12 letter words ending in ic

Absolutistic (a.) Pertaining to absolutism; absolutist.

Acrocephalic (a.) Characterized by a high skull.

Acroteleutic (n.) The end of a verse or psalm, or something added thereto, to be sung by the people, by way of a response.

Actinometric (a.) Pertaining to the measurement of the intensity of the solar rays, either (a) heating, or (b) actinic.

Adelocodonic (a.) Applied to sexual zooids of hydroids, that have a saclike form and do not become free; -- opposed to phanerocodonic.

Adenographic (a.) Pertaining to adenography.

Agamogenetic (n.) Reproducing or produced without sexual union.

Agrostologic (a.) Alt. of Agrostological

Alcohometric (a.) Same as Alcoholometer, Alcoholometric.

Alexipharmic (a.) Alt. of Alexipharmical

Alexipharmic (n.) An antidote against poison or infection; a counterpoison.

Alexipyretic (a.) Serving to drive off fever; antifebrile.

Alexipyretic (n.) A febrifuge.

Alkalimetric (a.) Alt. of Alkalimetrical

Amphiblastic (a.) Segmenting unequally; -- said of telolecithal ova with complete segmentation.

Amphictyonic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Amphictyons or their League or Council; as, an Amphictyonic town or state; the Amphictyonic body.

Anabaptistic (a.) Alt. of Anabaptistical

Anacathartic (a.) Producing vomiting or expectoration.

Anacathartic (n.) An anacathartic medicine; an expectorant or an emetic.

Anaerobiotic (a.) Related to, or of the nature of, anaerobies.

Anagrammatic (a.) Alt. of Anagrammatical

Anallagmatic (a.) Not changed in form by inversion.

Anaphroditic (a.) Produced without concourse of sexes.

Anapodeictic (a.) Not apodeictic; undemonstrable.

Anemographic (a.) Produced by an anemograph; of or pertaining to anemography.

Anencephalic (a.) Alt. of Anencephalous

Anisosthenic (a.) Of unequal strength.

Antagonistic (a.) Alt. of Antagonistical

Antarchistic (a.) Alt. of Antarchistical

Antarthritic (a.) Counteracting or alleviating gout.

Antarthritic (n.) A remedy against gout.

Antasthmatic (a.) Opposing, or fitted to relieve, asthma.

Antasthmatic (n.) A remedy for asthma.

Antephialtic (a.) Good against nightmare.

Antephialtic (n.) A remedy nightmare.

Antepileptic (a.) Good against epilepsy.

Antepileptic (n.) A medicine for epilepsy.

Anthelmintic (a.) Good against intestinal worms.

Anthelmintic (n.) An anthelmintic remedy.

Anticausodic (a. & n.) Same as Anticausotic.

Anticausotic (a.) Good against an inflammatory fever.

Anticausotic (n.) A remedy for such a fever.

Antigalastic (a.) Causing a diminution or a suppression of the secretion of milk.

Antihydropic (a.) Good against dropsy.

Antihydropic (n.) A remedy for dropsy.

Antihypnotic (a.) Tending to prevent sleep.

Antihypnotic (n.) An antihypnotic agent.

Antihysteric (a.) Counteracting hysteria.

Antihysteric (n.) A remedy for hysteria.

Antimephitic (a.) Good against mephitic or deleterious gases.

Antimephitic (n.) A remedy against mephitic gases.

Antiorgastic (a.) Tending to allay venereal excitement or desire; sedative.

Antipathetic (a.) Alt. of Antipathetical

Antiperiodic (n.) A remedy possessing the property of preventing the return of periodic paroxysms, or exacerbations, of disease, as in intermittent fevers.

Antiphrastic (a.) Alt. of Antiphrastical

Antiphthisic (a.) Relieving or curing phthisis, or consumption.

Antiphthisic (n.) A medicine for phthisis.

Antipodagric (a.) Good against gout.

Antipodagric (n.) A medicine for gout.

Antirachitic (a.) Good against the rickets.

Antiscoletic (a.) Alt. of Antiscolic

Antistrophic (a.) Of or pertaining to an antistrophe.

Antonomastic (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, antonomasia.

Aphorismatic (a.) Alt. of Aphorismic

Apogeotropic (a.) Bending away from the ground; -- said of leaves, etc.

Apothegmatic (a.) Alt. of Apothegmatical

Archaeologic () Alt. of Archaeological

Archipelagic (a.) Of or pertaining to an archipelago.

Aristocratic (a.) Alt. of Aristocratical

Aristophanic (a.) Of or pertaining to Aristophanes, the Athenian comic poet.

Arrhaphostic (a.) Seamless.

Belletristic (a.) Alt. of Belletristical

Bicrescentic (a.) Having the form of a double crescent.

Blastodermic (a.) Of or pertaining to the blastoderm.

Blastophoric (a.) Relating to the blastophore.

Bureaucratic (a.) Alt. of Bureaucratical

Calcographic (a.) Alt. of Calcographical

Calligraphic (a.) Alt. of Calligraphical

Callisthenic (n.) Alt. of Callisthenics

Calorimetric (a.) Of or pertaining to the process of using the calorimeter.

Cameralistic (a.) Of or pertaining to finance and public revenue.

Cartographic (a.) Alt. of Cartographical

Catachrestic (a.) Alt. of Catachrestical

Catadioptric (a.) Alt. of Catadioptrical

Cataphractic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a cataphract.

Catastrophic (a.) Of a pertaining to a catastrophe.

Cephalopodic (a.) Alt. of Cephalopodous

Chemiglyphic (a.) Engraved by a voltaic battery.

Chirographic (a.) Alt. of Chirographical

Chloropeptic (a.) Of or pertaining to an acid more generally called pepsin-hydrochloric acid.

Choregraphic (a.) Alt. of Choregraphical

Chronometric (a.) Alt. of Chronometrical

Chrysophanic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, or resembling, chrysophane.

Cleistogamic (a.) Alt. of Cleistogamous

Climatarchic (a.) Presiding over, or regulating, climates.

Clinographic (a.) Pertaining to that mode of projection in drawing in which the rays of light are supposed to fall obliquely on the plane of projection.

Clinorhombic (a.) Possessing the qualities of a prism, obliquely inc

Cosmographic (a.) Alt. of Cosmographical

Cosmoplastic (a.) Pertaining to a plastic force as operative in the formation of the world independently of God; world-forming.

Craniometric (a.) Alt. of Craniometrical

Decasyllabic (a.) Having, or consisting of, ten syllables.

Deuterogenic (a.) Of secondary origin; -- said of certain rocks whose material has been derived from older rocks.

Deutoplastic (a.) Pertaining to, or composed of, deutoplasm.

Diageotropic (a.) Relating to, or exhibiting, diageotropism.

Diagrammatic (a.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, a diagram; showing by diagram.

Diaphemetric (a.) Relating to the measurement of the tactile sensibility of parts; as, diaphemetric compasses.

Dichroscopic (a.) Pertaining to the dichroscope, or to observations with it.

Diphtheritic (a.) Pertaining to, or connected with, diphtheria.

Diphtheritic (a.) Having characteristics resembling those of diphtheria; as, diphtheritic inflammation of the bladder.

Diploblastic (a.) Characterizing the ovum when it has two primary germinal layers.

Discoblastic (a.) Applied to a form of egg cleavage seen in osseous fishes, which occurs only in a small disk that separates from the rest of the egg.

Dynamometric (a.) Alt. of Dynamometrical

Ecclesiastic (v. t.) Of or pertaining to the church. See Ecclesiastical.

Ecclesiastic (n.) A person in holy orders, or consecrated to the service of the church and the ministry of religion; a clergyman; a priest.

Electrogenic (a.) Of or pertaining to electrogenesis; as, an electrogenic condition.

Electrolytic (a.) Alt. of Electrolytical

Electrotonic (a.) Of or pertaining to electrical tension; -- said of a supposed peculiar condition of a conducting circuit during its exposure to the action of another conducting circuit traversed by a uniform electric current when both circuits remain stationary.

Electrotonic (a.) Relating to electrotonus; as, the electrotonic condition of a nerve.

Electrotypic (a.) Pertaining to, or effected by means of, electrotypy.

Embolismatic (a.) Alt. of Embolismatical

Empyreumatic (a.) Alt. of Empyreumatical

Encyclopedic (a.) Alt. of Encyclopedical

Enthusiastic (a.) Alt. of Enthusiastical

Enthusiastic (n.) An enthusiast; a zealot.

Enthymematic (a.) Alt. of Enthymematical

Epencephalic (a.) Pertaining to the epencephalon.

Epencephalic (a.) Situated on or over the brain.

Epigrammatic () Alt. of Epigrammatical

Ethnographic (a.) Alt. of Ethnographical

Eudemonistic (a.) Alt. of Eudaemonistic

Euhemeristic (a.) Of or pertaining to euhemerism.

Euthiochroic (a.) Pertaining to, or denoting, an acid so called.

Evangelistic (a.) Pertaining to the four evangelists; designed or fitted to evangelize; evangelical; as, evangelistic efforts.

Exanthematic (a.) Alt. of Exanthematous

Exophthalmic (a.) Of or pertaining to, or characterized by, exophthalmia.

Ferriprussic (a.) Ferricyanic.

Ferroprussic (a.) Ferrocyanic.

Gastroscopic (a.) Of or pertaining to gastroscopy.

Genethliatic (n.) One who calculates nativities.

Gymnoblastic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Gymnoblastea.

Haemapoietic (a.) Bloodforming; as, the haemapoietic function of the spleen.

Haematogenic (a.) Relating to haematogenesis.

Haemoplastic (a.) Same as Haematoplastic.

Hallelujatic (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, hallelujahs.

Heliocentric (a.) Alt. of Heliocentrical

Heliochromic (a.) Pertaining to, or produced by, heliochromy.

Heliographic (a.) Of or pertaining to heliography or a heliograph; made by heliography.

Hemimellitic (a.) Having half as many (three) carboxyl radicals as mellitic acid; -- said of an organic acid.

Hepatocystic (a.) Of or pertaining to the liver and gall bladder; as, the hepatocystic ducts.

Herpetologic (a.) Alt. of Herpetological

Heteroclitic (a.) Alt. of Heteroclitical

Heteropathic (a.) Of or pertaining to the method of heteropathy; allopathic.

Heterosporic (a.) Alt. of Heterosporous

Hieroglyphic (a.) Any character or figure which has, or is supposed to have, a hidden or mysterious significance; hence, any unintelligible or illegible character or mark.

Hieroglyphic (a.) Alt. of Hieroglyphical

Hierographic (a.) Alt. of Hierographical

Hierophantic (a.) Of or relating to hierophants or their teachings.

Histogenetic (a.) Tissue-producing; connected with the formation and development of the organic tissues.

Holophrastic (a.) Expressing a phrase or sentence in a single word, -- as is the case in the aboriginal languages of America.

Homoeopathic (n.) Alt. of Homoeopathy

Homosystemic (a.) Developing, in the case of multicellular organisms, from the same embryonic systems into which the secondary unit (gastrula or plant enbryo) differentiates.

Hydrochloric (a.) Pertaining to, or compounded of, chlorine and hydrogen gas; as, hydrochloric acid; chlorhydric.

Hydrodynamic (a.) Alt. of Hydrodynamical

Hydrofluoric (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, hydrogen and fluorine; fluohydric; as, hydrofluoric acid.

Hydrographic (a.) Alt. of Hydrographical

Hydrokinetic (a.) Of or pertaining to the motions of fluids, or the forces which produce or affect such motions; -- opposed to hydrostatic.

Hydroxanthic (a.) Persulphocyanic.

Hyetographic (a.) Of or pertaining to to hyetography.

Hyperchloric (a.) See Perchloric.

Hyperkinetic (a.) Of or pertaining to hyperkinesis.

Hyperorganic (a.) Higher than, or beyond the sphere of, the organic.

Hyperplastic (a.) Of or pertaining to hyperplasia.

Hyperplastic (a.) Tending to excess of formative action.

Hypersthenic (a.) Composed of, or containing, hypersthene.

Hypertrophic (a.) Alt. of Hypertrophical

Hypocoristic (a.) Endearing; diminutive; as, the hypocoristic form of a name.

Hypodermatic (a.) Hypodermic.

Hypodicrotic (a.) Alt. of Hypodicrotous

Hysterogenic (a.) Producing hysteria; as, the hysterogenicpressure points on the surface of the body, pressure upon which is said both to produce and arrest an attack of hysteria.

Ichnographic (a.) Alt. of Ichnographical

Ichthyologic (a.) Alt. of Ichthyological

Iconoclastic (a.) Of or pertaining to the iconoclasts, or to image breaking.

Iconographic (a.) Of or pertaining to iconography.

Iconographic (a.) Representing by means of pictures or diagrams; as, an icongraphic encyclopaedia.

Idioelectric (a.) Electric by virtue of its own peculiar properties; capable of becoming electrified by friction; -- opposed to anelectric.

Idioelectric (n.) An idioelectric substance.

Idiopathetic (a.) Idiopathic.

Illuministic (a.) Of or pertaining to illuminism, or the Illuminati.

Interoceanic (a.) Between oceans; connecting oceans; as, interoceanic communication; an interoceanic canal.

Intertraffic (n.) Mutual trade of traffic.

Isochromatic (a.) Having the same color; connecting parts having the same color, as

Isodiametric (a.) Developed alike in the directions of the several lateral axes; -- said of crystals of both the tetragonal and hexagonal systems.

Isodiametric (a.) Having the several diameters nearly equal; -- said of the cells of ordinary parenchyma.

Isodimorphic (a.) Isodimorphous.

Isonicotinic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, isonicotine.

Isonicotinic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid isomeric with nicotinic acid.

Journalistic (a.) Pertaining to journals or to journalists; contained in, or characteristic of, the public journals; as journalistic literature or enterprise.

Karyokinetic (a.) Of or pertaining to karyokinesis; as, karyokinetic changes of cell division.

Liberalistic (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, liberalism; as, liberalistic opinions.

Lithoglyphic (a.) Of or pertaining to the art of cutting and engraving precious stones.

Lithographic (a.) Alt. of Lithographical

Lithotriptic (a. & n.) Same as Lithontriptic.

Lycanthropic (a.) Pertaining to lycanthropy.

Macrognathic (a.) Long-jawed.

Martyrologic (a.) Alt. of Martyrological

Megacephalic (a.) Alt. of Megacephalous

Melanochroic (a.) Having a dark complexion; of or pertaining to the Melanochroi.

Melodramatic (a.) Of or pertaining to melodrama; like or suitable to a melodrama; unnatural in situation or action.

Mesocephalic (a.) Of or pertaining to, or in the region of, the middle of the head; as, the mesocephalic flexure.

Mesocephalic (a.) Having the cranial cavity of medium capacity; neither megacephalic nor microcephalic.

Mesocephalic (a.) Having the ratio of the length to the breadth of the cranium a medium one; mesaticephalic.

Mesotartaric (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid called also inactive tartaric acid.

Mesothoracic (a.) Of or pertaining to the mesothorax.

Metalorganic (a.) Pertaining to, or denoting, any one of a series of compounds of certain metallic elements with organic radicals; as, zinc methyl, sodium ethyl, etc.

Metantimonic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid (formerly called antimonic acid) analogous to metaphosphoric acid, and obtained as a white amorphous insoluble substance, (HSbO3).

Metantimonic (a.) Formerly, designating an acid, which is now properly called pyroantimonic acid, and analogous to pyrophosphoric acid.

Metaphrastic (a.) Alt. of Metaphrastical

Metathoracic (a.) Of or pertaining to the metathorax.

Metatungstic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, an acid known only in its salts (the metatungstates) and properly called polytungstic, or pyrotungstic, acid.

Meteoroligic (a.) Alt. of Meteorological

Metoposcopic (a.) Alt. of Metoposcopical

Micracoustic (a.) Same as Microustic.

Microcoustic (a.) Pertaining, or suited, to the audition of small sounds; fitted to assist hearing.

Microcoustic (n.) An instrument for making faint sounds audible, as to a partially deaf person.

Micrographic (a.) Of or pertaining to micrography.

Microsthenic (a.) Having a typically small size; of or pertaining to the microsthenes.

Misanthropic (a.) Alt. of Misanthropical

Monocarbonic (a.) Containing one carboxyl group; as, acetic acid is a monocarbonic acid.

Monodimetric (a.) Dimetric.

Monodramatic (a.) Pertaining to a monodrama.

Monogenistic (a.) Monogenic.

Monogoneutic (a.) Having but one brood in a season.

Monometallic (a.) Consisting of one metal; of or pertaining to monometallism.

Monophyletic (a.) Of or pertaining to a single family or stock, or to development from a single common parent form; -- opposed to polyphyletic; as, monophyletic origin.

Monopolistic (a.) Of or pertaining to a monopolist.

Monostrophic (a.) Having one strophe only; not varied in measure; written in unvaried measure.

Monosyllabic (a.) Being a monosyllable, or composed of monosyllables; as, a monosyllabic word; a monosyllabic language.

Monotheistic (a.) Of or pertaining to monotheism.

Monothelitic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Monothelites, or their doctrine.

Naphthalenic (a.) Pertaining to , or derived from, naphthalene; -- used specifically to designate a yellow crystal

Naturalistic (a.) Belonging to the doctrines of naturalism.

Naturalistic (a.) Closely resembling nature; realistic.

nephrolithic (a.) Of or pertaining to gravel, or renal calculi.

Nominalistic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Nominalists.

Nympholeptic (a.) Under the influence of nympholepsy; ecstatic; frenzied.

Octosyllabic (a.) Alt. of Octosyllabical

Oneirocritic (a.) An interpreter of dreams.

Oneirocritic (a.) Alt. of Oneirocritical

Onomatopoeic (a.) Onomatopoetic.

Organoleptic (a.) Making an impression upon an organ; plastic; -- said of the effect or impression produced by any substance on the organs of touch, taste, or smell, and also on the organism as a whole.

Ornithologic (a.) Alt. of Ornithological

Orthoclastic (a.) Breaking in directions at right angles to each other; -- said of the monoclinic feldspars.

Orthognathic (a.) Orthognathous.

Orthographic (a.) Alt. of Orthographical

Orthomorphic (a.) Having the right form.

Orthorhombic (a.) Noting the system of crystallization which has three unequal axes at right angles to each other; trimetric. See Crystallization.

Orthosilicic (a.) Designating the form of silicic acid having the normal or highest number of hydroxyl groups.

Osteogenetic (a.) Connected with osteogenesis, or the formation of bone; producing bone; as, osteogenetic tissue; the osteogenetic layer of the periosteum.

Osteoplastic (a.) Producing bone; as, osteoplastic cells.

Osteoplastic (a.) Of or pertaining to the replacement of bone; as, an osteoplastic operation.

Paedogenetic (a.) Producing young while in the immature or larval state; -- said of certain insects, etc.

Paleocrystic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, a former glacial formation.

Paleographic (a.) Alt. of Paleographical

Paleotechnic (a.) Belonging to, or connected with, ancient art.

Palingenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to palingenesis: as, a palingenetic process.

Pantamorphic (a.) Taking all forms.

Pantographic (a.) Alt. of Pantographical

Paradigmatic (a.) Alt. of Paradigmatical

Paradigmatic (n.) A writer of memoirs of religious persons, as examples of Christian excellence.

Paramagnetic (a.) Magnetic, as opposed to diamagnetic.

Paramagnetic (n.) A paramagnetic substance.

Paraphrastic (a.) Alt. of Paraphrastical

Parisyllabic (a.) Alt. of Parisyllabical

Paronomastic (a.) Alt. of Paronomastical

Pathogenetic (a.) Pathogenic.

Pentacrostic (n.) A set of verses so disposed that the name forming the subject of the acrostic occurs five times -- the whole set of verses being divided into five different parts from top to bottom.

Pentadecylic (a.) Same as Quindecylic.

Pentagraphic (a.) Alt. of Pentagraphical

Pentathionic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid of sulphur obtained by leading hydrogen sulphide into a solution of sulphur dioxide; -- so called because it contains five atoms of sulphur.

Periphrastic (a.) Alt. of Periphrastical

Peristrephic (a.) Turning around; rotatory; revolving; as, a peristrephic painting (of a panorama).

Petroglyphic (a.) Of or pertaining to petroglyphy.

Petrographic (a.) Alt. of Petrographical

Phanerogamic (a.) Alt. of Phanerogamous

Pharmaceutic (a.) Alt. of Pharmaceutical

Philharmonic (a.) Loving harmony or music.

Philhellenic (a.) Of or pertaining to philhellenism.

Philopolemic (a.) Alt. of Philopolemical

Philotechnic (a.) Alt. of Philotechnical

Phonocamptic (a.) Reflecting sound.

Phonographic (a.) Alt. of Phonographical

Phosphoritic (a.) Pertaining to phosphorite; resembling, or of the nature of, phosphorite.

Photochromic (a.) Alt. of Photochromatic

Photoglyphic (a.) Pertaining to the art of engraving by the action of light.

Photoglyptic (a.) Same as Photoglyphic.

Photographic (a.) Alt. of Photographical

Photospheric (a.) Of or pertaining to the photosphere.

Phraseologic (a.) Alt. of Phraseological

Phyllotactic (a.) Of or pertaining to phyllotaxy.

Phylogenetic (a.) Relating to phylogenesis, or the race history of a type of organism.

Physicologic (n.) Logic illustrated by physics.

Physiognomic (a.) Alt. of Physiognomical

Phytoglyphic (a.) Relating to phytoglyphy.

Plagiotropic (a.) Having the longer axis inc

Planispheric (a.) Of or pertaining to a planisphere.

Pleurocarpic (a.) Alt. of Pleurocarpous

Polariscopic (a.) Of or pertaining to the polariscope; obtained by the use of a polariscope; as, polariscopic observations.

Polyacoustic (a.) Multiplying or magnifying sound.

Polyacoustic (n.) A polyacoustic instrument.

Polygoneutic (a.) Having two or more broods in a season.

Polyphyletic (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, descent from more than one root form, or from many different root forms; polygenetic; -- opposed to monophyletic.

Polysyllabic (a.) Alt. of Polysyllabical

Polysyndetic (a.) Characterized by polysyndeton, or the multiplication of conjunctions.

Polytheistic (a.) Alt. of Polytheistical

Polytungstic (a.) Containing several tungsten atoms or radicals; as, polytungstic acid.

Pornographic (a.) Of or pertaining to pornography; lascivious; licentious; as, pornographic writing.

Prediastolic (a.) Preceding the diastole of the heart; as, a prediastolic friction sound.

Procatarctic (a.) Beginning; predisposing; exciting; initial.

Propaedeutic (a.) Alt. of Propaedeutical

Prophylactic (n.) A medicine which preserves or defends against disease; a preventive.

Prophylactic (a.) Alt. of Prophylactical

Protomorphic (a.) Having the most primitive character; in the earliest form; as, a protomorphic layer of tissue.

Protoplasmic (a.) Of or pertaining to the first formation of living bodies.

Protoplasmic (a.) Of or pertaining to protoplasm; consisting of, or resembling, protoplasm.

Protoplastic (a.) First-formed.

Pseudoscopic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or formed by, a pseudoscope; having its parts appearing with the relief reversed; as, a pseudoscopic image.

Pyroelectric (a.) Pertaining to, or dependent on, pyroelectricity; receiving electric polarity when heated.

Pyroelectric (n.) A substance which becomes electrically polar when heated, exhibiting opposite charges of statical electricity at two separate parts, especially the two extremities.

Pyromagnetic (a.) Acting by the agency of heat and magnetism; as, a pyromagnetic machine for producing electric currents.

Pyrotartaric (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid obtained as a white crystal

Pyrotungstic (a.) Polytungstic. See Metatungstic.

Quercitannic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, a tannic acid found in oak bark and extracted as a yellowish brown amorphous substance.

Revivalistic (a.) Pertaining to revivals.

Rhinocerotic (a.) Of or pertaining to the rhinoceros.

Rhinoplastic (a.) Of or pertaining to rhinoplasty; as, a rhinoplastic operation.

Rhombohedric (a.) Rhombohedral.

Ricinelaidic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an isomeric modification of ricinoleic acid obtained as a white crystal

Saccholactic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, an acid now called mucic acid; saccholic.

Sacrosciatic (a.) Of or pertaining to both the sacrum and the hip; as, the sacrosciatic foramina formed by the sacrosciatic ligaments which connect the sacrum and the hip bone.

Scenographic (a.) Alt. of Scenographical

Sclerodermic () Alt. of Sclerodermous

Seismometric (a.) Of or pertaining to seismometry, or seismometer; as, seismometric instruments; seismometric measurements.

Semibarbaric (a.) Half barbarous or uncivilized; as, semibarbaric display.

Semimetallic (a.) Of or pertaining to a semimetal; possessing metallic properties in an inferior degree; resembling metal.

Sensualistic (a.) Sensual.

Sensualistic (a.) Adopting or teaching the doctrines of sensualism.

Separatistic (a.) Of or pertaining to separatists; characterizing separatists; schismatical.

Sexisyllabic (a.) Having six syllables.

Spermophytic (a.) Capable of producing seeds; ph/nogamic.

Stenographic (a.) Alt. of Stenographical

Stereometric (a.) Alt. of Stereometrical

Stereoscopic (a.) Alt. of Stereoscopical

Stereostatic (a.) Geostatic.

Stethoscopic (a.) Alt. of Stethoscopical

Stylagalmaic (a.) Performing the office of columns; as, Atlantes and Caryatides are stylagalmaic figures or images.

Stylographic (a.) Of or pertaining to stylography; used in stylography; as, stylographic tablets.

Stylographic (a.) Pertaining to, or used in, stylographic pen; as, stylographic ink.

Subcylindric (a.) Imperfectly cylindrical; approximately cylindrical.

Subzigomatic (a.) Situated under the zygoma or zygomatic process.

Sulpharsenic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a hypothetical sulphacid (called also thioarsenic acid) analogous to arsenic acid, and known only in its salts.

Sulphocyanic (a.) Of, pertaining to, derived from, or designating, a sulphacid, HSCN, analogous to cyanic acid, and obtained as a colorless deliquescent crystal

Superangelic (a.) Superior to the angels in nature or rank.

Superpolitic (a.) More than politic; above or exceeding policy.

Suprahepatic (a.) Situated over, or on the dorsal side of, the liver; -- applied to the branches of the hepatic veins.

Syncretistic (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, syncretism; as, a syncretistic mixture of the service of Jehovah and the worship of idols.

Syncretistic (a.) Of or pertaining to Syncretists.

Tachygraphic (a.) Alt. of Tachygraphical

Tellurhydric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, hydrogen telluride, which is regarded as an acid, especially when in solution.

Terephthalic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a dibasic acid of the aromatic series, metameric with phthalic acid, and obtained, as a tasteless white crystal

Tetrathionic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a thionic derivative, H/S/O/, of sulphuric acid, obtained as a colorless, odorless liquid.

Thaumaturgic (a.) Alt. of Thaumaturgical

Theanthropic (a.) Alt. of Theanthropical

Theochristic (a.) Anointed by God.

Theopathetic (a.) Alt. of Theopathic

Theopneustic (a.) Given by the inspiration of the Spirit of God.

Thermochemic (a.) Alt. of Thermochemical

Thermometric (a.) Alt. of Thermometrical

Thermoscopic (a.) Of or pertaining to the thermoscope; made by means of the thermoscope; as, thermoscopic observations.

Thermostatic (a.) Of or pertaining to the thermostat; made or effected by means of the thermostat.

Thermotropic (a.) Manifesting thermotropism.

Thiocarbonic (a.) Same as Sulphocarbonic.

Trichromatic (a.) Having or existing in three different phases of color; having three distinct color varieties; -- said of certain birds and insects.

Trigrammatic (a.) Containing three letters or characters, or three sets of letters or characters.

Tristigmatic (a.) Alt. of Tristigmatose

Trochanteric (a.) Of or pertaining to one or both of the trochanters.

Uranographic (a.) Alt. of Uranographical

Xanthochroic (a.) Having a yellowish or fair complexion; of or pertaining to the Xanthochroi.

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