12 letter words ending in ous

Absentaneous (a.) Pertaining to absence.

Acanthaceous (a.) Armed with prickles, as a plant.

Acanthaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the acanthus is the type.

Achlamydeous (a.) Naked; having no floral envelope, neither calyx nor corolla.

Adenophorous (a.) Producing glands.

Adjectitious () Added; additional.

Adscititious (a.) Supplemental; additional; adventitious; ascititious.

Advantageous (a.) Being of advantage; conferring advantage; gainful; profitable; useful; beneficial; as, an advantageous position; trade is advantageous to a nation.

Adventitious (a.) Added extrinsically; not essentially inherent; accidental or causal; additional; supervenient; foreign.

Adventitious (a.) Out of the proper or usual place; as, adventitious buds or roots.

Adventitious (a.) Accidentally or sparingly spontaneous in a country or district; not fully naturalized; adventive; -- applied to foreign plants.

Adventitious (a.) Acquired, as diseases; accidental.

Adversarious (a.) Hostile.

Aetheogamous (a.) Propagated in an unusual way; cryptogamous.

Ambidextrous (a.) Having the faculty of using both hands with equal ease.

Ambidextrous (a.) Practicing or siding with both parties.

Amentiferous (a.) Bearing catkins.

Amphicarpous (a.) Producing fruit of two kinds, either as to form or time of ripening.

Amphicoelous (a.) Having both ends concave; biconcave; -- said of vertebrae.

Amphistomous (a.) Having a sucker at each extremity, as certain entozoa, by means of which they adhere.

Amphitropous (a.) Having the ovule inverted, but with the attachment near the middle of one side; half anatropous.

Ampullaceous (a.) Like a bottle or inflated bladder; bottle-shaped; swelling.

Androphagous (a.) Anthropophagous.

Angiocarpous (a.) Having fruit inclosed within a covering that does not form a part of itself; as, the filbert covered by its husk, or the acorn seated in its cupule.

Angiocarpous (a.) Having the seeds or spores covered, as in certain lichens.

Angiosporous (a.) Having spores contained in cells or thecae, as in the case of some fungi.

Angiostomous (a.) With a narrow mouth, as the shell of certain gastropods.

Anisotropous (a.) Anisotropic.

Anthocarpous (a.) Having some portion of the floral envelopes attached to the pericarp to form the fruit, as in the checkerberry, the mulberry, and the pineapple.

Anthophagous (a.) Eating flowers; -- said of certain insects.

Anthophorous (a.) Flower bearing; supporting the flower.

Antipetalous (a.) Standing before a petal, as a stamen.

Antisepalous (a.) Standing before a sepal, or calyx leaf.

Antistrumous (a.) Good against scrofulous disorders.

Aphidivorous () Devouring aphides; aphidophagous.

Apocynaceous (a.) Alt. of Apocyneous

Apostematous (a.) Pertaining to, or partaking of the nature of, an aposteme.

Arbitrarious (a.) Arbitrary; despotic.

Argillaceous (a.) Of the nature of clay; consisting of, or containing, argil or clay; clayey.

Arrenotokous (a.) Producing males from unfertilized eggs, as certain wasps and bees.

Arreptitious (a.) Snatched away; seized or possessed, as a demoniac; raving; mad; crack-brained.

Arseniferous (a.) Containing or producing arsenic.

Artocarpeous (a.) Alt. of Artocarpous

Arundiferous (a.) Producing reeds or canes.

Asparaginous (a.) Pertaining or allied to, or resembling, asparagus; having shoots which are eaten like asparagus; as, asparaginous vegetables.

Atheromatous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or having the nature of, atheroma.

Balaniferous (a.) Bearing or producing acorns.

Blennogenous (a.) Generating mucus.

Brachytypous (a.) Of a short form.

Cacophonious (a.) Harsh-sounding.

Calamiferous (a.) Producing reeds; reedy.

Cantankerous (a.) Perverse; contentious; ugly; malicious.

Capillaceous (a.) Having long filaments; resembling a hair; slender. See Capillary.

Carbonaceous (a.) Pertaining to, containing, or composed of, carbon.

Carpophagous (a.) Living on fruits; fruit-consuming.

Catapetalous (a.) Having the petals held together by stamens, which grow to their bases, as in the mallow.

Caulocarpous (a.) Having stems which bear flowers and fruit year after year, as most trees and shrubs.

Cementitious (n.) Of the nature of cement.

Centifolious (a.) Having a hundred leaves.

Cespititious (a.) Same as Cespitious.

Chaetiferous (a.) Bearing setae.

Cichoraceous (a.) Belonging to, or resembling, a suborder of composite plants of which the chicory (Cichorium) is the type.

Circumfluous (a.) Flowing round; surrounding in the manner of a fluid.

Cirrhiferous (a.) See Cirriferous.

Coleopterous (a.) Having wings covered with a case or sheath; belonging to the Coleoptera.

Collatitious (a.) Brought together; contributed; done by contributions.

Compunctious (a.) Of the nature of compunction; caused by conscience; attended with, or causing, compunction.

Conchiferous (a.) Producing or having shells.

Contemptuous (a.) Manifesting or expressing contempt or disdain; scornful; haughty; insolent; disdainful.

Conterminous (a.) Having the same bounds, or limits; bordering upon; contiguous.

Contumacious (a.) Exhibiting contumacy; contemning authority; obstinate; perverse; stubborn; disobedient.

Contumacious (a.) Willfully disobedient to the summous or prders of a court.

Contumelious (a.) Exhibiting contumely; rudely contemptuous; insolent; disdainful.

Contumelious (a.) Shameful; disgraceful.

Coprophagous (a.) Feeding upon dung, as certain insects.

Corallaceous (a.) Like coral, or partaking of its qualities.

Corollaceous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a corolla; having the form or texture of a corolla.

Corpusculous (a.) Corpuscular.

Cotyledonous (a.) Of or pertaining to a cotyledon or cotyledons; having a seed lobe.

Cotyligerous (a.) Having cotyles.

Crepusculous (a.) Pertaining to twilight; glimmering; hence, imperfectly clear or luminous.

Crepusculous (a.) Flying in the twilight or evening, or before sunrise; -- said certain birds and insects.

Cryptogamous (a.) Of or pertaining to the series Cryptogamia, or to plants of that series.

Ctenophorous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Ctenophora.

Cultrivorous (a.) Devouring knives; swallowing, or pretending to swallow, knives; -- applied to persons who have swallowed, or have seemed to swallow, knives with impunity.

Cupuliferous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the oak and the chestnut are examples, -- trees bearing a smooth, solid nut inclosed in some kind of cup or bur; bearing, or furnished with, a cupule.

Cyclostomous (a.) Pertaining to the Cyclostomi.

Decaphyllous (a.) Having ten leaves.

Deglutitious (a.) Pertaining to deglutition.

Dendrologous (a.) Relating to dendrology.

Desultorious (a.) Desultory.

Dextrogerous (a.) See Dextrogyrate.

Direptitious (a.) Characterized by direption.

Disciflorous (a.) Bearing the stamens on a discoid outgrowth of the receptacle; -- said of a subclass of plants. Cf. Calycifloral.

Discourteous (a.) Uncivil; rude; wanting in courtesy or good manners; uncourteous.

Discriminous (a.) Hazardous; dangerous.

Disingenuous (a.) Not noble; unbecoming true honor or dignity; mean; unworthy; as, disingenuous conduct or schemes.

Disingenuous (a.) Not ingenuous; wanting in noble candor or frankness; not frank or open; uncandid; unworthily or meanly artful.

Disputatious (a.) Inc

Distractious (a.) Distractive.

Dodecagynous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Dodecagynia; having twelve styles.

Dodecandrous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Dodecandria; having twelve stamens, or from twelve to nineteen.

Doloriferous (a.) Producing pain.

Endecagynous (a.) Having eleven pistils; as, an endecagynous flower.

Endophyllous (a.) Wrapped up within a leaf or sheath.

Equilibrious (a.) Evenly poised; balanced.

Equipondious (a.) Of equal weight on both sides; balanced.

Erythematous (a.) Relating to, or causing, erythema.

Exalbuminous (a.) Having no albumen about the embryo; -- said of certain seeds.

Exemptitious (a.) Separable.

Expiatorious (a.) Of an expiatory nature; expiatory.

Exsanguinous (a.) See Exsanguious.

Exterraneous (a.) Foreign; belonging to, or coming from, abroad.

Extispicious (a.) Relating to the inspection of entrails for prognostication.

Extrageneous (a.) Belonging to another race or kind.

Felliflu-ous (a.) Flowing with gall.

Ferrugineous (a.) Ferruginous.

Flammiferous (a.) Producing flame.

Flammivomous (a.) Vomiting flames, as a volcano.

Fluctiferous (a.) Tending to produce waves.

Fluctisonous (a.) Sounding like waves.

Frondiferous (a.) Producing fronds.

Frustraneous (a.) Vain; useless; unprofitable.

Furfuraceous (a.) Made of bran; like bran; scurfy.

Gallinaceous (a.) Resembling the domestic fowls and pheasants; of or pertaining to the Gallinae.

Gamopetalous (a.) Having the petals united or joined so as to form a tube or cup; monopetalous.

Gamophyllous (a.) Composed of leaves united by their edges (coalescent).

Gamosepalous (a.) Formed of united sepals; monosepalous.

Gastropodous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Gastropoda.

Gelatigenous (n.) Producing, or yielding, gelatin; gelatiniferous; as, the gelatigeneous tissues.

Gentilitious (a.) Peculiar to a people; national.

Gentilitious (a.) Hereditary; entailed on a family.

Geodephagous (a.) Living in the earth; -- applied to the ground beetles.

Geraniaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order of pants (Geraniaceae) which includes the genera Geranium, Pelargonium, and many others.

Glandiferous (a.) Bearing acorns or other nuts; as, glandiferous trees.

Glaucomatous (a.) Having the nature of glaucoma.

Graminaceous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the grasses; gramineous; as, graminaceous plants.

Gymnocarpous (a.) Naked-fruited, the fruit either smooth or not adherent to the perianth.

Gynantherous (a.) Pertaining to an abnormal condition of the flower, in which the stamens are converted into pistils.

Hederiferous (a.) Producing ivy; ivy-bearing.

Hepatogenous (a.) Arising from the liver; due to a condition of the liver; as, hepatogenic jaundice.

Heterogamous (a.) The condition of having two or more kinds of flowers which differ in regard to stamens and pistils, as in the aster.

Heterogamous (a.) Characterized by heterogamy.

Heterogenous (a.) Of or pertaining to heterogenesis; heterogenetic.

Heterogonous (a.) Characterized by heterogony.

Heterogynous (a.) Having females very unlike the males in form and structure; -- as certain insects, the males of which are winged, and the females wingless.

Heterologous (a.) Characterized by heterology; consisting of different elements, or of like elements in different proportions; different; -- opposed to homologous; as, heterologous organs.

Heteromerous (a.) Unrelated in chemical composition, though similar or indentical in certain other respects; as, borax and augite are homoemorphous, but heteromerous.

Heteromerous (a.) With the parts not corresponding in number.

Heteromerous (a.) Having the femoral artery developed as the principal artery of the leg; -- said of certain birds, as the cotingas and pipras.

Heteromerous (a.) Having five tarsal joints in the anterior and middle legs, but only four in the posterior pair, as the blister beetles and oil beetles.

Heteronomous (a.) Subject to the law of another.

Heteronymous (a.) Having different names or designations; standing in opposite relations.

Heteropodous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Heteropoda.

Hexapetalous (a.) Having six petals.

Hexaphyllous (a.) Having six leaves or leaflets.

Hippophagous (a.) Feeding on horseflesh; -- said of certain nomadic tribes, as the Tartars.

Homochromous (a.) Having all the florets in the same flower head of the same color.

Homodynamous (a.) Pertaining to, or involving, homodynamy; as, successive or homodynamous parts in plants and animals.

Homoeomerous (a.) Having the main artery of the leg parallel with the sciatic nerve; -- said of certain birds.

Homomorphous (a.) Characterized by homomorphism.

Homothermous (a.) Warm-blooded; homoiothermal; haematothermal.

Hydrophanous (a.) Made transparent by immersion in water.

Hygrophanous (a.) Having such a structure as to be diaphanous when moist, and opaque when dry.

Hypochlorous (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, chlorine having a valence lower than in chlorous compounds.

Hypophyllous (a.) Being or growing on the under side of a leaf, as the fruit dots of ferns.

Idiomorphous (a.) Having a form of its own.

Idiomorphous (a.) Apperaing in distinct crystals; -- said of the mineral constituents of a rock.

Immorigerous (a.) Rude; uncivil; disobedient.

Impetiginous (a.) Of the nature of, or pertaining to, impetigo.

Impropitious (a.) Unpropitious; unfavorable.

Improsperous (a.) Not prosperous.

Inaniloquous (a.) Given to talking inanely; loquacious; garrulous.

Inauspicious (a.) Not auspicious; ill-omened; unfortunate; unlucky; unfavorable.

Incommodious (a.) Tending to incommode; not commodious; not affording ease or advantage; unsuitable; giving trouble; inconvenient; annoying; as, an incommodious seat; an incommodious arrangement.

Inconcinnous (a.) Not concinnous; unsuitable; discordant.

Incontiguous (a.) Not contiguous; not adjoining or in contact; separate.

Infelicitous (a.) Not felicitous; unhappy; unfortunate; not fortunate or appropriate in application; not well said, expressed, or done; as, an infelicitous condition; an infelicitous remark; an infelicitous description; infelicitous words.

Infraspinous (a.) Below the spine; infraspinal; esp., below the spine of the scapula; as, the infraspinous fossa; the infraspinate muscle.

Inharmonious (a.) Not harmonious; unmusical; discordant; dissonant.

Inharmonious (a.) Conflicting; jarring; not in harmony.

Inimicitious (a.) Inimical; unfriendly.

Innutritious (a.) Not nutritious; not furnishing nourishment.

Insalubrious (a.) Not salubrious or healthful; unwholesome; as, an insalubrious air or climate.

Intermedious (a.) Intermediate.

Interosseous (a.) Situated between bones; as, an interosseous ligament.

Interspinous (a.) Between spines; esp., between the spinous processes of the vertebral column.

Irreptitious (a.) Surreptitious; spurious.

Isostemonous (a.) Having exactly as many stamens as petals.

Keratogenous (a.) Producing horn; as, the keratogenous membrane within the horny hoof of the horse.

Laminiferous (a.) Having a structure consisting of laminae, or thin layers.

Laticiferous (a.) Containing the latex; -- applied to the tissue or tubular vessels in which the latex of the plant is found.

Latirostrous (a.) Having a broad beak.

Latitudinous (a.) Having latitude, or wide extent.

Leiotrichous (a.) Having smooth, or nearly smooth, hair.

Ligniperdous (a.) Wood-destroying; -- said of certain insects.

Lithophagous (a.) Eating or swallowing stones or gravel, as the ostrich.

Lithophagous (a.) Eating or destroying stone; -- applied to various animals which make burrows in stone, as many bivalve mollusks, certain sponges, annelids, and sea urchins. See Lithodomus.

Lithophytous (a.) Lithophytic.

Lobeliaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order of plants of which the genus Lobelia is the type.

Lomentaceous (a.) Of the nature of a loment; having fruits like loments.

Luminiferous (a.) Producing light; yielding light; transmitting light; as, the luminiferous ether.

Macropterous (a.) Having long wings.

Magniloquous (a.) Magniloquent.

Manganesious (a.) Manganous.

Marmoraceous (a.) Pertaining to, or like, marble.

Matrimonious (a.) Matrimonial.

Melanocomous (a.) Having very dark or black hair; black-haired.

Melliphagous (a.) See Meliphagous.

Meretricious (a.) Of or pertaining to prostitutes; having to do with harlots; lustful; as, meretricious traffic.

Meretricious (a.) Resembling the arts of a harlot; alluring by false show; gaudily and deceitfully ornamental; tawdry; as, meretricious dress or ornaments.

Mesognathous (a.) Having the jaws slightly projecting; between prognathous and orthognathous. See Gnathic index, under Gnathic.

Metagnathous (a.) Cross-billed; -- said of certain birds, as the crossbill.

Microphonous (a.) Serving to augment the intensity of weak sounds; microcoustic.

Momentaneous (a.) Alt. of Momentany

Monadelphous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Monadelphia; having the stamens united in one body by the filaments.

Monodelphous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Monodelphia.

Monogrammous (a.) Monogrammic.

Monographous (a.) Monographic.

Monohemerous (a.) Lasting but one day.

Monomorphous (a.) Having but a single form; retaining the same form throughout the various stages of development; of the same or of an essentially similar type of structure; -- opposed to dimorphic, trimorphic, and polymorphic.

Monopetalous (a.) Having only one petal, or the corolla in one piece, or composed of petals cohering so as to form a tube or bowl; gamopetalous.

Monophyllous (a.) One-leaved; composed of a single leaf; as, a monophyllous involucre or calyx.

Monopyrenous (a.) Having but a single stone or kernel.

Monosepalous (a.) Having only one sepal, or the calyx in one piece or composed of the sepals united into one piece; gamosepalous.

Monospermous (a.) Having only one seed.

Monostichous (a.) Arranged in a single row on one side of an axis, as the flowers in grasses of the tribe Chloridae.

Mucilaginous (a.) Partaking of the nature of, or resembling, mucilage; moist, soft, and viscid; slimy; ropy; as, a mucilaginous liquid.

Mucilaginous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or secreting, mucilage; as, the mucilaginous glands.

Mucilaginous (a.) Soluble in water, but not in alcohol; yielding mucilage; as, mucilaginous gums or plants.

Multifarious (a.) Having multiplicity; having great diversity or variety; of various kinds; diversified; made up of many differing parts; manifold.

Multifarious (a.) Having parts, as leaves, arranged in many vertical rows.

Multiflorous (a.) Having many flowers.

Multiformous (a.) Multiform.

Multiloquous (a.) Speaking much; very talkative; loquacious.

Necrophagous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Necrophaga; eating carrion. See Necrophagan.

Neuropterous (a.) Neuropteral.

Nonoxygenous (a.) Without oxygen; characterized by the absence of oxygen; as, a nonoxygenous alkaloid.

Nymphiparous (a.) Producing pupas or nymphs.

Obreptitious (a.) Done or obtained by surprise; with secrecy, or by concealment of the truth.

Obstreperous (a.) Attended by, or making, a loud and tumultuous noise; clamorous; noisy; vociferous.

Ochroleucous (a.) Yellowish white; having a faint tint of dingy yellow.

Octopetalous (a.) Having eight petals or flower leaves.

Octospermous (a.) Containing eight seeds.

Octostichous (a.) In eight vertical ranks, as leaves on a stem.

Oenanthylous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, an acid formerly supposed to be the acid of oenanthylic ether, but now known to be a mixture of higher acids, especially capric acid.

Onagrarieous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a natural order of plants (Onagraceae or Onagrarieae), which includes the fuchsia, the willow-herb (Epilobium), and the evening primrose (/nothera).

Ophiophagous (a.) Feeding on serpents; -- said of certain birds and reptiles.

Opiniastrous (a.) See Opiniaster. [Obs.].

Orichalceous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, orichalch; having a color or luster like that of brass.

Orthopterous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Orthoptera.

Orthotropous (a.) Having the axis of an ovule or seed straight from the hilum and chalaza to the orifice or the micropyle; atropous.

Ostentatious (a.) Fond of, or evincing, ostentation; unduly conspicuous; pretentious; boastful.

Overcautious (a.) Too cautious; cautious or prudent to excess.

Overluscious (a.) Excessively luscious.

Overnumerous (a.) Excessively numerous; too many.

Overrigorous (a.) Too rigorous; harsh.

Overstudious (a.) Too studious.

Pachycarpous (a.) Having the pericarp thick.

Pantophagous (a.) Eating all kinds of food.

Paragnathous (a.) Having both mandibles of equal length, the tips meeting, as in certain birds.

Paramorphous (a.) Relating to paramorphism; exhibiting paramorphism.

Parapetalous (a.) Growing by the side of a petal, as a stamen.

Parenchymous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or connected with, the parenchyma of a tissue or an organ; as, parenchymatous degeneration.

Parricidious (a.) Parricidal.

Parsimonious (a.) Exhibiting parsimony; sparing in expenditure of money; frugal to excess; penurious; niggardly; stingy.

Pentacoccous (a.) Composed of five united carpels with one seed in each, as certain fruits.

Pentahedrous (a.) Pentahedral.

Perichaetous (a.) Surrounded by setae; -- said of certain earthworms (genus Perichaetus).

Peripetalous (a.) Surrounding, or situated about, the petals.

Pertinacious (a.) Holding or adhering to any opinion, purpose, or design, with obstinacy; perversely persistent; obstinate; as, pertinacious plotters; a pertinacious beggar.

Pertinacious (a.) Resolute; persevering; constant; steady.

Pervicacious (a.) Obstinate; willful; refractory.

Petaliferous (a.) Bearing petals.

Petaloideous (a.) Having the whole or part of the perianth peta

Phaenogamous (a.) Having true flowers with with distinct floral organs; flowering.

Phlogogenous (a.) Causing inflammation.

Phosphoreous (a.) Phosphorescent.

Phyllopodous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Phyllopoda.

Physostomous (a.) Having a duct to the air bladder.

Physostomous (a.) Pertaining to the Physostomi.

Phytophagous (a.) Feeding on plants; herbivorous; as, a phytophagous animal.

Pinguidinous (a.) Containing fat; fatty.

Planifolious (a.) Flat-leaved.

Pleomorphous (a.) Having the property of pleomorphism.

Plumbaginous (a.) Resembling plumbago; consisting of, or containing, plumbago; as, a plumbaginous slate.

Plumbiferous (a.) Producing or containing lead.

Plumulaceous (a.) Downy; bearing down.

Plurifarious (a.) Of many kinds or fashions; multifarious.

Podophyllous (a.) Having thin, flat, leaflike locomotive organs.

Podophyllous (a.) Pertaining to, or composing, the layer of tissue, made up of laminae, beneath a horse's hoof.

Pollenarious (a.) Consisting of meal or pollen.

Polychromous (a.) Of or pertaining to polychromy; many-colored; polychromatic.

Polyglottous (a.) Speaking many languages; polyglot.

Polymorphous (a.) Having, or assuming, a variety of forms, characters, or styles; as, a polymorphous author.

Polymorphous (a.) Having, or occurring in, several distinct forms; -- opposed to monomorphic.

Polyommatous (a.) Having many eyes.

Polypetalous (a.) Consisting of, or having, several or many separate petals; as, a polypetalous corolla, flower, or plant.

Polyphyllous (a.) Many-leaved; as, a polyphyllous calyx or perianth.

Polypiferous (a.) Bearing polyps, or polypites.

Polypiparous (a.) Producing polyps.

Polysepalous (a.) Having the sepals separate from each other.

Polyspermous (a.) Containing many seeds; as, a polyspermous capsule or berry.

Porcelaneous (a.) Alt. of Porcellaneous

Porcellanous (a.) Porcelaneous.

Precedaneous (a.) Preceding; antecedent; previous.

Precipitious (a.) Precipitous.

Preconscious (a.) Of or pertaining to a state before consciousness.

Preposterous (a.) Having that first which ought to be last; inverted in order.

Preposterous (a.) Contrary to nature or reason; not adapted to the end; utterly and glaringly foolish; unreasonably absurd; perverted.

Presumptuous (a.) Full of presumption; presuming; overconfident or venturesome; audacious; rash; taking liberties unduly; arrogant; insolent; as, a presumptuous commander; presumptuous conduct.

Presumptuous (a.) Founded on presumption; as, a presumptuous idea.

Presumptuous (a.) Done with hold design, rash confidence, or in violation of known duty; willful.

Primigenious (a.) Alt. of Primigenous

Primulaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to an order of herbaceous plants (Primulaceae), of which the primrose is the type, and the pimpernel, the cyclamen, and the water violet are other examples.

Proditorious (a.) Treacherous; perfidious; traitorous.

Proditorious (a.) Apt to make unexpected revelations.

Proletaneous (a.) Having a numerous offspring.

Prostibulous (a.) Of or pertaining to prostitutes or prostitution; meretricious.

Pseudonymous (a.) Bearing a false or fictitious name; as, a pseudonymous work.

Pulveraceous (a.) Having a finely powdered surface; pulverulent.

Pyritiferous (a.) Containing or producing pyrites.

Pyroligneous (a.) Alt. of Pyrolignic

Pyromorphous (a.) Having the property of crystallizing by the agency of fire.

Quadrijugous (a.) Pinnate, with four pairs of leaflets; as, a quadrijugous leaf.

Quadrumanous (a.) Having four hands; of or pertaining to the Quadrumana.

Racemiferous (a.) Bearing racemes, as the currant.

Ramentaceous (a.) Covered with ramenta.


Reinfectious (a.) Capable of reinfecting.

Rejectaneous (a.) Not chosen or received; rejected.

Rejectitious (a.) Implying or requiring rejection; rejectable.

Repertitious (a.) Found; gained by finding.

Resiniferous (a.) Yielding resin; as, a resiniferous tree or vessel.

Rhizocarpous (a.) Having perennial rootstocks or bulbs, but annual flowering stems; -- said of all perennial herbs.

Rhizophagous (a.) Feeding on roots; root-eating.

Rhizophorous (a.) Bearing roots.

Sacrilegious (a.) Violating sacred things; polluted with sacrilege; involving sacrilege; profane; impious.

Saliniferous (a.) Same as Saliferous.

Saltatorious (a.) Capable of leaping; formed for leaping; saltatory; as, a saltatorious insect or leg.

Salutiferous (a.) Bringing health; healthy; salutary; beneficial; as, salutiferous air.

Sanguiferous (a.) Conveying blood; as, sanguiferous vessels, i. e., the arteries, veins, capillaries.

Sanguifluous (a.) Flowing or running with blood.

Sanguigenous (a.) Producing blood; as, sanguigenous food.

Sanguivorous (a.) Subsisting upon blood; -- said of certain blood-sucking bats and other animals. See Vampire.

Santalaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order of plants (Santalaceae), of which the genus Santalum is the type, and which includes the buffalo nut and a few other North American plants, and many peculiar plants of the southern hemisphere.

Sapindaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to an order of trees and shrubs (Sapindaceae), including the (typical) genus Sapindus, the maples, the margosa, and about seventy other genera.

Saprophagous (a.) Feeding on carrion.

Sarcophagous (a.) Feeding on flesh; flesh-eating; carnivorous.

Satellitious (a.) Pertaining to, or consisting of, satellites.

Schistaceous (a.) Of a slate color.

Schizopodous (a.) Of or pertaining to a schizopod, or the Schizopoda.

Schorlaceous (a.) Partaking of the nature and character of schorl; resembling schorl.

Scitamineous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order of plants (Scitamineae), mostly tropical herbs, including the ginger, Indian shot, banana, and the plants producing turmeric and arrowroot.

Sclerogenous (a.) Making or secreting a hard substance; becoming hard.

Secretitious (a.) Parted by animal secretion; as, secretitious humors.

Seleniferous (a.) Containing, or impregnated with, selenium; as, seleniferous pyrites.

Semeniferous (a.) Seminiferous.

Semiligneous (a.) Half or partially ligneous, as a stem partly woody and partly herbaceous.

Seminiferous (a.) Seed-bearing; producing seed; pertaining to, or connected with, the formation of semen; as, seminiferous cells or vesicles.

Semiprecious (a.) Somewhat precious; as, semiprecious stones or metals.

Semivitreous (a.) Partially vitreous.

Septemfluous (a.) Flowing sevenfold; divided into seven streams or currents.

Septifarious (a.) Turned in seven different ways.

Septifolious (a.) Having seven leaves.

Serpentinous (a.) Relating to, or like, serpentine; as, a rock serpentinous in character.

Siliciferous (a.) Producing silica; united with silica.

Simultaneous (a.) Existing, happening, or done, at the same time; as, simultaneous events.

Slaughterous (a.) Destructive; murderous.

Soboliferous (a.) Producing soboles. See Illust. of Houseleek.

Solisequious (a.) Following the course of the sun; as, solisequious plants.

Somniloquous (a.) Apt to talk in sleep.

Soporiferous (a.) Causing sleep; somniferous; soporific.

Sortilegious (a.) Pertaining to sortilege.

Splendidious (a.) Splendid.

Squamigerous (a.) Bearing scales.

Stanniferous (a.) Containing or affording tin.

Steatomatous (a.) Of the nature of steatoma.

Steatopygous (a.) Having fat buttocks.

Stelliferous (a.) Having, or abounding with, stars.

Stipulaceous (a.) Alt. of Stipular

Strangurious (a.) Of or pertaining to strangury.

Subaquaneous (a.) Subaqueous.

Subconscious (a.) Occurring without the possibility or the fact of an attendant consciousness; -- said of states of the soul.

Subconscious (a.) Partially conscious; feebly conscious.

Subcutaneous (a.) Situated under the skin; hypodermic.

Subdititious (a.) Put secretly in the place of something else; foisted in.

Subterfluous (a.) Running under or beneath.

Succedaneous (a.) Pertaining to, or acting as, a succedaneum; supplying the place of something else; being, or employed as, a substitute for another.

Sudoriferous (a.) Producing, or secreting, sweat; sudoriparous.

Sudoriparous (a.) Same as Sudoriferous.

Suffraginous (a.) Of or pertaining to the hock of a beast.

Suffruticous (a.) Suffruticose.

Supercilious (a.) Lofty with pride; haughty; dictatorial; overbearing; arrogant; as, a supercilious officer; asupercilious air; supercilious behavior.

Supercurious (a.) Excessively curious or inquisitive.

Superspinous (a.) Supraspinuos.

Suppedaneous (a.) Being under the feet.

Supraspinous (a.) Situated above a spine or spines; especially, situated above, or on the dorsal side of, the neural spines of the vertebral column, or above, or in front of, the spine of the scapula.

Synantherous (a.) Having the stamens united by their anthers; as, synantherous flowers.

Syndactylous (a.) Having the toes firmly united together for some distance, and without an intermediate web, as the kingfishers; gressorial.

Syngenesious (a.) Having the stamens united by the anthers; of or pertaining to the Syngenesia.

Tardigradous (a.) Moving slowly; slow-paced.

Tauricornous (a.) Having horns like those of a bull.

Tautoousious (a.) Having the same essence; being identically of the same nature.

Telotrochous (a.) Having both a preoral and a posterior band of cilla; -- applied to the larvae of certain annelids.

Temporaneous (a.) Temporarity.

Tenuifolious (a.) Having thin or narrow leaves.

Terrestrious (a.) Terrestrial.

Testudineous (a.) Resembling the shell of a tortoise.

Tetracoccous (a.) Having four cocci, or carpels.

Tetrapterous (a.) Having four wings.

Thecasporous (a.) Having the spores in thecae, or cases.

Thermogenous (a.) Producing heat; thermogenic.

Titaniferous (a.) Containing or affording titanium; as, titaniferous magnetite.

Tralatitious (a.) Passed along; handed down; transmitted.

Tralatitious (a.) Metaphorical; figurative; not literal.

Transpicuous (a.) Transparent; pervious to the sight.

Triadelphous (a.) Having stamens joined by filaments into three bundles. See Illust. under Adelphous.

Tribunitious (a.) Tribunician; tribunitial.

Trichotomous (a.) Divided into three parts, or into threes; three-forked; as, a trichotomous stem.

Tridactylous (a.) Tridactyl.

Tuberiferous (a.) Producing or bearing tubers.

Turbinaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to peat, or turf; of the nature of peat, or turf; peaty; turfy.

Unauspicious (a.) Inauspicious.

Unharmonious (a.) Inharmonious; unsymmetrical; also, unmusical; discordant.

Unscrupulous (a.) Not scrupulous; unprincipled.

Vainglorious (a.) Feeling or indicating vainglory; elated by vanity; boastful.

Valetudinous (a.) Valetudinarian.

Vaporiferous (a.) Conveying or producing vapor.

Ventriculous (a.) Somewhat distended in the middle; ventricular.

Verbenaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order (Verbenaceae) of gamopetalous plants of which Verbena is the type. The order includes also the black and white mangroves, and many plants noted for medicinal use or for beauty of bloom.

Verecundious (a.) Verecund.

Vituperrious (a.) Worthy of vituperation; shameful; disgraceful.

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