12 letter words ending in ship

Advocateship (n.) Office or duty of an advocate.

Aldermanship (n.) The condition, position, or office of an alderman.

Assessorship (n.) The office or function of an assessor.

Attorneyship (n.) The office or profession of an attorney; agency for another.

Autocratship (n.) The office or dignity of an autocrat.

Bachelorship (n.) The state of being a bachelor.

Burgess-ship (n.) The state of privilege of a burgess.

Cardinalship (n.) The condition, dignity, of office of a cardinal

Chairmanship (n.) The office of a chairman of a meeting or organized body.

Championship (n.) State of being champion; leadership; supremacy.

Chaplainship (n.) The office or business of a chaplain.

Chaplainship (n.) The possession or revenue of a chapel.

Coachmanship (n.) Skill in driving a coach.

Corporalship (n.) A corporal's office.

Corrivalship (n.) Corivalry.

Creatureship (n.) The condition of being a creature.

Decemvirship (n.) The office of a decemvir.

Dictatorship (n.) The office, or the term of office, of a dictator; hence, absolute power.

Directorship (n.) The condition or office of a director; directorate.

Discipleship (n.) The state of being a disciple or follower in doctrines and precepts.

Discourtship (n.) Want of courtesy.

Emissaryship (n.) The office of an emissary.

Examinership (n.) The office or rank of an examiner.

Executorship (n.) The office of an executor.

Freshmanship (n.) The state of being a freshman.

Governorship (n.) The office of a governor.

Graduateship (n.) State of being a graduate.

Guardianship (n.) The office, duty, or care, of a guardian; protection; care; watch.

Horsemanship (n.) The act or art of riding, and of training and managing horses; manege.

Hostess-ship (n.) The character, personality, or office of a hostess.

Huntsmanship (n.) The art or practice of hunting, or the qualification of a hunter.

Imitatorship (n.) The state or office of an imitator.

Impostorship (n.) The condition, character, or practice of an impostor.

Laureateship (n.) State, or office, of a laureate.

Marksmanship (n.) Skill of a marksman.

Mediatorship (n.) The office or character of a mediator.

Ministryship (n.) The office of a minister.

Mistressship (n.) Female rule or dominion.

Mistressship (n.) Ladyship, a style of address; -- with the personal pronoun.

Nazariteship (n.) The state of a Nazarite.

Neighborship (n.) The state of being neighbors.

Observership (n.) The office or work of an observer.

Ordinaryship (n.) The state of being an ordinary.

Overlordship (n.) Lordship or supremacy of a person or a people over others.

Overseership (n.) The office of an overseer.

Partisanship (n.) The state of being a partisan, or adherent to a party; feelings or conduct appropriate to a partisan.

Preachership (n.) The office of a preacher.

Prenticeship (n.) Apprenticeship.

Provisorship (n.) The office or position of a provisor.

Receivership (n.) The state or office of a receiver.

Recordership (n.) The office of a recorder.

Registership (n.) The office of a register.

Relationship (n.) The state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other alliance.

Residentship (n.) The office or condition of a resident.

Self-worship (n.) The idolizing of one's self; immoderate self-conceit.

Sergeantship (n.) The office of sergeant.

Servitorship (n.) The office, rank, or condition of a servitor.

Surveyorship (n.) The office of a surveyor.

Survivorship (n.) The state of being a survivor.

Survivorship (n.) The right of a joint tenant, or other person who has a joint interest in an estate, to take the whole estate upon the death of other.

Unfriendship (n.) The state or quality of being unfriendly; unfriend

Virtuosoship (n.) The condition, pursuits, or occupation of a virtuoso.

Viscountship (n.) Alt. of Viscounty

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