13 letter words ending in en

Blood-shotten (a.) Bloodshot.

Bullen-bullen (n.) The lyre bird.

Hammer-harden (v. t.) To harden, as a metal, by hammering it in the cold state.

Heartstricken (a.) Shocked; dismayed.

Hunger-bitten (a.) Pinched or weakened by hunger.

Lincoln green () A color of cloth formerly made in Lincoln, England; the cloth itself.

Pretty-spoken (a.) Spoken or speaking prettily.

Priest-ridden (a.) Controlled or oppressed by priests; as, a priest-ridden people.

Privateersmen (pl. ) of Privateersman

Remainder-men (pl. ) of Remainder-man

Self-begetten (a.) Begotten by one's self, or one's own powers.

Smooth-spoken (a.) Speaking smoothly; plausible; flattering; smooth-tongued.

Stagecoachmen (pl. ) of Stagecoachman

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