10 letter words ending in ble

Abhorrible (a.) Detestable.

Abominable (a.) Worthy of, or causing, abhorrence, as a thing of evil omen; odious in the utmost degree; very hateful; detestable; loathsome; execrable.

Abominable (a.) Excessive; large; -- used as an intensive.

Absolvable (a.) That may be absolved.

Absorbable (a.) Capable of being absorbed or swallowed up.

Accendible (a.) Capable of being inflamed or kindled; combustible; inflammable.

Acceptable (a.) Capable, worthy, or sure of being accepted or received with pleasure; pleasing to a receiver; gratifying; agreeable; welcome; as, an acceptable present, one acceptable to us.

Accessible (a.) Easy of access or approach; approachable; as, an accessible town or mountain, an accessible person.

Accessible (a.) Open to the influence of; -- with to.

Accessible (a.) Obtainable; to be got at.

Accordable (a.) Agreeing.

Accordable (a.) Reconcilable; in accordance.

Accostable (a.) Approachable; affable.

Achievable (a.) Capable of being achieved.

Acquirable (a.) Capable of being acquired.

Actionable (a.) That may be the subject of an action or suit at law; as, to call a man a thief is actionable.

Adjustable (a.) Capable of being adjusted.

Admissible (a.) Entitled to be admitted, or worthy of being admitted; that may be allowed or conceded; allowable; as, the supposition is hardly admissible.

Admittable (a.) Admissible.

Affectible (a.) That may be affected.

Affiliable (a.) Capable of being affiliated to or on, or connected with in origin.

Affirmable (a.) Capable of being affirmed, asserted, or declared; -- followed by of; as, an attribute affirmable of every just man.

Affordable (a.) That may be afforded.

Allegeable (a.) Capable of being alleged or affirmed.

Allottable (a.) Capable of being allotted.

Amerceable (a.) Liable to be amerced.

Analyzable (a.) That may be analyzed.

Anchorable (a.) Fit for anchorage.

Annullable (a.) That may be Annulled.

Answerable (a.) Obliged to answer; liable to be called to account; liable to pay, indemnify, or make good; accountable; amenable; responsible; as, an agent is answerable to his principal; to be answerable for a debt, or for damages.

Answerable (a.) Capable of being answered or refuted; admitting a satisfactory answer.

Answerable (a.) Correspondent; conformable; hence, comparable.

Answerable (a.) Proportionate; commensurate; suitable; as, an achievement answerable to the preparation for it.

Answerable (a.) Equal; equivalent; adequate.

Appealable (a.) Capable of being appealed against; that may be removed to a higher tribunal for decision; as, the cause is appealable.

Appealable (a.) That may be accused or called to answer by appeal; as, a criminal is appealable for manslaughter.

Appeasable (a.) Capable of being appeased or pacified; placable.

Appellable (a.) Appealable.

Applicable (a.) Capable of being applied; fit or suitable to be applied; having relevance; as, this observation is applicable to the case under consideration.

Approvable (a.) Worthy of being approved; meritorious.

Arbitrable (v. t.) Capable of being decided by arbitration; determinable.

Ascendable (a.) Capable of being ascended.

Ascendible (a.) Capable of being ascended; climbable.

Ascribable (a.) Capable of being ascribed; attributable.

Aspectable (a.) Capable of being; visible.

Assailable (a.) Capable of being assailed.

Assessable (a.) Liable to be assessed or taxed; as, assessable property.

Assignable (a.) Capable of being assigned, allotted, specified, or designated; as, an assignable note or bill; an assignable reason; an assignable quantity.

Associable (a.) Capable of being associated or joined.

Associable (a.) Sociable; companionable.

Associable (a.) Liable to be affected by sympathy with other parts; -- said of organs, nerves, muscles, etc.

Attachable (a.) Capable of being attached; esp., liable to be taken by writ or precept.

Attackable (a.) Capable of being attacked.

Attainable (a.) Capable of being attained or reached by efforts of the mind or body; capable of being compassed or accomplished by efforts directed to the object.

Attainable (a.) Obtainable.

Avouchable (a.) Capable of being avouched.

Baptizable (a.) Capable of being baptized; fit to be baptized.

Behoovable (a.) Supplying need; profitable; advantageous.

Believable (a.) Capable of being believed; credible.

Bescribble (v. t.) To scribble over.

Bewailable (a.) Such as may, or ought to, be bewailed; lamentable.

Bipartible (a.) Capable of being divided into two parts.

Breathable (a.) Such as can be breathed.

Calcinable (a.) That may be calcined; as, a calcinable fossil.

Calculable (a.) That may be calculated or ascertained by calculation.

Censurable (a.) Deserving of censure; blamable; culpable; reprehensible; as, a censurable person, or censurable conduct.

Chanceable (a.) Fortuitous; casual.

Changeable (a.) Capable of change; subject to alteration; mutable; variable; fickle; inconstant; as, a changeable humor.

Changeable (a.) Appearing different, as in color, in different lights, or under different circumstances; as, changeable silk.

Chargeable (a.) That may be charged, laid, imposed, or imputes; as, a duty chargeable on iron; a fault chargeable on a man.

Chargeable (a.) Subject to be charge or accused; liable or responsible; as, revenues chargeable with a claim; a man chargeable with murder.

Chargeable (a.) Serving to create expense; costly; burdensome.

Charitable (a.) Full of love and good will; benevolent; kind.

Charitable (a.) Liberal in judging of others; disposed to look on the best side, and to avoid harsh judgment.

Charitable (a.) Liberal in benefactions to the poor; giving freely; generous; beneficent.

Charitable (a.) Of or pertaining to charity; springing from, or intended for, charity; relating to almsgiving; eleemosynary; as, a charitable institution.

Charitable (a.) Dictated by kindness; favorable; lenient.

Circulable (a.) That may be circulated.

Cleansable (a.) Capable of being cleansed.

Clergyable (a.) Entitled to, or admitting, the benefit of clergy; as, a clergyable felony.

Coagulable (a.) Capable of being coagulated.

Cognizable (a.) Capable of being known or apprehended; as, cognizable causes.

Cognizable (a.) Fitted to be a subject of judicial investigation; capable of being judicially heard and determined.

Collatable (a.) Capable of being collated.

Combatable (a.) Such as can be, or is liable to be, combated; as, combatable foes, evils, or arguments.

Combinable (a.) Capable of combining; consistent with.

Comestible (a.) Suitable to be eaten; eatable; esculent.

Comestible (n.) Something suitable to be eaten; -- commonly in the plural.

Commonable (a.) Held in common.

Commonable (a.) Allowed to pasture on public commons.

Commutable (a.) Capable of being commuted or interchanged.

Companable (a.) Companionable; sociable.

Comparable (a.) Capable of being compared; worthy of comparison.

Compatible (a.) Capable of existing in harmony; congruous; suitable; not repugnant; -- usually followed by with.

Competible (a.) Compatible; suitable; consistent.

Compliable (a.) Capable of bending or yielding; apt to yield; compliant.

Computable (a.) Capable of being computed, numbered, or reckoned.

Conducible (a.) Conducive; tending; contributing.

Confinable (a.) Capable of being confined, restricted, or limited.

Confusable (a.) Capable of being confused.

Confutable (a.) That may be confuted.

Consolable (a.) Capable of receiving consolation.

Consumable (a.) Capable of being consumed; that may be destroyed, dissipated, wasted, or spent.

Contrivble (a.) Capable of being contrived, planned, invented, or devised.

Convenable (a.) Capable of being convened or assembled.

Convenable (a.) Consistent; accordant; suitable; proper; as, convenable remedies.

Conveyable (a.) Capable of being conveyed or transferred.

Corrigible (a.) Capable of being set right, amended, or reformed; as, a corrigible fault.

Corrigible (a.) Submissive to correction; docile.

Corrigible (a.) Deserving chastisement; punishable.

Corrigible (a.) Having power to correct; corrective.

Corrodible (a.) Capable of being corroded; corrosible.

Corrosible (a.) Corrodible.

Creditable (a.) Worthy of belief.

Creditable (a.) Deserving or possessing reputation or esteem; reputable; estimable.

Creditable (a.) Bringing credit, reputation, or honor; honorable; as, such conduct is highly creditable to him.

Cultivable (a.) Capable of being cultivated or tilled.

Culturable (a.) Capable of, or fit for, being cultivated; capable or becoming cultured.

Customable (a.) Customary.

Customable (a.) Subject to the payment of customs; dutiable.

Damageable (a.) Capable of being injured or impaired; liable to, or susceptible of, damage; as, a damageable cargo.

Damageable (a.) Hurtful; pernicious.

Deceivable (a.) Fitted to deceive; deceitful.

Deceivable (a.) Subject to deceit; capable of being misled.

Deceptible (a.) Capable of being deceived; deceivable.

Declarable (a.) Capable of being declared.

Declinable (a.) Capable of being dec

Decoctible (a.) Capable of being boiled or digested.

Decreeable (a.) Capable of being decreed.

Deductible (a.) Capable of being deducted, taken away, or withdrawn.

Deductible (a.) Deducible; consequential.

Defeasible (a.) Capable of being annulled or made void; as, a defeasible title.

Defectible (a.) Liable to defect; imperfect.

Defendable (a.) Capable of being defended; defensible.

Defensible (a.) Capable of being defended; as, a defensible city, or a defensible cause.

Defensible (a.) Capable of offering defense.

Delectable (a.) Highly pleasing; delightful.


Demandable (a.) That may be demanded or claimed.

Demurrable (a.) That may be demurred to.

Departable (a.) Divisible.

Depectible (a.) Tough; thick; capable of extension.

Dependable (a.) Worthy of being depended on; trustworthy.

Depertible (a.) Divisible.

Deplorable (a.) Worthy of being deplored or lamented; lamentable; causing grief; hence, sad; calamitous; grievous; wretched; as, life's evils are deplorable.

Deprecable (a.) That may or should be deprecated.

Depredable (a.) Liable to depredation.

Deprivable (a.) Capable of being, or liable to be, deprived; liable to be deposed.

Designable (a.) Capable of being designated or distinctly marked out; distinguishable.

Despicable (a.) Fit or deserving to be despised; contemptible; mean; vile; worthless; as, a despicable man; despicable company; a despicable gift.

Despisable (a.) Despicable; contemptible.

Destinable (a.) Determined by destiny; fated.

Detachable (a.) That can be detached.

Detectable (a.) Alt. of Detectible

Detectible (a.) Capable of being detected or found out; as, parties not detectable.

Detestable (a.) Worthy of being detested; abominable; extremely hateful; very odious; deserving abhorrence; as, detestable vices.

Devourable (a.) That may be devoured.

Diffusible (a.) Capable of flowing or spreading in all directions; that may be diffused.

Diffusible (a.) Capable of passing through animal membranes by osmosis.

Digestible (a.) Capable of being digested.

Disennoble (v. t.) To deprive of that which ennobles; to degrade.

Disposable (a.) Subject to disposal; free to be used or employed as occasion may require; not assigned to any service or use.

Disputable (v. i.) Capable of being disputed; liable to be called in question, controverted, or contested; or doubtful certainty or propriety; controvertible; as, disputable opinions, propositions, points, or questions.

Disputable (v. i.) Disputatious; contentious.

Dissipable (a.) Capable of being scattered or dissipated.

Dissoluble (a.) Capable of being dissolved; having its parts separable by heat or moisture; convertible into a fluid.

Dissoluble (a.) Capable of being disunited.

Distrouble (v. t.) To trouble.

Divertible (a.) Capable of being diverted.

Divestible (a.) Capable of being divested.

Divorcible (a.) Divorceable.

Effaceable (a.) Capable of being effaced.

Effectible (a.) Capable of being done or achieved; practicable; feasible.

Effrayable (a.) Frightful.

Employable (a.) Capable of being employed; capable of being used; fit or proper for use.

Enforcible (a.) That may be enforced.

Enticeable (a.) Capable of being enticed.

Enunciable (a.) Capable of being enunciated or expressed.

Eradicable (a.) Capable of being eradicated.

Esteemable (a.) Worthy of esteem; estimable.

Evaporable (a.) Capable of being converted into vapor, or dissipated by evaporation.

Examinable (a.) Capable of being examined or inquired into.

Exceedable (a.) Capable of exceeding or surpassing.

Excoriable () Capable of being excoriated.

Exculpable () Capable of being exculpated; deserving exculpation.

Executable (a.) Capable of being executed; feasible; as, an executable project.

Exemptible (a.) That may be exempted.

Expansible (a.) Capable of being expanded or spread out widely.

Expectable (a.) That may be expected or looked for.

Expellable (a.) Capable of being expelled or driven out.

Explicable (a.) Capable of being explicated; that may be explained or accounted for; admitting explanation.

Explorable (a.) That may be explored; as, an explorable region.

Exportable (a.) Suitable for exportation; as, exportable products.

Expugnable (a.) Capable of being expugned.

Extendible (a.) Capable of being extended, susceptible of being stretched, extended, enlarged, widened, or expanded.

Extendible (a.) Liable to be taken by a writ of extent.

Extensible (a.) Capable of being extended, whether in length or breadth; susceptible of enlargement; extensible; extendible; -- the opposite of contractible or compressible.

Extirpable (a.) Capable of being extirpated or eradicated; as, an extirpable plant.

Extricable (a.) Capable of being extricated.

Exuperable (a.) Surmountable; superable.

Fathomable (a.) Capable of being fathomed.

Forgivable (a.) Capable of being forgiven; pardonable; venial.

Formidable (a.) Exciting fear or apprehension; impressing dread; adapted to excite fear and deter from approach, encounter, or undertaking; alarming.

Frustrable (a.) Capable of beeing frustrated or defeated.

Gatherable (a.) Capable of being gathered or collected; deducible from premises.

Governable (a.) Capable of being governed, or subjected to authority; controllable; manageable; obedient.

Hammerable (a.) Capable of being formed or shaped by a hammer.

Handleable (a.) Capable of being handled.

Hazardable (a.) Liable to hazard or chance; uncertain; risky.

Hazardable (a.) Such as can be hazarded or risked.

Heriotable (a.) Subject to the payment of a heriot.

Homageable (a.) Subject to homage.

Hospitable (a.) Receiving and entertaining strangers or guests with kindness and without reward; kind to strangers and guests; characterized by hospitality.

Hospitable (a.) Proceeding from or indicating kindness and generosity to guests and strangers; as, hospitable rites.

Ignoscible (a.) Pardonable.

Illapsable (a.) Incapable of slipping, or of error.

Illaudable (a.) Not laudable; not praise-worthy; worthy of censure or disapprobation.

Illeviable (a.) Not leviable; incapable of being imposed, or collected.

Imaginable (a.) Capable of being imagined; conceivable.

Immensible (a.) Immeasurable.

Immersable (a.) See Immersible.

Immersible (a.) Capable of being immersed.

Immersible (a.) Not capable of being immersed.

Immiscible (a.) Not capable of being mixed or mingled.

Impalpable (a.) Not palpable; that cannot be felt; extremely fine, so that no grit can be perceived by touch.

Impalpable (a.) Not material; intangible; incorporeal.

Impalpable (a.) Not apprehensible, or readily apprehensible, by the mind; unreal; as, impalpable distinctions.

Impartible (a.) Capable of being imparted or communicated.

Impartible (a.) Not partible; not subject to partition; indivisible; as, an impartible estate.

Impassable (a.) Incapable of being passed; not admitting a passage; as, an impassable road, mountain, or gulf.

Impassible (a.) Incapable of suffering; inaccessible to harm or pain; not to be touched or moved to passion or sympathy; unfeeling, or not showing feeling; without sensation.

Impeccable (a.) Not liable to sin; exempt from the possibility of doing wrong.

Impeccable (n.) One who is impeccable; esp., one of a sect of Gnostic heretics who asserted their sinlessness.

Imperdible (a.) Not destructible.

Impetrable (a.) Capable of being obtained or moved by petition.

Implacable (a.) Not placable; not to be appeased; incapable of being pacified; inexorable; as, an implacable prince.

Implacable (a.) Incapable of ebign relieved or assuaged; inextinguishable.

Importable (a.) Capable of being imported.

Importable (a.) Not to be endured; insupportable; intolerable.

Impossible (a.) Not possible; incapable of being done, of existing, etc.; unattainable in the nature of things, or by means at command; insuperably difficult under the circumstances; absurd or impracticable; not feasible.

Impossible (n.) An impossibility.

Imprenable (a.) Impregnable.

Improbable (a.) Not probable; unlikely to be true; not to be expected under the circumstances or in the usual course of events; as, an improbable story or event.

Improvable (a.) Capable of being improved; susceptible of improvement; admitting of being made better; capable of cultivation, or of being advanced in good qualities.

Improvable (a.) Capable of being used to advantage; profitable; serviceable; advantageous.

Impugnable (a.) Capable of being impugned; that may be gainsaid.

Inamovable (a.) Not amovable or removable.

Incessable (a.) Unceasing; continual.

Inclinable (a.) Leaning; tending.

Inclinable (a.) Having a propensity of will or feeling; leaning in disposition; disposed; propense; as, a mind inclinable to truth.

Includible (a.) Capable of being included.

Incredible (a.) Not credible; surpassing belief; too extraordinary and improbable to admit of belief; unlikely; marvelous; fabulous.

Incremable (a.) Incapable of being burnt; incombustibe.

Inculpable (a.) Faultless; blameless; innocent.

Indictable (a.) Capable of being, or liable to be, indicted; subject to indictment; as, an indictable offender or offense.

Indorsable (a.) Capable of being indorsed; transferable; convertible.

Ineligible (a.) Not eligible; not qualified to be chosen for an office; not worthy to be chosen or prefered; not expedient or desirable.

Ineludible (a.) Incapable of being eluded or evaded; unvoidable.

Inevasible (a.) Incapable of being evaded; inevitable; unavoidable.

Inevitable (a.) Not evitable; incapable of being shunned; unavoidable; certain.

Inevitable (a.) Irresistible.

Inexorable (a.) Not to be persuaded or moved by entreaty or prayer; firm; determined; unyielding; unchangeable; inflexible; relentless; as, an inexorable prince or tyrant; an inexorable judge.

Inexpiable (a.) Admitting of no expiation, atonement, or satisfaction; as, an inexpiable crime or offense.

Inexpiable (a.) Incapable of being mollified or appeased; relentless; implacable.

Infallible (a.) Not fallible; not capable of erring; entirely exempt from liability to mistake; unerring; inerrable.

Infallible (a.) Not liable to fail, deceive, or disappoint; indubitable; sure; certain; as, infallible evidence; infallible success; an infallible remedy.

Infallible (a.) Incapable of error in defining doctrines touching faith or morals. See Papal infallibility, under Infallibility.

Infeasible (a.) Not capable of being done or accomplished; impracticable.

Infectible (a.) Capable of being infected.

Inferrible (a.) Inferable.

Inflatable (a.) That may be inflated.

Inflexible (a.) Not capable of being bent; stiff; rigid; firm; unyielding.

Inflexible (a.) Firm in will or purpose; not to be turned, changed, or altered; resolute; determined; unyieding; inexorable; stubborn.

Inflexible (a.) Incapable of change; unalterable; immutable.

Ingustable (a.) Tasteless; insipid.

Inimitable (a.) Not capable of being imitated, copied, or counterfeited; beyond imitation; surpassingly excellent; matchless; unrivaled; exceptional; unique; as, an inimitable style; inimitable eloquence.

Inoculable (a.) Capable of being inoculated; capable of communicating disease, or of being communicated, by inoculation.

Inopinable (a.) Not to be expected; inconceivable.

Inquirable (a.) Capable of being inquired into; subject or liable to inquisition or inquest.

Inquisible (a.) Admitting judicial inquiry.

Insatiable (a.) Not satiable; incapable of being satisfied or appeased; very greedy; as, an insatiable appetite, thirst, or desire.

Insensible (a.) Destitute of the power of feeling or perceiving; wanting bodily sensibility.

Insensible (a.) Not susceptible of emotion or passion; void of feeling; apathetic; unconcerned; indifferent; as, insensible to danger, fear, love, etc.; -- often used with of or to.

Insensible (a.) Incapable of being perceived by the senses; imperceptible. Hence: Progressing by imperceptible degrees; slow; gradual; as, insensible motion.

Insensible (a.) Not sensible or reasonable; meaningless.

Insociable (a.) Incapable of being associated, joined, or connected.

Insociable (a.) Not sociable or companionable; disinc

Insolvable (a.) Not solvable; insoluble; admitting no solution or explanation; as, an insolvable problem or difficulty.

Insolvable (a.) Incapable of being paid or discharged, as debts.

Insolvable (a.) Not capable of being loosed or disentangled; inextricable.

Inspirable (a.) Capable of being inspired or drawn into the lungs; inhalable; respirable; admitting inspiration.

Insuitable (a.) Unsuitable.

Insultable (a.) Capable of being insulted or affronted.

Intactible (a.) Alt. of Intactable

Intactable (a.) Not perceptible to the touch.

Intangible (a.) Not tangible; incapable of being touched; not perceptible to the touch; impalpable; imperceptible.

Intastable (a.) Incapable of being tasted; tasteless; unsavory.

Integrable (a.) Capable of being integrated.

Intestable (a.) Not capable of making a will; not legally qualified or competent to make a testament.

Intricable (a.) Entangling.

Invaluable (a.) Valuable beyond estimation; inestimable; priceless; precious.

Invariable (a.) Not given to variation or change; unalterable; unchangeable; always uniform.

Invariable (n.) An invariable quantity; a constant.

Invendible (a.) Not vendible or salable.

Inventible (a.) Capable of being invented.

Invertible (a.) Capable of being inverted or turned.

Invertible (a.) Capable of being changed or converted; as, invertible sugar.

Invertible (a.) Incapable of being turned or changed.

Invincible (a.) Incapable of being conquered, overcome, or subdued; unconquerable; insuperable; as, an invincible army, or obstacle.

Inviolable (a.) Not violable; not susceptible of hurt, wound, or harm (used with respect to either physical or moral damage); not susceptible of being profaned or corrupted; sacred; holy; as, inviolable honor or chastity; an inviolable shrine.

Inviolable (a.) Unviolated; uninjured; undefiled; uncorrupted.

Inviolable (a.) Not capable of being broken or violated; as, an inviolable covenant, agreement, promise, or vow.

Irremeable (a.) Admitting no return; as, an irremeable way.

Lamentable (a.) Mourning; sorrowful; expressing grief; as, a lamentable countenance.

Lamentable (a.) Fitted to awaken lament; to be lamented; sorrowful; pitiable; as, a lamentable misfortune, or error.

Lamentable (a.) Miserable; pitiful; paltry; -- in a contemptuous or ridiculous sense.

Leisurable (a.) Leisurely.

Leisurable (a.) Vacant of employment; not occupied; idle; leisure; as leisurable hours.

Licensable (a.) That can be licensed.

Manageable (a.) Such as can be managed or used; suffering control; governable; tractable; subservient; as, a manageable horse.

Manducable (a.) Such as can be chewed; fit to be eaten.

Marketable (a.) Fit to be offered for sale in a market; such as may be justly and lawfully sold; as, dacaye/ provisions are not marketable.

Marketable (a.) Current in market; as, marketable value.

Marketable (a.) Wanted by purchasers; salable; as, furs are not marketable in that country.

Masticable (a.) Capable of being masticated.

Measurable (a.) Capable of being measured; susceptible of mensuration or computation.

Measurable (a.) Moderate; temperate; not excessive.

Mensurable (a.) Capable of being measured; measurable.

Mingleable (a.) That can be mingled.

Mistakable (a.) Liable to be mistaken; capable of being misconceived.

Modifiable (a.) Capable of being modified; liable to modification.

Negligible (a.) That may neglicted, disregarded, or left out of consideration.

Negotiable (a.) Capable of being negotiated; transferable by assigment or indorsement to another person; as, a negotiable note or bill of exchange.

Noticeable (a.) Capable of being observed; worthy of notice; likely to attract observation; conspicous.

Objectable (a.) Such as can be presented in opposition; that may be put forward as an objection.

Observable (a.) Worthy or capable of being observed; discernible; noticeable; remarkable.

Obtainable (a.) Capable of being obtained.

Offensible (a.) That may give offense.

Ordainable (a.) Capable of being ordained; worthy to be ordained or appointed.

Originable (a.) Capable of being originated.

Ostensible (a.) Capable of being shown; proper or intended to be shown.

Ostensible (a.) Shown; exhibited; declared; avowed; professed; apparent; -- often used as opposed to real or actual; as, an ostensible reason, motive, or aim.

Oxidizable (a.) Capable of being oxidized.

Pacifiable (a.) Capable of being pacified or appeased; placable.

Pardonable (a.) Admitting of pardon; not requiring the excution of penalty; venial; excusable; -- applied to the offense or to the offender; as, a pardonable fault, or culprit.

Pasturable (a.) Fit for pasture.

Patentable (a.) Suitable to be patented; capable of being patented.

Penetrable (a.) Capable of being penetrated, entered, or pierced. Used also figuratively.

Perdurable (n.) Very durable; lasting; continuing long.

Perishable (a.) Liable to perish; subject to decay, destruction, or death; as, perishable goods; our perishable bodies.

Permanable (a.) Permanent; durable.

Permutable (a.) Capable of being permuted; exchangeable.

Personable (a.) Having a well-formed body, or person; graceful; comely; of good appearance; presentable; as, a personable man or woman.

Personable (a.) Enabled to maintain pleas in court.

Personable (a.) Having capacity to take anything granted.

Picturable (a.) Capable of being pictured, or represented by a picture.

Pierceable (a.) That may be pierced.

Ploughable (a.) Capable of being plowed; arable.

Poisonable (a.) Capable of poisoning; poisonous.

Poisonable (a.) Capable of being poisoned.

Polishable (a.) Capable of being polished.

Ponderable (a.) Capable of being weighed; having appreciable weight.

Predicable (a.) Capable of being predicated or affirmed of something; affirmable; attributable.

Predicable (n.) Anything affirmable of another; especially, a general attribute or notion as affirmable of, or applicable to, many individuals.

Predicable (n.) One of the five most general relations of attributes involved in logical arrangements, namely, genus, species, difference, property, and accident.

Preferable (a.) Worthy to be preferred or chosen before something else; more desirable; as, a preferable scheme.

Preparable (a.) Capable of being prepared.

Presumable (a.) Such as may be presumed or supposed to be true; that seems entitled to belief without direct evidence.

Printa-ble (a.) Worthy to be published.

Procurable (a.) Capable of being procured; obtainable.

Producible (a.) Capable of being produced, brought forward, brought forth, generated, made, or extended.

Profitable (a.) Yielding or bringing profit or gain; gainful; lucrative; useful; helpful; advantageous; beneficial; as, a profitable trade; profitable business; a profitable study or profession.

Propagable (a.) Capable of being propagated, or of being continued or multiplied by natural generation or production.

Propagable (a.) Capable of being spread or extended by any means; -- said of tenets, doctrines, or principles.

Proratable (a.) Capable of being prorated, or divided proportionately.

Provokable (a.) That may be provoked.

Purverable (a.) Capable of being reduced to fine powder.

Punishable (a.) Deserving of, or liable to, punishment; capable of being punished by law or right; -- said of person or offenses.

Quenchable (a.) Capable of being quenched.

Ransomable (a.) Such as can be ransomed.

Rarefiable (a.) Capable of being rarefied.

Realizable (a.) Capable of being realized.

Reasonable (n.) Having the faculty of reason; endued with reason; rational; as, a reasonable being.

Reasonable (n.) Governed by reason; being under the influence of reason; thinking, speaking, or acting rationally, or according to the dictates of reason; agreeable to reason; just; rational; as, the measure must satisfy all reasonable men.

Reasonable (n.) Not excessive or immoderate; within due limits; proper; as, a reasonable demand, amount, price.

Reasonable (adv.) Reasonably; tolerably.

Reassemble (v. t. & i.) To assemble again.

Rebuttable (a.) Capable of being rebutted.

Recallable (a.) Capable of being recalled.

Receivable (a.) Capable of being received.

Receptible (a.) Such as may be received; receivable.

Redeemable (a.) Capable of being redeemed; subject to repurchase; held under conditions permitting redemption; as, a pledge securing the payment of money is redeemable.

Redeemable (a.) Subject to an obligation of redemtion; conditioned upon a promise of redemtion; payable; due; as, bonds, promissory notes, etc. , redeemabble in gold, or in current money, or four months after date.

Reeligible (a.) Eligible again; capable of reelection; as, reeligible to the same office.

Referrible (a.) Referable.

Reflexible (a.) Capable of being reflected, or thrown back.

Reformable (a.) Capable of being reformed.

Refragable (a.) Capable of being refuted; refutable.

Regardable (a.) Worthy of regard or notice; to be regarded; observable.

Reissuable (a.) Capable of being reissued.

Rejectable (a.) Capable of being, or that ought to be, rejected.

Releasable (a.) That may be released.

Relievable (a.) Capable of being relieved; fitted to recieve relief.

Relishable (a.) Capable of being relished; agreeable to the taste; gratifying.

Remarkable (a.) Worthy of being remarked or noticed; noticeable; conspicuous; hence, uncommon; extraordinary.

Remediable (a.) Capable of being remedied or cured.

Remissible (a.) Capable of being remitted or forgiven.

Renascible (a.) Capable of being reproduced; ablle to spring again into being.

Renderable (a.) Capable of being rendered.

Repairable (a.) Reparable.

Repealable (a.) Capable of being repealed.

Reportable (a.) Capable or admitting of being reported.

Reprevable (a.) Reprovable.

Reprovable (a.) Worthy of reproof or censure.

Repudiable (a.) Admitting of repudiation; fit or proper to be put away.

Repugnable (a.) Capable of being repugned or resisted.

Requirable (a.) Capable of being required; proper to be required.

Requitable (a.) That may be requited.

Resistible (a.) Capable of being resisted; as, a resistible force.

Resolvable (a.) Admitting of being resolved; admitting separation into constituent parts, or reduction to first principles; admitting solution or explanation; as, resolvable compounds; resolvable ideas or difficulties.

Respirable (a.) Suitable for being breathed; adapted for respiration.

Restorable (a.) Admitting of being restored; capable of being reclaimed; as, restorable land.

Retainable (a.) Capable of being retained.

Returnable (a.) Capable of, or admitting of, being returned.

Returnable (a.) Legally required to be returned, delivered, given, or rendered; as, a writ or precept returnable at a certain day; a verdict returnable to the court.

Revealable (a.) Capable of being revealed.

Reversible (a.) Capable of being reversed; as, a chair or seat having a reversible back; a reversible judgment or sentence.

Reversible (a.) Hence, having a pattern or finished surface on both sides, so that either may be used; -- said of fabrics.

Revertible (a.) Capable of, or admitting of, reverting or being reverted; as, a revertible estate.

Reviewable (a.) Capable of being reviewed.

Revolvable (a.) That may be revolved.

Rewardable (a.) Worthy of reward.

Salifiable (a.) Capable of neutralizing an acid to form a salt; -- said of bases; thus, ammonia is salifiable.

Searchable (a.) Capable of being searched.

Seasonable (a.) Occurring in good time, in due season, or in proper time for the purpose; suitable to the season; opportune; timely; as, a seasonable supply of rain.

Sejungible (a.) Capable of being disjoined.

Semidouble (n.) An office or feast celebrated with less solemnity than the double ones. See Double, n., 8.

Semidouble (a.) Having the outermost stamens converted into petals, while the inner ones remain perfect; -- said of a flower.

Statutable (a.) Made or introduced by statute; proceeding from an act of the legistature; as, a statutable provision or remedy.

Statutable (a.) Made or being in conformity to statute; standard; as, statutable measures.

Strainable (a.) Capable of being strained.

Strainable (a.) Violent in action.

Subjicible (a.) Capable of being subjected.

Sublimable (v. t.) Capable of being sublimed or sublimated.

Subsumable (a.) Capable of being subsumed.

Succorable (a.) Capable of being succored or assisted; admitting of relief.

Sufferable (a.) Able to suffer or endure; patient.

Sufferable (a.) That may be suffered, tolerated, or permitted; allowable; tolerable.

Supposable (a.) Capable of being supposed, or imagined to exist; as, that is not a supposable case.

Surmisable (a.) Capable of being surmised; as, a surmisable result.

Suspicable (v. t.) Liable to suspicion; suspicious.

Temperable (a.) Capable of being tempered.

Tenantable (a.) Fit to be rented; in a condition suitable for a tenant.

Terminable (a.) Capable of being terminated or bounded; limitable.

Time-table (n.) A tabular statement of the time at which, or within which, several things are to take place, as the recitations in a school, the departure and arrival of railroad trains or other public conveyances, the rise and fall of the tides, etc.

Time-table (n.) A plane surface divided in one direction with

Time-table (n.) A table showing the notation, length, or duration of the several notes.

Torturable (a.) Capable of being tortured.

Traducible (a.) Capable of being derived or propagated.

Traducible (a.) Capable of being traduced or calumniated.

Triturable (a.) Capable of being triturated.

Troublable (a.) Causing trouble; troublesome.

Unatonable (a.) Not capable of being brought into harmony; irreconcilable.

Unatonable (a.) Incapable of being atoned for; inexpiable.

Unburiable (a.) Not ready or not proper to be buried.

Unceasable (a.) Not capable of being ended; unceasing.

Uncredible (a.) Incredible.

Unculpable (a.) Inculpable; not blameworthy.

Uncurbable (a.) Not capable of being curbed.

Undeniable (a.) Not deniable; incapable of denial; palpably true; indisputable; obvious; as, undeniable evidence.

Undeniable (a.) Unobjectionable; unquestionably excellent; as, a person of undeniable connections.

Uneligible (a.) Ineligible.

Unevitable (a.) Inevitable.

Unfailable (a.) Infallible.

Unfallible (a.) Infallible.

Unflexible (a.) Inflexible.

Unimitable (a.) Inimitable.

Uniterable (a.) Not iterable; incapable of being repeated.

Unpassable (a.) Impassable.

Unpeerable (a.) Incapable of having a peer, or equal.

Unplacable (a.) Implacable.

Unpossible (a.) Impossible.

Unprayable (a.) Not to be influenced or moved by prayers; obdurate.

Unprizable (a.) Not prized or valued; being without value.

Unprizable (a.) Invaluable; being beyond estimation.

Unreliable (a.) Not reliable; untrustworthy. See Reliable.

Unsatiable (a.) Insatiable.

Unscapable (a.) Not be escaped; inevitable.

Unsensible (a.) Insensible.

Unshakable (a.) Not capable of being shaken; firm; fixed.

Unsociable (a.) Not sociable; not inc

Unswayable (a.) Not capable of being swayed.

Untangible (a.) Intangible.

Untrowable (a.) Incredible.

Unvaluable (a.) Invaluable; being beyond price.

Unvaluable (a.) Not valuable; having little value.

Unvariable (a.) Invariable.

Unviolable (a.) Inviolable.

Utilizable (a.) Capable of being utilized; as, the utilizable products of the gas works.

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