14 letter words ending in al

Accrementitial (a.) Pertaining to accremention.

Agrostological (a.) Pertaining to agrostology.

Alexipharmacal (a. & n.) Alexipharmic.

Alexipharmical (a.) Expelling or counteracting poison; antidotal.

Alkalimetrical (a.) Of or pertaining to alkalimetry.

Amphibological (a.) Of doubtful meaning; ambiguous.

Anabaptistical (a.) Relating or attributed to the Anabaptists, or their doctrines.

Anagrammatical (a.) Pertaining to, containing, or making, an anagram.

Antagonistical (a.) Opposing in combat, combating; contending or acting against; as, antagonistic forces.

Antarchistical (a.) Opposed to all human government.

Antipathetical (a.) Having a natural contrariety, or constitutional aversion, to a thing; characterized by antipathy; -- often followed by to.

Antiphrastical (a.) Pertaining to antiphrasis.

Antisacerdotal (a.) Hostile to priests or the priesthood.

Antiscriptural (a.) Opposed to, or not in accordance with, the Holy Scriptures.

Apothegmatical (a.) Pertaining to, or in the manner of, an apothegm; sententious; pithy.

Arachnological (a.) Of or pertaining to arachnology.

Arboricultural (a.) Pertaining to arboriculture.

Archaeological () Relating to archaeology, or antiquities; as, archaeological researches.

Archiepiscopal (a.) Of or pertaining to an archbishop; as, Canterbury is an archiepiscopal see.

Aristocratical (a.) Of or pertaining to an aristocracy; consisting in, or favoring, a government of nobles, or principal men; as, an aristocratic constitution.

Aristocratical (a.) Partaking of aristocracy; befitting aristocracy; characteristic of, or originating with, the aristocracy; as, an aristocratic measure; aristocratic pride or manners.

Assyriological (a.) Of or pertaining to Assyriology; as, Assyriological studies.

Autocratorical (a.) Pertaining to an autocrator; absolute.

Basisphenoidal (a.) Of or pertaining to that part of the base of the cranium between the basioccipital and the presphenoid, which usually ossifies separately in the embryo or in the young, and becomes a part of the sphenoid in the adult.

Belletristical (a.) Occupied with, or pertaining to, belles-lettres.

Bibliomaniacal (a.) Pertaining to a passion for books; relating to a bibliomaniac.

Brachydiagonal (a.) Pertaining to the shorter diagonal, as of a rhombic prism.

Brachydiagonal (n.) The shorter of the diagonals in a rhombic prism.

Branchiostegal (a.) Pertaining to the membrane covering the gills of fishes.

Branchiostegal (n.) A branchiostegal ray. See Illustration of Branchial arches in Appendix.

Bureaucratical (a.) Of, relating to, or resembling, a bureaucracy.

Calcographical (a.) Relating to, or in the style of, calcography.

Calligraphical (a.) Of or pertaining to calligraphy.

Carcinological (a.) Of or pertaining to carcinology.

Cartographical (a.) Of or pertaining to cartography.

Catachrestical (a.) Belonging to, or in the manner of, a catachresis; wrested from its natural sense or form; forced; far-fetched.

Catadioptrical (a.) Pertaining to, produced by, or involving, both the reflection and refraction of light; as, a catadioptric light.

Catechumenical (a.) Of or pertaining to catechumens; as, catechumenical instructions.

Centrolecithal (a.) Having the food yolk placed at the center of the ovum, segmentation being either regular or unequal.

Cerebro-spinal (a.) Of or pertaining to the central nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord.

Chirographical (a.) Of or pertaining to chirography.

Choregraphical (a.) Pertaining to choregraphy.

Chorographical (a.) Pertaining to chorography.

Chronometrical (a.) Pertaining to a chronometer; measured by a chronometer.

Circumlittoral (a.) Adjointing the shore.

Circumstantial (a.) Consisting in, or pertaining to, circumstances or particular incidents.

Circumstantial (a.) Incidental; relating to, but not essential.

Circumstantial (a.) Abounding with circumstances; detailing or exhibiting all the circumstances; minute; particular.

Circumstantial (n.) Something incidental to the main subject, but of less importance; opposed to an essential; -- generally in the plural; as, the circumstantials of religion.

Climatological (a.) Of or pertaining to climatology.

Commentatorial (a.) Pertaining to the making of commentaries.

Compurgatorial (a.) Relating to a compurgator or to compurgation.

Congregational (a.) Of or pertaining to a congregation; conducted, or participated in, by a congregation; as, congregational singing.

Congregational (a.) Belonging to the system of Congregationalism, or to Congregationalist; holding to the faith and polity of Congregationalism; as, a Congregational church.

Conservational (a.) Tending to conserve; preservative.

Consociational (a.) Of or pertaining to a consociation.

Constitutional (a.) Belonging to, or inherent in, the constitution, or in the structure of body or mind; as, a constitutional infirmity; constitutional ardor or dullness.

Constitutional (a.) In accordance with, or authorized by, the constitution of a state or a society; as, constitutional reforms.

Constitutional (a.) Regulated by, dependent on, or secured by, a constitution; as, constitutional government; constitutional rights.

Constitutional (a.) Relating to a constitution, or establishment form of government; as, a constitutional risis.

Constitutional (a.) For the benefit or one's constitution or health; as, a constitutional walk.

Constitutional (n.) A walk or other exercise taken for one's health or constitution.

Constructional (a.) Pertaining to, or deduced from, construction or interpretation.

Consubstantial (a.) Of the same kind or nature; having the same substance or essence; coessential.

Contributional (a.) Pertaining to, or furnishing, a contribution.

Conversational (a.) Pertaining to conversation; in the manner of one conversing; as, a conversational style.

Cosmographical (a.) Of or pertaining to cosmography.

Cosmopolitical (a.) Having the character of a cosmopolite.

Counternatural (a.) Contrary to nature.

Courts-martial (pl. ) of Court-martial

Craniometrical (a.) Pertaining to craniometry.

Crown-imperial (n.) A spring-blooming plant (Fritillaria imperialis) of the Lily family, having at the top of the stalk a cluster of pendent bell-shaped flowers surmounted with a tuft of green leaves.

Denominational (a.) Pertaining to a denomination, especially to a sect or society.

Disquisitional (a.) Pertaining to disquisition; of the nature of disquisition.

Disquisitorial (a.) Disquisitory.

Dissertational (a.) Relating to dissertations; resembling a dissertation.

Dissymmetrical (a.) Not having symmetry; asymmetrical; unsymmetrical.

Distributional (a.) Of or pertaining to distribution.

Dynamometrical (a.) Relating to a dynamometer, or to the measurement of force doing work; as, dynamometrical instruments.

Ecclesiastical (a.) Of or pertaining to the church; relating to the organization or government of the church; not secular; as, ecclesiastical affairs or history; ecclesiastical courts.

Electrolytical (a.) Pertaining to electrolysis; as, electrolytic action.

Embolismatical (a.) Embolismic.

Empyreumatical (a.) Of or pertaining to empyreuma; as, an empyreumatic odor.

Encyclopedical (a.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, an encyclopedia; embracing a wide range of subjects.

Enthusiastical (a.) Filled with enthusiasm; characterized by enthusiasm; zealous; as, an enthusiastic lover of art.

Enthymematical (a.) Pertaining to, or of the form of, an enthymeme.

Entoperipheral (a.) Being, or having its origin, within the external surface of the body; -- especially applied to feelings, such as hunger, produced by internal disturbances. Opposed to epiperipheral.

Epigrammatical () Writing epigrams; dealing in epigrams; as, an epigrammatical poet.

Epigrammatical () Suitable to epigrams; belonging to epigrams; like an epigram; pointed; piquant; as, epigrammatic style, wit, or sallies of fancy.

Eschatological (a.) Pertaining to the last or final things.

Ethnographical (a.) pertaining to ethnography.

Eudemonistical (a.) Alt. of Eudaemonistical

Excrementitial (a.) Alt. of Excrementitious

Extrabranchial (a.) Outside of the branchial arches; -- said of the cartilages thus placed in some fishes.

Extra-official (a.) Not prescribed by official duty.

Extraparochial (a.) Beyond the limits of a parish.

Extrastapedial (a.) Pertaining to a part of the columella of the ear, which, in many animals, projects beyond the connection with the stapes.

Extrastapedial (n.) The extrastapedial part of columella.

Gastroduodenal (a.) Pertaining to the stomach and duodenum; as, the gastroduodenal artery.

Haematothermal (a.) Warm-blooded; homoiothermal.

Heliocentrical (a.) pertaining to the sun's center, or appearing to be seen from it; having, or relating to, the sun as a center; -- opposed to geocentrical.

Hemiholohedral (a.) Presenting hemihedral forms, in which half the sectants have the full number of planes.

Hemispheroidal (a.) Resembling, or approximating to, a hemisphere in form.

Herpetological (a.) Pertaining to herpetology.

Heteroclitical (a.) Deviating from ordinary forms or rules; irregular; anomalous; abnormal.

Hieroglyphical (a.) Emblematic; expressive of some meaning by characters, pictures, or figures; as, hieroglyphic writing; a hieroglyphic obelisk.

Hieroglyphical (a.) Resembling hieroglyphics; not decipherable.

Hierographical (a.) Of or pertaining to sacred writing.

Histographical (a.) Of or pertaining to histography.

Holohemihedral (a.) Presenting hemihedral forms, in which all the sectants have halt the whole number of planes.

Hydrodynamical (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, the dynamical action of water of a liquid; of or pertaining to water power.

Hydrographical (a.) Of or relating to hydrography.

Hypertrophical (a.) Of or pertaining to hypertrophy; affected with, or tending to, hypertrophy.

Ichnographical (a.) Of or pertaining to ichonography; describing a ground plot.

Ichthyological (a.) Of or pertaining to ichthyology.

Idolographical (a.) Descriptive of idols.

Infrabranchial (a.) Below the gills; -- applied to the ventral portion of the pallial chamber in the lamellibranchs.

Infrastapedial (a.) Of or pertaining to a part of the columella of the ear, which in many animals projects below the connection with the stapes.

Infrastapedial (n.) The infrastapedial part of the columella.

Insurrectional (a.) Pertaining to insurrection; consisting in insurrection.

Integropallial (a.) Having the pallial

Intelligential (a.) Of or pertaining to the intelligence; exercising or implying understanding; intellectual.

Intelligential (a.) Consisting of unembodied mind; incorporeal.

Interbranchial (a.) Between the branchiae.

Intercessional (a.) Pertaining to, of the nature of, or characterized by, intercession or entreaty.

Intercessorial (a.) Intercessory.

Interjectional (a.) Thrown in between other words or phrases; parenthetical; ejaculatory; as, an interjectional remark.

Interjectional (a.) Pertaining to, or having the nature of, an interjection; consisting of natural and spontaneous exclamations.

Intersectional (a.) Pertaining to, or formed by, intersections.

Interstapedial (a.) Pertaining to a part of the columella of the ear, between the stapes and the mediostapedial.

Interstapedial (n.) The interstapedial part of the columella.

Intervertebral (a.) Between vertebrae.

Intramercurial (a.) Between the planet Mercury and the sun; -- as, the hypothetical Vulcan is intramercurial.

Jurisdictional (a.) Of or pertaining to jurisdiction; as jurisdictional rights.

Kingston metal () An alloy of tin, copper, and mercury, sometimes used for the bearings and packings of machinery.

Knight marshal () An officer in the household of the British sovereign, who has cognizance of transgressions within the royal household and verge, and of contracts made there, a member of the household being one of the parties.

Lamellirostral (a.) Having a lamellate bill, as ducks and geese.

Laryngological (a.) Of or pertaining to laryngology.

Lithographical (a.) Of or pertaining to lithography; made by lithography; as, the lithographic art; a lithographic picture.

Martyrological (a.) Pertaining to martyrology or martyrs; registering, or registered in, a catalogue of martyrs.

Mediostapedial (a.) Pertaining to that part of the columella of the ear which, in some animals, connects the stapes with the other parts of the columella.

Mediostapedial (n.) The mediostapedial part of the columella.

Metaphrastical (a.) Close, or literal.

Meteorological (a.) Of or pertaining to the atmosphere and its phenomena, or to meteorology.

Methodological (a.) Of or pertaining to methodology.

Metoposcopical (a.) Of or relating to metoposcopy.

Metropolitical (a.) Of or pertaining to a metropolis; being a metropolis; metropolitan; as, the metropolitical chair.

Micro-chemical (a.) Of or pertaining to micro-chemistry; as, a micro-chemical test.

Misanthropical (a.) Hating or disliking mankind.

Monophysitical (a.) Of or pertaining to Monophysites, or their doctrines.

Nasopharyngeal (a.) Of or pertaining to both throat and nose; as, a nasopharyngeal polypus.

Neurapophysial (a.) Of or pertaining to a neurapophysis.

Octosyllabical (a.) Consisting of or containing eight syllables.

Omnipresential (a.) Implying universal presence.

Oneirocritical (a.) Of or pertaining to the interpretation of dreams.

Ornithological (a.) Of or pertaining to ornithology.

Ornithotomical (a.) Of or pertaining to ornithotomy.

Orthographical (a.) Of or pertaining to orthography, or right spelling; also, correct in spelling; as, orthographical rules; the letter was orthographic.

Orthographical (a.) Of or pertaining to right

Paleographical (a.) Of or pertaining to paleography.

Pantographical (a.) Of or pertaining to a pantograph; relating to pantography.

Paradigmatical (a.) Exemplary.

Paraphrastical (a.) Paraphrasing; of the nature of paraphrase; explaining, or translating in words more clear and ample than those of the author; not literal; free.

Parisyllabical (a.) Having the same number of syllables in all its inflections.

Paronomastical (a.) Of or pertaining to paronomasia; consisting in a play upon words.

Pectoriloquial (a.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, pectoriloquy.

Pentagraphical (a.) Pantographic. See Pantograph.

Periphrastical (a.) Expressing, or expressed, in more words than are necessary; characterized by periphrase; circumlocutory.

Perissological (a.) Redundant or excessive in words.

Perturbational (a.) Of or pertaining to perturbation, esp. to the perturbations of the planets.

Petrographical (a.) Pertaining to petrography.

Phaneroglossal (a.) Having a conspicious tongue; -- said of certain reptiles and insects.

Phantasmatical (a.) Phantasmal.

Pharmaceutical (a.) Of or pertaining to the knowledge or art of pharmacy, or to the art of preparing medicines according to the rules or formulas of pharmacy; as, pharmaceutical preparations.

Philopolemical (a.) Fond of polemics or controversy.

Philotechnical (a.) Fond of the arts.

Phonographical (a.) Of or pertaining to phonography; based upon phonography.

Phonographical (a.) Of or pertaining to phonograph; done by the phonograph.

Photographical (a.) Of or pertaining to photography; obtained by photography; used ib photography; as a photographic picture; a photographic camera.

Phraseological (a.) Of or pertaining to phraseology; consisting of a peculiar form of words.

Physicological (a.) Of or pertaining to physicologic.

Physiognomical (a.) Of or pertaining to physiognomy; according with the principles of physiognomy.

Phytographical (a.) Of or pertaining to phytography.

Pluviametrical (a.) See Pluviometrical.

Pluviometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to a pluviometer; determined by a pluviometer.

Poikilothermal (a.) Alt. of Poikilothermic

Polysyllabical (a.) Pertaining to a polysyllable; containing, or characterized by, polysyllables; consisting of more than three syllables.

Polytheistical (a.) Of or pertaining to polytheism; characterized by polytheism; professing or advocating polytheism; as, polytheistic worship; a polytheistic author, or nation.

Postpositional (a.) Of or pertaining to postposition.

Presentimental (a.) Of nature of a presentiment; foreboding.

Propaedeutical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or conveying, preliminary instruction; introductory to any art or science; instructing beforehand.

Prophylactical (a.) Defending or preserving from disease; preventive.

Proscriptional (a.) Proscriptive.

Protestantical (a.) Protestant.

Protocanonical (a.) Of or pertaining to the first canon, or that which contains the authorized collection of the books of Scripture; -- opposed to deutero-canonical.

Protovertebral (a.) Of or pertaining to the protovertebrae.

Pseudoturbinal (a.) See under Turbinal.

Psychophysical (a.) Of or pertaining to psychophysics; involving the action or mutual relations of the psychical and physical in man.

Quinqueliteral (a.) Consisting of five letters.

Quintessential (a.) Of the nature of a quintessence; purest.

Recrementitial (a.) Of the nature of a recrement. See Recrement, 2 (b).

Recurvirostral (a.) Having the beak bent upwards.

Reminiscential (a.) Of or pertaining to reminiscence, or remembrance.

Sacrovertebral (a.) Of or pertaining to the sacrum and that part of the vertebral column immediately anterior to it; as, the sacrovertebral angle.

Scenographical (a.) Of or pertaining to scenography; drawn in perspective.

Semicentennial (a.) Of or pertaining to half of a century, or a period of fifty years; as, a semicentennial commemoration.

Semicentennial (n.) A fiftieth anniversary.

Semihistorical (a.) Half or party historical.

Semispheroidal (a.) Formed like a half spheroid.

Serratirostral (a.) Having a toothed bill, like that of a toucan.

Spectrological (a.) Of or pertaining to spectrology; as, spectrological studies or experiments.

Sphenethmoidal (a.) Relating to the sphenoethmoid bone; sphenoethmoid.

States-general (n.) In France, before the Revolution, the assembly of the three orders of the kingdom, namely, the clergy, the nobility, and the third estate, or commonalty.

States-general (n.) In the Netherlands, the legislative body, composed of two chambers.

Stenographical (a.) Of or pertaining to stenography.

Stereometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to stereometry; performed or obtained by stereometry.

Stereoscopical (a.) Of or pertaining to the stereoscope; characteristic of, or adapted to, the stereoscope; as, a stereoscopic effect; the stereoscopic function of the eyeglasses; stereoscopic views.

Stethoscopical (a.) Of or pertaining to a stethoscope; obtained or made by means of a stethoscope.

Stichometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to stichometry; characterized by stichs, or

Stradometrical (a.) Of, or relating to, the measuring of streets or roads.

Stylographical (a.) Same as Stylographic, 1.

Subarachnoidal (a.) Situated under the arachnoid membrane.

Subcylindrical (a.) Alt. of Subcylindric

Subendocardial (a.) Situated under the endocardium.

Subnotochordal (a.) Situated on the ventral side of the notochord; as, the subnotochordal rod.

Subpericardial (a.) Situated under the cardiac pericardium.

Substitutional (a.) Of or pertaining to substitution; standing in the place of another; substituted.

Subterrestrial (a.) Subterranean.

Supercelestial (a.) Situated above the firmament, or great vault of heaven.

Supercelestial (a.) Higher than celestial; superangelic.

Superessential (a.) Essential above others, or above the constitution of a thing.

Superoccipital (a.) Supraoccipital.

Supra-acromial (a.) Situated above the acromial process of the scapula.

Suprabranchial (a.) Situated above the branchiae; -- applied especially to the upper division of the gill cavity of bivalve mollusks.

Suprachoroidal (a.) Situated above the choroid; -- applied to the layer of the choroid coat of the eyeball next to the sclerotic.

Supraoccipital (a.) Situated over, or in the upper part of, the occiput; of or pertaining to the supraoccipital bone.

Supraoccipital (n.) The supraoccipital bone.

Suprastapedial (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, that part of the columella of the ear which projects above the connection with the stapes, as in many animals.

Suprastapedial (n.) The suprastapedial part of the columella.

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