10 letter words ending in less

Accentless (a.) Without accent.

Actionless (a.) Void of action.

Anchorless (a.) Without an anchor or stay. Hence: Drifting; unsettled.

Answerless (a.) Having no answer, or impossible to be answered.

Assistless (a.) Without aid or help.

Authorless (a.) Without an author; without authority; anonymous.

Beaconless (a.) Having no beacon.

Beautiless (a.) Destitute of beauty.

Bonnetless (a.) Without a bonnet.

Bottomless (a.) Without a bottom; hence, fathomless; baseless; as, a bottomless abyss.

Branchless (a.) Destitute of branches or shoots; without any valuable product; barren; naked.

Breathless (a.) Spent with labor or violent action; out of breath.

Breathless (a.) Not breathing; holding the breath, on account of fear, expectation, or intense interest; attended with a holding of the breath; as, breathless attention.

Breathless (a.) Dead; as, a breathless body.

Breezeless (a.) Motionless; destitute of breezes.

Bridgeless (a.) Having no bridge; not bridged.

Carpetless (a.) Without a carpet.

Changeless (a.) That can not be changed; constant; as, a changeless purpose.

Chargeless (a.) Free from, or with little, charge.

Christless (a.) Without faith in Christ; unchristian.

Churchless (a.) Without a church.

Coffinless (a.) Having no coffin.

Dangerless (a.) Free from danger.

Deceitless (a.) Free from deceit.

Desertless (a.) Without desert.

Designless (a.) Without design.

Desireless (a.) Free from desire.

Devoutless (a.) Destitute of devotion.

Dinnerless (a.) Having no dinner.

Discipless (n.) A female disciple.

Effectless (a.) Without effect or advantage; useless; bootless.

Effortless (a.) Making no effort.

Exceptless (a.) Not exceptional; usual.

Excuseless (a.) Having no excuse; not admitting of excuse or apology.

Fatherless (a.) Destitute of a living father; as, a fatherless child.

Fatherless (a.) Without a known author.

Fathomless (a.) Incapable of being fathomed; immeasurable; that can not be sounded.

Fathomless (a.) Incomprehensible.

Fellowless (a.) Without fellow or equal; peerless.

Fetterless (a.) Free from fetters.

Finiteless (a.) Infinite.

Fleeceless (a.) Without a fleece.

Flowerless (a.) Having no flowers.

Friendless (a.) Destitute of friends; forsaken.

Frightless (a.) Free from fright; fearless.

Fringeless (a.) Having no fringe.

Futureless (a.) Without prospect of betterment in the future.

Gardenless (a.) Destitute of a garden.

Genderless (a.) Having no gender.

Groundless (a.) Without ground or foundation; wanting cause or reason for support; not authorized; false; as, groundless fear; a groundless report or assertion.

Harborless (a.) Without a harbor; shelterless.

Healthless (n.) Without health, whether of body or mind; in firm.

Healthless (n.) Not conducive to health; unwholesome.

Importless (a.) Void of meaning.

Knightless (a.) Unbecoming a knight.

Letterless (a.) Not having a letter.

Letterless (a.) Illiterate.

Lusterless (a.) Alt. of Lustreless

Lustreless (a.) Destitute of luster; dim; dull.

Manageless (a.) Unmanageable.

Marrowless (a.) Destitute of marrow.

Masterless (a.) Destitute of a master or owner; ungoverned or ungovernable.

Matterless (a.) Not being, or having, matter; as, matterless spirits.

Matterless (a.) Unimportant; immaterial.

Motherless (a.) Destitute of a mother; having lost a mother; as, motherless children.

Motionless (a.) Without motion; being at rest.

Motiveless (a.) Destitute of a motive; not incited by a motive.

Natureless (a.) Not in accordance with nature; unnatural.

Numberless (a.) Innumerable; countless.

Objectless (a.) Having no object; purposeless.

Opposeless (a.) Not to be effectually opposed; irresistible.

Parentless (a.) Deprived of parents.

Pastorless (a.) Having no pastor.

Patronless (a.) Destitute of a patron.

Peopleless (a.) Destitute of people.

Phraseless (a.) Indescribable.

Plagueless (a.) Free from plagues or the plague.

Plaintless (a.) Without complaint; unrepining.

Pledgeless (a.) Having no pledge.

Praiseless (a.) Without praise or approbation.

Prayerless (a.) Not using prayer; habitually neglecting prayer to God; without prayer.

Priestless (a.) Without a priest.

Princeless (a.) Without a prince.

Profitless (a.) Without profit; unprofitable.

Quenchless (a.) Incapable of being quenched; inextinguishable; as, quenchless fire or fury.

Ransomless (a.) Incapable of being ransomed; without ransom.

Reasonless (a.) Destitute of reason; as, a reasonless man or mind.

Reasonless (a.) Void of reason; not warranted or supported by reason; unreasonable.

Recureless (a.) Incapable of cure.

Regardless (a.) Having no regard; heedless; careless; as, regardless of life, consequences, dignity.

Regardless (a.) Not regarded; slighted.

Relentless (a.) Unmoved by appeals for sympathy or forgiveness; insensible to the distresses of others; destitute of tenderness; unrelenting; unyielding; unpitying; as, a prey to relentless despotism.

Reliefless (a.) Destitute of relief; also, remediless.

Remediless (a.) Not admitting of a remedy; incapable of being restored or corrected; incurable; irreparable; as, a remediless mistake or loss.

Remediless (a.) Not answering as a remedy; ineffectual.

Renownless (a.) Without renown; inglorius.

Repentless (a.) Unrepentant.

Reputeless (a.) Not having good repute; disreputable; disgraceful; inglorius.

Rescueless (a.) Without rescue or release.

Resistless (a.) Having no power to resist; making no opposition.

Resistless (a.) Incapable of being resisted; irresistible.

Resultless (a.) Being without result; as, resultless investigations.

Returnless (a.) Admitting no return.

Rewardless (a.) Having, or affording, no reward.

Rhythmless (a.) Being without rhythm.

Rudderless (a.) Without a rudder.

Ruffleless (a.) Having no ruffle.

Schismless (a.) Free from schism.

Searchless (a.) Impossible to be searched; inscrutable; impenetrable.

Seasonless (a.) Without succession of the seasons.

Shadowless (a.) Having no shadow.

Sheathless (a.) Without a sheath or case for covering; unsheathed.

Shell-less (a.) Having no shell.

Shieldless (a.) Destitute of a shield, or of protection.

Showerless (a.) Rainless; freo from showers.

Shroudless (a.) Without a shroud.

Silverless (a.) Having no silcver; hence, without money; impecunious.

Skill-less (a.) Wanting skill.

Sleeveless (a.) Having no sleeves.

Sleeveless (a.) Wanting a cover, pretext, or palliation; unreasonable; profitless; bootless; useless.

Smell-less (a.) Destitute of smell; having no odor.

Sorrowless (a.) Free from sorrow.

Speechless (a.) Destitute or deprived of the faculty of speech.

Speechless (a.) Not speaking for a time; dumb; mute; silent.

Spiritless (a.) Destitute of spirit; wanting animation; wanting cheerfulness; dejected; depressed.

Spiritless (a.) Destitute of vigor; wanting life, courage, or fire.

Spiritless (a.) Having no breath; extinct; dead.

Spleenless (a.) Having no spleen; hence, kind; gentle; mild.

Spouseless (a.) Destitute of a spouse; unmarried.

Stanchless (a.) Incapable of being stanched, or stopped.

Stanchless (a.) Unquenchable; insatiable.

Statueless (a.) Without a statue.

Streamless (a.) Destitute of streams, or of a stream, as a region of country, or a dry channel.

Strickless (n.) See Strickle.

Stringless (a.) Having no strings.

Succorless (a.) Destitute of succor.

Summitless (a.) Having no summit.

Supperless (a.) Having no supper; deprived of supper; as, to go supperless to bed.

Systemless (a.) Being without system.

Systemless (a.) Not agreeing with some artificial system of classification.

Systemless (a.) Not having any of the distinct systems or types of structure, as the radiate, articulate, etc., characteristic of organic nature; as, all unicellular organisms are systemless.

Tenantless (a.) Having no tenants; unoccupied; as, a tenantless mansion.

Terrorless (a.) Free from terror.

Thriftless (a.) Without thrift; not prudent or prosperous in money affairs.

Throneless (a.) Having no throne.

Tongueless (a.) Having no tongue.

Tongueless (a.) Hence, speechless; mute.

Tongueless (a.) Unnamed; not spoken of.

Virtueless (a.) Destitute of virtue; without efficacy or operating qualities; powerless.

Visionless (a.) Destitute of vision; sightless.

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