12 letter words ending in ist

Abolitionist (n.) A person who favors the abolition of any institution, especially negro slavery.

Accordionist (n.) A player on the accordion.

Animalculist (n.) One versed in the knowledge of animalcules.

Animalculist (n.) A believer in the theory of animalculism.

Apocalyptist (n.) The writer of the Apocalypse.

Bibliopegist (n.) A bookbinder.

Bibliopolist (n.) Same as Bibliopole.

Caricaturist (n.) One who caricatures.

Cataclysmist (n.) One who believes that the most important geological phenomena have been produced by cataclysms.

Causationist (n.) One who believes in the law of universal causation.

Cerographist (n.) One who practices cerography.

Chiromantist (n.) A chiromancer.

Chirosophist (n.) A fortune teller.

Chronologist (n.) Alt. of Chronologer

Classicalist (n.) One who adheres to what he thinks the classical canons of art.

Coalitionist (n.) One who joins or promotes a coalition; one who advocates coalition.

Coleopterist (n.) One versed in the study of the Coleoptera.

Collectivist (n.) An advocate of collectivism.

Collectivist (a.) Relating to, or characteristic of, collectivism.

Conchologist (n.) One who studies, or is versed in, conchology.

Confucianist (n.) A follower of Confucius; a Confucian.

Contagionist (n.) One who believes in the contagious character of certain diseases, as of yellow fever.

Convivialist (n.) A person of convivial habits.

Corporealist (n.) One who denies the reality of spiritual existences; a materialist.

Craniologist (n.) One proficient in craniology; a phrenologist.

Cremationist (n.) One who advocates the practice of cremation.

Crustalogist (n.) One versed in crustalogy.

Cryptogamist (n.) One skilled in cryptogamic botany.

Defectionist (n.) One who advocates or encourages defection.

Demonologist (n.) One who writes on, or is versed in, demonology.

Dendrologist (n.) One versed in the natural history of trees.

Dentiloquist (n.) One who speaks through the teeth, that is, with the teeth closed.

Deontologist (n.) One versed in deontology.

Dramaturgist (n.) One versed in dramaturgy.

Educationist (n.) One who is versed in the theories of, or who advocates and promotes, education.

Egyptologist (n.) One skilled in the antiquities of Egypt; a student of Egyptology.

Elocutionist (n.) One who is versed in elocution; a teacher of elocution.

Embryologist (n.) One skilled in embryology.

Entomologist (n.) One versed in entomology.

Entomotomist (n.) One who practices entomotomy.

Erpetologist (n.) Herpetologist.

Evolutionist (n.) One skilled in evolutions.

Evolutionist (n.) one who holds the doctrine of evolution, either in biology or in metaphysics.

Exclusionist (n.) One who would exclude another from some right or privilege; esp., one of the anti-popish politicians of the time of Charles II.

Excursionist (n.) One who goes on an excursion, or pleasure trip.

Extensionist (n.) One who favors or advocates extension.

Feuilltonist (n.) A writer of feuilletons.

Financialist (n.) A financier.

Gastronomist (n.) A gastromomer.

Glassologist (n.) One who defines and explains terms; one who is versed in glossology.

Glottologist (n.) A linguist; a philologist.

Gymnosophist (n.) One of a sect of philosophers, said to have been found in India by Alexander the Great, who went almost naked, denied themselves the use of flesh, renounced bodily pleasures, and employed themselves in the contemplation of nature.

Heterogenist (n.) One who believes in the theory of spontaneous generation, or heterogenesis.

Hippophagist (n.) One who eats horseflesh.

Homeopathist (n.) A believer in, or practitioner of, homeopathy.

Hydropathist (n.) One who practices hydropathy; a water-cure doctor.

Iatrochemist (n.) A physician who explained or treated diseases upon chemical principles; one who practiced iatrochemistry.

Iconophilist (n.) A student, or lover of the study, of iconography.

Immersionist (n.) One who holds the doctrine that immersion is essential to Christian baptism.

Impartialist (n.) One who is impartial.

Inflationist (n.) One who favors an increased or very large issue of paper money.

Intrusionist (n.) One who intrudes; especially, one who favors the appointment of a clergyman to a parish, by a patron, against the wishes of the parishioners.

Intuitionist (n.) Same as Intuitionalist.

Irregularist (n.) One who is irregular.

Legitimatist (n.) See Legitimist.

Lexicologist (n.) One versed in lexicology.

Lithotritist (n.) A lithotriptist.

Malacologist (n.) One versed in the science of malacology.

Mediaevalist (n.) One who has a taste for, or is versed in, the history of the Middle Ages; one in sympathy with the spirit or forms of the Middle Ages.

Melancholist (n.) One affected with melancholy or dejection.

Mercurialist (n.) One under the influence of Mercury; one resembling Mercury in character.

Mercurialist (n.) A physician who uses much mercury, in any of its forms, in his practice.

Metallurgist (n.) One who works in metals, or prepares them for use; one who is skilled in metallurgy.

Metamorphist (n.) One who believes that the body of Christ was merged into the Deity when he ascended.

Microscopist (n.) One skilled in, or given to, microscopy.

Mineralogist (n.) One versed in mineralogy; one devoted to the study of minerals.

Mineralogist (n.) A carrier shell (Phorus).

Miscellanist (n.) A writer of miscellanies; miscellanarian.

Monographist (n.) One who writes a monograph.

Morphologist (n.) One who is versed in the science of morphology.

Neoplatonist (n.) One who held to Neoplatonism; a member of the Neoplatonic school.

Noctambulist (n.) A somnambulist.

Obscurantist (n.) Same as Obscurant.

Obtrusionist (n.) One who practices or excuses obtrusion.

Opinionatist (n.) An opinionist.

Oryctologist (n.) One versed in oryctology.

Ovariotomist (n.) One who performs, or is skilled in, ovariotomy.

Palindromist (n.) A writer of palindromes.

Panhellenist (n.) An advocate of Panhellenism.

Pantophagist (n.) A person or an animal that has the habit of eating all kinds of food.

Paragraphist (n.) A paragrapher.

Philalethist (n.) A lover of the truth.

Philosophist (n.) A pretender in philosophy.

Phlebotomist (n.) One who practiced phlebotomy.

Phrenologist (n.) One versed in phrenology; a craniologist.

Physiologist (n.) One who is versed in the science of physiology; a student of the properties and functions of animal and vegetable organs and tissues.

Precisianist (n.) A precisian.

Problematist (n.) One who proposes problems.

Propagandist (n.) A person who devotes himself to the spread of any system of principles.

Pseudologist (n.) One who utters falsehoods; a liar.

Psychologist (n.) One who is versed in, devoted to, psychology.

Pyrotechnist (n.) One skilled in pyrotechny; one who manufactures fireworks.

Quotationist (n.) One who makes, or is given to making, quotations.

Recensionist (n.) One who makes recensions; specifically, a critical editor.

Russophilist (n.) One who, not being a Russian, favors Russian policy and aggrandizement.

Russophobist () One who dreads Russia or Russian influence.

Saintologist (n.) One who writes the lives of saints.

Salvationist (n.) An evangelist, a member, or a recruit, of the Salvation Army.

Secessionist (n.) One who upholds secession.

Secessionist (n.) One who holds to the belief that a State has the right to separate from the Union at its will.

Somnambulist (n.) A person who is subject to somnambulism; one who walks in his sleep; a sleepwalker; a noctambulist.

Somniloquist (n.) One who talks in his sleep.

Somnipathist (n.) A person in a state of somniapathy.

Spermologist (n.) One who treats of, or collects, seeds.

Spiritualist (n.) One who professes a regard for spiritual things only; one whose employment is of a spiritual character; an ecclesiastic.

Spiritualist (n.) One who maintains the doctrine of spiritualism.

Spiritualist (n.) One who believes in direct intercourse with departed spirits, through the agency of persons commonly called mediums, by means of physical phenomena; one who attempts to maintain such intercourse; a spiritist.

Spiritualist (a.) Spiritualistic.

Stercoranist (n.) A nickname formerly given to those who held, or were alleged to hold, that the consecrated elements in the eucharist undergo the process of digestion in the body of the recipient.

Stereotypist (n.) A stereotyper.

Subjectivist (n.) One who holds to subjectivism; an egoist.

Technologist (n.) One skilled in technology; one who treats of arts, or of the terms of arts.

Telegraphist (n.) One skilled in telegraphy; a telegrapher.

Theorematist (n.) One who constructs theorems.

Therapeutist (n.) One versed in therapeutics, or the discovery and application of remedies.

Topographist (n.) A topographer.

Toxicologist (n.) One versed in toxicology; the writer of a treatise on poisons.

Traditionist (n.) One who adheres to tradition.

Trochilidist (n.) One who studies, or is versed in, the nature and habits of humming birds, or the Trochilidae.

Unconformist (n.) A nonconformist.

Universalist (n.) One who believes in Universalism; one of a denomination of Christians holding this faith.

Universalist (n.) One who affects to understand all the particulars in statements or propositions.

Universalist (a.) Of or pertaining to Unversalists of their doctrines.

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