13 letter words ending in ble

Administrable (a.) Capable of being administered; as, an administrable law.

Advantageable (a.) Advantageous.

Aggrandizable (a.) Capable of being aggrandized.

Apprehensible (a.) Capable of being apprehended or conceived.

Ascertainable (a.) That may be ascertained.

Bibble-babble (n.) Idle talk; babble.

Challengeable (a.) That may be challenged.

Commeasurable (a.) Having the same measure; commensurate; proportional.

Commensurable (a.) Having a common measure; capable of being exactly measured by the same number, quantity, or measure.

Companionable (a.) Fitted to be a companion; fit for good fellowship; agreeable; sociable.

Concupiscible (a.) Exciting to, or liable to be affected by, concupiscence; provoking lustful desires.

Concupiscible (a.) Exciting desire, good or evil.

Conjecturable (a.) Capable of being conjectured or guessed.

Constrainable (a.) Capable of being constrained; liable to constraint, or to restraint.

Conterminable (a.) Having the same bounds; terminating at the same time or place; conterminous.

Contributable (a.) Capable of being contributed.

Deprehensible (a.) That may be caught or discovered; apprehensible.

Disciplinable (a.) Capable of being discip

Disciplinable (a.) Liable or deserving to be discip

Discreditable (a.) Not creditable; injurious to reputation; disgraceful; disreputable.

Discriminable (a.) Capable of being discriminated.

Disintegrable (a.) Capable of being disintegrated, or reduced to fragments or powder.

Disprofitable (a.) Unprofitable.

Dispunishable (a.) Without penal restraint; not punishable.

Distributable (a.) Capable of being distributed.

Diversifiable (a.) Capable of being diversified or varied.

Effervescible (a.) Capable of effervescing.

Electrifiable (a.) Capable of receiving electricity, or of being charged with it.

Exceptionable (a.) Liable to exception or objection; objectionable.

Exemplifiable (a.) That can be exemplified.

Foreknowa-ble (a.) That may be foreknown.

Generalizable (a.) Capable of being generalized, or reduced to a general form of statement, or brought under a general rule.

Hubble-bubble (n.) A tobacco pipe, so arranged that the smoke passes through water, making a bubbling noise, whence its name. In India, the bulb containing the water is often a cocoanut shell.

Immarcescible (a.) Unfading; lasting.

Impassionable (a.) Excitable; susceptible of strong emotion.

Imperceivable (a.) Imperceptible.

Imperceptible (a.) Not perceptible; not to be apprehended or cognized by the souses; not discernible by the mind; not easily apprehended.

Imperfectible (a.) Incapable of being mad perfect.

Impermissible (a.) Not permissible.

Impersuadable (a.) Not to be persuaded; obstinate; unyielding; impersuasible.

Impersuasible (a.) Not persuasible; not to be moved by persuasion; inflexible; impersuadable.

Impertrubable (a.) Incapable of being disturbed or disconcerted; as, imperturbable gravity.

Impracticable (a.) Not practicable; incapable of being performed, or accomplished by the means employed, or at command; impossible; as, an impracticable undertaking.

Impracticable (a.) Not to be overcome, presuaded, or controlled by any reasonable method; unmanageable; intractable; not capable of being easily dealt with; -- used in a general sense, as applied to a person or thing that is difficult to control or get along with.

Impracticable (a.) Incapable of being used or availed of; as, an impracticable road; an impracticable method.

Impresionable (a.) Liable or subject to impression; capable of being molded; susceptible; impressible.

Impreventable (a.) Not preventable; invitable.

Imputrescible (a.) Not putrescible.

Inappreciable (a.) Not appreciable; too small to be perceived; incapable of being duly valued or estimated.

Incognoscible (a.) Incognizable.

Incombustible (a.) Not combustible; not capable of being burned, decomposed, or consumed by fire; uninflammable; as, asbestus is an incombustible substance; carbon dioxide is an incombustible gas.

Incommiscible (a.) Not commiscible; not mixable.

Incompossible (a.) Not capable of joint existence; incompatible; inconsistent.

Inconcealable (a.) Not concealable.

Inconceivable (a.) Not conceivable; incapable of being conceived by the mind; not explicable by the human intellect, or by any known principles or agencies; incomprehensible; as, it is inconceivable to us how the will acts in producing muscular motion.

Inconceptible (a.) Inconceivable.

Inconcussible (a.) Not concussible; that cannot be shaken.

Incondensable (a.) Alt. of Incondensible

Incondensible (a.) Not condensable; incapable of being made more dense or compact, or reduced to liquid form.

Inconformable (a.) Unconformable.

Incongealable (a.) Not congealable; incapable of being congealed.

Incontestable (a.) Not contestable; not to be disputed; that cannot be called in question or controverted; incontrovertible; indisputable; as, incontestable evidence, truth, or facts.

Inconversable (a.) Incommunicative; unsocial; reserved.

Inconvertible (a.) Not convertible; not capable of being transmuted, changed into, or exchanged for, something else; as, one metal is inconvertible into another; bank notes are sometimes inconvertible into specie.

Inconvincible (a.) Not convincible; incapable of being convinced.

Incorruptible (a.) Not corruptible; incapable of corruption, decay, or dissolution; as, gold is incorruptible.

Incorruptible (a.) Incapable of being bribed or morally corrupted; inflexibly just and upright.

Incorruptible (n.) One of a religious sect which arose in Alexandria, in the reign of the Emperor Justinian, and which believed that the body of Christ was incorruptible, and that he suffered hunger, thirst, pain, only in appearance.

Incorruptible (n.) The quality or state of being incorruptible.

Indefatigable (a.) Incapable of being fatigued; not readily exhausted; unremitting in labor or effort; untiring; unwearying; not yielding to fatigue; as, indefatigable exertions, perseverance, application.

Indescribable (a.) Incapable of being described.

Indiscernible (a.) Not to be discerned; imperceptible; not discoverable or visible.

Indiscerpible (a.) Alt. of Indiscerptible

Indispensable (a.) Not dispensable; impossible to be omitted, remitted, or spared; absolutely necessary or requisite.

Indispensable (a.) Not admitting dispensation; not subject to release or exemption.

Indispensable (a.) Unavoidable; inevitable.

Indissolvable (a.) Not dissolvable; incapable of being dissolved or separated; incapable o/ separation; perpetually firm and binding; indissoluble; as, an indissolvable bond of union.

Inexhaustible (a.) Incapable of being exhausted, emptied, or used up; unfailing; not to be wasted or spent; as, inexhaustible stores of provisions; an inexhaustible stock of elegant words.

Inexplainable (a.) Incapable of being explained; inexplicable.

Inexpressible (a.) Not capable of expression or utterance in language; ineffable; unspeakable; indescribable; unutterable; as, inexpressible grief or pleasure.

Inexsuperable (a.) Not capable of being passed over; insuperable; insurmountable.

Inextinguible (a.) Inextinguishable.

Infashionable (a.) Unfashionable.

Insubmergible (a.) Not capable of being submerged; buoyant.

Insupportable (a.) Incapable of being supported or borne; unendurable; insufferable; intolerable; as, insupportable burdens; insupportable pain.

Insusceptible (a.) Not susceptible; not capable of being moved, affected, or impressed; that can not feel, receive, or admit; as, a limb insusceptible of pain; a heart insusceptible of pity; a mind insusceptible to flattery.

Interpretable (a.) Admitting of interpretation; capable of being interpreted or explained.

Invitrifiable (a.) Not admitting of being vitrified, or converted into glass.

Irreclaimable (a.) Incapable of being reclaimed.

Irrecoverable (a.) Not capable of being recovered, regained, or remedied; irreparable; as, an irrecoverable loss, debt, or injury.

Irrecuperable (a.) Irrecoverable.

Irrefrangible (a.) Not refrangible; that can not be refracted in passing from one medium to another.

Irremunerable (a.) Not remunerable; not capable of remuneration.

Irrepleviable (a.) Alt. of Irreplevisable

Irrepressible (a.) Not capable of being repressed, restrained, or controlled; as, irrepressible joy; an irrepressible conflict.

Irresponsible (a.) Nor responsible; not liable or able to answer fro consequences; innocent.

Irresponsible (a.) Not to be trusted; unreliable.

Irretraceable (a.) Incapable of being retraced; not retraceable.

Irretrievable (a.) Not retrievable; irrecoverable; irreparable; as, an irretrievable loss.

Livery stable () A stable where horses are kept for hire, and where stabling is provided. See Livery, n., 3 (e) (f) & (g).

Multiplicable (a.) Capable of being multiplied; multipliable.

Multisyllable (n.) A word of many syllables; a polysyllable.

Objectionable (a.) Liable to objection; likely to be objected to or disapproved of; offensive; as, objectionable words.

Perditionable (a.) Capable of being ruined; worthy of perdition.

Precognizable (a.) Cognizable beforehand.

Prescriptible (a.) Depending on, or derived from, prescription; proper to be prescribed.

Pronounceable (a.) Capable of being pronounced.

Recommendable (a.) Suitable to be recommended; worthy of praise; commendable.

Reconvertible (a.) Capable of being reconverted; convertible again to the original form or condition.

Reprehensible (a.) Worthy of reprehension; culpable; censurable; blamable.

Representable (a.) Capable of being represented.

Septisyllable (n.) A word of seven syllables.

Supersensible (a.) Beyond the reach of the senses; above the natural powers of perception.

Terrasyllable (n.) A word consisting of four syllables; a quadrisyllable.

Tout-ensemble (n.) All together; hence, in costume, the fine arts, etc., the general effect of a work as a whole, without regard to the execution of the separate perts.

Transferrible (a.) Capable of being transferred; transferable.

Transformable (a.) Capable of being transformed or changed.

Transmeatable (a.) Capable of being passed over or traversed; passable.

Transmissible (a.) Capable of being transmitted from one to another; capable of being passed through any body or substance.

Transmittible (a.) Capable of being transmitted; transmissible.

Transpassable (a.) Capable of being transpassed, or crossed over.

Transportable (a.) Capable of being transported.

Transportable (a.) Incurring, or subject to, the punishment of transportation; as, a transportable offense.

Transvertible (a.) Capable of being transverted.

Unaccountable (a.) Not accountable or responsible; free from control.

Unaccountable (a.) Not to be accounted for; inexplicable; not consonant with reason or rule; strange; mysterious.

Uncomfortable (a.) Feeling discomfort; uneasy; as, to be uncomfortable on account of one's position.

Uncomfortable (a.) Causing discomfort; disagreeable; unpleasant; as, an uncomfortable seat or situation.

Unconceivable (a.) Inconceivable.

Unconformable (a.) Not conformable; not agreeable; not conforming.

Unconformable (a.) Not conformable; not lying in a parallel position; as, unconformable strata.

Unconquerable (a.) Not conquerable; indomitable.

Uncontestable (a.) Incontestable.

Uncorruptible (a.) Incorruptible.

Undefatigable (a.) Indefatigable.

Undestroyable (a.) Indestructible.

Undispensable (a.) Indispensable.

Undispensable (a.) Unavoidable; inevitable.

Undispensable (a.) Not to be freed by dispensation.

Unexhaustible (a.) Inexhaustible.

Unexpressible (a.) Inexpressible.

Unforeseeable (a.) Incapable of being foreseen.

Unforgettable (a.) Not forgettable; enduring in memory.

Unimpeachable (a.) Not impeachable; not to be called in question; exempt from liability to accusation; free from stain, guilt, or fault; irreproachable; blameless; as, an unimpeachable reputation; unimpeachable testimony.

Uninfringible (a.) That may not be infringed; as, an uninfringible monopoly.

Unpracticable (a.) Impracticable; not feasible.

Unreprievable (a.) Not capable of being reprieved.

Unresponsible (a.) Irresponsible.

Unsucceedable (a.) Not able or likely to succeed.

Unsupportable (a.) Insupportable; unendurable.

Unwarrantable (a.) Not warrantable; indefensible; not vindicable; not justifiable; illegal; unjust; improper.

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