11 letter words ending in ness

Abusiveness (n.) The quality of being abusive; rudeness of language, or violence to the person.

Adaptedness (n.) The state or quality of being adapted; suitableness; special fitness.

Adiposeness (n.) Alt. of Adiposity

Adverseness (n.) The quality or state of being adverse; opposition.

Advisedness (n.) Deliberate consideration; prudent procedure; caution.

Affableness (n.) Affability.

Amativeness (n.) The faculty supposed to influence sexual desire; propensity to love.

Amiableness (n.) The quality of being amiable; amiability.

Amorousness (n.) The quality of being amorous, or inc

Ancientness (n.) The quality of being ancient; antiquity; existence from old times.

Angularness (n.) The quality of being angular.

Animoseness (n.) Vehemence of temper.

Antiqueness (n.) The quality of being antique; an appearance of ancient origin and workmanship.

Anxiousness (n.) The quality of being anxious; great solicitude; anxiety.

Aqueousness (n.) Wateriness.

Arduousness (n.) The quality of being arduous; difficulty of execution.

Artlessness (n.) The quality of being artless, or void of art or guile; simplicity; sincerity.

Assuredness (n.) The state of being assured; certainty; full confidence.

Audibleness (n.) The quality of being audible.

Austereness (n.) Harshness or astringent sourness to the taste; acerbity.

Austereness (n.) Severity; strictness; austerity.

Awesomeness (n.) The quality of being awesome.

Balefulness (n.) The quality or state of being baleful.

Bashfulness (n.) The quality of being bashful.

Bearishness (n.) Behavior like that of a bear.


Biliousness (n.) The state of being bilious.

Bindingness (n.) The condition or property of being binding; obligatory quality.

Blessedness (n.) The state of being blessed; happiness; felicity; bliss; heavenly joys; the favor of God.

Bloatedness (n.) The state of being bloated.

Branchiness (n.) Fullness of branches.

Brickleness (n.) Brittleness.

Brinishness (n.) State or quality of being brinish.


Brittleness (n.) Aptness to break; fragility.

Brusqueness (n.) Quality of being brusque; roughness joined with promptness; bluntness.

Capableness (n.) The quality or state of being capable; capability; adequateness; competency.

Capitalness (n.) The quality of being capital; preeminence.

Carefulness (n.) Quality or state of being careful.

Causticness (n.) The quality of being caustic; causticity.

Certainness (n.) Certainty.

Cheerisness (n.) Cheerfulness.

Chubbedness (n.) The state of being chubby.


Clearedness (n.) The quality of being cleared.


Cognateness (n.) The state of being cognate.

Compactness (n.) The state or quality of being compact; close union of parts; density.

Complexness (n.) The state of being complex; complexity.

Concaveness (n.) Hollowness; concavity.

Conciseness (n.) The quality of being concise.

Condignness (n.) Agreeableness to deserts; suitableness.

Conicalness (n.) State or quality of being conical.

Copiousness (n.) The state or quality of being copious; abudance; plenty; also, diffuseness in style.

Cordialness (n.) Cordiality.

Correctness (n.) The state or quality of being correct; as, the correctness of opinions or of manners; correctness of taste; correctness in writing or speaking; the correctness of a text or copy.

Corruptness (n.) The quality of being corrupt.

Costiveness (n.) An unnatural retention of the fecal matter of the bowels; constipation.

Costiveness (n.) Inability to express one's self; stiffness.


Cradgedness (n.) The quality or state of being cragged; cragginess.

Crippleness (n.) Lameness.

Crookedness (n.) The condition or quality of being crooked; hence, deformity of body or of mind; deviation from moral rectitude; perverseness.

Cubicalness (n.) The quality of being cubical.

Cunningness (n.) Quality of being cunning; craft.

Curiousness (n.) Carefulness; painstaking.

Curiousness (n.) The state of being curious; exactness of workmanship; ingenuity of contrivance.

Curiousness (n.) Inquisitiveness; curiosity.

Currentness (n.) The quality of being current; currency; circulation; general reception.

Currentness (n.) Easiness of pronunciation; fluency.

Cursoriness (n.) The quality of being cursory; superficial performance; as, cursoriness of view.

Cynicalness (n.) The quality of being cynical.

Damningness (n.) Tendency to bring damnation.

Dastardness (n.) Dastard


Debauchness (n.) Debauchedness.

Deliverness (n.) Nimbleness; agility.

Diffuseness (n.) The quality of being diffuse; especially, in writing, the use of a great or excessive number of word to express the meaning; copiousness; verbosity; prolixity.

Diskindness (n.) Unkindness; disservice.

Dislikeness (n.) Unlikeness.

Diurnalness (n.) The quality of being diurnal.

Diverseness (n.) The quality of being diverse.

Docibleness (n.) Aptness for being taught; teachableness; docility.

Domableness (n.) Tamableness.

Doughtiness (n.) The quality of being doughty; valor; bravery.

Drunkenness (n.) The state of being drunken with, or as with, alcoholic liquor; intoxication; inebriety; -- used of the casual state or the habit.

Drunkenness (n.) Disorder of the faculties, resembling intoxication by liquors; inflammation; frenzy; rage.

Dubiousness (n.) State of being dubious.

Durableness (n.) Power of lasting, enduring, or resisting; durability.

Earnestness (n.) The state or quality of being earnest; intentness; anxiety.


Elasticness (n.) The quality of being elastic; elasticity.

Ellengeness (n) Alt. of Ellingeness

Ellingeness (n) See Elenge, Elengeness.

Emotiveness (n.) Susceptibility to emotion.

Emulousness (n.) The quality of being emulous.

Endlessness (n.) The quality of being endless; perpetuity.

Engagedness (n.) The state of being deeply interested; earnestness; zeal.

Equableness (n.) Quality or state of being equable.

Errableness (n.) Liability to error.

Evidentness (n.) State of being evident.

Exposedness (n.) The state of being exposed, laid open, or unprotected; as, an exposedness to sin or temptation.

Expressness (n.) The state or quality of being express; definiteness.

Favoredness (n.) Appearance.

Fearfulness (n.) The state of being fearful.

Featherness (n.) The state or condition of being feathery.

fertileness (n.) Fertility.

Fidgetiness (n.) Quality of being fidgety.


Flightiness (n.) The state or quality of being flighty.

Floweriness (n.) The state of being flowery.

Flowingness (n.) Flowing tendency or quality; fluency.

Foolishness (n.) The quality of being foolish.

Foolishness (n.) A foolish practice; an absurdity.

Foreignness (n.) The quality of being foreign; remoteness; want of relation or appropriateness.

Forgiveness (n.) The act of forgiving; the state of being forgiven; as, the forgiveness of sin or of injuries.

Forgiveness (n.) Disposition to pardon; willingness to forgive.

Forlornness (n.) State of being forlorn.

Forwardness (n.) The quality of being forward; cheerful readiness; promtness; as, the forwardness of Christians in propagating the gospel.

Forwardness (n.) An advanced stage of progress or of preparation; advancement; as, his measures were in great forwardness.

Forwardness (n.) Eagerness; ardor; as, it is difficult to restrain the forwardness of youth.

Forwardness (n.) Boldness; confidence; assurance; want of due reserve or modesty.

Forwardness (n.) A state of advance beyond the usual degree; prematureness; precocity; as, the forwardnessof spring or of corn; the forwardness of a pupil.

Gallantness (n.) The quality of being gallant.

Generalness (n.) The condition or quality of being general; frequency; commonness.

Genteelness (n.) The quality of being genteel.



Glaringness (n.) A dazzling luster or brilliancy.

Gradualness (n.) The quality or state of being gradual; regular progression or gradation; slowness.

Graphicness (n.) Alt. of Graphicalness

Grippleness (n.) The quality of being gripple.

Grumousness (n.) The state of being grumous.

Guardianess (n.) A female guardian.

Haughtiness (n.) The quality of being haughty; disdain; arrogance.

Healthiness (n.) The state of being healthy or healthful; freedom from disease.

Heartedness (n.) Earnestness; sincerity; heartiness.

Heathenness (n.) State of being heathen or like the heathen.

Hirsuteness (n.) Hairiness.

Ignobleness (n.) State or quality of being ignoble.

Illegalness (n.) Illegality, unlawfulness.

Immenseness (n.) The state of being immense.

Inexactness (n.) Incorrectness; want of exactness.

Inquietness (n.) Unquietness.

Insipidness (n.) The quality or state of being insipid; vapidity.

Intenseness (n.) The state or quality of being intense; intensity; as, the intenseness of heat or cold; the intenseness of study or thought.

Invalidness (n.) Invalidity; as, the invalidness of reasoning.

Inviolaness (n.) The state of being inviolate.

Jealousness (n.) State or quality of being jealous.

KNavishness (n.) The quality or state of being knavish; knavery; dishonesty.

Knowingness (n.) The state or quality of being knowing or intelligent; shrewdness; skillfulness.

Legibleness (n.) The state or quality of being legible.

Lengthiness (n.) The state or quality of being lengthy; prolixity.

Limitedness (n.) The quality of being limited.

Literalness (n.) The quality or state of being literal; literal import.


Logicalness (n.) The quality of being logical.

Maggotiness (n.) State of being maggoty.

Maneticness (n.) Magneticalness.

Marchioness (n.) The wife or the widow of a marquis; a woman who has the rank and dignity of a marquis.

Martialness (n.) The quality of being martial.

Massiveness (n.) The state or quality of being massive; massiness.

Mawkishness (n.) The quality or state of being mawkish.

Mediateness (n.) The state of being mediate.

Movableness (n.) The quality or state of being movable; mobility; susceptibility of motion.

Musicalness (n.) The quality of being musical.

Mutableness (n.) The quality of being mutable.

Naturalness (n.) The state or quality of being natural; conformity to nature.

Naughtiness (n.) The quality or state of being naughty; perverseness; badness; wickedness.

Nervousness (n.) State or quality of being nervous.

Niggardness (n.) Niggard

Notableness (n.) The quality of being notable.

Nothingness (n.) Nihility; nonexistence.

Nothingness (n.) The state of being of no value; a thing of no value.

Obduredness (n.) Hardness.

Obliqueness (n.) Quality or state of being oblique.

Obscureness (n.) Obscurity.


Parchedness (n.) The state of being parched.

Passiveness (n.) The quality or state of being passive; unresisting submission.

Peevishness (n.) The quality of being peevish; disposition to murmur; sourness of temper.

Pensileness (n.) State or quality of being pensile; pendulousness.

Pensiveness (n.) The state of being pensive; serious thoughtfulness; seriousness.

Perfectness (n.) The quality or state of being perfect; perfection.

Plenariness (n.) Quality or state of being plenary.

Popularness (n.) The quality or state of being popular; popularity.

Potableness (n.) The quality of being drinkable.

Presentness (n.) The quality or state of being present; presence.


Primariness (n.) The quality or state of being primary, or first in time, in act, or in intention.

Privateness (n.) Seclusion from company or society; retirement; privacy; secrecy.

Privateness (n.) The state of one not invested with public office.

Profaneness (n.) The quality or state of being profane; especially, the use of profane language.

Profuseness (n.) Extravagance; profusion.

Puerileness (n.) The quality of being puerile; puerility.

Pursiveness (n.) Pursiness.


Radicalness (n.) Quality or state of being radical.

Rammishness (n.) The quality of being rammish.

Recluseness (n.) Quality or state of being recluse.

Regularness (n.) Regularity.

Relatedness (n.) The state or condition of being related; relationship; affinity.

Renewedness (n.) The state of being renewed.

Repleteness (n.) The state of being replete.

Restiffness (n.) Restiveness.


Sanableness (n.) The quality of being sanable.

Savableness (n.) Capability of being saved.

Scabbedness (n.) Scabbiness.

Scragginess (n.) The quality or state of being scraggy; scraggedness.

Seasickness (n.) The peculiar sickness, characterized by nausea and prostration, which is caused by the pitching or rolling of a vessel.

Secularness (n.) The quality or state of being secular; world

Seemingness (n.) Semblance; fair appearance; plausibility.

Selfishness (n.) The quality or state of being selfish; exclusive regard to one's own interest or happiness; that supreme self-love or self-preference which leads a person to direct his purposes to the advancement of his own interest, power, or happiness, without regarding those of others.

Sensualness (n.) Sensuality; flesh

Servileness (n.) Quality of being servile; servility.

Settledness (n.) The quality or state of being settled; confirmed state.

Shadowiness (n.) The quality or state of being shadowy.

Shallowness (n.) Quality or state of being shallow.


Shiningness (n.) Brightness.

Shittleness (n.) Instability; inconstancy.

Showeriness (n.) Quality of being showery.

Shrubbiness (n.) Quality of being shrubby.


Silveriness (n.) The state of being silvery.

Sincereness (n.) Same as Sincerity.

Sketchiness (n.) The quality or state of being sketchy; lack of finish; incompleteness.

Slipperness (n.) Slipperiness.

Smilingness (n.) Quality or state of being smiling.

Solubleness (n.) Quality or state of being soluble.


Spottedness (n.) State or quality of being spotted.

Springiness (n.) The state or quality of being springly.

Squalidness (n.) Quality or state of being squalid.

Squashiness (n.) The quality or state of being squashy, or soft.

Squeasiness (n.) Queasiness.


Staunchness () See Stanch, Stanchly, etc.

Stintedness (n.) The state of being stinted.

Strangeness (n.) The state or quality of being strange (in any sense of the adjective).

Streaminess (n.) The state of being streamy; a trailing.

Stringiness (n.) Quality of being stringy.

Stubbedness (n.) The quality or state of being stubbed.

Subjectness (n.) Quality of being subject.

Sublimeness (n.) The quality or state of being sublime; sublimity.

Submissness (n.) Submissiveness.

Swarthiness (n.) The quality or state of being swarthy; a dusky or dark complexion; tawniness.

Tenableness (n.) Same as Tenability.

Thirstiness (n.) The state of being thirsty; thirst.

Threadiness (n.) Quality of being thready.

Thriftiness (n.) The quality or state of being thrifty; thrift.

Triableness (n.) Quality or state of being triable.

Tricksiness (n.) The quality or state of being tricksy; trickiness.

Trivialness (n.) Quality or state of being trivial.

Turningness (n.) The quality of turning; instability; tergiversation.

Unequalness (n.) The quality or state of being unequal; inequality; unevenness.

Unifromness (n.) The quality or state of being uniform; uniformity.

Unluckiness (n.) Quality or state of being unlucky.

Unreadiness (n.) The quality or state of being unready.

Uprightness (n.) the quality or state of being upright.

Vacuousness (n.) The quality or state of being vacuous; emptiness; vacuity.

Vagrantness (n.) State of being vagrant; vagrancy.

Vitiousness (n.) See Vicious, Viciously, Viciousness.

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