13 letter words ending in er

Accelerometer (n.) An apparatus for measuring the velocity imparted by gunpowder.

Esthesiometer (n.) An instrument to measure the degree of sensation, by determining at how short a distance two impressions upon the skin can be distinguished, and thus to determine whether the condition of tactile sensibility is normal or altered.

Albuminimeter (n.) An instrument for ascertaining the quantity of albumen in a liquid.

Alcoholometer (n.) Alt. of Alcoholmeter

Anathematizer (n.) One who pronounces an anathema.

Anthracometer (n.) An instrument for measuring the amount of carbonic acid in a mixture.

Archpresbyter (n.) Same as Archpriest.

Archtreasurer (n.) A chief treasurer. Specifically, the great treasurer of the German empire.

Attitudinizer (n.) One who practices attitudes.

Avant-courier (n.) A person dispatched before another person or company, to give notice of his or their approach.

Ballad monger () A seller or maker of ballads; a poetaster.

Bibliographer (n.) One who writes, or is versed in, bibliography.

Boroughholder (n.) A headborough; a borsholder.

Boroughmaster (n.) The mayor, governor, or bailiff of a borough.

Boroughmonger (n.) One who buys or sells the parliamentary seats of boroughs.

Brachygrapher (n.) A writer in short hand; a stenographer.

Breadthwinner (n.) The member of a family whose labor supplies the food of the family; one who works for his living.

Burghermaster (n.) See Burgomaster.

Capellmeister (n.) The musical director in royal or ducal chapel; a choir-master.

Castlebuilder (n.) Fig.: one who builds castles in the air or forms visionary schemes.

Chalcographer (n.) Alt. of Chalcographist

Chartographer (n.) Alt. of Chartography

Chessy copper () The mineral azurite, found in fine crystallization at Chessy, near Lyons; called also chessylite.

Chest founder () A rheumatic affection of the muscles of the breast and fore legs of a horse, affecting motion and respiration.

Chronographer (n.) One who writes a chronography; a chronologer.

Circumscriber (n.) One who, or that which, circumscribes.

Clearstarcher (n.) One who clearstarches.

Comet- seeker (n.) A telescope of low power, having a large field of view, used for finding comets.

Cometographer (n.) One who describes or writes about comets.

Conning tower (n.) The shot-proof pilot house of a war vessel.

Costardmonger (n.) A costermonger.

Countercaster (n.) A caster of accounts; a reckoner; a bookkeeper; -- used contemptuously.

Counterfeiter (n.) One who counterfeits; one who copies or imitates; especially, one who copies or forges bank notes or coin; a forger.

Counterfeiter (n.) One who assumes a false appearance or semblance; one who makes false pretenses.

Counterjumper (n.) A salesman in a shop; a shopman; -- used contemptuously.

Court-plaster (n.) Sticking plaster made by coating taffeta or silk on one side with some adhesive substance, commonly a mixture of isinglass and glycerin.

Cryptographer (n.) One who writes in cipher, or secret characters.

Demonographer (n.) A demonologist.

Diaphanometer (n.) An instrument for measuring the transparency of the air.

Distinguisher (n.) One who, or that which, distinguishes or separates one thing from another by marks of diversity.

Distinguisher (n.) One who discerns accurately the difference of things; a nice or judicious observer.

Double dealer () One who practices double dealing; a deceitful, trickish person.

Double-decker (n.) A man-of-war having two gun decks.

Double-decker (n.) A public conveyance, as a street car, with seats on the roof.

Double-ripper (n.) A kind of coasting sled, made of two sleds fastened together with a board, one before the other.

Electioneerer (n.) One who electioneers.

Electroplater (n.) One who electroplates.

Elegiographer (n.) An elegist.

Esthesiometer (n.) Same as Aesthesiometer.

Father-lasher (n.) A European marine fish (Cottus bubalis), allied to the sculpin; -- called also lucky proach.

Glossographer (n.) A writer of a glossary; a commentator; a scholiast.

Granddaughter (n.) The daughter of one's son or daughter.

Haemadrometer (n.) Alt. of Haemadremometer

Harbor master () An officer charged with the duty of executing the regulations respecting the use of a harbor.

Hematinometer (n.) A form of hemoglobinometer.

Historionomer (n.) One versed in the phenomena of history and the laws controlling them.

Hugger-mugger (n.) Privacy; secrecy. Commonly in the phrase in hugger-mugger, with haste and secrecy.

Hugger-mugger (a.) Secret; clandestine; sly.

Hugger-mugger (a.) Confused; disorderly; slovenly; mean; as, hugger-mugger doings.

Inclinnometer (n.) An apparatus to determine the inclination of the earth's magnetic force to the plane of the horizon; -- called also inclination compass, and dip circle.

Intelligencer (n.) One who, or that which, sends or conveys intelligence or news; a messenger.

Interpilaster (n.) The interval or space between two pilasters.

Kapellmeister (n.) See Capellmeister.

Kettledrummer (n.) One who plays on a kettledrum.

Kidderminster (n.) A kind of ingrain carpeting, named from the English town where formerly most of it was manufactured.

Kilogrammeter (n.) Alt. of Kilogrammetre

Kindergartner (n.) One who teaches in a kindergarten.

Lady's finger () The kidney vetch.

Lady's finger () A variety of small cake of about the dimensions of a finger.

Lady's finger () A long, slender variety of the potato.

Lady's finger () One of the branchiae of the lobster.

Lexicographer (n.) The author or compiler of a lexicon or dictionary.

Martel de fer () A weapon resembling a hammer, often having one side of the head pointed; -- used by horsemen in the Middle Ages to break armor.

Meistersinger (n.) See Mastersinger.

Metamorphoser (n.) One who metamorphoses.

Muzzle-loader (n.) A firearm which receives its charge through the muzzle, as distinguished from one which is loaded at the breech.

Neverthelater (adv. / conj.) Nevertheless.

Palaeographer (a.) Alt. of Palaeographic


Philosophizer (n.) One who philosophizes.

Phthongometer (n.) An instrument for measuring vocal sounds.

Pneumatometer (n.) An instrument for measuring the amount of force exerted by the lungs in respiration.

Pneumonometer (n.) A spirometer; a pneumometer.

Potentiometer (n.) An instrument for measuring or comparing electrial potentials or electro-motive forces.

Psalmographer (n.) Alt. of Psalmographist

Pyrheliometer (n.) An instrument for measuring the direct heating effect of the sun's rays.

Quartermaster (n.) An officer whose duty is to provide quarters, provisions, storage, clothing, fuel, stationery, and transportation for a regiment or other body of troops, and superintend the supplies.

Quartermaster (n.) A petty officer who attends to the helm, binnacle, signals, and the like, under the direction of the master.

Recurviroster (n.) A bird whose beak bends upward, as the avocet.

Reestablisher (n.) One who establishes again.

Refractometer (n.) A contrivance for exhibiting and measuring the refraction of light.

Reprobationer (n.) One who believes in reprobation. See Reprobation, 2.

Restorationer (n.) A Restorationist.

Rhodomontader (n.) See Rodomontador.

Saccharimeter (n.) An instrument for ascertaining the quantity of saccharine matter in any solution, as the juice of a plant, or brewers' and distillers' worts.

Saccharometer (n.) A saccharimeter.

Schwenkfelder (n.) Alt. of Schwenkfeldian

Scotch-hopper (n.) Hopscotch.

Sea sandpiper () The purple sandpiper.

Selenographer (n.) One skilled in selenography.

Self-murderer (n.) A suicide.

Selters water () A mineral water from Sellers, in the district of Nassan, Germany, containing much free carbonic acid.

Seltzer water () See Selters water.

Seven-shooter (n.) A firearm, esp. a pistol, with seven barrels or chambers for cartridges, or one capable of firing seven shots without reloading.

Sheep-shearer (n.) One who shears, or cuts off the wool from, sheep.

Shield-bearer (n.) One who, or that which, carries a shield.

Shield-bearer (n.) Any small moth of the genus Aspidisca, whose larva makes a shieldlike covering for itself out of bits of leaves.

Slang-whanger (n.) One who uses abusive slang; a ranting partisan.

Sphenographer (n.) One skilled in sphenography; a sphenographist.

Spiritualizer (n.) One who spiritualizes.

Stern-wheeler (n.) A steamboat having a stern wheel instead of side wheels.

Superintender (n.) A superintendent.

Surfeit-water (n.) Water for the cure of surfeits.

Swingebuckler (n.) A swashbuckler; a bully; a roisterer.

Sympiesometer (n.) A sensitive kind of barometer, in which the pressure of the atmosphere, acting upon a liquid, as oil, in the lower portion of the instrument, compresses an elastic gas in the upper part.

Tampico fiber () Alt. of fibre

Tetter-totter (n.) A certain game of children; seesaw; -- called also titter-totter, and titter-cum-totter.

Thimblerigger (n.) One who cheats by thimblerigging, or tricks of legerdemain.

Three-quarter (a.) Measuring thirty inches by twenty-five; -- said of portraitures.

Thundershower (n.) A shower accompanied with lightning and thunder.

Titter-totter (v. i.) See Teeter.

Tranquillizer (n.) One who, or that which, tranquilizes.

Transcribbler (n.) A transcriber; -- used in contempt.

Underminister (v. t.) To serve, or minister to, in a subordinate relation.

Understrapper (n.) A petty fellow; an inferior agent; an underling.

Vaunt-courier (n.) See Van-courier.

Volumenometer (n.) An instrument for measuring the volume of a body, especially a solid, by means of the difference in tension caused by its presence and absence in a confined portion of air.

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