbit.

Presential (a.) Implying actual presence; present, immediate.

Primatical (a.) Of or pertaining to a primate.

Primordial (a.) First in order; primary; original; of earliest origin; as, primordial condition.

Primordial (a.) Of or pertaining to the lowest beds of the Silurian age, corresponding to the Acadian and Potsdam periods in American geology. It is called also Cambrian, and by many geologists is separated from the Silurian.

Primordial (a.) Originally or earliest formed in the growth of an individual or organ; as, a primordial leaf; a primordial cell.

Primordial (n.) A first principle or element.

Principial (a.) Elementary.

Prismoidal (a.) Having the form of a prismoid; as, prismoidal solids.

Prochordal (a.) Situated in front of the notochord; -- applied especially to parts of the cartilaginous rudiments in the base of the skull.

Proctorial (a.) Of or pertaining to a proctor, esp. an academic proctor; magisterial.

Prolifical (a.) Producing young or fruit abundantly; fruitful; prolific.

Pronominal (a.) Belonging to, or partaking of the nature of, a pronoun.

Pronuncial (a.) Of or pertaining to pronunciation; pronunciative.

Prosodical (a.) Of or pertaining to prosody; according to the rules of prosody.

Provencial (a.) Of or pertaining to Provence in France.

Proverbial (a.) Mentioned or comprised in a proverb; used as a proverb; hence, commonly known; as, a proverbial expression; his meanness was proverbial.

Proverbial (a.) Of or pertaining to proverbs; resembling a proverb.

Provincial (a.) Of or pertaining to province; constituting a province; as, a provincial government; a provincial dialect.

Provincial (a.) Exhibiting the ways or manners of a province; characteristic of the inhabitants of a province; not cosmopolitan; countrified; not polished; rude; hence, narrow; illiberal.

Provincial (a.) Of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical province, or to the jurisdiction of an archbishop; not ecumenical; as, a provincial synod.

Provincial (a.) Of or pertaining to Provence; Provencal.

Provincial (n.) A person belonging to a province; one who is provincial.

Provincial (n.) A monastic superior, who, under the general of his order, has the direction of all the religious houses of the same fraternity in a given district, called a province of the order.

Prudential (a.) Proceeding from, or dictated or characterized by, prudence; prudent; discreet; sometimes, selfish or pecuniary as distinguished from higher motives or influences; as, prudential motives.

Prudential (a.) Exercising prudence; discretionary; advisory; superintending or executive; as, a prudential committee.

Prudential (n.) That which relates to or demands the exercise of, discretion or prudence; -- usually in the pl.

Psalterial (a.) Of or pertaining to the psalterium.

Pulpitical (a.) Of or pertaining to the pulpit; suited to the pulpit.

Puristical (a.) Of or pertaining to purists or purism.

Quadrantal (a.) Of or pertaining to a quadrant; also, included in the fourth part of a circle; as, quadrantal space.

Quadrantal (n.) A cubical vessel containing a Roman cubic foot, each side being a Roman square foot; -- used as a measure.

Quadrantal (n.) A cube.

Quadrivial (a.) Having four ways meeting in a point.

Quadrivial (n.) One of the four "liberal arts" making up the quadrivium.

Rabbinical (a.) Of or pertaining to the rabbins or rabbis, or pertaining to the opinions, learning, or language of the rabbins.

Reciprocal (a.) Recurring in vicissitude; alternate.

Reciprocal (a.) Done by each to the other; interchanging or interchanged; given and received; due from each to each; mutual; as, reciprocal love; reciprocal duties.

Reciprocal (a.) Mutually interchangeable.

Reciprocal (a.) Reflexive; -- applied to pronouns and verbs, but sometimes limited to such pronouns as express mutual action.

Reciprocal (a.) Used to denote different kinds of mutual relation; often with reference to the substitution of reciprocals for given quantities. See the Phrases below.

Reciprocal (n.) That which is reciprocal to another thing.

Reciprocal (n.) The quotient arising from dividing unity by any quantity; thus, / is the reciprocal of 4; 1/(a +b) is the reciprocal of a + b. The reciprocal of a fraction is the fraction inverted, or the denominator divided by the numerator.

Regimental (a.) Belonging to, or concerning, a regiment; as, regimental officers, clothing.

Relational (a.) Having relation or kindred; related.

Relational (a.) Indicating or specifying some relation.

Revisional (a.) Alt. of Revisionary

Rhabdoidal (a.) See Sagittal.

Rhetorical (a.) Of or pertaining to rhetoric; according to, or exhibiting, rhetoric; oratorical; as, the rhetorical art; a rhetorical treatise; a rhetorical flourish.

Rhomboidal (a.) Having, or approaching, the shape of a rhomboid.

Rhythmical (a.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, rhythm

Romantical (a.) Romantic.

Rudimental (a.) Rudimentary.

Sabbatical (a.) Of or pertaining to the Sabbath; resembling the Sabbath; enjoying or bringing an intermission of labor.

Sacerdotal (a.) Of or pertaining to priests, or to the order of priests; relating to the priesthood; priesty; as, sacerdotal dignity; sacerdotal functions.

Sacrifical (a.) Employed in sacrifice.

Sapiential (a.) Having or affording wisdom.

Satrapical (a.) Satrapal.

Scansorial (a.) Capable of climbing; as, the woodpecker is a scansorial bird; adapted for climbing; as, a scansorial foot.

Scansorial (a.) Of or pertaining to the Scansores. See Illust.. under Aves.

Scriptural (a.) Contained in the Scriptures; according to the Scriptures, or sacred oracles; biblical; as, a scriptural doctrine.

Sculptural (a.) Of or pertaining to sculpture.

Sedimental (a.) Sedimentary.

Seignioral (a.) Of or pertaining to a seignior; seigneurial.

Semnifical (a.) Forming or producing seed, or the male generative product of animals or of plants.

Senatorial (a.) Of or pertaining to a senator, or a senate; becoming to a senator, or a senate; as, senatorial duties; senatorial dignity.

Senatorial (a.) Entitled to elect a senator, or by senators; as, the senatorial districts of a State.

sentential (a.) Comprising sentences; as, a sentential translation.

sentential (a.) Of or pertaining to a sentence, or full period; as, a sentential pause.

Septennial (a.) Lasting or continuing seven years; as, septennial parliaments.

Septennial (a.) Happening or returning once in every seven years; as, septennial elections in England.

Septicidal (a.) Dividing the partitions; -- said of a method of dehiscence in which a pod splits through the partitions and is divided into its component carpels.

Sepulchral (a.) Of or pertaining to burial, to the grave, or to monuments erected to the memory of the dead; as, a sepulchral stone; a sepulchral inscription.

Sepulchral (a.) Unnaturally low and grave; hollow in tone; -- said of sound, especially of the voice.

Sequential (a.) Succeeding or following in order.

Sequestral (a.) Of or pertaining to a sequestrum.

Seraphical (a.) Of or pertaining to a seraph; becoming, or suitable to, a seraph; angelic; sublime; pure; refined.

Sermonical (a.) Like, or appropriate to, a sermon; grave and didactic.

Sesamoidal (a.) Sesamoid.

Simoniacal (a.) Of or pertaining to simony; guilty of simony; consisting of simony.

Sincipital (a.) Of or pertaining to the sinciput; being in the region of the sinciput.

Sinusoidal (a.) Of or pertaining to a sinusoid; like a sinusoid.

Socratical (a.) Of or pertaining to Socrates, the Grecian sage and teacher. (b. c. 469-399), or to his manner of teaching and philosophizing.

Solstitial (a.) Of or pertaining to a solstice.

Solstitial (a.) Happening at a solstice; esp. (with reference to the northern hemisphere), happening at the summer solstice, or midsummer.

Sorbonical (a.) Belonging to the Sorbonne or to a Sorbonist.

Spagyrical (a.) Chemical; alchemical.

Specifical (a.) Specific.

Sphenoidal (a.) Sphenoid.

Sphenoidal (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a sphenoid.

Spheroidal (a.) Having the form of a spheroid.

Spondaical (a.) Or of pertaining to a spondee; consisting of spondees.

Spondaical (a.) Containing spondees in excess; marked by spondees; as, a spondaic hexameter, i. e., one which has a spondee instead of a dactyl in the fifth foot.

Sponsional (a.) Of or pertaining to a pledge or agreement; responsible.

Sporadical (a.) Sporadic.

Spur-royal (n.) A gold coin, first made in the reign of Edward IV., having a star on the reverse resembling the rowel of a spur. In the reigns of Elizabeth and of James I., its value was fifteen shillings.

Structural (a.) Of or pertaining to structure; affecting structure; as, a structural error.

Structural (a.) Of or pertaining to organit structure; as, a structural element or cell; the structural peculiarities of an animal or a plant.

Subcentral (a.) Under the center.

Subcentral (a.) Nearly central; not quite central.

Subconical (a.) Slightly conical.

Subcranial (a.) Situated under, or on the ventral side of, the cranium; facial.

Subdecanal (a.) Of or pertaining to a subdean or subdeanery.

Subendymal (a.) Situated under the endyma.

Subglacial (a.) Pertaining or belonging to the under side of a glacier; being beneath a glacier; as, subglacial streams.

Subglossal (a.) Situated under the tongue; sublingual.

Sublingual (a.) Situated under the tongue; as, the sublingual gland.

Sublingual (a.) Of or pertaining to the sublingual gland; as, sublingual salvia.

Submarshal (n.) An under or deputy marshal.

Suborbital (a.) Alt. of Suborbitar

Subpleural (a.) Situated under the pleural membrane.

Subtypical (a.) Deviating somewhat from the type of a species, genus, or other group; slightly aberrant.

Subumbonal (a.) Beneath or forward of the umbos of a bivalve shell.

Subvaginal (a.) Situated under or inside a sheath or vaginal membrane; as, the subvaginal, or subdural, spaces about the optic nerve.

Suicidical (a.) Suicidal.

Superregal (a.) More than regal; worthy of one greater than a king.

Superroyal (a.) Larger than royal; -- said of a particular size of printing and writing paper. See the Note under Paper, n.

Supervisal (n.) Supervision.

Supraloral (a.) Situated above the lores; as, the supraloral feathers of a bird.

Supraloral (n.) A supraloral feather.

Suprapedal (a.) Situated above the foot of a mollusk; as, the suprapedal gland.

Suprarenal (a.) Situated above, or anterior to, the kidneys.

Suprarenal (n.) A suprarenal capsule.

Surnominal (a.) Of or pertaining to a surname or surnames.

Syllabical (a.) Of or pertaining to a syllable or syllables; as, syllabic accent.

Syllabical (a.) Consisting of a syllable or syllables; as, a syllabic augment.

Symbolical (a.) Of or pertaining to a symbol or symbols; of the nature of a symbol; exhibiting or expressing by resemblance or signs; representative; as, the figure of an eye is symbolic of sight and knowledge.

Symphyseal (a.) Of or pertaining to to symphysis.

Synchronal (a.) Happening at, or belonging to, the same time; synchronous; simultaneous.

Synchronal (n.) A synchronal thing or event.

Syndetical (a.) Connecting; conjunctive; as, syndetic words or connectives; syndetic references in a dictionary.

Synoptical (a.) Affording a general view of the whole, or of the principal parts of a thing; as, a synoptic table; a synoptical statement of an argument.

Synthermal (a.) Having the same degree of heat.

Talmudical (a.) Of or pertaining to the Talmud; contained in the Talmud; as, Talmudic Greek; Talmudical phrases.

Tangential (a.) Of or pertaining to a tangent; in the direction of a tangent.

Tautozonal (a.) Belonging to the same zone; as, tautozonal planes.

Tenemental (a.) Of or pertaining to a tenement; capable of being held by tenants.

Tergeminal (a.) Alt. of Tergeminate

Terrifical (a.) Terrific.

Testudinal (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a tortoise.

Tetragonal (a.) Of or pertaining to a tetragon; having four angles or sides; thus, the square, the parallelogram, the rhombus, and the trapezium are tetragonal fingers.

Tetragonal (a.) Having four prominent longitudinal angles.

Tetragonal (a.) Designating, or belonging to, a certain system of crystallization; dimetric. See Tetragonal system, under Crystallization.

Theatrical (a.) Of or pertaining to a theater, or to the scenic representations; resembling the manner of dramatic performers; histrionic; hence, artificial; as, theatrical performances; theatrical gestures.

Theistical (a.) Of or pertaining to theism, or a theist; according to the doctrine of theists.

Theurgical (a.) Of or pertaining to theurgy; magical.

Thyroideal (a.) Thyroid.

Thyrsoidal (a.) Having somewhat the form of a thyrsus.

Tinctorial (a.) Of or relating to color or colors; imparting a color; as, tinctorial matter.

Torrential (a.) Alt. of Torrentine

Transposal (n.) The act of transposing, or the state of being transposed; transposition.

Tricennial (a.) Of or pertaining to thirty years; consisting of thirty years; occurring once in every thirty years.

Tricipital (a.) Having three heads, or three origins; as, a tricipital muscle.

Trigeminal (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, the fifth pair of cranial nerves, which divide on each side of the head into three main branches distributed to the orbits, jaws, and parts of the mouth; trifacial.

Trilateral (a.) Having three sides; being three-sided; as, a trilateral triangle.

Trilingual (a.) Containing, or consisting of, three languages; expressed in three languages.

Triliteral (a.) Consisting of three letters; trigrammic; as, a triliteral root or word.

Triliteral (n.) A triliteral word.

Trimembral (a.) Having, or consisting of, three members.

Trimestral (a.) Trimestrial.

Trinoctial (a.) Lasting during three nights; comprising three nights.

Trinominal (n. & a.) Trinomial.

Tripaschal (a.) Including three passovers.

Triquetral (a.) Triquetrous.

Triverbial (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, certain days allowed to the pretor for hearing causes, when be might speak the three characteristic words of his office, do, dico, addico. They were called dies fasti.

Trochaical (a.) Of or pertaining to trochees; consisting of trochees; as, trochaic measure or verse.

Trochoidal (a.) Of or pertaining to a trochoid; having the properties of a trochoid.

Trochoidal (a.) See Trochoid, a.

Tula metal () An alloy of silver, copper, and lead made at Tula in Russia.

Tyrannical (a.) Of or pertaining to a tyrant; suiting a tyrant; unjustly severe in government; absolute; imperious; despotic; cruel; arbitrary; as, a tyrannical prince; a tyrannical master; tyrannical government.

Umbratical (a.) Of or pertaining to the shade or darkness; shadowy; unreal; secluded; retired.

Uncardinal (v. t.) To degrade from the cardinalship.

Undividual (a.) Indivisible.

Unefectual (a.) Ineffectual.

Unicameral (a.) Having, or consisting of, a single chamber; -- said of a legislative assembly.

Unicentral (a.) Having a single center of growth.

Unilateral (a.) Being on one side only; affecting but one side; one-sided.

Unilateral (a.) Pertaining to one side; one-sided; as, a unilateral raceme, in which the flowers grow only on one side of a common axis, or are all turned to one side.

Uniliteral (a.) Consisting of one letter only; as, a uniliteral word or sign.

Unmaterial (a.) Not material; immaterial.

Urochordal (a.) Of or pertaining to the Urochorda.

Urogenital (a.) Same as Urinogenital.

Uxoricidal (a.) Of or pertaining to uxoricide; tending to uxoricide.

Venatorial (a.) Or or pertaining to hunting; venatic.

Veneficial (a.) Alt. of Veneficious

Vermifugal (a.) Tending to prevent, destroy, or expel, worms or vermin; anthelmintic.

Vice-regal (a.) Of or pertaining to a viceroy or viceroyalty.

Visitorial (a.) Same as Visitatorial.

Volitional (a.) Belonging or relating to volition.

Vulnifical (a.) Causing wounds; inflicting wounds; wounding.

Withdrawal (n.) The act of withdrawing; withdrawment; retreat; retraction.

Wraprascal (n.) A kind of coarse upper coat, or overcoat, formerly worn.

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