14 letter words ending in ble

Acclimatizable (a.) Capable of being acclimatized.

Accomplishable (a.) Capable of being accomplished; practicable.

Compassionable (a.) Deserving compassion or pity; pitiable.

Comprehensible (a.) Capable of being comprehended, included, or comprised.

Comprehensible (a.) Capable of being understood; intelligible; conceivable by the mind.

Contradictable (a.) Capable of being contradicting.

Controvertible (a.) Capable of being controverted; disputable; admitting of question.

Crystallizable (a.) Capable of being crystallized; that may be formed into crystals.

Decompoundable (a.) Capable of being decompounded.

Discomfortable (a.) Causing discomfort; occasioning uneasiness; making sad.

Discomfortable (a.) Destitute of comfort; uncomfortable.

Discommendable (a.) Deserving, disapprobation or blame.

Disconformable (a.) Not conformable.

Discontinuable (a.) Admitting of being discontinued.

Discourageable (a.) Capable of being discouraged; easily disheartened.

Disrespectable (a.) Not respectable; disreputable.

Disserviceable (a.) Calculated to do disservice or harm; not serviceable; injurious; harmful; unserviceable.

Dodecasyllable (n.) A word consisting of twelve syllables.

Electrolyzable (a.) Capable of being electrolyzed, or decomposed by electricity.

Excommunicable (a.) Liable or deserving to be excommunicated; making excommunication possible or proper.

Extinguishable (a.) Capable of being quenched, destroyed, or suppressed.

Imperscrutable (a.) Not capable of being searched out; inscrutable.

Impertransible (a.) Incapable of being passed through.

Inapproachable (a.) Not approachable; unapproachable; inaccessible; unequaled.

Incommunicable (a.) Not communicable; incapable of being communicated, shared, told, or imparted, to others.

Incompressible (a.) Not compressible; incapable of being reduced by force or pressure into a smaller compass or volume; resisting compression; as, many liquids and solids appear to be almost incompressible.

Inconscionable (a.) Unconscionable.

Inconsiderable (a.) Not considerable; unworthy of consideration or notice; unimportant; small; trivial; as, an inconsiderable distance; an inconsiderable quantity, degree, value, or sum.

Inconsumptible (a.) Inconsumable.

Incontrollable (a.) Not controllable; uncontrollable.

Indecipherable (a.) Not decipherable; incapable of being deciphered, explained, or solved.

Indecomposable (a.) Not decomposable; incapable or difficult of decomposition; not resolvable into its constituents or elements.

Indemonstrable (a.) Incapable of being demonstrated.

Indestructible (a.) Not destructible; incapable of decomposition or of being destroyed.

Indeterminable (a.) Not determinable; impossible to be determined; not to be definitely known, ascertained, defined, or limited.

Indeterminable (n.) An indeterminable thing or quantity.

Indiminishable (a.) Incapable of being diminished.

Indiscerptible (a.) Not discerpible; inseparable.

Indiscoverable (a.) Not discoverable; undiscoverable.

Indistinctible (a.) Indistinguishable.

Inexterminable (a.) Incapable of extermination.

Insuppressible (a.) That can not be suppressed or concealed; irrepressible.

Insurmountable (a.) Incapable of being passed over, surmounted, or overcome; insuperable; as, insurmountable difficulty or obstacle.

Intransmutable (a.) Not capable of being transmuted or changed into another substance.

Irrecognizable (a.) Not recognizable.

Irreconcilable (a.) Not reconcilable; implacable; incompatible; inconsistent; disagreeing; as, irreconcilable enemies, statements.

Irreplevisable (a.) Not capable of being replevied.

Irreproachable (a.) Not reproachable; above reproach; not deserving reproach; blameless.

Irresuscitable (a.) Incapable of being resuscitated or revived.

Lady's thimble () The harebell.

Merchandisable (a.) Such as can be used or transferred as merchandise.

Misconstruable (a.) Such as can be misconstrued, as language or conduct.

Noncondensible (a.) Not condensible; incapable of being liquefied; -- said of gases.

Prognosticable (a.) Capable of being prognosticated or foretold.

Proportionable (a.) Capable of being proportioned, or made proportional; also, proportional; proportionate.

Quadrisyllable (n.) A word consisting of four syllables.

Subconformable (a.) Partially conformable.

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