11 letter words ending in ise

Affranchise (v. t.) To make free; to enfranchise.

Breadthwise (ads.) In the direction of the breadth.

Chevronwise (adv.) In the manner of a chevron; as, the field may be divided chevronwise.

Disexercise (v. t.) To deprive of exercise; to leave untrained.

Effranchise (v. t.) To enfranchise.

Enfranchise (v. t.) To set free; to liberate from slavery, prison, or any binding power.

Enfranchise (v. t.) To endow with a franchise; to incorporate into a body politic and thus to invest with civil and political privileges; to admit to the privileges of a freeman.

Enfranchise (v. t.) To receive as denizens; to naturalize; as, to enfranchise foreign words.

Foolhardise (n.) Foolhardiness.

Galliardise (a.) Excessive gayety; merriment.

Infranchise (v. t.) See Enfranchise.

Merchandise (n.) The objects of commerce; whatever is usually bought or sold in trade, or market, or by merchants; wares; goods; commodities.

Merchandise (n.) The act or business of trading; trade; traffic.

Merchandise (v. i.) To trade; to carry on commerce.

Merchandise (v. t.) To make merchandise of; to buy and sell.

Migniardise (n.) Delicate fondling.

Saltirewise (adv.) In the manner of a saltire; -- said especially of the blazoning of a shield divided by two

Self-praise (n.) Praise of one's self.

Shuttlewise (adv.) Back and forth, like the movement of a shuttle.

Superpraise (v. t.) To praise to excess.

Underpraise (v. t.) To praise below desert.

Unrightwise (a.) Unrighteous.

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