14 letter words ending in ize

Antiquarianize (v. i.) To act the part of an antiquary.

Dechristianize (v. t.) To turn from, or divest of, Christianity.

Diphthongalize (v. t.) To make into a diphthong; to pronounce as a diphthong.

Disillusionize (v. t.) To disenchant; to free from illusion.

Emblematiccize (v. t.) To render emblematic; as, to emblematicize a picture.

Illegitimatize (v. t.) To render illegitimate; to bastardize.

Participialize (v. t.) To form into, or put in the form of, a participle.

Procrusteanize (v. t.) To stretch or contract according to some rule or standard.

Sentimentalize (v. t.) To regard in a sentimental manner; as, to sentimentalize a subject.

Sentimentalize (v. i.) To think or act in a sentimental manner, or like a sentimentalist; to affect exquisite sensibility.

Substantialize (v. t.) To make substantial.

Superficialize (v. t.) To attend to, or to treat, superficially, or in a shallow or slighting way.

Territorialize (v. t.) To enlarge by extension of territory.

Territorialize (v. t.) To reduce to the condition of a territory.

Transpatronize (v. t.) To transfer the patronage of.

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