12 letter words ending in ize

Abolitionize (v. t.) To imbue with the principles of abolitionism.

Adverbialize (v. t.) To give the force or form of an adverb to.

Anaesthetize (v. t.) To render insensible by an anaesthetic.

Anathematize (v. t.) To pronounce an anathema against; to curse. Hence: To condemn publicly as something accursed.

Apostrophize (p. pr. & vb. n.) To address by apostrophe.

Apostrophize (p. pr. & vb. n.) To contract by omitting a letter or letters; also, to mark with an apostrophe (') or apostrophes.

Apostrophize (v. i.) To use the rhetorical figure called apostrophe.

Attitudinize (v. i.) To assume affected attitudes; to strike an attitude; to pose.

Bichromatize (v. t.) To combine or treat with a bichromate, esp. with bichromate of potassium; as, bichromatized gelatine.

Celestialize (v. t.) To make celestial.

Chameleonize (v. t.) To change into various colors.

Characterize (v. t.) To make distinct and recognizable by peculiar marks or traits; to make with distinctive features.

Characterize (v. t.) To engrave or imprint.

Characterize (v. t.) To indicate the character of; to describe.

Characterize (v. t.) To be a characteristic of; to make, or express the character of.

Christianize (v. t.) To make Christian; to convert to Christianity; as, to Christianize pagans.

Christianize (v. t.) To imbue with or adapt to Christian principles.

Christianize (v. i.) To adopt the character or belief of a Christian; to become Christian.

Collodionize (v. t.) To prepare or treat with collodion.

Congenialize (v. t.) To make congenial.

Consonantize (v. t.) To change into, or use as, a consonant.

Debituminize (v. t.) To deprive of bitumen.

Decentralize (v. t.) To prevent from centralizing; to cause to withdraw from the center or place of concentration; to divide and distribute (what has been united or concentrated); -- esp. said of authority, or the administration of public affairs.

Decitizenize (v. t.) To deprive of the rights of citizenship.

Denaturalize (v. t.) To render unnatural; to alienate from nature.

Denaturalize (v. t.) To renounce the natural rights and duties of; to deprive of citizenship; to denationalize.

Desulphurize (v. t.) To desulphurate; to deprive of sulphur.

Desynonymize (v. t.) To deprive of synonymous character; to discriminate in use; -- applied to words which have been employed as synonyms.

Diphthongize (v. t. & i.) To change into a diphthong, as by affixing another vowel to a simple vowel.

Disauthorize (v. t.) To deprive of credit or authority; to discredit.

Dispauperize (v. t.) To free a state of pauperism, or from paupers.

Dissocialize (v. t.) To render unsocial.

Dissyllabize (v. t.) To form into two syllables; to dissyllabify.

Embastardize (v. t.) To bastardize.

Emotionalize (v. t.) To give an emotional character to.

Entomologize (v. i.) To collect specimens in the study of entomology.

Excrementize (v. i.) To void excrement.

Grammaticize (v. t.) To render grammatical.

Illiberalize (v. t.) To make illiberal.

Imbastardize (v. t.) To bastardize; to debase.

Legitimatize (v. t.) To legitimate.

Mahometanize (v. t.) To convert to the religion of Mohammed; to Mohammedanize.

Malleableize (v. t.) To make malleable.

Melancholize (v. i.) To become gloomy or dejected in mind.

Melancholize (v. t.) To make melancholy.

Mercurialize (v. t.) To affect with mercury.

Mercurialize (v. t.) To treat with mercury; to expose to the vapor of mercury.

Mercurialize (v. i.) To be sprightly, fantastic, or capricious.

Metamorphize (v. t.) To metamorphose.

Mineralogize (v. i.) To study mineralogy by collecting and examining minerals.

Parenthesize (v. t.) To make a parenthesis of; to include within parenthetical marks.

Parochialize (v. t.) To render parochial; to form into parishes.

Philosophize (v. i.) To reason like a philosopher; to search into the reason and nature of things; to investigate phenomena, and assign rational causes for their existence.

Phlebotomize (v. t.) To let blood from by opening a vein; to bleed.

Physiologize (v. i.) To speculate in physiology; to make physiological investigations.

Plausibleize (v. t.) To render plausible.

Practicalize (v. t.) To render practical.

Problematize (v. t.) To propose problems.

Reinthronize (v. t.) To enthrone again.

Sacramentize (v. i.) To administer the sacraments.

Sectarianize (v. t.) To imbue with sectarian feelings; to subject to the control of a sect.

Sectionalize (v. t.) To divide according to gepgraphical sections or local interests.

Serpentinize (v. t.) To convert (a magnesian silicate) into serpentine.

Sovereignize (v. i.) To exercise supreme authority.

Spiritualize (v. t.) To refine intellectiually or morally; to purify from the corrupting influence of the world; to give a spiritual character or tendency to; as, to spiritualize soul.

Spiritualize (v. t.) To give a spiritual meaning to; to take in a spiritual sense; -- opposed to literalize.

Spiritualize (v. t.) To extract spirit from; also, to convert into, or impregnate with, spirit.

Sycophantize (v. i.) To play the sycophant.

Testamentize (v. i.) To make a will.

Tranquillize (v. t.) To render tranquil; to allay when agitated; to compose; to make calm and peaceful; as, to tranquilize a state disturbed by factions or civil commotions; to tranquilize the mind.

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