14 letter words ending in ist

Abstractionist (n.) An idealist.

Affectationist (n.) One who exhibits affectation.

Anthropologist (n.) One who is versed in anthropology.

Anthropotomist (n.) One who is versed in anthropotomy, or human anatomy.

Antimonarchist (n.) An enemy to monarchial government.

Associationist (n.) One who explains the higher functions and relations of the soul by the association of ideas; e. g., Hartley, J. C. Mill.

Bacteriologist (n.) One skilled in bacteriology.

Belle-lettrist (n.) One versed in belles-lettres.

Chalcographist (n.) An engraver on copper or brass; hence, an engraver of copper plates for printing upon paper.

Conjecturalist (n.) A conjecturer.

Convocationist (n.) An advocate or defender of convocation.

Co-religionist (n.) One of the same religion with another.

Correligionist (n.) A co-religion/ist.

Cryptographist (n.) Same as Cryptographer.

Destructionist (n.) One who delights in destroying that which is valuable; one whose principles and influence tend to destroy existing institutions; a destructive.

Destructionist (n.) One who believes in the final destruction or complete annihilation of the wicked; -- called also annihilationist.

Ecclesiologist (n.) One versed in ecclesiology.

Epidemiologist (n.) A person skilled in epidemiology.

Experimetalist (n.) One who makes experiments; an experimenter.

Floriculturist (n.) One skilled in the cultivation of flowers; a florist.

Galactophagist (n.) One who eats, or subsists on, milk.

Horticulturist (n.) One who practices horticulture.

Ichthyophagist (n.) One who eats, or subsists on, fish.

Incorporealist (n.) One who believes in incorporealism.

Indifferentist (n.) One governed by indifferentism.

Inspirationist (n.) One who holds to inspiration.

Intuitionalist (n.) One who holds the doctrine of intuitionalism.

Laryngoscopist (n.) One skilled in laryngoscopy.

Legerdemainist (n.) One who practices sleight of hand; a prestidigitator.

Lexicographist (n.) A lexicographer.

Lipogrammatist (n.) One who makes a lipogram.

Lithontriptist (n.) Same as Lithotriptist.

Liturgiologist (n.) One versed in liturgiology.

Ministerialist (n.) A supporter of the ministers, or the party in power.

Obstructionist (n.) One who hinders progress; one who obstructs business, as in a legislative body.

Obstructionist (a.) Of or pertaining to obstructionists.

Organographist (n.) One versed in organography.

Ouranographist (n.) See Uranographist.

Palaetiologist (n.) One versed in palaetiology.

Paleontologist (n.) One versed in paleontology.

Pantisocratist (n.) One who favors or supports the theory of a pantisocracy.

Paragrammatist (n.) A punster.

Perfectibilist (n.) A perfectionist. See also Illuminati, 2.

Pharmacologist (n.) One skilled in pharmacology.

Pharmacopolist (n.) One who sells medicines; an apothecary.

Philanthropist (n.) One who practices philanthropy; one who loves mankind, and seeks to promote the good of others.

Pisciculturist (n.) One who breeds fish.

Pneumatologist (n.) One versed in pneumatology.

Polyschematist (a.) Having, or existing in, many different forms or fashions; multiform.

Priscillianist (n.) A follower of Priscillian, bishop of Avila in Spain, in the fourth century, who mixed various elements of Gnosticism and Manicheism with Christianity.

Probabiliorist (n.) One who holds, in opposition to the probabilists, that a man is bound to do that which is most probably right.

Progressionist (n.) One who holds to a belief in the progression of society toward perfection.

Progressionist (n.) One who maintains the doctrine of progression in organic forms; -- opposed to uniformitarian.

Prohibitionist (n.) One who favors prohibitory duties on foreign goods in commerce; a protectionist.

Prohibitionist (n.) One who favors the prohibition of the sale (or of the sale and manufacture) of alcoholic liquors as beverages.

Psalmographist (n.) A writer of psalms, or sacred songs and hymns.

Psilanthropist (n.) One who believes that Christ was a mere man.

Requisitionist (n.) One who makes or signs a requisition.

Restorationist (n.) One who believes in a temporary future punishment and a final restoration of all to the favor and presence of God; a Universalist.

Sacramentalist (n.) One who holds the doctrine of the real objective presence of Christ's body and blood in the holy eucharist.

Selenographist (n.) A selenographer.

Sensationalist (n.) An advocate of, or believer in, philosophical sensationalism.

Sensationalist (n.) One who practices sensational writing or speaking.

Sentimentalist (n.) One who has, or affects, sentiment or fine feeling.

Siderographist (n.) One skilled in siderography.

Spectroscopist (n.) One who investigates by means of a spectroscope; one skilled in the use of the spectroscope.

Sphenographist (n.) A sphenographer.

Superficialist (n.) One who attends to anything superficially; a superficial or shallow person; a sciolist; a smatterer.

Sylviculturist (n.) One who cultivates forest trees, especially as a business.

Trade-unionist (n.) A member of a trades union, or a supporter of trades unions.

Traditionalist (n.) An advocate of, or believer in, traditionalism; a traditionist.

Tripersonalist (n.) A Trinitarian.

Ultramontanist (n.) One who upholds ultramontanism.

Unipersonalist (n.) One who believes that the Deity is unipersonal.

Universologist (n.) One who is versed in universology.

Vivisectionist (n.) One who practices or advocates vivisection; a vivisector.

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