13 letter words ending in ence

Breviloquence (n.) A brief and pertinent mode of speaking.

By-dependence (n.) An appendage; that which depends on something else, or is distinct from the main dependence; an accessory.

Centrifugence (n.) The property or quality of being centrifugal.

Centripetence (n.) Centripetency.

Circumference (n.) The

Circumference (n.) A circle; anything circular.

Circumference (n.) The external surface of a sphere, or of any orbicular body.

Circumference (v. t.) To include in a circular space; to bound.

Circumfluence (n.) A flowing round on all sides; an inclosing with a fluid.

Circumjacence (n.) Condition of being circumjacent, or of bordering on every side.

Concupiscence (n.) Sexual lust; morbid carnal passion.

Convalescence (n.) Alt. of Convalescency

Defervescence (n.) Alt. of Defervescency

Deliquescence (n.) The act of deliquescing or liquefying; process by which anything deliquesces; tendency to melt.

Effervescence (n.) Alt. of Effervescency

Efflorescence (n.) Flowering, or state of flowering; the blooming of flowers; blowth.

Efflorescence (n.) A redness of the skin; eruption, as in rash, measles, smallpox, scarlatina, etc.

Efflorescence (n.) The formation of the whitish powder or crust on the surface of efflorescing bodies, as salts, etc.

Efflorescence (n.) The powder or crust thus formed.

Excandescence (n.) A growing hot; a white or glowing heat; incandescence.

Excandescence (n.) Violent anger; a growing angry.

Improficience (n.) Alt. of Improficiency

Incandescence (n.) A white heat, or the glowing or luminous whiteness of a body caused by intense heat.

Incoalescence (n.) The state of not coalescing.

Incoexistence (n.) The state of not coexisting.

Incoincidence (n.) The quality of being incoincident; want of coincidence.

Inconsequence (n.) The quality or state of being inconsequent; want of just or logical inference or argument; inconclusiveness.

Inconsistence (n.) Inconsistency.

Inconvenience (n.) The quality or condition of being inconvenient; want of convenience; unfitness; unsuitableness; inexpediency; awkwardness; as, the inconvenience of the arrangement.

Inconvenience (n.) That which gives trouble, embarrassment, or uneasiness; disadvantage; anything that disturbs quiet, impedes prosperity, or increases the difficulty of action or success; as, one inconvenience of life is poverty.

Inconvenience (v. t.) To put to inconvenience; to incommode; as, to inconvenience a neighbor.

Inflorescence (n.) A flowering; the putting forth and unfolding of blossoms.

Inflorescence (n.) The mode of flowering, or the general arrangement and disposition of the flowers with reference to the axis, and to each other.

Inflorescence (n.) An axis on which all the flower buds.

Insufficience (n.) Insufficiency.

Intercurrence (n.) A passing or running between; occurrence.

Intermittence (n.) Act or state of intermitting; intermission.

Intervenience (n.) Alt. of Interveniency

Inturgescence (n.) A swelling; the act of swelling, or state of being swelled.

Jurisprudence (a.) The science of juridical law; the knowledge of the laws, customs, and rights of men in a state or community, necessary for the due administration of justice.

Longiloquence (n.) Long-windedness.

Magniloquence (n.) The quality of being magniloquent; pompous discourse; grandiloquence.

Mill-sixpence (n.) A milled sixpence; -- the sixpence being one of the first English coins milled (1561).

Misadvertence (n.) Inadvertence.

Multiloquence (n.) Quality of being multiloquent; use of many words; talkativeness.

Multipresence (n.) The state or power of being multipresent.

Overinfluence (v. t.) To influence in an excessive degree; to have undue influence over.

Pluripresence (n.) Presence in more places than one.

Postexistence (n.) Subsequent existence.

Quadrivalence (n.) The quality or state of being quadrivalent; tetravalence.

Quantivalence (n.) Valence.

Ramollescence (n.) A softening or mollifying.

Recrudescence (n.) Alt. of Recrudescency

Reflorescence (n.) A blossoming anew of a plant after it has apparently ceased blossoming for the season.

Self-evidence (n.) The quality or state of being self-evident.

Somniloquence (n.) The act of talking in one's sleep; somniloquism.

Supereminence (n.) Alt. of Supereminency

Transcendence () Alt. of Transcendency

Transcurrence (n.) A roving hither and thither.

Transferrence (n.) See Transference.

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