12 letter words ending in ise

Contrariwise (adv.) On the contrary; oppositely; on the other hand.

Contrariwise (adv.) In a contrary order; conversely.

Counterpoise (v. t.) To act against with equal weight; to equal in weight; to balance the weight of; to counterbalance.

Counterpoise (v. t.) To act against with equal power; to balance.

Counterpoise (n.) A weight sufficient to balance another, as in the opposite scale of a balance; an equal weight.

Counterpoise (n.) An equal power or force acting in opposition; a force sufficient to balance another force.

Counterpoise (n.) The relation of two weights or forces which balance each other; equilibrium; equiponderance.

Crescentwise (adv.) In the form of a crescent; like a crescent.

Diffranchise () Alt. of Diffranchisement

Disfranchise (v. t.) To deprive of a franchise or chartered right; to dispossess of the rights of a citizen, or of a particular privilege, as of voting, holding office, etc.

Marseillaise (a. f.) Of or pertaining to Marseilles, in France, or to its inhabitants.

Marseillaise (n. f.) A native or inhabitant of Marseilles.

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