11 letter words ending in ship

Admiralship (n.) The office or position oaf an admiral; also, the naval skill of an admiral.

Advisership (n.) The office of an adviser.

Almonership (n.) The office of an almoner.

Amateurship (n.) The quality or character of an amateur.

Apostleship (n.) The office or dignity of an apostle.

Auditorship (n.) The office or function of auditor.

Boatmanship (n.) The art of managing a boat.

Burghership (n.) The state or privileges of a burgher.

Captainship (n.) The condition, rank, post, or authority of a captain or chief commander.

Captainship (n.) Military skill; as, to show good captainship.

Citizenship (n.) The state of being a citizen; the status of a citizen.

Colonelship (n.) Colonelcy.

Comradeship (n.) The state of being a comrade; intimate fellowship.

Consortship (n.) The condition of a consort; fellowship; partnership.

Corivalship (n.) Joint rivalry.

Creatorship (n.) State or condition of a creator.

Curatorship (n.) The office of a curator.

Denizenship (n.) State of being a denizen.

Drunkenship (n.) Alt. of Drunkship

Electorship (n.) The office or status of an elector.

Emperorship (n.) The rank or office of an emperor.

Footmanship (n.) Art or skill of a footman.

Gauger-ship (n.) The office of a gauger.

Generalship (n.) The office of a general; the exercise of the functions of a general; -- sometimes, with the possessive pronoun, the personality of a general.

Generalship (n.) Military skill in a general officer or commander.

Generalship (n.) Fig.: Leadership; management.

Grandeeship (n.) The rank or estate of a grandee; lordship.

Hangmanship (n.) The office or character of a hangman.

Justiceship (n.) The office or dignity of a justice.

Kinsmanship (n.) Kinship.

Lectureship (n.) The office of a lecturer.

Managership (n.) The office or position of a manager.

Marinership (n.) Seamanship.

Marquisship (n.) A marquisate.

Marshalship (n.) The office of a marshal.

Messiahship (n.) The state or office of the Messiah.

Monitorship (n.) The post or office of a monitor.

Niggardship (n.) Niggard

Paintership (n.) The state or position of being a painter.

Partnership (n.) The state or condition of being a partner; as, to be in partnership with another; to have partnership in the fortunes of a family or a state.

Partnership (n.) A division or sharing among partners; joint possession or interest.

Partnership (n.) An alliance or association of persons for the prosecution of an undertaking or a business on joint account; a company; a firm; a house; as, to form a partnership.

Partnership (n.) A contract between two or more competent persons for joining together their money, goods, labor, and skill, or any or all of them, under an understanding that there shall be a communion of profit between them, and for the purpose of carrying on a legal trade, business, or adventure.

Partnership (n.) See Fellowship, n., 6.

Patroonship (n.) The office of a patroon.

Plantership (n.) The occupation or position of a planter, or the management of a plantation, as in the United States or the West Indies.

Prebendship (n.) A prebendaryship.

Prefectship (n.) The office or jurisdiction of a prefect.

Prelateship (n.) The office of a prelate.

Premiership (n.) The office of the premier.

Primateship (n.) The office, dignity, or position of a primate; primacy.

Proctorship (n.) The office or dignity of a proctor; also, the term of his office.

Provostship (n.) The office of a provost.

Questorship (n.) The office, or the term of office, of a questor.

Scholarship (n.) The character and qualities of a scholar; attainments in science or literature; erudition; learning.

Scholarship (n.) Literary education.

Scholarship (n.) Maintenance for a scholar; a foundation for the support of a student.

Senatorship (n.) The office or dignity of a senator.

Sheriffship (n.) Alt. of Sheriffwick

Signiorship (n.) State or position of a signior.

Soldiership (n.) Military qualities or state; martial skill; behavior becoming a soldier.

Speakership (n.) The office of speaker; as, the speakership of the House of Representatives.

Sponsorship (n.) State of being a sponsor.

Stewardship (n.) The office of a steward.

Studentship (n.) The state of being a student.

Tribuneship (n.) The office or power of a tribune.

Trusteeship (n.) The office or duty of a trustee.

Viceroyship (n.) Viceroyalty.

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