11 letter words ending in ful

Affrightful (a.) Terrifying; frightful.

Almightiful (a.) All-powerful; almighty.

Disgraceful (a.) Bringing disgrace; causing shame; shameful; dishonorable; unbecoming; as, profaneness is disgraceful to a man.

Dispatchful (a.) Bent on haste; intent on speedy execution of business or any task; indicating haste; quick; as, dispatchful looks.

Disquietful (a.) Producing inquietude or uneasiness.

Distasteful (a.) Unpleasant or disgusting to the taste; nauseous; loathsome.

Distasteful (a.) Offensive; displeasing to the feelings; disagreeable; as, a distasteful truth.

Distasteful (a.) Manifesting distaste or dislike; repulsive.

Distractful (a.) Distracting.

Distressful (a.) Full of distress; causing, indicating, or attended with, distress; as, a distressful situation.

Distrustful (a.) Not confident; diffident; wanting confidence or thrust; modest; as, distrustful of ourselves, of one's powers.

Distrustful (a.) Apt to distrust; suspicious; mistrustful.

Harangueful (a.) Full of harangue.

Increaseful (a.) Full of increase; abundant in produce.

Mischiefful (a.) Mischievous.

Misdoubtful (a) Misgiving; hesitating.

Mistrustful (a.) Having or causing mistrust, suspicions, or forebodings.

Overcareful (a.) Too careful.

Pleasureful (a.) Affording pleasure.

Pretenceful (a.) Alt. of Pretenceless

Pretenseful (a.) Abounding in pretenses.

Recourseful (a.) Having recurring flow and ebb; moving alternately.

Reproachful (a.) Expressing or containing reproach; upbraiding; opprobrious; abusive.

Reproachful (a.) Occasioning or deserving reproach; shameful; base; as, a reproachful life.

Researchful (a.) Making researches; inquisitive.

Resourceful (a.) Full of resources.

Strengthful (a.) Abounding in strength; full of strength; strong.

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