13 letter words ending in ance

Coinheritance (n.) Joint inheritance.

Country-dance (n.) See Contradance.

Disaffirmance (n.) The act of disaffirming; denial; negation.

Disaffirmance (n.) Overthrow or annulment by the decision of a superior tribunal; as, disaffirmance of judgment.

Disappearance (n.) The act of disappearing; cessation of appearance; removal from sight; vanishing.

Discompliance (n.) Failure or refusal to comply; noncompliance.

Dispurveyance (n.) Want of provisions; /ack of food.

Distemperance (n.) Distemperature.

Enterparlance (n.) Mutual talk or conversation; conference.

Indisturbance (n.) Freedom from disturbance; calmness; repose; apathy; indifference.

Misgovernance (n.) Misgovernment; misconduct; misbehavior.

Nonacceptance (n.) A neglect or refusal to accept.

Nonappearance (n.) Default of apperance, as in court, to prosecute or defend; failure to appear.

Nonattendance (n.) A failure to attend; omission of attendance; nonappearance.

Noncompliance (n.) Neglect of compliance; failure to comply.

Nonobservance (n.) Neglect or failure to observe or fulfill.

Nonregardance (n.) Want of due regard; disregard; slight.

Nonresistance (n.) The principles or practice of a nonresistant; passive obedience; submission to authority, power, oppression, or violence without opposition.

Outrecuidance (n.) Excessive presumption.

Preponderance (n.) Alt. of Preponderancy

Recontinuance (n.) The act or state of recontinuing.

Redeliverance (n.) A second deliverance.

Representance (n.) Representation; likeness.

Self-reliance (n.) Reliance on one's own powers or judgment; self-trust.

Transmittance (n.) Transmission.

Transportance (n.) Transportation.

Unremembrance (n.) Want of remembrance; forgetfulness.

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