10 letter words ending in ise

Anthemwise (adv.) Alternately.

Circumcise (v. t.) To cut off the prepuce of foreskin of, in the case of males, and the internal labia of, in the case of females.

Circumcise (v. t.) To purify spiritually.

Compromise (n.) A mutual agreement to refer matters in dispute to the decision of arbitrators.

Compromise (n.) A settlement by arbitration or by mutual consent reached by concession on both sides; a reciprocal abatement of extreme demands or rights, resulting in an agreement.

Compromise (n.) A committal to something derogatory or objectionable; a prejudicial concession; a surrender; as, a compromise of character or right.

Compromise (n.) To bind by mutual agreement; to agree.

Compromise (n.) To adjust and settle by mutual concessions; to compound.

Compromise (n.) To pledge by some act or declaration; to endanger the life, reputation, etc., of, by some act which can not be recalled; to expose to suspicion.

Compromise (v. i.) To agree; to accord.

Compromise (v. i.) To make concession for conciliation and peace.

Cornerwise (adv.) With the corner in front; diagonally; not square.

Eclaircise (v. t.) To make clear; to clear up what is obscure or not understood; to explain.

Emparadise (v. t.) Same as Imparadise.

Enterprise (n.) That which is undertaken; something attempted to be performed; a work projected which involves activity, courage, energy, and the like; a bold, arduous, or hazardous attempt; an undertaking; as, a manly enterprise; a warlike enterprise.

Enterprise (n.) Willingness or eagerness to engage in labor which requires boldness, promptness, energy, and like qualities; as, a man of great enterprise.

Enterprise (v. t.) To undertake; to begin and attempt to perform; to venture upon.

Enterprise (v. t.) To treat with hospitality; to entertain.

Enterprise (v. i.) To undertake an enterprise, or something hazardous or difficult.

Foreadvise (v. t.) To advise or counsel before the time of action, or before the event.

Imparadise (v. t.) To put in a state like paradise; to make supremely happy.

Lengthwise (adv.) In the direction of the length; in a longitudinal direction.

Mayonnaise (n.) A sauce compounded of raw yolks of eggs beaten up with olive oil to the consistency of a sirup, and seasoned with vinegar, pepper, salt, etc.; -- used in dressing salads, fish, etc. Also, a dish dressed with this sauce.

Niggardise (n.) Niggard

Otherguise (a. & adv.) Alt. of Otherguess

Overpraise (v. t.) To praise excessively or unduly.

Presurmise (n.) A surmise previously formed.

Tormentise (n.) Torture; torment.

Underpoise (v. t.) To weigh, estimate, or rate below desert; to undervalue.

Unparadise (v. t.) To deprive of happiness like that of paradise; to render unhappy.

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