14 letter words ending in er

Aesthesiometer (n.) Alt. of Esthesiometer

Antitrochanter (n.) An articular surface on the ilium of birds against which the great trochanter of the femur plays.

Autobiographer (n.) One who writers his own life or biography.

Baggage master () One who has charge of the baggage at a railway station or upon a

Baromacrometer (n.) An instrument for ascertaining the weight and length of a newborn infant.

Bidding prayer () The prayer for the souls of benefactors, said before the sermon.

Bidding prayer () The prayer before the sermon, with petitions for various specified classes of persons.

Blotting paper () A kind of thick, bibulous, unsized paper, used to absorb superfluous ink from freshly written manuscript, and thus prevent blots.

Calendographer (n.) One who makes calendars.

Concertmeister (n.) The head violinist or leader of the strings in an orchestra; the sub-leader of the orchestra; concert master.

Craig flounder () The pole flounder.

Credit foncier () A company licensed for the purpose of carrying out improvements, by means of loans and advances upon real securities.

Cross-examiner (n.) One who cross-examines or conducts a crosse-examination.

Cross-springer (n.) One of the ribs in a groined arch, springing from the corners in a diagonal direction. [See Illustr. of Groined vault.]

Daguerreotyper (n.) Alt. of Daguerreotypist

Demisemiquaver (n.) A short note, equal in time to the half of a semiquaver, or the thirty-second part of a whole note.

Diathermometer (n.) An instrument for examining the thermal resistance or heat-conducting power of liquids.

Dynactinometer (n.) An instrument for measuring the intensity of the photogenic (light-producing) rays, and computing the power of object glasses.

Epigrammatizer (n.) One who writes in an affectedly pointed style.

Fashion-monger (n.) One who studies the fashions; a fop; a dandy.

Geothermometer (n.) A thermometer specially constructed for measuring temperetures at a depth below the surface of the ground.

Grammaticaster (n.) A petty grammarian; a grammatical pedant or pretender.

Haemacytometer (n.) An apparatus for determining the number of corpuscles in a given quantity of blood.

Haemadynameter () Alt. of Haemadynamometer

Haematinometer (n.) Same as Hematinometer.

Haemocytometer (n.) See Haemacytometer.

Haemodynameter (n.) Same as Hemadynamics.

Haemomanometer (n.) Same as Hemadynamometer.

Half seas over () Half drunk.

Helter-skelter (adv.) In hurry and confusion; without definite purpose; irregularly.

Hemadromometer (n.) An instrument for measuring the velocity with which the blood moves in the arteries.

Hematachometer (n.) Same as Haematachometer.

Heresiographer (n.) One who writes on heresies.

Hydrobarometer (n.) An instrument for determining the depth of the sea water by its pressure.

Individualizer (n.) One who individualizes.

James's powder () Antimonial powder, first prepared by Dr. James, ar English physician; -- called also fever powder.

Johannisberger (n.) A fine white wine produced on the estate of Schloss (or Castle) Johannisberg, on the Rhine.

Lady's slipper () Any orchidaceous plant of the genus Cypripedium, the labellum of which resembles a slipper. Less commonly, in the United States, the garden balsam (Impatiens Balsamina).

Life-preserver (n.) An apparatus, made in very various forms, and of various materials, for saving one from drowning by buoying up the body while in the water.

Martello tower () A building of masonry, generally circular, usually erected on the seacoast, with a gun on the summit mounted on a traversing platform, so as to be fired in any direction.

Microtasimeter (n.) A tasimeter, especially when arranged for measuring very small extensions. See Tasimeter.

Mischief-maker (n.) One who makes mischief; one who excites or instigates quarrels or enmity.

Misinterpreter (n.) One who interprets erroneously.

Misrepresenter (n.) One who misrepresents.

Myodynamometer (n.) An instrument for measuring the muscular strength of man or of other animals; a dynamometer.

Nephelodometer (n.) An instrument for reckoning the distances or velocities of clouds.

Ophthalmometer (n.) An instrument devised by Helmholtz for measuring the size of a reflected image on the convex surface of the cornea and lens of the eye, by which their curvature can be ascertained.

Paramiographer (n.) A collector or writer of proverbs.

Philosophaster (n.) A pretender to philosophy.

School-teacher (n.) One who teaches or instructs a school.

Self-destroyer (n.) One who destroys himself; a suicide.

Self-justifier (n.) One who excuses or justifies himself.

Self-slaughter (n.) Suicide.

Semidemiquaver (n.) A demisemiquaver; a thirty-second note.

Snipper-snaper (n.) A small, insignificant fellow.

Strabismometer (n.) An instrument for measuring the amount of strabismus.

Subject-matter (n.) The matter or thought presented for consideration in some statement or discussion; that which is made the object of thought or study.

Undertreasurer (n.) An assistant treasurer.

Verticillaster (a.) A whorl of flowers apparently of one cluster, but composed of two opposite axillary cymes, as in mint. See Illust. of Whorl.

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