11 letter words ending in ous

Ablatitious (a.) Diminishing; as, an ablatitious force.

Abstentious (a.) Characterized by abstinence; self-restraining.

Acalysinous (a.) Without a calyx, or outer floral envelope.

Acarpellous (a.) Having no carpels.

Acclivitous (a.) Acclivous.

Acidiferous (a.) Containing or yielding an acid.

Acrimonious (a.) Acrid; corrosive; as, acrimonious gall.

Acrimonious (a.) Caustic; bitter-tempered' sarcastic; as, acrimonious dispute, language, temper.

Acrocarpous (a.) Having a terminal fructification; having the fruit at the end of the stalk.

Acrocarpous (a.) Having the fruit stalks at the end of a leafy stem, as in certain mosses.

Acronyctous (a.) Acronycal.

Acrosporous (a.) Having acrospores.

Addititious (a.) Additive.

Adiaphorous (a.) Indifferent or neutral.

Adiaphorous (a.) Incapable of doing either harm or good, as some medicines.

Adipocerous (a.) Like adipocere.

Adventurous (n.) Inc

Adventurous (n.) Full of hazard; attended with risk; exposing to danger; requiring courage; rash; -- applied to acts; as, an adventurous undertaking, deed, song.

Agatiferous (a.) Containing or producing agates.

Albugineous (a.) Of the nature of, or resembling, the white of the eye, or of an egg; albuminous; -- a term applied to textures, humors, etc., which are perfectly white.

Allochroous (a.) Changing color.

Allogeneous (a.) Different in nature or kind.

Amentaceous (a.) Resembling, or consisting of, an ament or aments; as, the chestnut has an amentaceous inflorescence.

Amentaceous (a.) Bearing aments; having flowers arranged in aments; as, amentaceous plants.

Ametabolous (a.) Not undergoing any metamorphosis; as, ametabolic insects.

Amphibolous (a.) Ambiguous; doubtful.

Amphibolous (a.) Capable of two meanings.

Amphigamous (a.) Having a structure entirely cellular, and no distinct sexual organs; -- a term applied by De Candolle to the lowest order of plants.

Amphigenous (a.) Increasing in size by growth on all sides, as the lichens.

Amphigonous (a.) Relating to both parents.

Amphipodous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Amphipoda.

Anacanthous (a.) Spineless, as certain fishes.

Anachronous (a.) Containing an anachronism; anachronistic.

Anantherous (a.) Destitute of anthers.

Anatiferous (a.) Producing ducks; -- applied to Anatifae, under the absurd notion of their turning into ducks or geese. See Barnacle.

Androgynous (a.) Alt. of Androgynal

Androtomous (a.) Having the filaments of the stamens divided into two parts.

Anfractuous (a.) Winding; full of windings and turnings; sinuous; tortuous; as, the anfractuous spires of a born.

Anisomerous (a.) Having the number of floral organs unequal, as four petals and six stamens.

Antibillous (a.) Counteractive of bilious complaints; tending to relieve biliousness.

Antidromous (a.) Changing the direction in the spiral sequence of leaves on a stem.

Antimonious (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, antimony; -- said of those compounds of antimony in which this element has an equivalence next lower than the highest; as, antimonious acid.

Antipathous (a.) Having a natural contrariety; adverse; antipathetic.

Antitropous (a.) At the extremity most remote from the hilum, as the embryo, or inverted with respect to the seed, as the radicle.

Arrhythmous (a.) Being without rhythm or regularity, as the pulse.

Artificious (a.) Artificial.

Artocarpous (a.) Of or pertaining to the breadfruit, or to the genus Artocarpus.

Arundineous (a.) Abounding with reeds; reedy.

Ascititious (a.) Supplemental; not inherent or original; adscititious; additional; assumed.

Aspermatous (a.) Aspermous.

Assassinous (a.) Murderous.

Astriferous (a.) Bearing stars.

Asymmetrous (a.) Asymmetrical.

Athermanous (a.) Not transmitting heat; -- opposed to diathermanous.

Atrabilious (a.) Melancholic or hypochondriac; atrabiliary.

Atramentous (a.) Of or pertaining to ink; inky; black, like ink; as, atramental galls; atramentous spots.

Autocarpous (a.) Alt. of Autocarpian

Bacciferous (a.) Producing berries.

Baccivorous (a.) Eating, or subsisting on, berries; as, baccivorous birds.

Barbigerous (a.) Having a beard; bearded; hairy.

Bicephalous (a.) Having two heads.

Blasphemous (a.) Speaking or writing blasphemy; uttering or exhibiting anything impiously irreverent; profane; as, a blasphemous person; containing blasphemy; as, a blasphemous book; a blasphemous caricature.

Bombycinous (a.) Silken; made of silk.

Bombycinous (a.) Being of the color of the silkworm; transparent with a yellow tint.

Boragineous (a.) Relating to the Borage tribe; boraginaceous.

Brachyurous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Brachyura.

Bulbiferous (n.) Producing bulbs.

Burglarious (a.) Pertaining to burglary; constituting the crime of burglary.

Butyraceous (a.) Having the qualities of butter; resembling butter.

Byssiferous (a.) Bearing a byssus or tuft.

Cacophonous (a.) Alt. of Cacophonious

Calciferous (a.) Bearing, producing, or containing calcite, or carbonate of lime.

Calcigenous (a.) Tending to form, or to become, a calx or earthlike substance on being oxidized or burnt; as magnesium, calcium. etc.

Calcigerous (a.) Holding lime or other earthy salts; as, the calcigerous cells of the teeth.

Calcivorous (a.) Eroding, or eating into, limestone.

Caprigenous (a.) Of the goat kind.

Carnivorous (a.) Eating or feeding on flesh. The term is applied: (a) to animals which naturally seek flesh for food, as the tiger, dog, etc.; (b) to plants which are supposed to absorb animal food; (c) to substances which destroy animal tissue, as caustics.

Carunculous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, a caruncle; furnished with caruncles.

Catadromous (a.) Having the lowest inferior segment of a pinna nearer the rachis than the lowest superior one; -- said of a mode of branching in ferns, and opposed to anadromous.

Catadromous (a.) Living in fresh water, and going to the sea to spawn; -- opposed to anadromous, and said of the eel.

Cataractous (a.) Of the nature of a cataract in the eye; affected with cataract.

Cavernulous (a.) Full of little cavities; as, cavernulous metal.

Celliferous (a.) Bearing or producing cells.

Centifidous (a.) Divided into a hundred parts.

Cerebellous (a.) Pertaining to the cerebellum.

Ceremonious (a.) Consisting of outward forms and rites; ceremonial. [In this sense ceremonial is now preferred.]

Ceremonious (a.) According to prescribed or customary rules and forms; devoted to forms and ceremonies; formally respectful; punctilious.

Chartaceous (a.) Resembling paper or parchment; of paper-like texture; papery.

Cheliferous (a.) Having cheliform claws, like a crab.

Chylaqueous (a.) Consisting of chyle much diluted with water; -- said of a liquid which forms the circulating fluid of some inferior animals.

Chyliferous (a.) Transmitting or conveying chyle; as, chyliferous vessels.

Chymiferous (a.) Bearing or containing chyme.

Cineraceous (a.) Like ashes; ash-colored; cinereous.

Cineritious (a.) Like ashes; having the color of ashes, -- as the cortical substance of the brain.

Cirriferous (a.) Bearing cirri, as many plants and animals.

Cirrigerous (a.) Having curled locks of hair; supporting cirri, or hairlike appendages.

Clavigerous (a.) Bearing a club or a key.

Cocciferous (a.) Bearing or producing berries; bacciferous; as, cocciferous trees or plants.

Collagenous (a.) Containing or resembling collagen.

Combustious (a.) Inflammable.

Compendious (a.) Containing the substance or general principles of a subject or work in a narrow compass; abridged; summarized.

Compositous (a.) Belonging to the Compositae; composite.

Conceptious (a.) Apt to conceive; fruitful.

Conchylious (a.) Conchylaceous.

Concolorous (a.) Of the same color throughout.

Congenerous (a.) Allied in origin or cause; congeneric; as, congenerous diseases.

Conspicuous (a.) Open to the view; obvious to the eye; easy to be seen; plainly visible; manifest; attracting the eye.

Conspicuous (a.) Obvious to the mental eye; easily recognized; clearly defined; notable; prominent; eminent; distinguished; as, a conspicuous excellence, or fault.

Contentious (a.) Fond of contention; given to angry debate; provoking dispute or contention; quarrelsome.

Contentious (a.) Relating to contention or strife; involving or characterized by contention.

Contentious (a.) Contested; litigated; litigious; having power to decide controversy.

Contrarious (a.) Showing contrariety; repugnant; perverse.

Corniferous (a.) Of or pertaining to the lowest period of the Devonian age. (See the Diagram, under Geology.) The Corniferous period has been so called from the numerous seams of hornstone which characterize the later part of the period, as developed in the State of New York.

Cornigerous (a.) Horned; having horns; as, cornigerous animals.

Costiferous (a.) Rib-bearing, as the dorsal vertebrae.

Coterminous (a.) Bordering; conterminous; -- followed by with.

Crinigerous (a.) Bearing hair; hairy.

Cruciferous (a.) Bearing a cross.

Cruciferous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a family of plants which have four petals arranged like the arms of a cross, as the mustard, radish, turnip, etc.

Crucigerous (a.) Bearing the cross; marked with the figure of a cross.

Crustaceous (a.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, crust or shell; having a crustlike shell.

Crustaceous (a.) Belonging to the Crustacea; crustacean.

Culmiferous (a.) Having jointed stems or culms.

Culmiferous (a.) Containing, or abounding in, culm or glance coal.

Cupriferous (a.) Containing copper; as, cupriferous silver.

Cycadaceous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, an order of plants like the palms, but having exogenous wood. The sago palm is an example.

Cymophanous (a.) Having a wavy, floating light; opalescent; chatoyant.

Cyperaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a large family of plants of which the sedge is the type.

Deccagynous (a.) Belonging to the Decagynia; having ten styles.

Deccapodous (a.) Belonging to the decapods; having ten feet; ten-footed.

Declivitous (a.) Alt. of Declivous

Deleterious (a.) Hurtful; noxious; destructive; pernicious; as, a deleterious plant or quality; a deleterious example.

Deletitious (a.) Of such a nature that anything may be erased from it; -- said of paper.

Dentiferous (a.) Bearing teeth; dentigerous.

Dentigerous (a.) Bearing teeth or toothlike structures.

Detractious (a.) Containing detraction; detractory.

Diadelphous (a.) Of or pertaining to the class Diadelphia; having the stamens united into two bodies by their filaments (said of a plant or flower); grouped into two bundles or sets by coalescence of the filaments (said of stamens).

Diathermous (a.) Same as Diathermal.

Dicephalous (a.) Having two heads on one body; double-headed.

Dichogamous (a.) Manifesting dichogamy.

Dichotomous (a.) Regularly dividing by pairs from bottom to top; as, a dichotomous stem.

Didactylous (a.) Having only two digits; two-toed.

Disciferous (a.) Bearing disks.

Disgracious (a.) Wanting grace; unpleasing; disagreeable.

Disspermous (a.) Containing only two seeds; two-seeded.

Disquietous (a.) Causing uneasiness.

Dissensious (a.) Disposed to discord; contentious; dissentious.

Dissentious (a.) Marked by dissensions; apt to breed discord; quarrelsome; contentious; factious.

Dorsiferous () Bearing, or producing, on the back; -- applied to ferns which produce seeds on the back of the leaf, and to certain Batrachia, the ova of which become attached to the skin of the back of the parent, where they develop; dorsiparous.

Dorsiparous (a.) Same as Dorsiferous.

Dulcifluous (a.) Flowing sweetly.

Efficacious (n.) Possessing the quality of being effective; productive of, or powerful to produce, the effect intended; as, an efficacious law.

Eglandulous (a.) Destitute of glands.

Emissitious (a.) Looking, or narrowly examining; prying.

Encephalous (a.) Having a head; -- said of most Mollusca; -- opposed to acephalous.

Endorhizous (a.) Having the radicle of the embryo sheathed by the cotyledon, through which the embryo bursts in germination, as in many monocotyledonous plants.

Endosporous (a.) Having the spores contained in a case; -- applied to fungi.

Enneagynous (a.) Having or producing nine pistils or styles; -- said of a flower or plant.

Enneandrous (a.) Having nine stamens.

Epidermeous (a.) Epidermal.

Epignathous (a.) Hook-billed; having the upper mandible longer than the lower.

Epipetalous (a.) Borne on the petals or corolla.

Epiphyllous (a.) Growing upon, or inserted into, the leaf.

Episepalous (a.) Growing on the sepals or adnate to them.

Erysipelous (a.) Erysipelatous.

Exophyllous (a.) Not sheathed in another leaf.

Expeditious (a.) Possessed of, or characterized by, expedition, or efficiency and rapidity in action; performed with, or acting with, expedition; quick; having celerity; speedily; as, an expeditious march or messenger.

Exsanguious (a.) Destitute of blood.

Exsanguious (a.) Destitute of true, or red, blood, as insects.

Farinaceous (a.) Consisting or made of meal or flour; as, a farinaceous diet.

Farinaceous (a.) Yielding farina or flour; as, ffarinaceous seeds.

Farinaceous (a.) Like meal; mealy; pertainiing to meal; as, a farinaceous taste, smell, or appearance.

Farraginous (a.) Formed of various materials; mixed; as, a farraginous mountain.

Febriferous (a.) Causing fever; as, a febriferous locality.

Ferriferous (a.) Producing or yielding iron.

Ferruginous (a.) Partaking of iron; containing particles of iron.

Ferruginous (a.) Resembling iron rust in appearance or color; brownish red, or yellowish red.

Ferulaceous (a.) Pertaining to reeds and canes; having a stalk like a reed; as, ferulaceous plants.

Filamentous (a.) Like a thread; consisting of threads or filaments.

Fissiparous (a.) Reproducing by spontaneous fission. See Fission.

Flavicomous (a.) Having yellow hair.

Fletiferous (a.) Producing tears.

Flexanimous (a.) Having power to change the mind.

Floricomous (a.) Having the head adorned with flowers.

Floriferous (a.) Producing flowers.

Folliculous (a.) Having or producing follicles.

Frugiferous (a.) Producing fruit; fruitful; fructiferous.

Frugivorous (a.) Feeding on fruit, as birds and other animals.

Fungivorous (a.) Eating fungi; -- said of certain insects and snails.

Furciferous (a.) Rascally; scandalous.

Gemmiferous (a.) Producing gems or buds

Gemmiferous (a.) multiplying by buds.

Gemmiparous (a.) Producing buds; reproducing by buds. See Gemmation, 1.

Geodiferous (a.) Producing geodes; containing geodes.

Globiferous (a.) Having a round or globular tip.

Graniferous (a.) Bearing grain, or seeds like grain.

Granivorous (a.) Eating grain; feeding or subsisting on seeds; as, granivorous birds.

Gressorious (a.) Adapted for walking; anisodactylous; as the feet of certain birds and insects. See Illust. under Aves.

Guaniferous (a.) Yielding guano.

Gummiferous (a.) Producing gum; gum-bearing.

Guttiferous (a.) Yielding gum or resinous substances.

Guttiferous (a.) Pertaining to a natural order of trees and shrubs (Guttiferae) noted for their abounding in a resinous sap.

Gypsiferous (a.) Containing gypsum.

Haemapodous (a.) Having the limbs on, or directed toward, the ventral or hemal side, as in vertebrates; -- opposed to neuropodous.

Hederaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, ivy.

Hemipterous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Hemiptera.

Hemitropous (a.) Turned half round; half inverted.

Hemitropous (a.) Having the raphe terminating about half way between the chalaza and the orifice; amphitropous; -- said of an ovule.

Heptagynous (a.) Having seven pistils.

Heptamerous (a.) Consisting of seven parts, or having the parts in sets of sevens.

Heptandrous (a.) Having seven stamens.

Herbiferous (a.) Bearing herbs or vegetation.

Herbivorous (a.) Eating plants; of or pertaining to the Herbivora.

Hercogamous (a.) Not capable of self-fertilization; -- said of hermaphrodite flowers in which some structural obstacle forbids autogamy.

Hex-androus (a.) Having six stamens.

Hexapterous (a.) Having six processes.

Hispidulous (a.) Minutely hispid.

Homodromous (a.) Running in the same direction; -- said of stems twining round a support, or of the spiral succession of leaves on stems and their branches.

Homodromous (a.) Moving in the same direction; -- said of a lever or pulley in which the resistance and the actuating force are both on the same side of the fulcrum or axis.

Homogeneous (a.) Of the same kind of nature; consisting of similar parts, or of elements of the like nature; -- opposed to heterogeneous; as, homogeneous particles, elements, or principles; homogeneous bodies.

Homogeneous (a.) Possessing the same number of factors of a given kind; as, a homogeneous polynomial.

Homomallous (a.) Uniformly bending or curving to one side; -- said of leaves which grow on several sides of a stem.

Homophonous (a.) Originally, sounding alike; of the same pitch; unisonous; monodic.

Homophonous (a.) Now used for plain harmony, note against note, as opposed to polyphonic harmony, in which the several parts move independently, each with its own melody.

Homophonous (a.) Expressing the same sound by a different combination of letters; as, bay and bey.

Homopterous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Homoptera.

Homotropous (a.) Turned in the same direction with something else.

Homotropous (a.) Having the radicle of the seed directed towards the hilum.

Horrisonous (a.) Sounding dreadfully; uttering a terrible sound.

Hydrogenous (a.) Of or pertaining to hydrogen; containing hydrogen.

Hylophagous (a.) Eating green shoots, as certain insects do.

Hypognatous (a.) Having the maxilla, or lower jaw, longer than the upper, as in the skimmer.

Hyponitrous (a.) Containing or derived from nitrogen having a lower valence than in nitrous compounds.

Icosandrous (a.) Pertaining to the class Icosandria; having twenty or more stamens inserted in the calyx.

Icteritious (a.) Alt. of Icteritous

Idiophanous (a.) Exhibiting interference figures without the aid of a polariscope, as certain crystals.

Ignominious (a.) Marked with ignominy; in curring public disgrace; dishonorable; shameful.

Ignominious (a.) Deserving ignominy; despicable.

Ignominious (a.) Humiliating; degrading; as, an ignominious judgment or sentence.

Illecebrous (a.) Alluring; attractive; enticing.

Illustrious (a.) Possessing luster or brightness; brilliant; luminous; splendid.

Illustrious (a.) Characterized by greatness, nobleness, etc.; eminent; conspicuous; distinguished.

Illustrious (a.) Conferring luster or honor; renowned; as, illustrious deeds or titles.

Illuxurious (a.) Not luxurious.

Immelodious (a.) Not melodious.

Immomentous (a.) Not momentous; unimportant; insignificant.

Impecunious (a.) Not having money; habitually without money; poor.

Imponderous (a.) Imponderable.

Imposturous (a.) Impostrous; deceitful.

Incapacious (a.) Not capacious; narrow; small; weak or foolish; as, an incapacious soul.

Incesttuous (a.) Guilty of incest; involving, or pertaining to, the crime of incest; as, an incestuous person or connection.

Incongruous (a.) Not congruous; reciprocally disagreeing; not capable of harmonizing or readily assimilating; inharmonious; inappropriate; unsuitable; not fitting; inconsistent; improper; as, an incongruous remark; incongruous behavior, action, dress, etc.

Inconscious (a.) Unconscious.

Incredulous (a.) Not credulous; indisposed to admit or accept that which is related as true, skeptical; unbelieving.

Incredulous (a.) Indicating, or caused by, disbelief or incredulity.

Incredulous (a.) Incredible; not easy to be believed.

Indeciduous (a.) Not deciduous or falling, as the leaves of trees in autumn; lasting; evergreen; persistent; permanent; perennial.

Industrious (a.) Given to industry; characterized by diligence; constantly, regularly, or habitually occupied; busy; assiduous; not slothful or idle; -- commonly implying devotion to lawful and useful labor.

Industrious (a.) Steadily and perseveringly active in a particular pursuit or aim; as, he was negligent in business, but industrious in pleasure; an industrious mischief maker.

Infecundous (a.) Infertile; barren; unprofitable; unproductive.

Infelonious (a.) Not felonious, malignant, or criminal.

Injudicious (a.) Not judicious; wanting in sound judgment; undiscerning; indiscreet; unwise; as, an injudicious adviser.

Injudicious (a.) Not according to sound judgment or discretion; unwise; as, an injudicious measure.

Inofficious (a.) Indifferent to obligation or duty.

Inofficious (a.) Not officious; not civil or attentive.

Inofficious (a.) Regardless of natural obligation; contrary to natural duty; unkind; -- commonly said of a testament made without regard to natural obligation, or by which a child is unjustly deprived of inheritance.

Interfluous (a.) Flowing between or among; intervening.

Intravenous (a.) Within the veins.

Irreligious (a.) Destitute of religion; not controlled by religious motives or principles; ungodly. Cf. Impious.

Irreligious (a.) Indicating a want of religion; profane; wicked; as, irreligious speech.

Isochronous (a.) Same as Isochronal.

Isodynamous (a.) Of equal force or size.

Isomorphous (a.) Having the quality of isomorphism.

Isopogonous (a.) Having the two webs equal in breath; -- said of feathers.

Jocoserious (a.) Mingling mirth and seriousness.

Lactiferous (a.) Bearing or containing milk or a milky fluid; as, the lactiferous vessels, cells, or tissue of various vascular plants.

Lanciferous (a.) Bearing a lance.

Lapidarious (a.) Consisting of stones.

Largifluous (a.) Flowing copiously.

Larviparous (a.) Depositing living larvae, instead of eggs; -- said of certain insects.

Lateritious (a.) Like bricks; of the color of red bricks.

Latifolious (a.) Having broad leaves.

Lauriferous (a.) Producing, or bringing, laurel.

Lentiginous (a.) Of or pertaining to lentigo; freckly; scurfy; furfuraceous.

Lethiferous (a.) Deadly; bringing death or destruction.

Ligamentous (a.) Composing a ligament; of the nature of a ligament; binding; as, a strong ligamentous membrane.

Ligniferous (a.) Yielding or producing wood.

Limitaneous (v. t.) Of or pertaining to a limit.

Linguacious (a.) Given to the use of the tongue; loquacious.

Lipothymous (a.) Pertaining, or given, to swooning; fainting.

Lithodomous (a.) Like, or pertaining to, Lithodomus; lithophagous.

Lithogenous (a.) Stone-producing; -- said of polyps which form coral.

Longimanous (a.) Having long hands.

Lucriferous (a.) Gainful; profitable.

Lumbaginous (a.) Of or pertaining to lumbago.

Lycotropous (a.) Campylotropous.

Macropodous (a.) Having long legs or feet.

Magnanimous (a.) Great of mind; elevated in soul or in sentiment; raised above what is low, mean, or ungenerous; of lofty and courageous spirit; as, a magnanimous character; a magnanimous conqueror.

Magnanimous (a.) Dictated by or exhibiting nobleness of soul; honorable; noble; not selfish.

Malgracious (a.) Not graceful; displeasing.

Mammiferous (a.) Having breasts; of, pertaining to, or derived from, the Mammalia.

Manganesous (a.) Manganous.

Medioxumous (a.) Intermediate.

Meliphagous (a.) Eating, or feeding upon, honey.

Melliferous (a.) Producing honey.

Mellifluous (a.) Flowing as with honey; smooth; flowing sweetly or smoothly; as, a mellifluous voice.

Melligenous (a.) Having the qualities of honey.

Membraneous (a.) See Membranous.

Meritorious (a.) Possessing merit; deserving of reward or honor; worthy of recompense; valuable.

Mesomyodous (a.) Having the intrinsic muscles of the larynx attached to the middle of the semirings.

Mischievous (a.) Causing mischief; harmful; hurtful; -- now often applied where the evil is done carelessly or in sport; as, a mischievous child.

Misgracious (a.) Not gracious.

Molybdenous (a.) See Molybdous.

Monocarpous (a.) Bearing fruit but once, and dying after fructification, as beans, maize, mustard, etc.

Monoclinous (a.) Hermaphrodite, or having both stamens and pistils in every flower.

Monoousious (a.) Having but one and the same nature or essence.

Monophanous (a.) Having one and the same appearance; having a mutual resemblance.

Monticulous (a.) Monticulate.

Montigenous (a.) Produced on a mountain.

Mortiferous (a.) Bringing or producing death; deadly; destructive; as, a mortiferous herb.

Mountainous (a.) Full of, or containing, mountains; as, the mountainous country of the Swiss.

Mountainous (a.) Inhabiting mountains.

Mountainous (a.) Large as, or resembling, a mountain; huge; of great bulk; as, a mountainous heap.

Multanimous (a.) Many-minded; many-sided.

Multicavous (a.) Having many cavities.

Multiferous (a.) Bearing or producing much or many.

Multijugous (a.) Consisting of many parts.

Multijugous (a.) Same as Multijugate.

Multinodous (a.) Same as Multinodate.

Multiparous (a.) Producing many, or more than one, at a birth.

Multiscious (a.) Having much or varied knowledge.

Multisonous (a.) Having many sounds, or sounding much.

Multivagous (a.) Wandering much.

Nasicornous (a.) Bearing a horn, or horns, on the nose, as the rhinoceros.

Natalitious (a.) Of or pertaining to one's birth or birthday, or one's nativity.

Natatorious (a.) Adapted for swimming; -- said of the legs of certain insects.

Necessitous (a.) Very needy or indigent; pressed with poverty.

Necessitous (a.) Narrow; destitute; pinching; pinched; as, necessitous circumstances.

Neuropodous (a.) Having the limbs on, or directed toward, the neural side, as in most invertebrates; -- opposed to haemapodous.

Nimbiferous (a.) Serving to bring clouds or stormy weather.

Nitriferous (a.) Bearing niter; yielding, or containing, niter.

Nitrogenous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, nitrogen; as, a nitrogenous principle; nitrogenous compounds.

Noctiferous (a.) Bringing night.

Noctilucous (a.) Shining in the night.

Noctivagous (a.) Noctivagant.

Nomopelmous (a.) Having a separate and simple tendon to flex the first toe, or hallux, as do passerine birds.

Odoriferous (a.) Bearing or yielding an odor; perfumed; usually, sweet of scent; fragrant; as, odoriferous spices, particles, fumes, breezes.

Oligandrous (a.) Having few stamens.

Oliganthous (a.) Having few flowers.

Oligomerous (a.) Having few members in each set of organs; as, an oligomerous flower.

Oligotokous (a.) Producing few young.

Omnifarious (a.) Of all varieties, forms, or kinds.

Onagraceous (a.) Alt. of Onagrarieous

Opertaneous (a.) Concealed; private.

Opprobrious (a.) Expressive of opprobrium; attaching disgrace; reproachful; scurrilous; as, opprobrious language.

Opprobrious (a.) Infamous; despised; rendered hateful; as, an opprobrious name.

Orthotomous (a.) Having two cleavages at right angles with one another.

Ossifragous (a.) Serving to break bones; bone-breaking.

Ostreaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to an oyster, or to a shell; shelly.

Ostriferous (a.) Producing oysters; containing oysters.

Overanxious (a.) Anxious in an excessive or needless degree.

Overcurious (a.) Too curious.

Overjealous (a.) Excessively jealous; too jealous.

Overtedious (a.) Too tedious.

Overzealous (a.) Too zealous.

Ovuliferous (a.) Producing ovules.

Palmiferous (a.) Bearing palms.

Palpigerous (a.) Bearing a palpus.

Papyraceous (a.) Made of papyrus; of the consistency of paper; papery.

Pearlaceous (a.) Resembling pearl or mother-of-pearl; pearly in quality or appearance.

Pedestrious (a.) Going on foot; not winged.

Pedetentous (a.) Proceeding step by step; advancing cautiously.

Pedipalpous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the pedipalps.

Pennigerous (a.) Bearing feathers or quills.

Pentagonous (a.) Pentagonal.

Pentagynous (a.) Of or pertaining to plants of the order Pentagyna; having five styles.

Pentamerous (a.) Divided into, or consisting of, five parts; also, arranged in sets, with five parts in each set, as a flower with five sepals, five petals, five, or twice five, stamens, and five pistils.

Pentamerous (a.) Belonging to the Pentamera.

Pentandrous (a.) Of or pertaining to the class Pentadria; having five stamens.

Peptogenous (a.) Capable of yielding, or being converted into, peptone.

Pergamenous (a.) Alt. of Pergamentaceous

Peripterous (a.) Peripteral.

Peripterous (a.) Feathered all around.

Peritropous (a.) Peritropal.

Perspicuous (a.) Capable of being through; transparent; translucent; not opaque.

Perspicuous (a.) Clear to the understanding; capable of being clearly understood; clear in thought or in expression; not obscure or ambiguous; as, a perspicuous writer; perspicuous statements.

Pestiferous (a.) Pest-bearing; pestilential; noxious to health; malignant; infectious; contagious; as, pestiferous bodies.

Pestiferous (a.) Noxious to peace, to morals, or to society; vicious; hurtful; destructive; as, a pestiferous demagogue.

Phagedenous (a.) Phagedenic.

Phalangious (a.) Of or pertaining to Phalangoidea.

Phenogamous (a.) Same as Phaenogamian, Phaenogamic, etc.

Phlegmonous (a.) Having the nature or properties of phlegmon; as, phlegmonous pneumonia.

Phoenicious (a.) See Phenicious.

Phosphorous (a.) Of or pertaining to phosphorus; resembling or containing phosphorus; specifically, designating those compounds in which phosphorus has a lower valence as contrasted with phosphoric compounds; as, phosphorous acid, H3PO3.

Phytivorous (a.) Feeding on plants or herbage; phytophagous; as, phytivorous animals.

Piperaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to the order of plants (Piperaceae) of which the pepper (Piper nigrum) is the type. There are about a dozen genera and a thousand species, mostly tropical plants with pungent and aromatic qualities.

Piscivorous (a.) Feeding or subsisting on fish.

Placentious (a.) Pleasing; amiable.

Pleochroous (a.) Pleochroic.

Plumigerous (a.) Feathered; having feathers.

Pluriparous (a.) Producing several young at a birth; as, a pluriparous animal.

Polyandrous (a.) Belonging to the class Polyandria; having many stamens, or any number above twenty, inserted in the receptacle.

Polycarpous (a.) Bearing fruit repeatedly, or year after year.

Polycarpous (a.) Having several pistils in one flower.

Polyhedrous (a.) Polyhedral.

Polymyodous (a.) Polymyoid.

Polyonomous (a.) Having many names or titles; polyonymous.

Polyonymous (a.) Polyonomous.

Polyphagous (a.) Eating, or subsisting on, many kinds of food; as, polyphagous animals.

Polyphonous (a.) Same as Polyphonic.

Polyrhizous (a.) Having numerous roots, or rootlets.

Polysporous (a.) Containing many spores.

Porcelanous (a.) Alt. of Porcellanous

Preambulous (n.) See Perambulatory.

Precautious (a.) Taking or using precaution; precautionary.

Precipitous (a.) Steep, like a precipice; as, a precipitous cliff or mountain.

Precipitous (a.) Headlong; as, precipitous fall.

Precipitous (a.) Hasty; rash; quick; sudden; precipitate; as, precipitous attempts.

Prenuncious (a.) Announcing beforehand; presaging.

Prestigious (a.) Practicing tricks; juggling.

Pretentious (a.) Full of pretension; disposed to lay claim to more than is one's; presuming; assuming.

Primigenous (a.) First formed or generated; original; primigenial.

Primiparous (a.) Belonging to a first birth; bearing young for the first time.

Prognathous (a.) Having the jaws projecting beyond the upper part of the face; -- opposed to orthognathous. See Gnathic index, under Gnathic.

Proliferous (a.) Bearing offspring; -- applied to a flower from within which another is produced, or to a branch or frond from which another rises, or to a plant which is reproduced by buds or gemmae.

Proliferous (a.) Producing young by budding.

Proliferous (a.) Producing sexual zooids by budding; -- said of the blastostyle of a hydroid.

Proliferous (a.) Producing a cluster of branchlets from a larger branch; -- said of corals.

Promiscuous (a.) Consisting of individuals united in a body or mass without order; mingled; confused; undistinguished; as, a promiscuous crowd or mass.

Promiscuous (a.) Distributed or applied without order or discrimination; not restricted to an individual; common; indiscriminate; as, promiscuous love or intercourse.

Protandrous (a.) Proterandrous.

Proteaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Proteaceae, an order of apetalous evergreen shrubs, mostly natives of the Cape of Good Hope or of Australia.

Protogynous (a.) Same as Proterogynous.

Protuberous (a.) Protuberant.

Pruniferous (a.) Bearing plums.

Pruriginous (a.) Tending to, or caused by, prurigo; affected by, or of the nature of, prurigo.

Psittaceous (a.) Alt. of Psittacid

Pteropodous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Pteropoda.

Punctilious (a.) Attentive to punctilio; very nice or exact in the forms of behavior, etiquette, or mutual intercourse; precise; exact in the smallest particulars.

Putredinous (a.) Proceeding from putrefaction, or partaking of the putrefactive process; having an offensive smell; stinking; rotten.

Pyritaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to pyrites. See Pyritic.

Pyrolignous (a.) Same as Pyroligneous.

Pyrophanous (a.) Rendered transparent by heat.

Pyrophorous (a.) Light-producing; of or pertaining to pyrophorus.

Quarrellous (a.) Quarrelsome.

Quermonious (a.) Complaining; querulous; apt to complain.

Ramiflorous (a.) Flowering on the branches.

Reciprocous (a.) Reciprocal.

Repetitious (a.) Repeating; containing repetition.

Resinaceous (a.) Having the quality of resin; resinous.

Respectuous (a.) Respectful; as, a respectuous silence.

Respectuous (a.) Respectable.

Rhamnaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order of shrubs and trees (Rhamnaceae, or Rhamneae) of which the buckthorn (Rhamnus) is the type. It includes also the New Jersey tea, the supple-jack, and one of the plants called lotus (Zizyphus).

Rhizanthous (a.) Producing flowers from a rootstock, or apparently from a root.

Rhizomatous (a.) Having the nature or habit of a rhizome or rootstock.

Rhizopodous (a.) Of or pertaining to the rhizopods.

Rypophagous (a.) Eating, or subsisting on, filth.

Sacciferous (a.) Bearing a sac.

Salicaceous (a.) Belonging or relating to the willow.

salsuginous (a.) Growing in brackish places or in salt marshes.

Saltpetrous (a.) Pertaining to saltpeter, or partaking of its qualities; impregnated with saltpeter.

Sanguineous (a.) Abounding with blood; sanguine.

Sanguineous (a.) Of or pertaining to blood; bloody; constituting blood.

Sanguineous (a.) Blood-red; crimson.

Sapientious (a.) Sapiential.

Saponaceous (a.) Resembling soap; having the qualities of soap; soapy.

Sapotaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order (Sapotaceae) of (mostly tropical) trees and shrubs, including the star apple, the Lucuma, or natural marmalade tree, the gutta-percha tree (Isonandra), and the India mahwa, as well as the sapodilla, or sapota, after which the order is named.

Sarcomatous (a.) Of or pertaining to sarcoma; resembling sarcoma.

Saxifragous (a.) Dissolving stone, especially dissolving stone in the bladder.

Scintillous (a.) Scintillant.

Scopiferous (a.) Bearing a tuft of brushlike hairs.

Scoriaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to scoria; like scoria or the recrement of metals; partaking of the nature of scoria.

Scribatious (a.) Skillful in, or fond of, writing.

Scrumptious (a.) Nice; particular; fastidious; excellent; fine.

Scutiferous (a.) Carrying a shield or buckler.

Semiopacous (a.) Semiopaque.

Senatorious (a.) Senatorial.

Sensiferous (a.) Exciting sensation; conveying sensation.

Sensigenous (a.) Causing or exciting sensation.

Sententious (a.) Abounding with sentences, axioms, and maxims; full of meaning; terse and energetic in expression; pithy; as, a sententious style or discourse; sententious truth.

Sententious (a.) Comprising or representing sentences; sentential.

Sepidaceous (a.) Like or pertaining to the cuttlefishes of the genus Sepia.

Septiferous (a.) Bearing a partition; -- said of the valves of a capsule.

Septiferous (a.) Conveying putrid poison; as, the virulence of septiferous matter.

Septifluous (a.) Flowing in seven streams; septemfluous.

Serpiginous (a.) Creeping; -- said of lesions which heal over one portion while continuing to advance at another.

Shorlaceous (a.) See Schorl, Schorlaceous.

Solanaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to plants of the natural order Solanaceae, of which the nightshade (Solanum) is the type. The order includes also the tobacco, ground cherry, tomato, eggplant, red pepper, and many more.

Solenaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to the solens or family Solenidae.

Somniculous (a.) Inc

Somniferous (a.) Causing or inducing sleep; soporific; dormitive; as, a somniferous potion.

Somnifugous (a.) Driving away sleep.

Sordiferous (a.) Alt. of Sorediiferous

Spathaceous (a.) Having a spathe; resembling a spathe; spathal.

Spiciferous (a.) Bearing ears, or spikes; spicate.

Spiniferous (a.) Producing spines; bearing thorns or spines; thorny; spiny.

Spinigerous (a.) Bearing a spine or spines; thorn-bearing.

Splendidous (a.) Splendid.

Splendorous (a.) Splendid.

Spontaneous (a.) Proceding from natural feeling, temperament, or disposition, or from a native internal proneness, readiness, or tendency, without constraint; as, a spontaneous gift or proportion.

Spontaneous (a.) Proceeding from, or acting by, internal impulse, energy, or natural law, without external force; as, spontaneous motion; spontaneous growth.

Spontaneous (a.) Produced without being planted, or without human labor; as, a spontaneous growth of wood.

Sporiferous (a.) Bearing or producing spores.

Spumiferous (a.) Producing foam.

Squamaceous (a.) Squamose.

Stentorious (a.) Stentorian.

Stertorious (a.) Stertorous.

Stramineous (a.) Strawy; consisting of straw.

Stramineous (a.) Chaffy; like straw; straw-colored.

Styliferous (a.) Bearing one or more styles.

Subcorneous (a.) Situated under a horny part or layer.

Subcorneous (a.) Partially horny.

Subitaneous (a.) Sudden; hasty.

Succiferous (a.) Producing or conveying sap.

Sulphureous (a.) Consisting of sulphur; having the qualities of sulphur, or brimstone; impregnated with sulphur.

Superfluous (a.) More than is wanted or is sufficient; rendered unnecessary by superabundance; unnecessary; useless; excessive; as, a superfluous price.

Surquedrous (a.) Having or exhibiting surquedry; arrogant; insolent.

Sympetalous (a.) Having the petals united; gamopetalous.

Symphonious (a.) Agreeing in sound; accordant; harmonious.

Symphonious (a.) Symphonic.

Synchronous (a.) Happening at the same time; simultaneous.

Synsepalous (a.) Having united sepals; gamosepalous.

Tautologous (a.) Repeating the same thing in different words; tautological.

Temerarious (a.) Unreasonably adventurous; despising danger; rash; headstrong; audacious; reckless; heedless.

Tempestuous (a.) Of or pertaining to a tempest; involving or resembling a tempest; turbulent; violent; stormy; as, tempestuous weather; a tempestuous night; a tempestuous debate.

Temptatious (a.) Tempting.

Tentiginous (a.) Stiff; stretched; strained.

Tentiginous (a.) Lustful, or pertaining to lust.

Tergeminous (a.) Threefold; thrice-paired.

Tergiferous (a.) Carrying or bearing upon the back.

Terraqueous (a.) Consisting of land and water; as, the earth is a terraqueous globe.

Terrigenous (a.) Earthborn; produced by the earth.

Tetragynous (a.) Belonging to the order Tetragynia; having four styles.

Tetramerous (a.) Having the parts arranged in sets of four; as, a tetramerous flower.

Tetramerous (a.) Having four joints in each of the tarsi; -- said of certain insects.

Tetrandrous (a.) Belonging to the class Tetrandria.

Thelytokous (a.) Producing females only; -- said of certain female insects.

Thuriferous (a.) Producing or bearing frankincense.

Thysanurous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Thysanura.

Torpedinous (a.) Of or pertaining to a torpedo; resembling a torpedo; exerting a benumbing influence; stupefying; dull; torpid.

Tractitious (a.) Treating of; handling.

Treacherous (a.) Like a traitor; involving treachery; violating allegiance or faith pledged; traitorous to the state or sovereign; perfidious in private life; betraying a trust; faithless.

Trigeminous (a.) Born three together; being one of three born at the same birth; also, threefold.

Triluminous (a.) Having three lights

Trimorphous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or characterized by, trimorphism; -- contrasted with monomorphic, dimorphic, and polymorphic.

Tripetalous (a.) Having three petals, or flower leaves; three-petaled.

Triphyllous (a.) Having three leaves; three-leaved.

Triquetrous (a.) Three sided, the sides being plane or concave; having three salient angles or edges; trigonal.

Triseralous (a.) Having three sepals, or calyx leaves.

Trispermous (a.) Containing three seeds; three-seeded; as, a trispermous capsule.

Tristichous (a.) Arranged in three vertical rows.

Truttaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a trout; as, fish of the truttaceous kind.

Tuberculous (a.) Having tubercles; affected with, or characterized by, tubercles; tubercular.

Tubicornous (a.) Having hollow horns.

Ulotrichous (a.) Having woolly or crispy hair; -- opposed to leiotrichous.

Umbriferous (a.) Casting or making a shade; umbrageous.

Uncautelous (a.) Incautious.

Unconscious (a.) Not conscious; having no consciousness or power of mental perception; without cerebral appreciation; hence, not knowing or regarding; ignorant; as, an unconscious man.

Unconscious (a.) Not known or apprehended by consciousness; as, an unconscious cerebration.

Unconscious (a.) Having no knowledge by experience; -- followed by of; as, a mule unconscious of the yoke.

Unguiferous (a.) Producing, having, or supporting nails or claws.

Unicolorous (a.) Having the surface of a uniform color.

Unreligious (a.) Irreligious.

Unrighteous (a.) Not righteous; evil; wicked; sinful; as, an unrighteous man.

Unrighteous (a.) Contrary to law and equity; unjust; as, an unrighteous decree or sentence.

Uriniferous (a.) Bearing or conveying urine; as, uriniferous tubules.

Uriniparous (a.) Producing or preparing urine; as, the uriniparous tubes in the cortical portion of the kidney.

Urticaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order (Urticaceae) of plants, of which the nettle is the type. The order includes also the hop, the elm, the mulberry, the fig, and many other plants.

Veneficious (a.) Acting by poison; used in poisoning or in sorcery.

Versimilous (a.) Verisimilar.

Vermiculous (a.) Containing, or full of, worms; resembling worms.

Vermiparous (a.) Producing or breeding worms.

Vermivorous (a.) Devouring worms; feeding on worms; as, vermivorous birds.

Vernaculous (a.) Vernacular.

Vernaculous (a.) Scoffing; scurrilous.

Vertiginous (a.) Turning round; whirling; rotary; revolving; as, vertiginous motion.

Vertiginous (a.) Affected with vertigo; giddy; dizzy.

Vortiginous (a.) Moving rapidly round a center; vortical.

Xerophilous (a.) Drought-loving; able withstand the absence or lack of moisture.

Xylocarpous (a.) Bearing fruit which becomes hard or woody.

Xylophagous (a.) Eating, boring in, or destroying, wood; -- said especially of certain insect larvae, crustaceans, and mollusks.

Xylophagous (a.) Of or pertaining to the genus Xylophaga.

Xylophilous (a.) Of or pertaining to the xylophilans.

Xyridaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order (Xyrideae) of endogenous plants, of which Xyris is the type.

Yttriferous (a.) Bearing or containing yttrium or the allied elements; as, gadolinite is one of the yttriferous minerals.

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