12 letter words ending in less

Blemishless (a.) Without blemish; spotless.

Blossomless (a.) Without blossoms.

Breadthless (a.) Without breadth.

Comfortless (a.) Without comfort or comforts; in want or distress; cheerless.

Compassless (a.) Having no compass.

Conceitless (a.) Without wit; stupid.

Confineless (a.) Without limitation or end; boundless.

Constabless (n.) The wife of a constable.

Contentless (a.) Discontented; dissatisfied.

Corruptless (a.) Not susceptible of corruption or decay; incorruptible.

Cratureless (a.) Without created beings; alone.

Cultureless (a.) Having no culture.

Cushionless (a.) Hot furnished with a cushion.

Defenseless (a.) Destitute of defense; unprepared to resist attack; unable to oppose; unprotected.

Delightless (a.) Void of delight.

Disputeless (a.) Admitting no dispute; incontrovertible.

Divorceless (a.) Incapable of being divorced or separated; free from divorce.

Exampleless (a.) Without or above example.

Exhaustless (a.) Not be exhausted; inexhaustible; as, an exhaustless fund or store.

Expenseless (a.) Without cost or expense.

Extremeless (a.) Having no extremes; infinite.

Fashionless (a.) Having no fashion.

Featherless (a.) Destitute of feathers.

Featureless (a.) Having no distinct or distinctive features.

Fortuneless (a.) Luckless; also, destitute of a fortune or portion.

Freightless (a.) Destitute of freight.

Frounceless (a.) Without frounces.

Garlandless (a.) Destitute of a garland.

Gestureless (a.) Free from gestures.

Grammarless (a.) Without grammar.

Guerdonless (a.) Without reward or guerdon.

Hammer-less (a.) Without a visible hammer; -- said of a gun having a cock or striker concealed from sight, and out of the way of an accidental touch.

Harvestless (a.) Without harvest; lacking in crops; barren.

Husbandless (a.) Destitute of a husband.

Measureless (a.) Without measure; unlimited; immeasurable.

Offenseless (a.) Unoffending; inoffensive.

Passionless (a.) Void of passion; without anger or emotion; not easily excited; calm.

Pastureless (a.) Destitute of pasture.

Penanceless (a.) Free from penance.

Portionless (a.) Having no portion.

Purportless (a.) Without purport or meaning.

Purposeless (a.) Having no purpose or result; objectless.

Reclaimless (a.) That can not be reclaimed.

Redressless (a.) Not having redress; such as can not be redressed; irremediable.

Remorseless (a.) Being without remorse; having no pity; hence, destitute of sensibility; cruel; insensible to distress; merciless.

Repulseless (a.) Not capable of being repulsed.

Respectless (a.) Having no respect; without regard; regardless.

Respiteless (a.) Without respite.

Revengeless (a.) Unrevenged.

Reverseless (a.) Irreversible.

Sabbathless (a.) Without Sabbath, or intermission of labor; hence, without respite or rest.

Scepterless (a.) Alt. of Sceptreless

Sceptreless (a.) Having no scepter; without authority; powerless; as, a scepterless king.

Shelterless (a.) Destitute of shelter or protection.

Slumberless (a.) Without slumber; sleepless.

Sprightless (a.) Destitute of life; dull; sluggish.

Stipendless (a.) Having no stipend.

Stomachless (a.) Being without a stomach.

Stomachless (a.) Having no appetite.

Subjectless (a.) Having no subject.

Successless (a.) Having no success.

Supportless (a.) Having no support.

Suspectless (a.) Not suspecting; having no suspicion.

Suspectless (a.) Not suspected; not mistrusted.

Thoughtless (adv.) Lacking thought; careless; inconsiderate; rash; as, a thoughtless person, or act.

Thoughtless (adv.) Giddy; gay; dissipated.

Thoughtless (adv.) Deficient in reasoning power; stupid; dull.

Thrall-less (a.) Having no thralls.

Thrall-less (a.) Not enslaved; not subject to bonds.

Thunderless (a.) Without thunder or noise.

Trafficless (a.) Destitute of traffic, or trade.

Unmerciless (a.) Utterly merciless.

Verdureless (a.) Destitute of verdure.

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