10 letter words ending in en

Affrighten (v. t.) To frighten.

Beaverteen (n.) A kind of fustian made of coarse twilled cotton, shorn after dyeing.

Bestridden (p. p.) of Bestride

Browbeaten (p. p.) of Browbeat

Caseharden (v. t.) To subject to a process which converts the surface of iron into steel.

Caseharden (v. t.) To render insensible to good influences.

Chapfallen (a.) Having the lower chap or jaw drooping, -- an indication of humiliation and dejection; crestfallen; discouraged. See Chopfallen.

Chondrigen (n.) The chemical basis of cartilage, converted by long boiling in water into a gelatinous body called chondrin.

Chondrogen (n.) Same as Chondrigen.

Chopfallen (a.) Having the lower chop or jaw depressed; hence, crestfallen; dejected; dispirited; downcast. See Chapfallen.

Councilmen (pl. ) of Councilman

Countermen (pl. ) of Counterman

Countrymen (pl. ) of Countryman

Dairywomen (pl. ) of Dairywoman

Dermatogen (n.) Nascent epidermis, or external cuticle of plants in a forming condition.

Dermatogen (n.) Nascent epidermis, or external cuticle of plants in a forming condition.

Diisatogen (n.) A red crystal

Disburthen (v. t.) To disburden; to relieve of a load.

Dishearten (v. t.) To discourage; to deprive of courage and hope; to depress the spirits of; to deject.

Dissweeten (v. t.) To deprive of sweetness.

Downfallen (a.) Fallen; ruined.

Englishmen (pl. ) of Englishman

Enlengthen (v. t.) To lengthen.

Erythrogen (n.) Carbon disulphide; -- so called from certain red compounds which it produces in combination with other substances.

Erythrogen (n.) A substance reddened by acids, which is supposed to be contained in flowers.

Erythrogen (n.) A crystal

Expressmen (pl. ) of Expressman

Fibrinogen (n.) An albuminous substance existing in the blood, and in other animal fluids, which either alone or with fibrinoplastin or paraglobulin forms fibrin, and thus causes coagulation.

Firewarden (n.) An officer who has authority to direct in the extinguishing of fires, or to order what precautions shall be taken against fires; -- called also fireward.

Fly-bitten (a.) Marked by, or as if by, the bite of flies.

Fordrunken (a.) Utterly drunk; very drunk.

Forechosen (a.) Chosen beforehand.

Forewisten (pl.) of Forewite

Gaudygreen (a. / n.) Light green.

Glost oven () An oven in which glazed pottery is fired; -- also called glaze kiln, or glaze.

Go-between (n.) An intermediate agent; a broker; a procurer; -- usually in a disparaging sense.

Hackneymen (pl. ) of Hackneyman

Hag-ridden (a.) Ridden by a hag or witch; hence, afflicted with nightmare.

Hamesecken (n.) Alt. of Hamesucken

Hamesucken (n.) The felonious seeking and invasion of a person in his dwelling house.

Handmaiden (n.) A maid that waits at hand; a female servant or attendant.

Harvestmen (pl. ) of Harvestman

Herb-women (pl. ) of Herb-woman

Highwaymen (pl. ) of Highwayman

Horsewomen (pl. ) of Horsewoman

Husbandmen (pl. ) of Husbandman

Interwoven (p. p.) of Interweave

Interwoven () imp. & p. p. of Interweave.

Jaw-fallen (a.) Dejected; chopfallen.

Journeymen (pl. ) of Journeyman

Laundrymen (pl. ) of Laundryman

Lightermen (pl. ) of Lighterman

Mangosteen (n.) Alt. of Mangostan

Midshipmen (pl. ) of Midshipman

Militiamen (pl. ) of Militiaman

Muckmidden (n.) A dunghill.

Noblewomen (pl. ) of Noblewoman

Nurserymen (pl. ) of Nurseryman

Outsweeten (v. t.) To surpass in sweetness.

Overbarren (a.) Excessively barren.

Overburden (v. t.) To load with too great weight or too much care, etc.

Overburden (n.) The waste which overlies good stone in a quarry.

Overharden (v. t.) To harden too much; to make too hard.

Overleaven (v. t.) To leaven too much; hence, to change excessively; to spoil.

Overridden (p. p.) of Override

Pepsinogen (n.) The antecedent of the ferment pepsin. A substance contained in the form of granules in the peptic cells of the gastric glands. It is readily convertible into pepsin. Also called propepsin.

Saleswomen (pl. ) of Saleswoman

Salt-green (a.) Sea-green in color.

Seralbumen (n.) Serum albumin.

Straighten (v. t.) To make straight; to reduce from a crooked to a straight form.

Straighten (v. t.) To make right or correct; to reduce to order; as, to straighten one's affairs; to straighten an account.

Straighten (v. t.) A variant of Straiten.

Streighten (v. t.) See Straiten.

Strengthen (v. t.) To make strong or stronger; to add strength to; as, to strengthen a limb, a bridge, an army; to strengthen an obligation; to strengthen authority.

Strengthen (v. t.) To animate; to encourage; to fix in resolution.

Strengthen (v. i.) To grow strong or stronger.

Tappit hen () A hen having a tuft of feathers on her head.

Tappit hen () A measuring pot holding one quart (according to some, three quarts); -- so called from a knob on the lid, thought to resemble a crested hen.

Tire-women (pl. ) of Tire-woman

Tithingmen (pl. ) of Tithingman

Trawlermen (pl. ) of Trawlerman

Unbegotten (a.) Not begot; not yet generated; also, having never been generated; self-existent; eternal.

Unbereaven (a.) Unbereft.

Unchristen (v. t.) To render unchristian.

Undertaken (p. p.) of Undertake

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