13 letter words ending in ist

Agriculturist (n.) One engaged or skilled in agriculture; a husbandman.

Agrostologist (n.) One skilled in agrostology.

Anagrammatist (n.) A maker anagrams.

Annexationist (n.) One who favors annexation.

Annotationist (n.) An annotator.

Antisocialist (n.) One opposed to the doctrines and practices of socialists or socialism.

Antivaccinist (n.) One opposed to vaccination.

Apocryphalist (n.) One who believes in, or defends, the Apocrypha.

Apothegmatist (n.) A collector or maker of apothegms.

Arachnologist (n.) One who is versed in, or studies, arachnology.

Archaeologist (n.) One versed in archaeology; an antiquary.

Assyriologist (n.) One versed in Assyriology; a student of Assyrian archaeology.

Bibliolatrist (n.) A worshiper of books; especially, a worshiper of the Bible; a believer in its verbal inspiration.

Bibliophilist (n.) A lover of books.

Bibliotaphist (n.) One who hides away books, as in a tomb.

Bromatologist (n.) One versed in the science of foods.

Bureaucratist (n.) An advocate for , or supporter of, bureaucracy.

Calligraphist (n.) A calligrapher

Campanologist (n.) One skilled in campanology; a bell ringer.

Catastrophist (n.) One who holds the theory or catastrophism.

Catechumenist (n.) A catechumen.

Chiaroscurist (n.) A painter who cares for and studies light and shade rather than color.

Chirographist (n.) A chirographer; a writer or engrosser.

Chirographist (n.) One who tells fortunes by examining the hand.

Climatologist (n.) One versed in, or who studies, climatology.

Conceptualist (n.) One who maintains the theory of conceptualism.

Concessionist (n.) One who favors concession.

Confessionist (n.) One professing a certain faith.

Contemplatist (n.) A contemplator.

Contertionist (n.) One who makes or practices contortions.

Contrabandist (n.) One who traffics illegally; a smuggler.

Contrapuntist (n.) One skilled in counterpoint.

Controvertist (n.) One skilled in or given to controversy; a controversialist.

Conventionist (n.) One who enters into a convention, covenant, or contract.

Convulsionist (n.) One who has convulsions; esp., one of a body of fanatics in France, early in the eighteenth century, who went into convulsions under the influence of religious emotion; as, the Convulsionists of St. Medard.

Corruptionist (n.) One who corrupts, or who upholds corruption.

Cranioscopist (n.) One skilled in, or who practices, cranioscopy.

Deipnosophist (n.) One of an ancient sect of philosophers, who cultivated learned conversation at meals.

Demolitionist (n.) A demolisher.

Dermatologist (n.) One who discourses on the skin and its diseases; one versed in dermatology.

Deuterogamist (n.) One who marries the second time.

Deuteronomist (n.) The writer of Deuteronomy.

Devotionalist (n.) Alt. of Devotionist

Emigrationist (n.) An advocate or promoter of emigration.

Encyclopedist (n.) The compiler of an encyclopedia, or one who assists in such compilation; also, one whose knowledge embraces the whole range of the sciences.

Entozoologist (n.) One versed in the science of the Entozoa.

Epigrammatist (n.) One who composes epigrams, or makes use of them.

Expeditionist (n.) One who goes upon an expedition. [R].

Experimentist (n.) An experimenter.

Galvanologist (n.) One who describes the phenomena of galvanism; a writer on galvanism.

Gastriloquist (n.) One who appears to speak from his stomach; a ventriloquist.

Herpetologist (n.) One versed in herpetology, or the natural history of reptiles.

Herpetotomist (n.) One who dissects, or studies the anatomy of, reptiles.

Heterophemist (n.) One liable to the fault of heterophemy.

Hieroglyphist (n.) One versed in hieroglyphics.

Homoeopathist (n.) Alt. of Homoeopathy

Ichthyologist (n.) One versed in, or who studies, ichthyology.

Ichthyotomist (n.) One skilled in ichthyotomy.

Immaterialist (n.) One who believes in or professes, immaterialism.

Impressionist (n.) One who adheres to the theory or method of impressionism, so called.

Infallibilist (n.) One who accepts or maintains the dogma of papal infallibility.

Innovationist (n.) One who favors innovation.

Instrumentist (n.) A performer on a musical instrument; an instrumentalist.

Irreligionist (n.) One who is irreligious.

Laryngologist (n.) One who applies himself to laryngology.

Lepidopterist (n.) One who studies the Lepidoptera.

Lichenologist (n.) One versed in lichenology.

Lithotriptist (n.) One skilled in breaking and extracting stone in the bladder.

Lycanthropist (n.) One affected by the disease lycanthropy.

Martyrologist (n.) A writer of martyrology; an historian of martyrs.

Melodramatist (n.) One who acts in, or writes, melodramas.

Meteorologist (n.) A person skilled in meteorology.

Metoposcopist (n.) One versed in metoposcopy.

Millennialist (n.) One who believes that Christ will reign personally on earth a thousand years; a Chiliast; also, a believer in the universal prevalence of Christianity for a long period.

Misanthropist (n.) A misanthrope.

Monometallist (n.) One who believes in monometallism as opposed to bimetallism, etc.

Nonconformist (n.) One who does not conform to an established church; especially, one who does not conform to the established church of England; a dissenter.

Nonuniformist (n.) One who believes that past changes in the structure of the earth have proceeded from cataclysms or causes more violent than are now operating; -- called also nonuniformitarian.

Oneiroscopist (n.) One who interprets dreams.

Onomatologist (n.) One versed in the history of names.

Oppositionist (n.) One who belongs to the opposition party.

Orchidologist (n.) One versed in orchidology.

Ornithologist (n.) One skilled in ornithology; a student of ornithology; one who describes birds.

Ornithotomist (n.) One who is skilled in ornithotomy.

Orthographist (n.) One who spells words correctly; an orthographer.

Ostreophagist (n.) One who feeds on oysters.

Paleobotanist (n.) One versed in paleobotany.

Paleographist (n.) One versed in paleography; a paleographer.

Panspermatist (n.) Alt. of Panspermist

Pantheologist (n.) One versed in pantheology.

Particularist (n.) One who holds to particularism.

Perfectionist (n.) One pretending to perfection; esp., one pretending to moral perfection; one who believes that persons may and do attain to moral perfection and sinlessness in this life.

Periodicalist (n.) One who publishes, or writes for, a periodical.

Pharmaceutist (n.) One skilled in pharmacy; a druggist. See the Note under Apothecary.

Philhellenist (n.) A friend of Greece; one who supports the cause of the Greeks; particularly, one who supported them in their struggle for independence against the Turks; a philhellene.

Phonographist (n.) Phonographer.

Photographist (n.) A photographer.

Phraseologist (n.) A collector or coiner of phrases.

Physiognomist (n.) Same as Physiognomy, 1.

Physiognomist (n.) One skilled in physiognomy.

Physiognomist (n.) One who tells fortunes by physiognomy.

Port-royalist (n.) One of the dwellers in the Cistercian convent of Port Royal des Champs, near Paris, when it was the home of the Jansenists in the 17th century, among them being Arnauld, Pascal, and other famous scholars. Cf. Jansenist.

Protectionist (n.) One who favors protection. See Protection, 4.

Proverbialist (n.) One who makes much use of proverbs in speech or writing; one who composes, collects, or studies proverbs.

Provincialist (n.) One who lives in a province; a provincial.

Prudentialist (n.) One who is governed by, or acts from, prudential motives.

Pteridologist (n.) One who is versed in pteridology.

Redemptionist (n.) A monk of an order founded in 1197; -- so called because the order was especially devoted to the redemption of Christians held in captivity by the Mohammedans. Called also Trinitarian.

Resolutionist (n.) One who makes a resolution.

Revolutionist (n.) One engaged in effecting a change of government; a favorer of revolution.

Rodomontadist (n.) One who boasts.

Scripturalist (n.) One who adheres literally to the Scriptures.

Sententiarist (n.) A sententiary.

Stenographist (n.) A stenographer.

Stereoscopist (n.) One skilled in the use or construction of stereoscopes.

Stethoscopist (n.) One skilled in the use of the stethoscope.

Successionist (n.) A person who insists on the importance of a regular succession of events, offices, etc.; especially (Eccl.), one who insists that apostolic succession alone is valid.

Syphilologist (n.) One skilled in syphilology.

Thaumaturgist (n.) One who deals in wonders, or believes in them; a wonder worker.

Theanthropist (n.) One who advocates, or believes in, theanthropism.

Undulationist (n.) One who advocates the undulatory theory of light.

Uranographist (n.) One practiced in uranography.

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