14 letter words ending in ate

Adversifoliate (a.) Alt. of Adversifolious

Angulo-dentate (a.) Angularly toothed, as certain leaves.

Angustifoliate (a.) Alt. of Angustifolious

Circumambulate (v. t.) To walk round about.

Circumnavigate (v. t.) To sail completely round.

Circumundulate (v. t.) To flow round, as waves.

Comperendinate (v. t.) To delay.

Conferruminate (a.) Alt. of Conferruminated

Contraindicate (v. t.) To indicate, as by a symptom, some method of treatment contrary to that which the general tenor of the case would seem to require.

Desophisticate (v. t.) To clear from sophism or error.

Disaccommodate (v. t.) To put to inconvenience; to incommode.

Disappropriate (a.) Severed from the appropriation or possession of a spiritual corporation.

Disappropriate (v. t.) To release from individual ownership or possession.

Disappropriate (v. t.) To sever from appropriation or possession a spiritual corporation.

Disincarcerate (v. t.) To liberate from prison.

Disincorporate (v. t.) To deprive of corporate powers, rights, or privileges; to divest of the condition of a corporate body.

Disincorporate (v. t.) To detach or separate from a corporation.

Disincorporate (a.) Separated from, or not included in, a corporation; disincorporated.

Ferriprussiate (n.) A ferricyanate; a ferricyanide.

Ferroprussiate (n.) A ferrocyanate; a ferocyanide.

Forisfamiliate (v. t.) Literally, to put out of a family; hence, to portion off, so as to exclude further claim of inheritance; to emancipate (as a with his own consent) from paternal authority.

Forisfamiliate (v. i.) To renounce a legal title to a further share of paternal inheritance.

Hydrocarbonate (n.) A hydrocarbon.

Hydrocarbonate (n.) A hydrous carbonate, as malachite.

Hydrotellurate (n.) A salt formed by the union of hydrotelluric acid and the base.

Imparidigitate (a.) Having an odd number of fingers or toes, either one, three, or five, as in the horse, tapir, rhinoceros, etc.

Incommensurate (a.) Not commensurate; not admitting of a common measure; incommensurable.

Incommensurate (a.) Not of equal of sufficient measure or extent; not adequate; as, our means are incommensurate to our wants.

Inconditionate (a.) Not conditioned; not limited; absolute.

Indiscriminate (a.) Not discriminate; wanting discrimination; undistinguishing; not making any distinction; confused; promiscuous.

Interpenetrate (v. t.) To penetrate between or within; to penetrate mutually.

Interpenetrate (v. i.) To penetrate each the other; to penetrate between bodies or their parts.

Misappropriate (v. t.) To appropriate wrongly; to use for a wrong purpose.

Multarticulate (a.) Having many articulations or joints.

Multicuspidate (a.) Having many cusps or points.

Multigranulate (a.) Having, or consisting of, many grains.

Notobranchiate (a.) Of or pertaining to the Notobranchiata.

Nudibranchiate (a. & n.) Same as Nudibranch.

Ovate-subulate (a.) Having an ovate form, but with a subulate tip or extremity.

Overpassionate (a.) Passionate to excess.

Plano-subulate (a.) Smooth and awl-shaped. See Subulate.

Plurifoliolate (a.) Having several or many leaflets.

Polyembryonate (a.) Consisting of, or having, several embryos; polyembryonic.

Predeterminate (a.) Determined beforehand; as, the predeterminate counsel of God.

Preindesignate (a.) Having no sign expressive of quantity; indefinite. See Predesignate.

Pyroantimonate (n.) A salt of pyroantimonic acid.

Quinquedentate (a.) Alt. of Quinquedentated

Quinquefoliate (a.) Alt. of Quinquefoliated

Rhomboid-ovate (a.) Between rhomboid and ovate, or oval, in shape.

Self-conjugate (a.) Having the two things that are conjugate parts of the same figure; as, self-conjugate triangles.

Septentrionate (v. i.) To tend or point toward the north; to north.

Sesquialterate (a.) Once and a half times as great as another; having the ratio of one and a half to one.

Stadtholderate (n.) Alt. of Stadtholdership

Subpedunculate (a.) Supported on, or growing from, a very short stem; having a short peduncle.

Subturriculate (a.) Somewhat turriculate.

Sulphostannate (n.) A salt of sulphostannic acid.

Supercarbonate (n.) A bicarbonate.

Superphosphate (n.) An acid phosphate.

Superponderate (v. t.) To wiegh over and above.

Taenioglossate (a.) Of or pertaining to the Taenioglossa.

Terebinthinate (a.) Impregnating with the qualities of turpentine; terbinthine.

Transcorporate (v. i.) To transmigrate.

Transregionate (a.) Foreign.

Transverberate (v. t.) To beat or strike through.

Unsophisticate (a.) Alt. of Unsophisticated

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