12 letter words ending in en

Awe-stricken (a.) Awe-struck.

Backwoodsmen (pl. ) of Backwoodsman

Bottle green () A dark shade of green, like that of bottle glass.

Churchwarden (n.) One of the officers (usually two) in an Episcopal church, whose duties vary in different dioceses, but always include the provision of what is necessary for the communion service.

Churchwarden (n.) A clay tobacco pipe, with a long tube.

Countrywomen (pl. ) of Countrywoman

Crow-trodden (a.) Marked with crow's-feet, or wrinkles, about the eyes.

Dolly Varden () A character in Dickens's novel "Barnaby Rudge," a beautiful, lively, and coquettish girl who wore a cherry-colored mantle and cherry-colored ribbons.

Dolly Varden () A style of light, bright-figured dress goods for women; also, a style of dress.

Englishwomen (pl. ) of Englishwoman

Faair-spoken (a.) Using fair speech, or uttered with fairness; bland; civil; courteous; plausible.

Free-denizen (v. t.) To make free.

Frontiersmen (pl. ) of Floatiersman

Frost-bitten (p. a.) Nipped, withered, or injured, by frost or freezing.

Kendal green () Alt. of Kendal

Longshoremen (pl. ) of Longshoreman

Nerve-shaken (a.) Affected by a tremor, or by a nervous disease; weakened; overcome by some violent influence or sensation; shoked.

Nigromancien (n.) A necromancer.

Nook-shotten (a.) Full of nooks, angles, or corners.

Oyster-green (n.) A green membranous seaweed (Ulva) often found growing on oysters but common on stones, piles, etc.

Paracyanogen (n.) A polymeric modification of cyanogen, obtained as a brown or black amorphous residue by heating mercuric cyanide.

Plain-spoken (a.) Speaking with plain, unreserved sincerity; also, spoken sincerely; as, plain-spoken words.

Pock-fretten (a.) See Pockmarked.

Post-abdomen (n.) That part of a crustacean behind the cephalothorax; -- more commonly called abdomen.

Restrengthen (v. t.) To strengthen again; to fortify anew.

Short-spoken (a.) Speaking in a quick or short manner; hence, gruff; curt.

Slaughtermen (pl. ) of Slaughterman

Spiegeleisen (n.) See Spiegel iron.

Trencher-men (pl. ) of Trencher-man

Underwritten (p. p.) of Underwrite

Warehousemen (pl. ) of Warehouseman

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