13 letter words ending in ize

Anagrammatize (v. t.) To transpose, as the letters of a word, so as to form an anagram.

Apothegmatize (v. i.) To utter apothegms, or short and sententious sayings.

Artificialize (v. t.) To render artificial.

Colloquialize (v. t.) To make colloquial and familiar; as, to colloquialize one's style of writing.

Connaturalize (v. t.) To bring to the same nature as something else; to adapt.

Decardinalize (v. t.) To depose from the rank of cardinal.

Deflectionize (v. t.) To free from inflections.

Dematerialize (v. t.) To deprive of material or physical qualities or characteristics.

Denationalize (v. t.) To divest or deprive of national character or rights.

Dereligionize (v. t.) To make irreligious; to turn from religion.

Disnaturalize (v. t.) To make alien; to deprive of the privileges of birth.

Electrotonize (v. t.) To cause or produce electrotonus.

Empyreumatize (v. t.) To render empyreumatic.

Epigrammatize (v. t.) To represent by epigrams; to express by epigrams.

Functionalize (v. t.) To assign to some function or office.

Immaterialize (v. t.) To render immaterial or incorporeal.

Improvisatize (v. t. & i.) Same as Improvisate.

Individualize (v. t.) The mark as an individual, or to distinguish from others by peculiar properties; to invest with individuality.

Mechanicalize (v. t.) To cause to become mechanical.

Mohammedanize (v. t.) Alt. of Mohammedize

Orthographize (v. t.) To spell correctly or according to usage; to correct in regard to spelling.

Paradigmatize (v. t.) To set forth as a model or example.

Particularize (v. t.) To give as a particular, or as the particulars; to mention particularly; to give the particulars of; to enumerate or specify in detail.

Particularize (v. i.) To mention or attend to particulars; to give minute details; to be circumstantial; as, to particularize in a narrative.

Pedestrianize (v. i.) To practice walking; to travel on foot.

Pettifogulize (v. i.) To act as a pettifogger; to use contemptible tricks.

Physiognomize (v. t.) To observe and study the physiognomy of.

Platitudinize (v. i.) To utter platitudes or truisms.

Pronominalize (v. t.) To give the effect of a pronoun to; as, to pronominalize the substantives person, people, etc.

Proverbialize (v. t. & i.) To turn into a proverb; to speak in proverbs.

Provincialize (v. t.) To render provincial.

Recrystallize (v. i. & t.) To crystallize again.

Republicanize (v. t.) To change, as a state, into a republic; to republican principles; as, France was republicanized; to republicanize the rising generation.

Revolutionize (v. t.) To change completely, as by a revolution; as, to revolutionize a government.

Substantivize (v. t.) To convert into a substantive; as, to substantivize an adjective.

Subventionize (v. t.) To come to the aid of; to subsidize; to support.

Transhumanize (v. t.) To make more than human; to purity; to elevate above humanity.

Unspiritalize (v. t.) To deprive of spiritually.

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