13 letter words ending in ship

Associateship (n.) The state of an associate, as in Academy or an office.

Candidateship (n.) Candidacy.

Chieftainship (n.) The rank, dignity, or office of a chieftain.

Churchmanship (n.) The state or quality of being a churchman; attachment to the church.

Coadjutorship (n.) The state or office of a coadjutor; joint assistance.

Colleagueship (n.) Partnership in office.

Collectorship (n.) The office of a collector of customs or of taxes.

Commandership (n.) The office of a commander.

Companionship (n.) Fellowship; association; the act or fact of keeping company with any one.

Confessorship (n.) The act or state of suffering persecution for religious faith.

Constableship (n.) The office or functions of a constable.

Copartnership (n.) The state of being a copartner or of having a joint interest in any matter.

Copartnership (n.) A partnership or firm; as, A. and B. have this day formed a copartnership.

Counselorship (n.) The function and rank or office of a counselor.

Courtesanship (n.) Harlotry.

Craftsmanship (n.) The work of a craftsman.

Custodianship (n.) Office or duty of a custodian.

Disfellowship (v. t.) To exclude from fellowship; to refuse intercourse with, as an associate.

Gentlemanship (n.) The carriage or quality of a gentleman.

Gladiatorship (n.) Conduct, state, or art, of a gladiator.

Inspectorship (n.) The office of an inspector.

Inspectorship (n.) The district embraced by an inspector's jurisdiction.

Librarianship (n.) The office of a librarian.

Moderatorship (n.) The office of a moderator.

Nonmembership (n.) State of not being a member.

Patriarchship (n.) A patriarchate.

Precentorship (n.) The office of a precentor.

Precursorship (n.) The position or condition of a precursor.

Prelatureship (n.) The state or dignity of a prelate; prelacy.

Presbytership (n.) The office or station of a presbyter; presbyterate.

Presidentship (n.) The office and dignity of president; presidency.

Pretendership (n.) The character, right, or claim of a pretender.

Probationship (n.) A state of probation.

Proconsulship (n.) Proconsulate.

Professorship (n.) The office or position of a professor, or public teacher.

Proocutorship (n.) The office of a prolocutor.

Protectorship (n.) The office of a protector or regent; protectorate.

Registrarship (n.) The office of a registrar.

Secretaryship (n.) The office, or the term of office, of a secretary.

Seneschalship (n.) The office, dignity, or jurisdiction of a seneschal.

Spectatorship (n.) The office or quality of a spectator.

Spectatorship (n.) The act of beholding.

Sportsmanship (n.) The practice of sportsmen; skill in field sports.

Statesmanship (n.) The qualifications, duties, or employments of a statesman.

Subdeaconship (n.) The order or office of subdeacon.

Suffraganship (n.) The office of a suffragan.

Surrogateship (n.) The office of a surrogate.

Swordsmanship (n.) The state of being a swordsman; skill in the use of the sword.

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