11 letter words ending in ic

Abiogenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to abiogenesis.

Abrahamitic (a.) Alt. of ical

Acatalectic (a.) Not defective; complete; as, an acatalectic verse.

Acatalectic (n.) A verse which has the complete number of feet and syllables.

Acataleptic (a.) Incapable of being comprehended; incomprehensible.

Actinolitic (a.) Of the nature of, or containing, actinolite.

Adiathermic (a.) Not pervious to heat.

Aeolotropic (a.) Exhibiting differences of quality or property in different directions; not isotropic.

Aerodynamic (a.) Pertaining to the force of air in motion.

Aerographic (a.) Alt. of Aerographical

Aesthesodic (a.) Conveying sensory or afferent impulses; -- said of nerves.

Aganglionic (a.) Without ganglia.

Agonothetic (a.) Pertaining to the office of an agonothete.

Alchemistic (a.) Alt. of Alchemistical

Alchymistic (n.) Alt. of Alchymy

Allomorphic (a.) Of or pertaining to allomorphism.

Amorphozoic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Amorphozoa.

Amphicarpic (a.) Alt. of Amphicarpous

Amphichroic (a.) Exhibiting or producing two colors, as substances which in the color test may change red litmus to blue and blue litmus to red.

Amphistylic (a.) Having the mandibular arch articulated with the hyoid arch and the cranium, as in the cestraciont sharks; -- said of a skull.

Anacoluthic (a.) Lacking grammatical sequence.

Anacreontic (a.) Pertaining to, after the manner of, or in the meter of, the Greek poet Anacreon; amatory and convivial.

Anacreontic (n.) A poem after the manner of Anacreon; a sprightly little poem in praise of love and wine.

Anaesthetic (a.) Capable of rendering insensible; as, anaesthetic agents.

Anaesthetic (a.) Characterized by, or connected with, insensibility; as, an anaesthetic effect or operation.

Anaesthetic (n.) That which produces insensibility to pain, as chloroform, ether, etc.

Anallantoic (a.) Without, or not developing, an allantois.

Anaplerotic (a.) Filling up; promoting granulation of wounds or ulcers.

Anaplerotic (n.) A remedy which promotes such granulation.

Anastomotic (a.) Of or pertaining to anastomosis.

Anathematic (a.) Alt. of Anathematical

Anemometric (a.) Alt. of Anemometrical

Anisometric (a.) Not isometric; having unsymmetrical parts; -- said of crystals with three unequal axes.

Anisotropic (a.) Not isotropic; having different properties in different directions; thus, crystals of the isometric system are optically isotropic, but all other crystals are anisotropic.

Anomalistic (a.) Alt. of Anomalistical

Anthracitic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, anthracite; as, anthracitic formations.

Anthypnotic () See Antihypnotic.

Anthysteric (a. & n.) See Antihysteric.

Anticlastic (a.) Having to opposite curvatures, that is, curved longitudinally in one direction and transversely in the opposite direction, as the surface of a saddle.

Antiicteric (a.) Good against jaundice.

Antiicteric (n.) A remedy for jaundice.

Antipharmic (a.) Antidotal; alexipharmic.

Antiplastic (a.) Diminishing plasticity.

Antiplastic (a.) Preventing or checking the process of healing, or granulation.

Antipyretic (a.) Efficacious in preventing or allaying fever.

Antipyretic (n.) A febrifuge.

Antipyrotic (a.) Good against burns or pyrosis.

Antipyrotic (n.) Anything of use in preventing or healing burns or pyrosis.

Antispastic (a.) Believed to cause a revulsion of fluids or of humors from one part to another.

Antispastic (a.) Counteracting spasms; antispasmodic.

Antispastic (n.) An antispastic agent.

Antizymotic (a.) Preventing fermentation or decomposition.

Antizymotic (n.) An agent so used.

Antorgastic (a.) See Antiorgastic.

Aphlogistic (a.) Flameless; as, an aphlogistic lamp, in which a coil of wire is kept in a state of continued ignition by alcohol, without flame.

Apocalyptic (a.) Alt. of Apocalyptical

Apocalyptic (n.) Alt. of Apocalyptist

Aponeurotic (a.) Of or pertaining to an aponeurosis.

Apostrophic (a.) Pertaining to an apostrophe, grammatical or rhetorical.

Archaeozoic (a.) Like or belonging to the earliest forms of animal life.

Archangelic (a.) Of or pertaining to archangels; of the nature of, or resembling, an archangel.

Archenteric (a.) Relating to the archenteron; as, archenteric invagination.

Areopagitic (a.) Pertaining to the Areopagus.

Aristotelic (a.) Pertaining to Aristotle or to his philosophy.

Arthrodynic (a.) Pertaining to arthrodynia, or pain in the joints; rheumatic.

Astromantic (a.) Of or pertaining to divination by means of the stars; astrologic.

Atmospheric (a.) Alt. of Atmospherical

Autodynamic (a.) Supplying its own power; -- applied to an instrument of the nature of a water-ram.

Autogenetic (a.) Relating to autogenesis; self-generated.

Autographic (a.) Alt. of Autographical

Automorphic (a.) Patterned after one's self.

Autoplastic (a.) Of or pertaining to autoplasty.

Barycentric (a.) Of or pertaining to the center of gravity. See Barycentric calculus, under Calculus.

Bathymetric (a.) Alt. of Bathymetrical

Bibliopegic (a.) Relating to the binding of books.

Bibliopolic (a.) Alt. of Bibliopolar

Biomagnetic (a.) Relating to biomagnetism.

Biquadratic (a.) Of or pertaining to the biquadrate, or fourth power.

Biquadratic (n.) A biquadrate.

Biquadratic (n.) A biquadratic equation.

Blastematic (a.) Connected with, or proceeding from, the blastema; blastemal.

Boustorphic (a.) Boustrophedonic.

Cacogastric (a.) Troubled with bad digestion.

Cacographic (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, cacography; badly written or spelled.

Caffetannic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, the tannin of coffee.

Caligraphic (a.) See Calligraphic.

Calvinistic (a.) Alt. of Calvinistical

Catacaustic (a.) Relating to, or having the properties of, a caustic curve formed by reflection. See Caustic, a.

Catacaustic (n.) A caustic curve formed by reflection of light.

Cataclysmic (a.) Of or pertaining to a cataclysm.

Catacoustic (n.) That part of acoustics which treats of reflected sounds or echoes See Acoustics.

Catastaltic (a.) Checking evacuations through astringent or styptic qualities.

Catechistic (a.) Alt. of Catechistical

Cathedralic (a.) Cathedral.

Centrobaric (a.) Relating to the center of gravity, or to the process of finding it.

Cephalalgic (a.) Relating to, or affected with, headache.

Cephalalgic (n.) A remedy for the headache.

Cerographic (a.) Alt. of Cerographical

Ceroplastic (a.) Relating to the art of modeling in wax.

Ceroplastic (a.) Modeled in wax; as, a ceroplastic figure.

Chalcedonic (a.) Of or pertaining to chalcedony.

Charismatic (a.) Of or pertaining to a charism.

Charlatanic (a.) Alt. of Charlatanical

Chemosmotic (a.) Pertaining to, or produced by, chemosmosis.

Chiromantic (a.) Alt. of Chiromantical

Chlorhydric (a.) Same as Hydrochloric.

Cholesteric (a.) Pertaining to cholesterin, or obtained from it; as, cholesteric acid.

Chromogenic (a.) Containing, or capable of forming, chromogen; as, chromogenic bacteria.

Chronologic (a.) Alt. of Chronological

Chylopoetic (a.) Concerned in the formation of chyle; as, the chylopoetic organs.

Cisatlantic (a.) On this side of the Atlantic Ocean; -- used of the eastern or the western side, according to the standpoint of the writer.

Citharistic (a.) Pertaining, or adapted, to the cithara.

Climacteric (a.) Relating to a climacteric; critical.

Climacteric (n.) A period in human life in which some great change is supposed to take place in the constitution. The critical periods are thought by some to be the years produced by multiplying 7 into the odd numbers 3, 5, 7, and 9; to which others add the 81st year.

Climacteric (n.) Any critical period.

Clinometric (a.) Pertaining to, or ascertained by, the clinometer.

Clinometric (a.) Pertaining to the oblique crystal

Communistic (a.) Of or pertaining to communism or communists; as, communistic theories.

Communistic (a.) Living or having their nests in common, as certain birds.

Conspecific (a.) Of the same species.

Cosmothetic (a.) Assuming or positing the actual existence or reality of the physical or external world.

Cremasteric (a.) Of or pertaining to the cremaster; as, the cremasteric artery.

Crotaphitic (n.) Pertaining to the temple; temporal.

Cryptogamic (a.) Alt. of Cryptogamous

Ctenophoric (a.) Alt. of Ctenophorous

Curialistic (a.) Pertaining to a court.

Curialistic (a.) Relating or belonging to the ultramontane party in the Latin Church.

Cystolithic (a.) Relating to stone in the bladder.

Cytogenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to cytogenesis or cell development.

Demonologic (a.) Alt. of Demonological

Demosthenic (a.) Pertaining to, or in the style of, Demosthenes, the Grecian orator.

Dermopathic (a.) Dermatopathic.

Diaglyphtic (a.) Represented or formed by depressions in the general surface; as, diaglyphic sculpture or engraving; -- opposed to anaglyphic.

Dialogistic (a.) Alt. of Dialogistical

Diamagnetic (a.) Pertaining to, or exhibiting the phenomena of, diamagnetism; taking, or being of a nature to take, a position at right angles to the

Diaphoretic (a.) Alt. of Diaphoretical

Diaphoretic (n.) A medicine or agent which promotes perspiration.

Diarrhoetic (a.) Producing diarrhea, or a purging.

Dichromatic (a.) Having or exhibiting two colors.

Dichromatic (a.) Having two color varieties, or two phases differing in color, independently of age or sex, as in certain birds and insects.

Diphthongic (a.) Of the nature of diphthong; diphthongal.

Diprismatic (a.) Doubly prismatic.

Dissyllabic (a.) Consisting of two syllables only; as, a dissyllabic foot in poetry.

Disulphuric (a.) Applied to an acid having in each molecule two atoms of sulphur in the higher state of oxidation.

Dithyrambic (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a dithyramb; wild and boisterous.

Dithyrambic (n.) A dithyrambic poem; a dithyramb.

Dramaturgic (a.) Relating to dramaturgy.

Dyslogistic (a.) Unfavorable; not commendatory; -- opposed to eulogistic.

Ectoplastic (a.) Pertaining to, or composed of, ectoplasm.

Embryogenic (a.) Pertaining to the development of an embryo.

Embryologic (a.) Alt. of Embryological

Emphyteutic (a.) Of or pertaining to an emphyteusis; as, emphyteutic lands.

Encomiastic (a.) Alt. of Encomiastical

Encomiastic (n.) A panegyric.

Endoblastic (a.) Relating to the endoblast; as, the endoblastic layer.

Endogenetic (a.) Endogenous.

Endosmosmic (a.) Endosmotic.

Endospermic (a.) Relating to, accompanied by, or containing, endosperm.

Enepidermic (a.) Applied to the skin without friction; -- said of medicines.

Entogastric (a.) Pertaining to the interior of the stomach; -- applied to a mode of budding from the interior of the gastric cavity, in certain hydroids.

Entomologic (a.) Alt. of Entomological

Entoplastic (a.) Pertaining to, or composed of, entoplasm; as, the entoplastic products of some Protozoa, or the entoplastic modification of the cell protoplasm, by which a nucleus is produced.

Epicerastic (a.) Lenient; assuaging.

Epidermatic (a.) Epidermal.

Epilogistic (a.) Of or pertaining to epilogue; of the nature of an epilogue.

Epithalamic (a.) Belonging to, or designed for, an epithalamium.

Epithumetic (a.) Epithumetical.

Erythematic (a.) Characterized by, or causing, a morbid redness of the skin; relating to erythema.

Erythroleic (a.) Having a red color and oily appearance; -- applied to a purple semifluid substance said to be obtained from archil.

Esemplastic (a.) Shaped into one; tending to, or formative into, unity.

Eucharistic (a.) Alt. of Eucharistical

Eudiometric (a.) Alt. of Eudiometrical

Euphemistic (a.) Alt. of Euphemistical

Feldspathic (a.) Alt. of Feldspathose

Ferricyanic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, a ferricyanide.

Ferrocyanic (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or designating, a ferrocyanide.

Fetichistic (a.) Alt. of Fetishistic

Fetishistic (a.) Pertaining to, or involving, fetichism.

Fetishistic (a.) See Fetich, n., Fetichism, n., Fetichistic, a.

Fluosilicic (a.) Composed of, or derived from, silicon and fluorine.

Frangulinic (a.) Pertaining to, or drived from, frangulin, or a species (Rhamnus Frangula) of the buckthorn.

Freemasonic (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the institutions or the practices of freemasons; as, a freemasonic signal.

Gallotannic (a.) Pertaining to the tannin or nutgalls.

Gamogenetic (a.) Relating to gamogenesis.

Gastrocolic (a.) Pertaining to both the stomach and the colon; as, the gastrocolic, or great, omentum.

Gastronomic (a.) Alt. of Gastronomical

Glycocholic (a.) Pertaining to, or composed of, glycocoll and cholic acid.

Goniometric (a.) Alt. of Goniometrical

Granolithic (n.) A kind of hard artificial stone, used for pavements.

Graptolitic (a.) Of or pertaining to graptolites; containing graptolites; as, a graptolitic slate.

Gravimetric (a.) Of or pertaining to measurement by weight; measured by weight.

Gymnopaedic (a.) Having young that are naked when hatched; psilopaedic; -- said of certain birds.

Haemostatic (a.) Same as Hemostatic.

Heliometric (a.) Alt. of Heliometrical

Heliotropic (a.) Manifesting heliotropism; turning toward the sun.

Helispheric (a.) Alt. of Helispherical

Hellenistic (a.) Alt. of Hellenistical

Hemimorphic (a.) Having the two ends modified with unlike planes; -- said of a crystal.

Hemispheric (a.) Alt. of Hemispherical

Hemorrhagic (a.) Pertaining or tending to a flux of blood; consisting in, or accompanied by, hemorrhage.

Hendecatoic (a.) Undecylic; pertaining to, or derived from, hendecane; as, hendecatoic acid.

Hennotannic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, a brown resinous substance resembling tannin, and extracted from the henna plant; as, hennotannic acid.

Hepatogenic (a.) Alt. of Hepatogenous

Hermeneutic (a.) Alt. of Hermeneutical

Hippocratic (a.) Of or pertaining to Hippocrates, or to his teachings.

Holoblastic (a.) Undergoing complete segmentation; composed entirely of germinal matter, the whole of the yolk undergoing fission; -- opposed to meroblastic.

Holocryptic (a.) Wholly or completely concealing; incapable of being deciphered.

Holographic (a.) Of the nature of a holograph; pertaining to holographs.

Homeopathic (a.) Of or pertaining to homeopathy; according to the principles of homeopathy.

Homocentric (a.) Having the same center.

Homodynamic (a.) Homodynamous.

Homoeomeric (a.) Alt. of Homoeomerical

Homogenetic (a.) Homogenous; -- applied to that class of homologies which arise from similarity of structure, and which are taken as evidences of common ancestry.

Homographic (a.) Employing a single and separate character to represent each sound; -- said of certain methods of spelling words.

Homographic (a.) Possessing the property of homography.

Homologinic (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, homology; as, homologinic qualities, or differences.

Homomorphic (a.) Alt. of Homomorphous

Homoplastic (a.) Of or pertaining to homoplasty; as, homoplasticorgans; homoplastic forms.

Homothermic (a.) Alt. of Homothermous

Hornblendic (a.) Composed largely of hornblende; resembling or relating to hornblende.

Hudibrastic (a.) Similar to, or in the style of, the poem "Hudibras," by Samuel Butler; in the style of doggerel verse.

Hydracrylic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an isomeric variety of lastic acid that breaks down into acrylic acid and water.

Hydrobromic (a.) Composed of hydrogen and bromine; as, hydrobromic acid.

Hydrocyanic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from the combination of, hydrogen and cyanogen.

Hydromantic (a.) Of or pertaining to divination by water.

Hydrometric (a.) Alt. of Hydrometrical

Hydropathic (a.) Alt. of Hydropathical

Hydrophobic (a.) Of or pertaining to hydrophobia; producing or caused by rabies; as, hydrophobic symptoms; the hydrophobic poison.

Hydrosorbic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid obtained from sorbic acid when this takes up hydrogen; as, hydrosorbic acid.

Hydrostatic (a.) Alt. of Hydrostatical

Hydrotropic (a.) Turning or bending towards moisture, as roots.

Hygrometric (a.) Alt. of Hygrometrical

Hygroscopic (a.) Of or pertaining to, or indicated by, the hygroscope; not readily manifest to the senses, but capable of detection by the hygroscope; as, glass is often covered with a film of hygroscopic moisture.

Hygroscopic (a.) Having the property of readily inbibing moisture from the atmosphere, or of the becoming coated with a thin film of moisture, as glass, etc.

Hypercritic (n.) One who is critical beyond measure or reason; a carping critic; a captious censor.

Hypercritic (a.) Hypercritical.

Hypoblastic (a.) Relating to, or connected with, the hypoblast; as, the hypoic sac.

Hypogastric (a.) Of or pertaining to the hypogastrium or the hypogastric region.

Hypsometric (a.) Alt. of Hypsometrical

Iatraliptic (a.) Treating diseases by anointing and friction; as, the iatraliptic method.

Ideographic (a.) Alt. of Ideographical

Idiographic (a.) Alt. of Idiographical

Idiomorphic (a.) Idiomorphous.

Idiothermic (a.) Self-heating; warmed, as the body of animal, by process going on within itself.

Interatomic (a.) Between atoms; situated, or acting, between the atoms of bodies; as, interatomic forces.

Isapostolic (a.) Having equal, or almost equal, authority with the apostles of their teachings.

Isocyanuric (a.) Designating, or pertaining to, an acid isomeric with cyanuric acid, and called also fulminuric acid. See under Fulminuric.

Isodiabatic (a.) Pertaining to the reception or the giving out of equal quantities of heat by a substance.

Isonephelic (a.) Having, or indicating, an equal amount of cloudiness for a given period; as, isonephelic regions; an isonephelic

Ithyphallic (a.) Lustful; lewd; salacious; indecent; obscene.

Jovicentric (a.) Revolving around the planet Jupiter; appearing as viewed from Jupiter.

Kenogenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to kenogenesis; as, kenogenetic processes.

Kymographic (a.) Of or pertaining to a kymograph; as, a kymographic tracing.

Labyrinthic (a.) Alt. of Labyrinthical

Leipothymic (a.) See Lipothymic.

Lexigraphic (a.) Of or pertaining to lexigraphy.

Lexipharmic (a.) See Alexipharmic.

Lithofellic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, a crystal

Lithophytic (a.) Of or pertaining to lithophytes.

Logarithmic (a.) Alt. of Logarithmical

Logographic (a.) Alt. of Logographical

Lymphogenic (a.) Connected with, or formed in, the lymphatic glands.

Macrobiotic (a.) Long-lived.

Macrocosmic (a.) Of or pertaining to the macrocosm.

Macroscopic (a.) Alt. of Macroscopical

Macrosporic (a.) Of or pertaining to macrospores.

Magistratic (a.) Alt. of Magistratical

Mastodontic (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a mastodon; as, mastodontic dimensions.

Megasthenic (a.) Having a typically large size; belonging to the megasthenes.

Melancholic (a.) Given to melancholy; depressed; melancholy; dejected; unhappy.

Melancholic (n.) One affected with a gloomy state of mind.

Melancholic (n.) A gloomy state of mind; melancholy.

Meloplastic (a.) Of or pertaining to meloplasty, or the artificial formation of a new cheek.

Menispermic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, moonseed (Menispermum), or other plants of the same family, as the Anamirta Cocculus.

Meroblastic (a.) Consisting only in part of germinal matter; characterized by partial segmentation only; as, meroblastic ova, in which a portion of the yolk only undergoes fission; meroblastic segmentation; -- opposed to holoblastic.

Mesoblastic (a.) Relating to the mesoblast; as, the mesoblastic layer.

Mesogastric (a.) Of or pertaining to the middle region of the abdomen, or of the stomach.

Mesogastric (a.) Of or pertaining to the mesogaster.

Mesogastric (a.) Of or pertaining to the middle gastric lobe of the carapace of a crab.

Mesonephric (a.) Of or pertaining to the mesonephros; as, the mesonephric, or Wolffian, duct.

Metagastric (a.) Of or pertaining to the two posterior gastric lobes of the carapace of crabs.

Metagenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to metagenesis.

Metagraphic (a.) By or pertaining to metagraphy.

Metallurgic (a.) Alt. of Metallurgical

Metamorphic (a.) Subject to change; changeable; variable.

Metamorphic (a.) Causing a change of structure.

Metasilicic (a.) Designating an acid derived from silicic acid by the removal of water; of or pertaining to such an acid.

Metastannic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, a compound of tin (metastannic acid), obtained, as an isomeric modification of stannic acid, in the form of a white amorphous substance.

Metatitanic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, an acid of titanium analogous to metasilicic acid.

Metavanadic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a vanadic acid analogous to metaphosphoric acid.

Methodistic (a.) Alt. of Methodistical

Microcosmic (a.) Alt. of Microcosmical

Microlithic (a.) Formed of small stones.

Micrometric (a.) Alt. of Micrometrical

Microscopic (a.) Alt. of Microscopical

Microsporic (a.) Of or pertaining to microspores.

Mithridatic (a.) Of or pertaining to King Mithridates, or to a mithridate.

Moesogothic (a.) Belonging to the Moesogoths, a branch of the Goths who settled in Moesia.

Moesogothic (n.) The language of the Moesogoths; -- also called Gothic.

Monochromic (a.) Made, or done, with a single color; as, a monochromic picture.

Monochronic (a.) Existing at the same time; contemporaneous.

Monodelphic (a.) Alt. of Monodelphous

Monodynamic (a.) Possessing but one capacity or power.

Monogastric (a.) Having but a single stomach.

Monogenetic (a.) One in genesis; resulting from one process of formation; -- used of a mountain range.

Monogenetic (a.) Relating to, or involving, monogenesis; as, the monogenetic school of physiologists, who admit but one cell as the source of all beings.

Monogrammic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a monogram.

Monographic (a.) Alt. of Monographical

Monomorphic (a.) Alt. of Monomorphous

Monoplastic (a.) That has one form, or retains its primary form, as, a monoplastic element.

Monothalmic (a.) Formed from one pistil; -- said of fruits.

Morintannic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, a variety of tannic acid extracted from fustic (Maclura, formerly Morus, tinctoria) as a yellow crystal

Morphologic (a.) Alt. of Morphological

Motorpathic (a.) Of or pertaining to motorpathy.

Mussulmanic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, the Mussulmans, or their customs: Mohammedan.

Mythopoetic (a.) Making or producing myths or mythical tales.

Necrobiotic (a.) Of or pertaining to necrobiosis; as, a necrobiotic metamorphosis.

Necromantic (n.) Conjuration.

Necromantic (a.) Alt. of Necromantical

Necroscopic (a.) Alt. of Necroscopical

Neologistic (a.) Alt. of Neologistical

Neoplatonic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, Neoplatonism or the Neoplatonists.

Neurenteric (a.) Of or pertaining to both the neuron and the enteron; as, the neurenteric canal, which, in embroys of many vertebrates, connects the medullary tube and the primitive intestine. See Illust. of Ectoderm.

Neuropathic (a.) Of or pertaining to neuropathy; of the nature of, or suffering from, nervous disease.

Nonelectric (a.) Alt. of Nonelectrical

Nonelectric (n.) A substance that is not an electric; that which transmits electricity, as a metal.

Nonemphatic (a.) Alt. of Nonemphatical

Nonmetallic (a.) Not metallic.

Nonmetallic (a.) Resembling, or possessing the properties of, a nonmetal or metalloid; as, sulphur is a nonmetallic element.

Nyctitropic (a.) Turning or bending at night into special positions.

Ochlocratic (a.) Alt. of Ochlocratical

Oenanthylic (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or containing, oenanthyl; specifically, designating an acid formerly supposed to be identical with the acid in oenanthic ether, but now known to be identical with heptoic acid.

Oenothionic (a.) Pertaining to an acid now called sulphovinic, / ethyl sulphuric, acid.

Omphaloptic (n.) An optical glass that is convex on both sides.

Onirocritic (a.) See Oneirocritic.

Ontogenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to ontogenesis; as, ontogenetic phenomena.

Oreographic (a.) Of or pertaining to oreography.

Organogenic (a.) Of or pertaining to organogenesis.

Orthodromic (a.) Of or pertaining to orthodromy.

Orthometric (a.) Having the axes at right angles to one another; -- said of crystals or crystal

Orthoscopic (a.) Giving an image in correct or normal proportions; giving a flat field of view; as, an orthoscopic eyepiece.

Orthotropic (a.) Having the longer axis vertical; -- said of erect stems.

Ostrogothic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Ostrogoths.

Oxymuriatic (a.) Pertaining to, or consisting of, oxygen and muriatic acid, that is, hydrochloric acid.

Ozonometric (a.) Pertaining to, or used for, the determination of the amount of ozone; of or relating to ozonometry.

Ozonoscopic (a.) Serving to indicate the presence or the amount of ozone.

Paleolithic (a.) Of or pertaining to an era marked by early stone implements. The Paleolithic era (as proposed by Lubbock) includes the earlier half of the "Stone Age;" the remains belonging to it are for the most part of extinct animals, with relics of human beings.

Palindromic (a.) Alt. of Palindromical

Panhellenic (a.) Of or pertaining to all Greece, or to Panhellenism; including all Greece, or all the Greeks.

Pantascopic (a.) Viewing all; taking a view of the whole. See under Camera.

Panteutonic (a.) Of or pertaining to all the Teutonic races.

Pantheistic (a.) Alt. of Pantheistical

Pantoscopic (a.) Literally, seeing everything; -- a term applied to eyeglasses or spectacles divided into two segments, the upper being designed for distant vision, the lower for vision of near objects.

Parablastic (a.) Of or pertaining to the parablast; as, the parablastic cells.

Paracentric (a.) Alt. of Paracentrical

Paracmastic (a.) Gradually decreasing; past the acme, or crisis, as a distemper.

Paracrostic (n.) A poetical composition, in which the first verse contains, in order, the first letters of all the verses of the poem.

Paragraphic (a.) Alt. of Paragraphical

Parallactic (a.) Alt. of Parallactical

Parenthetic (a.) Alt. of Parenthetical

Pasigraphic (a.) Alt. of Pasigraphical

Patriarchic (a.) Patriarchal.

Perigastric (a.) Surrounding the stomach; -- applied to the body cavity of Bryozoa and various other Invertebrata.

Perigenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to perigenesis.

Peripatetic (a.) Walking about; itinerant.

Peripatetic (a.) Of or pertaining to the philosophy taught by Aristotle (who gave his instructions while walking in the Lyceum at Athens), or to his followers.

Peripatetic (n.) One who walks about; a pedestrian; an itinerant.

Peripatetic (n.) A disciple of Aristotle; an Aristotelian.

Perispheric (a.) Alt. of Perispherical

Peristaltic (a.) Applied to the peculiar wormlike wave motion of the intestines and other similar structures, produced by the successive contraction of the muscular fibers of their walls, forcing their contents onwards; as, peristaltic movement.

Permanganic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, one of the higher acids of manganese, HMnO4, which forms salts called permanganates.

Pessimistic (a.) Of or pertaining to pessimism; characterized by pessimism; gloomy; foreboding.

Phaenogamic (a.) Same as Phaenogamous.

Phantomatic (a.) Phantasmal.

Philomathic (a.) Of or pertaining to philomathy.

Philomathic (a.) Having love of learning or letters.

Philosophic (a.) Alt. of Philosophical

Photobiotic (a.) Requiring light to live; incapable of living without light; as, photobiotic plant cells.

Photometric (a.) Alt. of Photometrical

Photophonic (a.) Of or pertaining to photophone.

Photoscopic (a.) Of or pertaining to the photoscope or its uses.

Phototropic (a.) Same as Heliotropic.

Phrenologic (a.) Phrenological.

Phylacteric (a.) Alt. of Phylacterical

Physiologic (a.) Physiological.

Phytophagic (a.) Phytophagous.

Planimetric (a.) Alt. of Planimetrical

Platycnemic (a.) Of, relating to, or characterized by, platycnemism.

Pleomorphic (a.) Pertaining to pleomorphism; as, the pleomorphic character of bacteria.

Plethoretic (a.) Plethoric.

Plutocratic (a.) Of or pertaining to plutocracy; as, plutocratic ideas.

Pneumonitic (a.) Of or pertaining to pneumonitis.

Polychromic (a.) Polychromatic.

Polychromic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, any one of several acids (known only in their salts) which contain more than one atom of chromium.

Polygastric (a.) Having several bellies; -- applied to muscles which are made up of several bellies separated by short tendons.

Polygastric (a.) Pertaining to the Polygastrica.

Polygastric (n.) One of the Polygastrica.

Polygenetic (a.) Having many distinct sources; originating at various places or times.

Polygenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to polygenesis; polyphyletic.

Polygraphic (a.) Alt. of Polygraphical

Polymorphic (a.) Polymorphous.

Polyplastic (a.) Assuming, or having the power of assuming, many forms; as, a polyplastic element which does not preserve its original shape.

Polysilicic (a.) Of or pertaining to compounds formed by the condensation of two or more molecules of silicic acid.

Polytechnic (a.) Comprehending, or relating to, many arts and sciences; -- applied particularly to schools in which many branches of art and science are taught with especial reference to their practical application; also to exhibitions of machinery and industrial products.

Pornerastic (a.) Lascivious; licentious.

Porphyritic (a.) Relating to, or resembling, porphyry, that is, characterized by the presence of distinct crystals, as of feldspar, quartz, or augite, in a relatively fine-grained base, often aphanitic or cryptocrystal

Preadamitic (a.) Existing or occurring before Adam; preadamic; as, preadamitic periods.

Predicrotic (a.) A term applied to the pulse wave sometimes seen in a pulse curve or sphygmogram, between the apex of the curve and the dicrotic wave.

Prehistoric (a.) Of or pertaining to a period before written history begins; as, the prehistoric ages; prehistoric man.

Presentific (a.) Making present.

Presystolic (a.) Preceding the systole or contraction of the heart; as, the presystolic friction sound.

Problematic (a.) Alt. of Problematical

Procephalic (a.) Pertaining to, or forming, the front of the head.

Proteolytic (a.) Converting proteid or albuminous matter into soluble and diffusible products, as peptones.

Prothoracic (a.) Of or pertaining to the prothorax.

Proto-Doric (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, architecture, in which the beginnings of the Doric style are supposed to be found.

Psilopaedic (a.) Having down upon the pterylae only; -- said of the young of certain birds.

Psychagogic (a.) Attractive; persuasive.

Psychiatric (a.) Of or pertaining to psychiatria.

Psychologic (a.) Alt. of Psychological

Ptilopaedic (a.) Having nearly the whole surface of the skin covered with down; dasypaedic; -- said of the young of certain birds.

Pyroarsenic (a.) Pertaining to or designating, an acid of arsenic analogous to pyrophosphoric acid.

Pyrognostic (a.) Of or pertaining to characters developed by the use of heat; pertaining to the characters of minerals when examined before the blowpipe; as, the pyrognostic characters of galena.

Pyrotechnic (a.) Alt. of Pyrotechnical

Pyrovanadic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid of vanadium, analogous to pyrophosphoric acid.

Quadribasic (a.) Same as Tetrabasic.

Quartenylic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid of the acrylic acid series, metameric with crotonic acid, and obtained as a colorless liquid; -- so called from having four carbon atoms in the molecule. Called also isocrotonic acid.

Quindecylic (n.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid of the fatty acid series, containing fifteen atoms of carbon; called also pentadecylic acid.

Rhinoscopic (a.) Of or pertaining to rhinoscopy.

Ritualistic (a.) Pertaining to, or in accordance with, a ritual; adhering to ritualism.

Saccharinic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, saccharin; specifically, designating a complex acid not known in the free state but well known in its salts, which are obtained by boiling dextrose and levulose (invert sugar) with milk of lime.

Saccharonic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, saccharone; specifically, designating an unstable acid which is obtained from saccharone (a) by hydration, and forms a well-known series of salts.

Saprophytic (a.) Feeding or growing upon decaying animal or vegetable matter; pertaining to a saprophyte or the saprophytes.

Sarcolactic (a.) Relating to muscle and milk; as, sarcolactic acid. See Lactic acid, under Lactic.

Scholiastic (a.) Of or pertaining to a scholiast, or his pursuits.

Selenhydric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, hydrogen selenide, H2Se, regarded as an acid analogous to sulphydric acid.

Semichaotic (a.) Partially chaotic.

Semispheric (a.) Alt. of Semispherical

Serio-comic (a.) Alt. of Serio-comical

Sesquibasic (a.) Containing, or acting as, a base in the proportions of a sesqui compound.

Socialistic (a.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, socialism.

Somnambulic (a.) Somnambulistic.

Spheroconic (n.) A nonplane curve formed by the intersection of the surface of an oblique cone with the surface of a sphere whose center is at the vertex of the cone.

Spherulitic (a.) Of or pertaining to a spherulite; characterized by the presence of spherulites.

Spodomantic (a.) Relating to spodomancy, or divination by means of ashes.

Sporophoric (a.) Having the nature of a sporophore.

Stalactitic (a.) Alt. of Stalactitical

Stalagmitic (a.) Alt. of Stalagmitical

Staurolitic (a.) Of or pertaining to staurolite; resembling or containing staurolite.

Stentoronic (a.) Stentorian.

Stereotomic (a.) Alt. of Stereotomical

Stereotypic (a.) Of or pertaining to stereotype, or stereotype plates.

Strategetic (a.) Alt. of Strategetical

Submetallic (a.) Imperfectly metallic; as, a submetallic luster.

Subnarcotic (a.) Moderately narcotic.

Subthalamic (a.) Situated under the optic thalamus.

Sulphanilic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, an anilene sulphonic acid which is obtained as a white crystal

Sulphovinic (a.) Of, pertaining to, and formerly designating, ethylsulphuric acid.

Supraglotic (a.) Situated above the glottis; -- applied to that part of the cavity of the larynx above the true vocal cords.

Sycophantic (a.) Alt. of Sycophantical

Syllogistic (a.) Alt. of Syllogistical

Symbolistic (a.) Alt. of Symbolistical

Sympathetic (a.) Inc

Sympathetic (a.) Produced by, or expressive of, sympathy.

Sympathetic (a.) Produced by sympathy; -- applied particularly to symptoms or affections. See Sympathy.

Symptomatic (a.) Alt. of Symptomatical

Syndactylic (a.) Syndactilous.

Synergistic (a.) Of or pertaining to synergism.

Synergistic (a.) Cooperating; synergetic.

Talmudistic (a.) Resembling the Talmud; Talmudic.

Tartrovinic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a certain acid composed of tartaric acid in combination with ethyl, and now called ethyltartaric acid.

Technologic (a.) Technological.

Telegrammic (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a telegram; laconic; concise; brief.

Telegraphic (a.) Of or pertaining to the telegraph; made or communicated by a telegraph; as, telegraphic signals; telegraphic art; telegraphic intelligence.

Teleorganic (a.) Vital; as, teleorganic functions.

Telodynamic (a.) Relating to a system for transmitting power to a distance by means of swiftly moving ropes or cables driving grooved pulleys of large diameter.

Terebilenic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a complex acid, C7H8O4, obtained as a white crystal

Terebinthic (a.) Of or pertaining to turpentine; resembling turpentine; terbinthine; as, terbinthic qualities.

Theodolitic (a.) Of or pertaining to a theodolite; made by means of a theodolite; as, theodolitic observations.

Theorematic (a.) Alt. of Theorematical

Therapeutic (a.) Alt. of Therapeutical

Therapeutic (n.) One of the Therapeutae.

Thermogenic (a.) Relating to heat, or to the production of heat; producing heat; thermogenous; as, the thermogenic tissues.

Thermotaxic (a.) Pertaining to, or connected with, the regulation of temperature in the animal body; as, the thermotaxic nervous system.

Topographic () Alt. of Topographical

Tragi-comic (a.) Alt. of Tragi-comical

Tridecatoic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, that acid of the fatty acids heterologous with tridecane. It is a white crystal

Trisyllabic (a.) Alt. of Trisyllabical

Tritheistic (a.) Alt. of Tritheistical

Troglodytic (a.) Alt. of Troglodytical

Typographic (a.) Alt. of Typographical

Undecylenic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid C11H20O2, homologous with acrylic acid, and obtained as a white crystal

Ural-Altaic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Urals and the Altai; as the Ural-Altaic, or Turanian, languages.

Xanthogenic (a.) Producing a yellow color or compound; xanthic. See Xanthic acid, under Xanthic.

Xenogenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to xenogenesis; as, the xenogenetic origin of microzymes.

Xylographic (a.) Alt. of Xylographical

Xyloplastic (a.) Formed of wood pulp by molds; relating to casts made of wood pulp in molds.

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