13 letter words ending in ic

Adiaphoristic (a.) Pertaining to matters indifferent in faith and practice.

Amphitheatric (a.) Alt. of Amphitheatrical

Anachronistic (a.) Erroneous in date; containing an anachronism.

Antaphroditic (a.) Antaphrodisiac.

Antaphroditic (a.) Antisyphilitic.

Antaphroditic (n.) An antaphroditic medicine.

Antapoplectic (a.) Good against apoplexy.

Antapoplectic (n.) A medicine used against apoplexy.

Anthropogenic (a.) Of or pertaining to anthropogeny.

Anthropologic (a.) Alt. of Anthropological

Antiasthmatic (a. & n.) Same as Antasthmatic.

Antiephialtic (a. & n.) Same as Antephialtic.

Antiepileptic (a. & n.) Same as Antepileptic.

Antimonarchic () Alt. of Antimonarchical

Antinephritic (a.) Counteracting, or deemed of use in, diseases of the kidneys.

Antinephritic (n.) An antinephritic remedy.

Antiparalytic (a.) Good against paralysis.

Antiparalytic (n.) A medicine for paralysis.

Antiscorbutic (a.) Counteracting scurvy.

Antiscorbutic (n.) A remedy for scurvy.

Antispasmodic (a.) Good against spasms.

Antispasmodic (n.) A medicine which prevents or allays spasms or convulsions.

Antisplenetic (a.) Good as a remedy against disease of the spleen.

Antisplenetic (n.) An antisplenetic medicine.

Antistrumatic (a.) Antistrumous.

Antistrumatic (n.) A medicine for scrofula.

Apheliotropic (a.) Turning away from the sun; -- said of leaves, etc.

Apophlegmatic (a.) Designed to facilitate discharges of phlegm or mucus from mouth or nostrils.

Apophlegmatic (n.) An apophlegmatic medicine.

Apotelesmatic (a.) Relating to the casting of horoscopes.

Apotelesmatic (a.) Relating to an issue of fulfillment.

Archaeolithic (a.) Of or pertaining to the earliest Stone age; -- applied to a prehistoric period preceding the Paleolithic age.

Archbishopric (n.) The jurisdiction or office of an archbishop; the see or province over which archbishop exercises archiepiscopal authority.

Architectonic (a.) Alt. of Architectonical

Architectonic (n.) The science of architecture.

Architectonic (n.) The act of arranging knowledge into a system.

Authochthonic (a.) Alt. of Autochthonous

Bibliographic (a.) Alt. of Bibliographical

Cardiographic (a.) Of or pertaining to, or produced by, a cardiograph.

Categorematic (a.) Capable of being employed by itself as a term; -- said of a word.

Centrostaltic (a.) A term applied to the action of nerve force in the spinal center.

Chartographic (n.) Alt. of Chartography

Chrestomathic (a.) Teaching what is useful.

Chromospheric (a.) Of or pertaining to the chromosphere.

Chronographic (a.) Of or pertaining to a chronograph.

Communalistic (a.) Pertaining to communalism.

Cryptographic (a.) Alt. of Cryptographical

Dermatopathic (a.) Of or pertaining to skin diseases, or their cure.

Deuteropathic (a.) Pertaining to deuteropathy; of the nature of deuteropathy.

Diaphragmatic (a.) Pertaining to a diaphragm; as, diaphragmatic respiration; the diaphragmatic arteries and nerves.

Electroscopic (a.) Relating to, or made by means of, the electroscope.

Electrostatic (a.) Pertaining to electrostatics.

Embryoplastic (n.) Relating to, or aiding in, the formation of an embryo; as, embryoplastic cells.

Enantiopathic (a.) Serving to palliate; palliative.

Endolymphatic (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, endolymph; as, the endolymphatic duct.

Endolymphatic (a.) Within a lymphatic vessel; endolymphangial.

Endosmometric (a.) Pertaining to, or designed for, the measurement of endosmotic action.

Erythrochroic (a.) Having, or subject to, erythrochroism.

Eudaemonistic (a.) Of or pertaining to eudemonism.

Externalistic (a.) Pertaining to externalism

Formularistic (a.) Pertaining to, or exhibiting, formularization.

Galvanometric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or measured by, a galvanometer.

Galvanoscopic (a.) Of or pertaining to a galvanoscope.

Gastroenteric (a.) Gastrointestinal.

Gastrohepatic (a.) Pertaining to the stomach and liver; hepatogastric; as, the gastrohepatic, or lesser, omentum.

Gastrophrenic (a.) Pertaining to the stomach and diaphragm; as, the gastrophrenic ligament.

Gastrosplenic (n.) Pertaining to the stomach and spleen; as, the gastrosplenic ligament.

Glyphographic (a.) Of or pertaining to glyphography.

Glyptographic (a.) Relating to glyptography, or the art of engraving on precious stones.

Hemimetabolic (a.) Having an incomplete metamorphosis, the larvae differing from the adults chiefly in laking wings, as in the grasshoppers and cockroaches.

Hepatogastric (a.) See Gastrohepatic.

Heterogenetic (a.) Relating to heterogenesis; as, heterogenetic transformations.

Heterographic (a.) Employing the same letters to represent different sounds in different words or syllables; -- said of methods of spelling; as, the ordinary English orthography is heterographic.

Heteroplastic (a.) Producing a different type of organism; developing into a different form of tissue, as cartilage which develops into bone.

Holometabolic (a.) Having a complete metamorphosis;-said of certain insects, as the butterflies and bees.

Homalographic (a.) Same as Homolographic.

Homocategoric (a.) Belonging to the same category of individuality; -- a morphological term applied to organisms so related.

Homolographic (a.) Preserving the mutual relations of parts, especially as to size and form; maintaining relative proportion.

Hydrocephalic (a.) Relating to, or connected with, hydrocephalus, or dropsy of the brain.

Hydrogalvanic (a.) Pertaining to, produced by, or consisting of, electricity evolved by the action or use of fluids; as, hydrogalvanic currents.

Hydromellonic (a.) See Cyamellone.

Hydrotelluric (a.) Formed by hydrogen and tellurium; as, hydrotelluric acid, or hydrogen telluride.

Hyperdicrotic (a.) Excessive dicrotic; as, a hyperdicrotic pulse.

Hyposulphuric (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, sulphur in a lower state of oxidation than in the sulphuric compounds; as, hyposulphuric acid.

Idiosyncratic (a.) Alt. of Idiosyncratical

Indo-Germanic (a.) Same as Aryan, and Indo-European.

Indo-Germanic (a.) Pertaining to or denoting the Teutonic family of languages as related to the Sanskrit, or derived from the ancient Aryan language.

Interthoracic (a.) In the thorax.

Intrathoracic (a.) Within the thora/ or chest.

Isobarometric (a.) Indicating equal barometric pressure.

Isogeothermic (a.) Pertaining to, having the nature of, or marking, isogeotherms; as, an isogeothermal

Isogeothermic (n.) An isogeotherm.

Isotrimorphic (a.) Isotrimorphous.

Kaleidoscopic (a.) Alt. of Kaleidoscopical

Keramographic (a.) Suitable to be written upon; capable of being written upon, as a slate; -- said especially of a certain kind of globe.

Laryngoscopic (a.) Of or pertaining to the inspection of the larynx.

Leucoethiopic (a.) White and black; -- said of a white animal of a black species, or the albino of the negro race.

Lexicographic (a.) Alt. of Lexicographical

Lipogrammatic (a.) Omitting a letter; composed of words not having a certain letter or letters; as, lipogrammatic writings.

Lithontriptic (a.) Having the quality of, or used for, dissolving or destroying stone in the bladder or kidneys; as, lithontriptic forceps.

Lithontriptic (n.) A lithontriptic remedy or agent, as distilled water.

Logarithmetic (a.) Alt. of Logarithmetical

Luteocobaltic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, certain compounds of cobalt having a yellow color. Cf. Cobaltic.

Lythontriptic (a.) See Lithontriptic.

Macrodactylic (a.) Alt. of Macrodactylous

Magnetometric (a.) Pertaining to, or employed in, the measurement of magnetic forces; obtained by means of a magnetometer; as, magnetometric instruments; magnetometric measurements.

Materialistic (a.) Alt. of Materialistical

Mesencephalic (a.) Of or pertaining to the mesencephalon or midbrain.

Metallorganic (a.) Metalorganic.

Metamorphosic (a.) Changing the form; transforming.

Metanephritic (a.) Of or pertaining to the metanephros.

Microcephalic (a.) Alt. of Microcephalous

Monochromatic (a.) Consisting of one color, or presenting rays of light of one color only.

Monogrammatic (a.) Monogrammic.

Monosymmetric (a.) Alt. of Monosymmetrical

Nitromuriatic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or composed of, nitric acid and muriatic acid; nitrohydrochloric. See Nitrohydrochloric.

Nonaerobiotic (a.) Capable of living without atmospheric oxygen; anaerobiotic.

Nucleoplasmic (a.) Of or pertaining to nucleoplasm; -- esp. applied to a body formed in the developing ovum from the plasma of the nucleus of the germinal vesicle.

Odontographic (a.) Of or pertaining to odontography.

Onomatopoetic (a.) Of or pertaining to onomatopoeia; characterized by onomatopoeia; imitative; as, an onomatopoetic writer or word.

Organographic (a.) Alt. of Organographical

Organoplastic (a.) Having the property of producing the tissues or organs of animals and plants; as, the organoplastic cells.

Organotrophic (a.) Relating to the creation, organization, and nutrition of living organs or parts.

Orthocarbonic (a.) Designating a complex ether, C.(OC2H5)4, which is obtained as a liquid of a pleasant ethereal odor by means of chlorpicrin, and is believed to be a derivative of the hypothetical normal carbonic acid, C.(OH)4.

Palaeographic (a.) See Paleographer, Paleographic, etc.

Pancratiastic (a.) Of or pertaining to the pancratium.

Pantisocratic (a.) Of or pertaining to a pantisocracy.

Parallelistic (a.) Of the nature of a parallelism; involving parallelism.

Paraschematic (a.) Of or pertaining to a change from the right form, as in the formation of a word from another by a change of termination, gender, etc.

Parasynthetic (a.) Formed from a compound word.

Pathognomonic (a.) Specially or decisively characteristic of a disease; indicating with certainty a disease; as, a pathognomonic symptom.

Pentadecatoic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, pentadecane, or designating an acid related to it.

Perilymphatic (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, perilymph.

Perilymphatic (a.) Perilymphangial.

Peripneumonic (a.) Of or pertaining to peripneumonia.

Philanthropic (a.) Alt. of Philanthropical

Photomagnetic (a.) Of or pertaining to photomagnetism.

Physiographic (a.) Alt. of Physiographical

Pilled-garlic (n.) See Pilgarlic.

Platinocyanic (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or designating, an acid compound of platinous cyanide and hydrocyanic acid. It is obtained as a cinnaber-red crystal

Platycephalic (a.) Alt. of Platycephalous

Plectognathic (a.) Alt. of Plec-tognathous

Pleochromatic (a.) Pleochroic.

Pneumogastric (a.) Of or pertaining to the lungs and the stomach.

Pneumogastric (n.) The pneumogastric nerve.

Podophthalmic (a.) Alt. of Podophthalmous

Polychromatic (a.) Showing a variety, or a change, of colors.

Polyembryonic (a.) Polyembryonate.

Polypragmatic (a.) Alt. of Polypragmatical

Polysynthetic (a.) Characterized by polysynthesis; agglutinative.

Post-tympanic (a.) Situated behind the tympanum, or in the skull, behind the auditory meatus.

Psilanthropic (a.) Pertaining to, or embodying, psilanthropy. "A psilanthropic explanation."

Pyroantimonic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid of antimony analogous to pyrophosphoric acid.

Pyrosulphuric (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid called also disulphuric acid) obtained by distillation of certain sulphates, as a colorless, thick, oily liquid, H2S2O7 resembling sulphuric acid. It is used in the solution of indigo, in the manufacture of alizarin, and in dehydration.

Rationalistic (a.) Alt. of Rationalistical

Ruberythrinic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid extracted from madder root. It is a yellow crystal

Sans-culottic (a.) Pertaining to, or involving, sans-culottism; radical; revolutionary; Jacobinical.

Seismographic (a.) Of or pertaining to a seismograph; indicated by a seismograph.

Selenecentric (a.) As seen or estimated from the center of the moon; with the moon central.

Selenographic (a.) Alt. of Selenographical

Semicylindric (a.) Alt. of Semicylyndrical

Siderographic (a.) Alt. of Siderographical

Silicofluoric (a.) Containing, or composed of, silicon and fluorine; especially, denoting the compounds called silicofluorides.

Somatopleuric (a.) Of or pertaining to the somatopleure.

Spectroscopic (a.) Alt. of Spectroscopical

Sphenographic (a.) Of or pertaining to sphenography.

Stereo-chemic (a.) Alt. of Stereo-chemical

Stereochromic (a.) Pertaining to the art of stereochromy; produced by stereochromy.

Stereographic (a.) Alt. of Stereographical

Sterhydraulic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, a kind of hydraulic press; resembling such a press in action or principle.

Stratigraphic (a.) Alt. of Stratigraphical

Stratigraphic (a.) Alt. of -ical

Stratographic (a.) Alt. of Stratographical

Subepiglottic (a.) Situated under the epiglottis.

Sulphoarsenic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or containing, sulphur and arsenic; -- said of an acid which is the same as arsenic acid with the substitution of sulphur for oxygen.

Sulphostannic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a sulphacid of tin (more exactly called metasulphostannic acid), which is obtained as a dark brown amorphous substance, H/SnS/, forming a well-known series of salts.

Synallagmatic (a.) Imposing reciprocal obligations upon the parties; as, a synallagmatic contract.

Synchronistic (a.) Of or pertaining to synchronism; arranged according to correspondence in time; as, synchronistic tables.

Tetraschistic (a.) Characterized by division into four parts.

Tetrasyllabic (a.) Alt. of Tetrasyllabical

Thermodynamic (a.) Relating to thermodynamics; caused or operated by force due to the application of heat.

Thermovoltaic (a.) Of or relating to heat and electricity; especially, relating to thermal effects produced by voltaic action.

Thiosulphuric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, an unstable acid, H2S2O3, analogous to sulphuric acid, and formerly called hyposulphurous acid.

Transatlantic (a.) Lying or being beyond the Atlantic Ocean.

Transatlantic (a.) Crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Trigonometric () Alt. of Trigonometrical

Triploblastic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, that condition of the ovum in which there are three primary germinal layers, or in which the blastoderm splits into three layers.

Trisplanchnic (a.) Of or pertaining to the three great splanchnic cavities, namely, that of the head, the chest, and the abdomen; -- applied to the sympathetic nervous system.

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