13 letter words ending in ical

Aerographical (a.) Pertaining to aerography; aerological.

Alchemistical (a.) Relating to or practicing alchemy.

Amphidromical (a.) Pertaining to an Attic festival at the naming of a child; -- so called because the friends of the parents carried the child around the hearth and then named it.

Anachoretical (a.) See Anchoret, Anchoretic.

Anathematical (a.) Pertaining to, or having the nature of, an anathema.

Anemometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to anemometry.

Anidiomatical (a.) Not idiomatic.

Anomalistical (a.) Irregular; departing from common or established rules.

Anomalistical (a.) Pertaining to the anomaly, or angular distance of a planet from its perihelion.

Antichronical (a.) Deviating from the proper order of time.

Apocalyptical (a.) Of or pertaining to a revelation, or, specifically, to the Revelation of St. John; containing, or of the nature of, a prophetic revelation.

Archeological (a.) Same as Archaeology, etc.

Astrophysical (a.) Pertaining to the physics of astronomical science.

Atmospherical (a.) Of or pertaining to the atmosphere; of the nature of, or resembling, the atmosphere; as, atmospheric air; the atmospheric envelope of the earth.

Atmospherical (a.) Existing in the atmosphere.

Atmospherical (a.) Caused, or operated on, by the atmosphere; as, an atmospheric effect; an atmospheric engine.

Atmospherical (a.) Dependent on the atmosphere.

Autographical (a.) Pertaining to an autograph, or one's own handwriting; of the nature of an autograph.

Autographical (a.) Pertaining to, or used in, the process of autography; as, autographic ink, paper, or press.

Bathymetrical (a.) Pertaining to bathymetry; relating to the measurement of depths, especially of depths in the sea.

Bibliological (a.) Relating to bibliology.

Calvinistical (a.) Of or pertaining to Calvin, or Calvinism; following Calvin; accepting or Teaching Calvinism.

Catechistical (a.) Of or pertaining to a catechist or to a catechism.

Cerographical (a.) Of or pertaining to cerography.

Charlatanical (a.) Of or like a charlatan; making undue pretension; empirical; pretentious; quackish.

Chiromantical (a.) Of or pertaining to chiromancy.

Chronological (a.) Relating to chronology; containing an account of events in the order of time; according to the order of time; as, chronological tables.

Climacterical (a. & n.) See Climacteric.

Conchological (a.) Pertaining to, or connected with, conchology.

Craniological (a.) Of or pertaining to craniology.

Crustalogical (a.) Pertaining to crustalogy.

Demonological (a.) Of or pertaining to demonology.

Deontological (a.) Pertaining to deontology.

Dialogistical (a.) Pertaining to a dialogue; having the form or nature of a dialogue.

Diaphoretical (a.) Having the power to increase perspiration.

Diapophysical (a.) Pertaining to a diapophysis.

Egyptological (a.) Of, pertaining to, or devoted to, Egyptology.

Embryological (a.) Of or pertaining to embryology.

Encomiastical (a.) Bestowing praise; praising; eulogistic; laudatory; as, an encomiastic address or discourse.

Entomological (a.) Of or relating to entomology.

Epithumetical (a.) Pertaining to sexual desire; sensual.

Eucharistical (a.) Giving thanks; expressing thankfulness; rejoicing.

Eucharistical (a.) Pertaining to the Lord's Supper.

Eudiometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to a eudiometer; as, eudiometrical experiments or results.

Euphemistical (a.) Pertaining to euphemism; containing a euphemism; softened in expression.

Extraphysical (a.) Not subject to physical laws or methods.

Extratropical (a.) Beyond or outside of the tropics.

Gastronomical (a.) Pertaining to gastromony.

Glossological (a.) Of or pertaining to glossology.

Glottological (a.) Of or pertaining to glottology.

Goniometrical (a.) Pertaining to, or determined by means of, a goniometer; trigonometric.

Gynecological (a.) Of or pertaining to gynecology.

Heliometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to the heliometer, or to heliometry.

Helispherical (a.) Spiral.

Hellenistical (a.) Pertaining to the Hellenists.

Hemispherical (a.) Containing, or pertaining to, a hemisphere; as, a hemispheric figure or form; a hemispherical body.

Hermeneutical (a.) Unfolding the signification; of or pertaining to interpretation; exegetical; explanatory; as, hermeneutic theology, or the art of expounding the Scriptures; a hermeneutic phrase.

Hobbyhorsical (n.) Pertaining to, or having, a hobby or whim; eccentric; whimsical.

Homoeomerical (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, sameness of parts; receiving or advocating the doctrine of homogeneity of elements or first principles.

Hydrometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to an hydrometer, or to the determination of the specific gravity of fluids.

Hydrometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to measurement of the velocity, discharge, etc., of running water.

Hydrometrical (a.) Made by means of an hydrometer; as, hydrometric observations.

Hydropathical (a.) Of or pertaining to hydropathy.

Hydrostatical (a.) Of or relating to hydrostatics; pertaining to, or in accordance with, the principles of the equilibrium of fluids.

Hygrometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to hygrometry; made with, or according to, the hygrometer; as, hygrometric observations.

Hygrometrical (a.) Readily absorbing and retaining moisture; as, hygrometric substances, like potash.

Hypercritical (a.) Over critical; unreasonably or unjustly critical; carping; captious.

Hypercritical (a.) Excessively nice or exact.

Hypermetrical (a.) Having a redundant syllable; exceeding the common measure.

Hyperphysical (a.) Above or transcending physical laws; supernatural.

Hyperthetical (a.) Exaggerated; excessive; hyperbolical.

Hypsometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to hypsometry.

Iatrochemical (a.) Of or pertaining to iatrochemistry, or to the iatrochemists.

Ideographical (a.) Of or pertaining to an ideogram; representing ideas by symbols, independently of sounds; as, 9 represents not the word "nine," but the idea of the number itself.

Idiographical (a.) Of or pertaining to an idiograph.

Intertropical (a.) Situated between or within the tropics.

Intratropical (a.) Within the tropics.

Labyrinthical (a.) Like or pertaining to a labyrinth.

Lackadaisical (a.) Affectedly pensive; languidly sentimental.

Logarithmical (a.) Of or pertaining to logarithms; consisting of logarithms.

Logographical (a.) Of or pertaining to logography.

Macroscopical (a.) Visible to the unassisted eye; -- as opposed to microscopic.

Magistratical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or proceeding from, a magistrate; having the authority of a magistrate.

Metallurgical (a.) Of or pertaining to metallurgy.

Methodistical (a.) Of or pertaining to methodists, or to the Methodists.

Microcosmical (a.) Of or pertaining to the microcosm.

Micrometrical (a.) Belonging to micrometry; made by the micrometer.

Microscopical (a.) Of or pertaining to the microscope or to microscopy; made with a microscope; as, microscopic observation.

Microscopical (a.) Able to see extremely minute objects.

Microscopical (a.) Very small; visible only by the aid of a microscope; as, a microscopic insect.

Mineralogical (a.) Of or pertaining to mineralogy; as, a mineralogical table.

Monographical (a.) Of or pertaining to a monograph, or to a monography; as, a monographic writing; a monographic picture.

Monospherical (a.) Consisting of one sphere only.

Morphological (a.) Of, pertaining to, or according to, the principles of morphology.

Necromantical (a.) Of or pertaining to necromancy; performed by necromancy.

Necroscopical (a.) Or or relating to post-mortem examinations.

Neologistical (a.) Of or pertaining to neology; neological.

Nonelectrical (a.) Not electric; conducting electricity.

Nonemphatical (a.) Having no emphasis; unemphatic.

Ochlocratical (a.) Of or pertaining to ochlocracy; having the form or character of an ochlocracy; mobocratic.

Organological (a.) Of or relating to organology.

Orismological (a.) Of or pertaining to orismology.

Oryctological (a.) Of or pertaining to oryctology.

Palindromical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, a palindrome.

Pantheistical (a.) Of or pertaining to pantheism; founded in, or leading to, pantheism.

Paracentrical (a.) Deviating from circularity; changing the distance from a center.

Paragraphical (a.) Pertaining to, or consisting of, a paragraph or paragraphs.

Parallactical (a.) Of or pertaining to a parallax.

Parenthetical (a.) Of the nature of a parenthesis; pertaining to, or expressed in, or as in, a parenthesis; as, a parenthetical clause; a parenthetic remark.

Parenthetical (a.) Using or containing parentheses.

Pasigraphical (a.) Of or pertaining to pasigraphy.

Pentahedrical (a.) Pentahedral.

Peripatetical (a.) Peripatetic.

Perispherical (a.) Exactly spherical; globular.

Pessimistical (a.) Pessimistic.

Philosophical (a.) Of or pertaining to philosophy; versed in, or imbued with, the principles of philosophy; hence, characterizing a philosopher; rational; wise; temperate; calm; cool.

Photochemical (a.) Of or pertaining to chemical action of light, or produced by it; as, the photochemical changes of the visual purple of the retina.

Photometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to photometry, or to a photometer.

Phrenological (a.) Of or pertaining to phrenology.

Phylacterical (a.) Of or pertaining to phylacteries.

Physiological (a.) Of or pertaining to physiology; relating to the science of the functions of living organism; as, physiological botany or chemistry.

Phytochemical (a.) Relating to phytochemistry.

Planimetrical (a.) Of or pertaining to planimetry.

Plano-conical (a.) Plane or flat on one side, and conical on the other.

Polygraphical (a.) Pertaining to, or employed in, polygraphy; as, a polygraphic instrument.

Polygraphical (a.) Done with a polygraph; as, a polygraphic copy.

Polytechnical (a.) Polytechnic.

Praenominical (a.) Of or pertaining to a praenomen.

Presentifical (a.) Presentific.

Problematical (a.) Having the nature of a problem; not shown in fact; questionable; uncertain; unsettled; doubtful.

Prosimetrical (a.) Consisting both of prose and verse.

Psychological (a.) Of or pertaining to psychology. See Note under Psychic.

Pyrotechnical (a.) Of or pertaining to fireworks, or the art of forming them.

Quadrinomical (a.) Quadrinomial.

Quodlibetical (a.) Not restricted to a particular subject; discussed for curiosity or entertainment.

Recto-vesical (a.) Of or pertaining to both the rectum and the bladder.

Sciagraphical (a.) Pertaining to sciagraphy.

Seismological (a.) Of or pertaining to seismology.

Semeiological (a.) Alt. of Semiologioal

Semideistical (a.) Half deisticsl; bordering on deism.

Semispherical (a.) Having the figure of a half sphere.

Serio-comical (a.) Having a mixture of seriousness and sport; serious and comical.

Stalactitical (a.) Of or pertaining to a stalactite; having the form or characters of a stalactite; stalactic.

Stalagmitical (a.) Having the form or structure of stalagmites.

Stereotomical (a.) Of or pertaining to stereotomy; performed by stereotomy.

Stratagemical (a.) Containing stratagem; as, a stratagemical epistle.

Strategetical (a.) Strategic.

Superchemical (a.) Above or beyond chemistry; inexplicable by chemical laws.

Superphysical (a.) Above or beyond physics; not explainable by physical laws.

Supertragical (a.) Tragical to excess.

Sycophantical (a.) Of or pertaining to a sycophant; characteristic of a sycophant; meanly or obsequiously flattering; courting favor by mean adulation; parasitic.

Syllogistical (a.) Of or pertaining to a syllogism; consisting of a syllogism, or of the form of reasoning by syllogisms; as, syllogistic arguments or reasoning.

Symbolistical (a.) Characterized by the use of symbols; as, symbolistic poetry.

Sympathetical (a.) Sympathetic.

Symptomatical (a.) Of or pertaining to symptoms; happening in concurrence with something; being a symptom; indicating the existence of something else.

Symptomatical (a.) According to symptoms; as, a symptomatical classification of diseases.

Synecdochical (a.) Expressed by synecdoche; implying a synecdoche.

Tautophonical (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, tautophony; repeating the same sound.

Technological (a.) Of or pertaining to technology.

Telegraphical (a.) Telegraphic.

Teratological (a.) Of or pertaining to teratology; as, teratological changes.

Theorematical (a.) Of or pertaining to a theorem or theorems; comprised in a theorem; consisting of theorems.

Therapeutical (a.) Of or pertaining to the healing art; concerned in discovering and applying remedies for diseases; curative.

Topographical () Of or pertaining to topography; descriptive of a place.

Toxicological (a.) Of or pertaining to toxicology.

Tragi-comical (a.) Of or pertaining to tragi-comedy; partaking of grave and comic scenes.

Trisyllabical (a.) Of or pertaining to a trisyllable; consisting of three syllables; as, "syllable" is a trisyllabic word.

Tritheistical (a.) Of or pertaining to tritheism.

Troglodytical (a.) Of or pertaining to a troglodyte, or dweller in caves.

Typographical (a.) Of or pertaining to the act or act of representing by types or symbols; emblematic; figurative; typical.

Typographical (a.) Of or pertaining to typography or printing; as, the typographic art.

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