12 letter words ending in ical

Acroamatical (a.) Communicated orally; oral; -- applied to the esoteric teachings of Aristotle, those intended for his genuine disciples, in distinction from his exoteric doctrines, which were adapted to outsiders or the public generally. Hence: Abstruse; profound.

Adenological (a.) Pertaining to adenology.

Aeronautical (a.) Pertaining to aeronautics, or aerial sailing.

Aerostatical (a.) Of or pertaining to aerostatics; pneumatic.

Aerostatical (a.) Aeronautic; as, an aerostatic voyage.

Aetiological (a.) Pertaining to aetiology; assigning a cause.

Alexiterical (a.) Resisting poison; obviating the effects of venom; alexipharmic.

Allotropical (a.) Of or pertaining to allotropism.

Alphabetical (a.) Pertaining to, furnished with, expressed by, or in the order of, the letters of the alphabet; as, alphabetic characters, writing, languages, arrangement.

Alphabetical (a.) Literal.

Anachronical (a.) Characterized by, or involving, anachronism; anachronistic.

Anaglyphical (a.) Pertaining to the art of chasing or embossing in relief; anaglyptic; -- opposed to diaglyptic or sunk work.

Anchoretical (a.) Pertaining to an anchoret or hermit; after the manner of an anchoret.

Anthological (a.) Pertaining to anthology; consisting of beautiful extracts from different authors, especially the poets.

Antiphysical (a.) Contrary to nature; unnatural.

Antiphysical (a.) Relieving flatulence; carminative.

Antiseptical (a.) Counteracting or preventing putrefaction, or a putrescent tendency in the system; antiputrefactive.

Antithetical (a.) Pertaining to antithesis, or opposition of words and sentiments; containing, or of the nature of, antithesis; contrasted.

Apathistical (a.) Apathetic; une motional.

Aphoristical (a.) In the form of, or of the nature of, an aphorism; in the form of short, unconnected sentences; as, an aphoristic style.

Apodeictical (a.) Alt. of Apodictical

Apologetical (a.) Defending by words or arguments; said or written in defense, or by way of apology; regretfully excusing; as, an apologetic essay.

Apoplectical (a.) Relating to apoplexy; affected with, inc

Archetypical (a.) Relating to an archetype; archetypal.

Areometrical (a.) Pertaining to, or measured by, an areometer.

Arithmetical (a.) Of or pertaining to arithmetic; according to the rules or method of arithmetic.

Astrological (a.) Of or pertaining to astrology; professing or practicing astrology.

Astronomical (a.) Of or pertaining to astronomy; in accordance with the methods or principles of astronomy.

Asymmetrical (a.) Incommensurable.

Asymmetrical (a.) Not symmetrical; wanting proportion; esp., not bilaterally symmetrical.

Atheological (a.) Opposed to theology; atheistic.

Autocratical (a.) Of or pertaining to autocracy or to an autocrat; absolute; holding independent and arbitrary powers of government.

Barometrical (a.) Pertaining to the barometer; made or indicated by a barometer; as, barometric changes; barometrical observations.

Baroscopical (a.) Pertaining to, or determined by, the baroscope.

Biographical (a.) Of or pertaining to biography; containing biography.

Cabalistical (a.) Of or pertaining to the cabala; containing or conveying an occult meaning; mystic.

Cacochymical (a.) Having the fluids of the body vitiated, especially the blood.

Cacophonical (a.) Alt. of Cacophonious

Carpological (a.) Of or pertaining to carpology.

Cataphysical (a.) Unnatural; contrary to nature.

Catechetical (a.) Relating to or consisting in, asking questions and receiving answers, according to the ancient manner of teaching.

Chirological (a.) Relating to chirology.

Concentrical (a.) Having a common center, as circles of different size, one within another.

Congenerical (a.) Belonging to the same genus; allied in origin, nature, or action.

Cosmogonical (a.) Belonging to cosmogony.

Cosmological (a.) Of or pertaining to cosmology.

Democratical (a.) Democratic.

Diagraphical (a.) Descriptive.

Diplomatical (a.) Pertaining to diplomacy; relating to the foreign ministers at a court, who are called the diplomatic body.

Diplomatical (a.) Characterized by tact and shrewdness; dexterous; artful; as, diplomatic management.

Diplomatical (a.) Pertaining to diplomatics; paleographic.

Disangelical (a.) Not angelical.

Ditheistical (a.) Pertaining to ditheism; dualistic.

Dynametrical (a.) Pertaining to a dynameter.

Dysenterical (a.) Of or pertaining to dysentery; having dysentery; as, a dysenteric patient.

Emblematical (a.) Pertaining to, containing, or consisting in, an emblem; symbolic; typically representative; representing as an emblem; as, emblematic language or ornaments; a crown is emblematic of royalty; white is emblematic of purity.

Embolismical (a.) Pertaining to embolism or intercalation; intercalated; as, an embolismic year, i. e., the year in which there is intercalation.

Encrinitical (a.) Pertaining to encrinites; encrinal.

Enharmonical (a.) Of or pertaining to that one of the three kinds of musical scale (diatonic, chromatic, enharmonic) recognized by the ancient Greeks, which consisted of quarter tones and major thirds, and was regarded as the most accurate.

Enharmonical (a.) Pertaining to a change of notes to the eye, while, as the same keys are used, the instrument can mark no difference to the ear, as the substitution of A/ for G/.

Enharmonical (a.) Pertaining to a scale of perfect intonation which recognizes all the notes and intervals that result from the exact tuning of diatonic scales and their transposition into other keys.

Epexegetical (a.) Relating to epexegesis; explanatory; exegetical.

Epigraphical (a.) Of or pertaining to epigraphs or to epigraphy; as, an epigraphic style; epigraphical works or studies.

Ethnological (a) Of or pertaining to ethnology.

Etymological (a.) Pertaining to etymology, or the derivation of words.

Eulogistical (a.) Of or pertaining to eulogy; characterized by eulogy; bestowing praise; panegyrical; commendatory; laudatory; as, eulogistic speech or discourse.

Extralogical (a.) Lying outside of the domain of logic.

Familistical (a.) Pertaining to Familists.

Frigorifical (a.) Causing cold; producing or generating cold.

Gasometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to the measurement of gases; as, gasometric analysis.

Genealogical (a.) Of or pertaining to genealogy; as, a genealogical table; genealogical order.

Geocentrical (a.) Having reference to the earth as center; in relation to or seen from the earth, -- usually opposed to heliocentric, as seen from the sun; as, the geocentric longitude or latitude of a planet.

Geocentrical (a.) Having reference to the center of the earth.

Geognostical (a.) Of or pertaining to geognosy, or to a knowledge of the structure of the earth; geological.

Geographical (a.) Of or pertaining to geography.

Gnomological (a.) Pertaining to, of the nature of, or resembling, a gnomology.

Hebdomatical (a.) Weekly; hebdomadal.

Hemastatical (a. & n.) Same as Hemostatic.

Heroicomical (a.) Combining the heroic and the ludicrous; denoting high burlesque; as, a heroicomic poem.

Hexametrical (a.) Consisting of six metrical feet.

Hierarchical (a.) Pertaining to a hierarchy.

Hierological (a.) Pertaining to hierology.

Histological (a.) Pertaining to histology, or to the microscopic structure of the tissues of living organisms.

Histrionical (a.) Of or relating to the stage or a stageplayer; befitting a theatre; theatrical; -- sometimes in a bad sense.

Horometrical (a.) Belonging to horometry.

Hydrological (a.) Of or pertaining to hydrology.

Hyperbolical (a.) Belonging to the hyperbola; having the nature of the hyperbola.

Hyperbolical (a.) Relating to, containing, or of the nature of, hyperbole; exaggerating or diminishing beyond the fact; exceeding the truth; as, an hyperbolical expression.

Hypocritical (a.) Of or pertaining to a hypocrite, or to hypocrisy; as, a hypocriticalperson; a hypocritical look; a hypocritical action.

Hypostatical (a.) Relating to hypostasis, or substance; hence, constitutive, or elementary.

Hypostatical (a.) Personal, or distinctly personal; relating to the divine hypostases, or substances.

Hypostatical (a.) Depending upon, or due to, deposition or setting; as, hypostatic cognestion, cognestion due to setting of blood by gravitation.

Hypothetical (a.) Characterized by, or of the nature of, an hypothesis; conditional; assumed without proof, for the purpose of reasoning and deducing proof, or of accounting for some fact or phenomenon.

Ichnological (a.) Of or pertaining to ichnology.

Idiocratical (a.) Peculiar in constitution or temperament; idiosyncratic.

Idiopathical (a.) Pertaining to idiopathy; characterizing a disease arising primarily, and not in consequence of some other disease or injury; -- opposed to symptomatic, sympathetic, and traumatic.

Immechanical (a.) Not mechanical.

Immethodical (a.) Not methodical; without method or systematic arrangement; without order or regularity; confused.

Inharmonical (a.) Not harmonic; inharmonious; discordant; dissonant.

Irrhetorical (a.) Not rethorical.

Kyriological (a.) Serving to denote objects by conventional signs or alphabetical characters; as, the original Greek alphabet of sixteen letters was called kyriologic, because it represented the pure elementary sounds. See Curiologic.

Linguistical (a.) Of or pertaining to language; relating to linguistics, or to the affinities of languages.

Lithological (a.) Of or pertaining to the character of a rock, as derived from the nature and mode of aggregation of its mineral contents.

Lithological (a.) Of or pertaining to lithology.

Lithotomical (a.) Pertaining to, or performed by, lithotomy.

Mammalogical (a.) Of or pertaining to mammalogy.

Manometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to the manometer; made by the manometer.

Marcasitical (a.) Containing, or having the nature of, marcasite.

Mathematical (a.) Of or pertaining to mathematics; according to mathematics; hence, theoretically precise; accurate; as, mathematical geography; mathematical instruments; mathematical exactness.

Metaleptical (a.) Metaleptic.

Metaphorical (a.) Of or pertaining to metaphor; comprising a metaphor; not literal; figurative; tropical; as, a metaphorical expression; a metaphorical sense.

Metaphysical (a.) Of or pertaining to metaphysics.

Metaphysical (a.) According to rules or principles of metaphysics; as, metaphysical reasoning.

Metaphysical (a.) Preternatural or supernatural.

Metathetical (a.) Of or pertaining to metathesis.

Metempirical (a.) Related, or belonging, to the objects of knowledge within the province of metempirics.

Metrological (a.) Of or pertaining to metrology.

Micrological (a.) Of or pertaining to micrology; very minute; as, micrologic examination.

Myographical (a.) Of or pertaining to myography.

Myriological (a.) Of or relating to a myriologue.

Mystagogical (a.) Of or pertaining to interpretation of mysteries or to mystagogue; of the nature of mystagogy.

Mythological (a.) Of or pertaining to mythology or to myths; mythical; fabulous.

Necrological (a.) Of or pertaining to necrology; of the nature of necrology; relating to, or giving, an account of the dead, or of deaths.

Neurological (a.) Of or pertaining to neurolgy.

Neurotomical (a.) Of or pertaining to neurotomy.

Nomothetical (a.) Legislative; enacting laws; as, a nomothetical power.

Numismatical (a.) Of or pertaining to coins; relating to the science of coins or medals.

Oligarchical (a.) Of or pertaining to oligarchy, or government by a few.

Ophiological (a.) Of or pertaining to ophiology.

Orographical (a.) Of or pertaining to orography.

Orthodoxical (a.) Pertaining to, or evincing, orthodoxy; orthodox.

Orthopedical (a.) Pertaining to, or employed in, orthopedy; relating to the prevention or cure of deformities of children, or, in general, of the human body at any age; as, orthopedic surgery; an orthopedic hospital.

Osteological (a.) Of or pertaining to osteology.

Pantological (a.) Of or pertaining to pantology.

Pantomimical (a.) Of or pertaining to the pantomime; representing by dumb show.

Paradisaical (a.) Of or pertaining to, or resembling, paradise; paradisiacal.

Parumbilical (a.) Near the umbilicus; -- applied especially to one or more small veins which, in man, connect the portal vein with the epigastric veins in the front wall of the abdomen.

Pathological (a.) Of or pertaining to pathology.

Patronymical (a.) Same as Patronymic.

Pedometrical (a.) Pertaining to, or measured by, a pedometer.

Perimetrical (a.) Of or pertaining to the perimeter, or to perimetry; as, a perimetric chart of the eye.

Peripherical (a.) See Peripheral.

Petrological (a.) Of or pertaining to petrology.

PhagedenicAL (a.) Of, like, or pertaining to, phagedena; used in the treatment of phagedena; as, a phagedenic ulcer or medicine.

PhagedenicAL (n.) A phagedenic medicine.

Phantastical (a.) See Fantastic.

Philological (a.) Alt. of Philologic

Philomusical (a.) Loving music. [R.]Busby.

Phlegmatical (a.) Phlegmatic.

Phlogistical (a.) Phlogistic.

Phonological (a.) Of or pertaining to phonology.

Phonotypical (a.) Of or pertaining to phonotypy; as, a phonotypic alphabet.

Phosphorical (a.) Phosphoric.

Photological (a.) Pertaining to photology, or the doctrine of light.

Phytological (a.) Of or pertaining to phytology; botanical.

Pleonastical (a.) Of or pertaining to pleonasm; of the nature of pleonasm; redundant.

Polyhedrical (a.) Having many sides, as a solid body.

Porismatical (a.) Of or pertaining to a porism; poristic.

Protreptical (a.) Adapted to persuade; hortatory; persuasive.

Pyrometrical (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained by, the pyrometer; as, pyrometrical instruments; pyrometrical measurements.

Pythagorical (a.) See Pythagorean, a.

Rhinocerical (a.) Of or pertaining to the rhinoceros; resembling the rhinoceros, or his horn.

Rhinological (a.) Of or pertaining to rhinology.

Sarcological (a.) Of or pertaining to sarcology.

Schismatical (a.) Same as Schismatic.

Scholastical (a. & n.) Scholastic.

Sciatherical (a.) Belonging to a sundial.

Scientifical (a.) Scientific.

Semaphorical (a.) Of or pertaining to a semaphore, or semaphores; telegraphic.

Semiological () Same as Semeiography, Semeiology, Semeiological.

Sociological (a.) Of or pertaining to sociology, or social science.

Solecistical (a.) Pertaining to, or involving, a solecism; incorrect.

Sophomorical (a.) Of or pertaining to a sophomore; resembling a sophomore; hence, pretentious; inflated in style or manner; as, sophomoric affectation.

Spheroidical (a.) See Spheroidal.

Subspherical (a.) Nearly spherical; having a figure resembling that of a sphere.

Superethical (a.) More than ethical; above ethics.

Superfinical (a.) Extremely finical.

Symbological (a.) Pertaining to a symbology; versed in, or characterized by, symbology.

Synchronical (a.) Happening at the same time; synchronous.

Systematical (a.) Of or pertaining to system; consisting in system; methodical; formed with regular connection and adaptation or subordination of parts to each other, and to the design of the whole; as, a systematic arrangement of plants or animals; a systematic course of study.

Systematical (a.) Proceeding according to system, or regular method; as, a systematic writer; systematic benevolence.

Systematical (a.) Pertaining to the system of the world; cosmical.

Systematical (a.) Affecting successively the different parts of the system or set of nervous fibres; as, systematic degeneration.

Talismanical (a.) Of or pertaining to a talisman; having the properties of a talisman, or preservative against evils by occult influence; magical.

Tautegorical (a.) Expressing the same thing with different words; -- opposed to allegorical.

Tautological (a.) Involving tautology; having the same signification; as, tautological expression.

Teleological (a.) Of or pertaining to teleology, or the doctrine of design.

Telescopical (a.) Of or pertaining to a telescope; performed by a telescope.

Telescopical (a.) Seen or discoverable only by a telescope; as, telescopic stars.

Telescopical (a.) Able to discern objects at a distance; farseeing; far-reaching; as, a telescopic eye; telescopic vision.

Telesmatical (a.) Of or pertaining to telesms; magical.

Tetrarchical (a.) Of or pertaining to a tetrarch or tetrarchy.

Theocratical (a.) Of or pertaining to a theocracy; administred by the immediate direction of God; as, the theocratical state of the Israelites.

Theosophical (a.) Of or pertaining to theosophy.

Triglyphical (a.) Consisting of, or pertaining to, triglyphs.

Triglyphical (a.) Containing three sets of characters or sculptures.

Tropological (a.) Characterized by tropes; varied by tropes; tropical.

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