10 letter words ending in ish

Accomplish (v. t.) To complete, as time or distance.

Accomplish (v. t.) To bring to an issue of full success; to effect; to perform; to execute fully; to fulfill; as, to accomplish a design, an object, a promise.

Accomplish (v. t.) To equip or furnish thoroughly; hence, to complete in acquirements; to render accomplished; to polish.

Accomplish (v. t.) To gain; to obtain.

Amateurish (a.) In the style of an amateur; superficial or defective like the work of an amateur.

Amber fish () A fish of the southern Atlantic coast (Seriola Caro

Angel fish () See under Angel.

Babylonish (n.) Of or pertaining to, or made in, Babylon or Babylonia.

Babylonish (n.) Pertaining to the Babylon of Revelation xiv. 8.

Babylonish (n.) Pertaining to Rome and papal power.

Babylonish (n.) Confused; Babel-like.

Brigandish (a.) Like a brigand or freebooter; robberlike.

Buffoonish (a.) Like a buffoon; consisting in low jests or gestures.

Butterfish (n.) A name given to several different fishes, in allusion to their slippery coating of mucus, as the Stromateus triacanthus of the Atlantic coast, the Epinephelus punctatus of the southern coast, the rock eel, and the kelpfish of New Zealand.

Candlefish (n.) A marine fish (Thaleichthys Pacificus), allied to the smelt, found on the north Pacific coast; -- called also eulachon. It is so oily that, when dried, it may be used as a candle, by drawing a wick through it

Candlefish (n.) The beshow.

Cockneyish (a.) Characteristic of, or resembling, cockneys.

Coquettish (a.) Practicing or exhibiting coquetry; alluring; enticing.

Coral fish () Any bright-colored fish of the genera Chaetodon, Pomacentrus, Apogon, and related genera, which live among reef corals.

Cuttlefish (n.) A cephalopod of the genus Sepia, having an internal shell, large eyes, and ten arms furnished with denticulated suckers, by means of which it secures its prey. The name is sometimes applied to dibranchiate cephalopods generally.

Cuttlefish (n.) A foul-mouthed fellow.

Disfurnish (v. t.) To deprive of that with which anything is furnished (furniture, equipments, etc.); to strip; to render destitute; to divest.

Disgarnish (v. t.) To divest of garniture; to disfurnish; to dismantle.

Displenish (v. t.) To deprive or strip, as a house of furniture, or a barn of stock.

Empoverish (v. t.) See Impoverish.

Enfeeblish (v. i.) To enfeeble.

Extinguish (v. t.) To quench; to put out, as a light or fire; to stifle; to cause to die out; to put an end to; to destroy; as, to extinguish a flame, or life, or love, or hope, a pretense or a right.

Extinguish (v. t.) To obscure; to eclipse, as by superior splendor.

Flaundrish (a.) Flemish.

Genteelish (a.) Somewhat genteel.

Gluttonish (a.) Gluttonous; greedy.

Heathenish (a.) Of or pertaining to the heathen; resembling or characteristic of heathens.

Heathenish (a.) Rude; uncivilized; savage; cruel.

Heathenish (a.) Irreligious; as, a heathenish way of living.

Hollandish (a.) Relating to Holland; Dutch.

Impoverish (v. t.) To make poor; to reduce to poverty or indigence; as, misfortune and disease impoverish families.

Impoverish (v. t.) To exhaust the strength, richness, or fertility of; to make sterile; as, to impoverish land.

Jutlandish (a.) Of or pertaining to Jutland, or to the people of Jutland.

Lance fish () A slender marine fish of the genus Ammodytes, especially Ammodytes tobianus of the English coast; -- called also sand lance.

Laplandish (a.) Of or pertaining to Lapland.

Needlefish (n.) The European great pipefich (Siphostoma, / Syngnathus, acus); -- called also earl, and tanglefish.

Needlefish (n.) The garfish.

Niggardish (a.) Somewhat niggard.

Outlandish (a.) Foreign; not native.

Outlandish (a.) Hence: Not according with usage; strange; rude; barbarous; uncouth; clownish; as, an outlandish dress, behavior, or speech.

Overlavish (a.) Lavish to excess.

Overpolish (v. t.) To polish too much.

Paddlefish (n.) A large ganoid fish (Polyodon spathula) found in the rivers of the Mississippi Valley. It has a long spatula-shaped snout. Called also duck-billed cat, and spoonbill sturgeon.

Picayunish (a.) Petty; paltry; mean; as, a picayunish business.

Rediminish (v. t.) To diminish again.

Reflourish (v. t. & i.) To flourish again.

Relinquish (v. t.) To withdraw from; to leave behind; to desist from; to abandon; to quit; as, to relinquish a pursuit.

Relinquish (v. t.) To give up; to renounce a claim to; resign; as, to relinquish a debt.

Ruffianish (a.) Having the qualities or manners of a ruffian; ruffianly.

Sheathfish (n.) Same as Sheatfish.

Silverfish (n.) The tarpum.

Silverfish (n.) A white variety of the goldfish.

Sleevefish (n.) A squid.

Tanglefish (n.) The sea adder, or great pipefish of Europe.

Tarquinish (a.) Like a Tarquin, a king of ancient Rome; proud; haughty; overbearing.

Tartuffish (a.) Alt. of Tartufish

Threadfish (n.) The cutlass fish.

Threadfish (n.) A carangoid fish (Caranx gallus, or C. crinitus) having the anterior rays of the soft dorsal and anal fins prolonged in the form of long threads.

Tonguefish (n.) A flounder (Symphurus plagiusa) native of the southern coast of the United States.

Weaverfish (n.) See Weever.

Wistonwish (n.) See Wishtonwish.

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