13 letter words ending in less

Ambitionless (a.) Devoid of ambition.

Approachless (a.) Impossible to be approached.

Beneficeless (a.) Having no benefice.

Decreaseless (a.) Suffering no decrease.

Distrustless (a.) Free from distrust.

Fountainless (a.) Having no fountain; destitute of springs or sources of water.

Frictionless (a.) Having no friction.

Functionless (a.) Destitute of function, or of an appropriate organ. Darwin.

Guardianless (a.) Without a guardian.

Irresistless (a.) Irresistible.

Jointureless (a.) Having no jointure.

Languageless (a.) Lacking or wanting language; speechless; silent.

Laughterless (a.) Not laughing; without laughter.

Mistrustless (a.) Having no mistrust or suspicion.

Moistureless (a.) Without moisture.

Nevertheless (adv. / conj.) Not the less; notwithstanding; in spite of that; yet.

Parallelless (a.) Matchless.

Pleasureless (a.) Devoid of pleasure.

Pretenceless (a.) See Pretense, Pretenseful, Pretenseless.

Pretenseless (a.) Not having or making pretenses.

Prospectless (a.) Having no prospect.

Questionless (a.) Unquestioning; incurious.

Questionless (adv.) Beyond a question or doubt; doubtless; certainly.

Religionless (a.) Destitute of religion.

Reproachless (a.) Being without reproach.

Resourceless (a.) Destitute of resources.

Responseless (a.) Giving no response.

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