14 letter words ending in ance

Counterbalance (v. t.) To oppose with an equal weight or power; to counteract the power or effect of; to countervail; to equiponderate; to balance.

Counterbalance (n.) A weight, power, or agency, acting against or balancing another

Counterbalance (n.) A mass of metal in one side of a driving wheel or fly wheel, to balance the weight of a crank pin, etc., on the opposite side of the wheel

Counterbalance (n.) A counterpoise to balance the weight of anything, as of a drawbridge or a scale beam.

Counterfesance (a.) The act of forging; forgery.

Discontinuance (n.) The act of discontinuing, or the state of being discontinued; want of continued connection or continuity; breaking off; cessation; interruption; as, a discontinuance of conversation or intercourse; discontinuance of a highway or of travel.

Discontinuance (n.) The termination of an action in practice by the voluntary act of the plaintiff; an entry on the record that the plaintiff discontinues his action.

Discontinuance (n.) That technical interruption of the proceedings in pleading in an action, which follows where a defendant does not answer the whole of the plaintiff's declaration, and the plaintiff omits to take judgment for the part unanswered.

Discountenance (v. t.) To ruffle or discompose the countenance of; to put of countenance; to put to shame; to abash.

Discountenance (v. t.) To refuse to countenance, or give the support of one's approval to; to give one's influence against; to restrain by cold treatment; to discourage.

Discountenance (n.) Unfavorable aspect; unfriendly regard; cold treatment; disapprobation; whatever tends to check or discourage.

Disencumbrance (n.) Freedom or deliverance from encumbrance, or anything burdensome or troublesome.

Disinheritance (n.) The act of disinheriting, or the condition of being; disinherited; disherison.

Equiponderance (n.) Alt. of Equiponderancy

Inacquaintance (a.) Want of acquaintance.

Insignificance (n.) The condition or quality of being insignificant; want of significance, sense, or meaning; as, the insignificance of words or phrases.

Insignificance (n.) Want of force or effect; unimportance; pettiness; inefficacy; as, the insignificance of human art.

Insignificance (n.) Want of claim to consideration or notice; want of influence or standing; meanness.

Miscontinuance (n.) Discontinuance; also, continuance by undue process.

Nonperformance (n.) Neglect or failure to perform.

Nonresemblance (n.) Want of resemblance; unlikeness; dissimilarity.

Reconnoissance (n.) Alt. of Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance (n.) The act of reconnoitering; preliminary examination or survey.

Reconnaissance (n.) An examination or survey of a region in reference to its general geological character.

Reconnaissance (n.) An examination of a region as to its general natural features, preparatory to a more particular survey for the purposes of triangulation, or of determining the location of a public work.

Reconnaissance (n.) An examination of a territory, or of an enemy's position, for the purpose of obtaining information necessary for directing military operations; a preparatory expedition.

Self-ignorance (n.) Ignorance of one's own character, powers, and limitations.

Superabundance (n.) The quality or state of being superabundant; a superabundant quantity; redundancy; excess.

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