12 letter words ending in acy

Disconsolacy (n.) The state of being disconsolate.

Gerontocracy (n.) Government by old men.

Illegitimacy (n.) The state of being illegitimate.

Intermediacy (n.) Interposition; intervention.

Irregeneracy (n.) Unregeneracy.

Jesuitocracy (n.) Government by Jesuits; also, the whole body of Jesuits in a country.

Kakistocracy (n.) Government by the worst men.

Pantisocracy (n.) A Utopian community, in which all should rule equally, such as was devised by Coleridge, Lovell, and Southey, in their younger days.

Pedantocracy (n.) The sway of pedants.

Polypharmacy (n.) The act or practice of prescribing too many medicines.

Polypharmacy (n.) A prescription made up of many medicines or ingredients.

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