14 letter words ending in ence

Blandiloquence (n.) Mild, flattering speech.

Condescendence (n.) Alt. of Condescendency

Correspondence (n.) Friendly intercourse; reciprocal exchange of civilities; especially, intercourse between persons by means of letters.

Correspondence (n.) The letters which pass between correspondents.

Correspondence (n.) Mutual adaptation, relation, or agreement, of one thing to another; agreement; congruity; fitness; relation.

Disconvenience (n.) Unsuitableness; incongruity.

Exacerbescence (n.) Increase of irritation or violence, particularly the increase of a fever or disease.

Grandiloquence (n.) The use of lofty words or phrases; bombast; -- usually in a bad sense.

Misconsequence (n.) A wrong consequence; a false deduction.

Noncoincidence (n.) Lack of coincidence.

Nonconcurrence (n.) Refusal to concur.

Overconfidence (n.) Excessive confidence; too great reliance or trust.

Rejuvenescence (n.) A renewing of youth; the state of being or growing young again.

Rejuvenescence (n.) A method of cell formation in which the entire protoplasm of an old cell escapes by rupture of the cell wall, and then develops a new cell wall. It is seen sometimes in the formation of zoospores, etc.

Self-existence (n.) Inherent existence; existence possessed by virtue of a being's own nature, and independent of any other being or cause; -- an attribute peculiar to God.

Self-reverence (n.) A reverent respect for one's self.

Stultiloquence (n.) Silly talk; babbling.

Supercrescence (n.) That which grows upon another growing thing; a parasite.

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