13 letter words ending in ty

Aboriginality (n.) The quality of being aboriginal.

Absorbability (n.) The state or quality of being absorbable.

Accendibility (n.) Capacity of being kindled, or of becoming inflamed; inflammability.

Acceptability (n.) The quality of being acceptable; acceptableness.

Accessibility (n.) The quality of being accessible, or of admitting approach; receptibility.

Accidentality (n.) The quality of being accidental; accidentalness.

Achromaticity (n.) Achromatism.

Acquirability (n.) The quality of being acquirable; attainableness.

Admissibility (n.) The quality of being admissible; admissibleness; as, the admissibility of evidence.

Affectibility (n.) The quality or state of being affectible.

Allotropicity (n.) Allotropic property or nature.

Ambidexterity (n.) The quality of being ambidextrous; the faculty of using both hands with equal facility.

Ambidexterity (n.) Versatility; general readiness; as, ambidexterity of argumentation.

Ambidexterity (n.) Double-dealing.

Ambidexterity (n.) A juror's taking of money from the both parties for a verdict.

Anfractuosity (n.) A state of being anfractuous, or full of windings and turnings; sinuosity.

Anfractuosity (n.) A sinuous depression or sulcus like those separating the convolutions of the brain.

Applicability (n.) The quality of being applicable or fit to be applied.

Appropinquity (n.) Nearness; propinquity.

Artificiality (n.) The quality or appearance of being artificial; that which is artificial.

Assignability (n.) The quality of being assignable.

Associability (n.) The quality of being associable, or capable of association; associableness.

Attainability (n.) The quality of being attainable; attainableness.

Carnivoracity (n.) Greediness of appetite for flesh.

Changeability (n.) Changeableness.

Clandestinity (n.) Privacy or secrecy.

Coagulability (n.) The quality of being coagulable; capacity of being coagulated.

Commutability (n.) The quality of being commutable.

Compatibility (n.) The quality or power of being compatible or congruous; congruity; as, a compatibility of tempers; a compatibility of properties.

Concentricity (n.) The state of being concentric.

Conducibility (n.) The state or quality of being conducible; conducibleness.

Confraternity (n.) A society of body of men united for some purpose, or in some profession; a brotherhood.

Confusability (n.) Capability of being confused.

Connaturality (n.) Participation of the same nature; natural union or connection.

Consanguinity (n.) The relation of persons by blood, in distinction from affinity or relation by marriage; blood relationship; as,

Consentaneity (n.) Mutual agreement.

Contractility (n.) The quality or property by which bodies shrink or contract.

Contractility (n.) The power possessed by the fibers of living muscle of contracting or shortening.

Corrigibility (n.) Quality of being corrigible; capability of being corrected; corrigibleness.

Corrodibility (n.) The quality of being corrodible.

Corrosibility (n.) Corrodibility.

Defectibility (n.) Deficiency; imperfection.

Defensibility (n.) Capability of being defended.

Deplorability (n.) Deplorableness.

Despicability (n.) Despicableness.

Detestability (n.) Capacity of being odious.

Devotionality (n.) The practice of a devotionalist.

Diffusibility (n.) The quality of being diffusible; capability of being poured or spread out.

Digestibility (n.) The quality of being digestible.

Disconformity (n.) Want of conformity or correspondence; inconsistency; disagreement.

Discontinuity (n.) Want of continuity or cohesion; disunion of parts.

Dissimilarity (n.) Want of resemblance; unlikeness; dissimilitude; variety; as, the dissimilarity of human faces and forms.

Dissipativity (n.) The rate at which palpable energy is dissipated away into other forms of energy.

Dissolubility (n.) The quality of being dissoluble; capacity of being dissoluble; capacity of being dissolved by heat or moisture, and converted into a fluid.

Expansibility (n.) The capacity of being expanded; as, the expansibility of air.

Exportability (n.) The quality or state of being suitable for exportation.

Extensibility (n.) The quality of being extensible; the capacity of being extended; as, the extensibility of a fiber, or of a plate of metal.

Fluctuability (n.) The capacity or ability to fluctuate.

Formidability (n.) Formidableness.

Galvanoplasty (n.) The art or process of electrotypy.

Governability (n.) Governableness.

Heterogeneity (n.) The state of being heterogeneous; contrariety.

Highty-tighty (a.) Hoity-toity.

Horizontality (n.) The state or quality of being horizontal.

Imaginability (n.) Capacity for imagination.

Immateriality (n.) The state or quality of being immaterial or incorporeal; as, the immateriality of the soul.

Immiscibility (n.) Incapability of being mixed, or mingled.

Impalpability (n.) The quality of being impalpable.

Impartibility (n.) The quality of being impartible; communicability.

Impartibility (n.) The quality of being incapable of division into parts; indivisibility.

Impassibility (a.) The quality or condition of being impassible; insusceptibility of injury from external things.

Impeccability (n.) the quality of being impeccable; exemption from sin, error, or offense.

Impecuniosity (n.) The state of being impecunious.

Imperdibility (n.) The state or quality of being imperdible.

Impersonality (n.) The quality of being impersonal; want or absence of personality.

Imperspicuity (n.) Want of perspicuity or clearness; vaguness; ambiguity.

Implacability (n.) The quality or state of being implacable.

Impossibility (n.) The quality of being impossible; impracticability.

Impossibility (n.) An impossible thing; that which can not be thought, done, or endured.

Impossibility (n.) Inability; helplessness.

Improbability (n.) The quality or state of being improbable; unlikelihood; also, that which is improbable; an improbable event or result.

Improvability (n.) The state or quality of being improvable; improvableness.

Impunctuality (n.) Neglect of, or failure in, punctuality.

Incorporality (n.) Incorporeality.

Incredibility (n.) The quality or state of being incredible; incredibleness.

Incredibility (n.) That which is incredible.

Individuality (n.) The quality or state of being individual or constituting an individual; separate or distinct existence; oneness; unity.

Individuality (n.) The character or property appropriate or peculiar to an individual; that quality which distinguishes one person or thing from another; the sum of characteristic traits; distinctive character; as, he is a person of marked individuality.

Ineligibility (n.) The state or quality of being ineligible.

Inevitability (n.) Impossibility to be avoided or shunned; inevitableness.

Inexorability (n.) The quality of being inexorable, or unyielding to entreaty.

Infallibility (n.) The quality or state of being infallible, or exempt from error; inerrability.

Infeasibility (n.) The state of being infeasible; impracticability.

Inflexibility (n.) The quality or state of being inflexible, or not capable of being bent or changed; unyielding stiffness; inflexibleness; rigidity; firmness of will or purpose; unbending pertinacity; steadfastness; resoluteness; unchangeableness; obstinacy.

Inhospitality (n.) The quality or state of being inhospitable; inhospitableness; lack of hospitality.

Inimitability (n.) The quality or state of being inimitable; inimitableness.

Inoculability (n.) The qual ity or state of being inoculable.

Inopportunity (n.) Want of opportunity; unseasonableness; inconvenience.

Insatiability (n.) The state or quality of being insatiable; insatiableness.

Insensibility (n.) The state or quality of being insensible; want of sensibility; torpor; unconsciousness; as, the insensibility produced by a fall, or by opiates.

Insensibility (n.) Want of tenderness or susceptibility of emotion or passion; dullness; stupidity.

Insociability (n.) The quality of being insociable; want of sociability; unsociability.

Instantaneity (n.) Quality of being instantaneous.

Instinctivity (n.) The quality of being instinctive, or prompted by instinct.

Intangibility (n.) The quality or state of being intangible; intangibleness.

Integrability (n.) The quality of being integrable.

Intermobility (n.) Capacity of things to move among each other; as, the intermobility of fluid particles.

Invariability (n.) The quality of being invariable; invariableness; constancy; uniformity.

Invendibility (n.) The quality of being invendible; invendibleness; unsalableness.

Invincibility (n.) The quality or state of being invincible; invincibleness.

Inviolability (n.) The quality or state of being inviolable; inviolableness.

Irrationality (n.) The quality or state of being irrational.

Manageability (n.) The state or quality of being manageable; manageableness.

Mensurability (n.) The quality of being mensurable.

Meridionality (n.) The state of being in the meridian.

Meridionality (n.) Position in the south; aspect toward the south.

Modifiability (n.) Capability of being modified; state or quality of being modifiable.

Negotiability (n.) The quality of being negotiable or transferable by indorsement.

Nonconformity (n.) Neglect or failure of conformity; especially, in England, the neglect or refusal to unite with the established church in its rites and modes of worship.

Occasionality (n.) Quality or state of being occasional; occasional occurrence.

Orthodoxality (n.) Orthodoxness.

Ostensibility (n.) The quality or state of being ostensible.

Particularity (n.) The state or quality of being particular; distinctiveness; circumstantiality; minuteness in detail.

Particularity (n.) That which is particular

Particularity (n.) Peculiar quality; individual characteristic; peculiarity.

Particularity (n.) Special circumstance; minute detail; particular.

Particularity (n.) Something of special or private concern or interest.

Penetrability (n.) The quality of being penetrable; susceptibility of being penetrated, entered, or pierced.

Perdurability (n.) Durability; lastingness.

Perineoplasty (n.) The act or process of restoring an injured perineum.

Perishability (n.) Perishableness.

Ponderability (n.) The quality or state of being ponderable.

Pontificality (n.) The state and government of the pope; the papacy.

Preconformity (n.) Anticipative or antecedent conformity.

Predicability (n.) The quality or state of being predicable, or affirmable of something, or attributed to something.

Preferability (n.) The quality or state of being preferable; preferableness.

Presentiality (n.) State of being actually present.

Producibility (n.) The quality or state of being producible.

Provinciality (n.) The quality or state of being provincial; peculiarity of language characteristic of a province.

Prudentiality (n.) The quality or state of being prudential.

Pusillanimity (n.) The quality of being pusillanimous; weakness of spirit; coward

Receivability (n.) The quality of being receivable; receivableness.

Receptibility (n.) The quality or state of being receptible; receivableness.

Receptibility (n.) A receptible thing.

Reciprocality (n.) The quality or condition of being reciprocal; reciprocalness.

Redeemability (n.) Redeemableness.

Reductibility (n.) The quality of being reducible; reducibleness.

Reflexibility (n.) The quality or capability of being reflexible; as, the reflexibility of the rays of light.

Remissibility (n.) The state or quality of being remissible.

Repealability (n.) The quality or state of being repealable.

Resistibility (n..) The quality of being resistible; resistibleness.

Resistibility (n..) The quality of being resistant; resitstance.

Resolvability (n.) The quality or condition of being resolvable; resolvableness.

Respirability (n.) The quality or state of being respirable; respirableness.

Revealability (n.) The quality or state of being revealable; revealableness.

Reversibility (n.) The quality of being reversible.

Self-activity (n.) The quality or state of being self-active; self-action.

Semiliquidity (n.) The quality or state of being semiliquid; partial liquidity.

Sententiosity (n.) The quality or state of being sententious.

Spheroidicity (n.) Alt. of Spheroidity

Suscitability (n.) Capability of being suscitated; excitability.

Thoracoplasty (n.) A remodeling or reshaping of the thorax; especially, the operation of removing the ribs, so as to obliterate the pleural cavity in cases of empyema.

Triangularity (n.) The quality or state of being triangular.

Triliterality (n.) Alt. of Triliteralness

Unpossibility (n.) Impossibility.

Unsatiability (n.) Quality of being unsatiable; insatiability.

Unsociability (n.) The quality or state of being unsociable; unsociableness.

Untangibility (n.) Intangibility.

Urethroplasty (n.) An operation for the repair of an injury or a defect in the walls of the urethra.

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