14 letter words ending in ness

Abominableness (n.) The quality or state of being abominable; odiousness.

Absorptiveness (n.) The quality of being absorptive; absorptive power.

Abstemiousness (n.) The quality of being abstemious, temperate, or sparing in the use of food and strong drinks. It expresses a greater degree of abstinence than temperance.

Abstersiveness (n.) The quality of being abstersive.

Abstractedness (n.) The state of being abstracted; abstract character.

Acceptableness (n.) The quality of being acceptable, or suitable to be favorably received; acceptability.

Accidentalness (n.) The quality of being accidental; casualness.

Accustomedness (n.) Habituation.

Acquaintedness (n.) State of being acquainted; degree of acquaintance.

Advisable-ness (n.) The quality of being advisable or expedient; expediency; advisability.

Affrontiveness (n.) The quality that gives an affront or offense.

Alimentariness (n.) The quality of being alimentary; nourishing quality.

Alimentiveness (n.) The instinct or faculty of appetite for food.

Analogicalness (n.) Quality of being analogical.

Answerableness (n.) The quality of being answerable, liable, responsible, or correspondent.

Antiquatedness (n.) Quality of being antiquated.

Apocryphalness (n.) The quality or state of being apocryphal; doubtfulness of credit or genuineness.

Articulateness (n.) Quality of being articulate.

Artificialness (n.) The quality of being artificial.

Associableness (n.) Associability.

Attainableness (n.) The quality of being attainable; attainability.

Backhandedness (n.) State of being backhanded; the using of backhanded or indirect methods.

Beneficialness (n.) The quality of being beneficial; profitableness.

Bewilderedness (n.) The state of being bewildered; bewilderment.

Boisterousness (n.) The state or quality of being boisterous; turbulence; disorder; tumultuousness.

Breathableness (n.) State of being breathable.

Breathlessness (n.) The state of being breathless or out of breath.

Calcareousness (n.) Quality of being calcareous.

Ceremonialness (n.) Quality of being ceremonial.

Changeableness (n.) The quality of being changeable; fickleness; inconstancy; mutability.

Chargeableness (n.) The quality of being chargeable or expensive.

Charitableness (n.) The quality of being charitable; the exercise of charity.

Collateralness (n.) The state of being collateral.

Collectiveness (n.) A state of union; mass.

Commodiousness (n.) State of being commodious; suitableness for its purpose; convenience; roominess.

Commutableness (n.) The quality of being commutable; interchangeableness.

Compatibleness (n.) Compatibility; consistency; fitness; agreement.

Complicateness (n.) Complexity.

Conclusiveness (n.) The quality of being conclusive; decisiveness.

Concurrentness (n.) The state or quality of being concurrent; concurrence.

Conducibleness (n.) Quality of being conducible.

Confoundedness (n.) The state of being confounded.

Connaturalness (n.) Participation of the same nature; natural union.

Contagiousness (n.) Quality of being contagious.

Contingentness (n.) The state of being contingent; fortuitousness.

Contractedness (n.) The state of being contracted; narrowness; meanness; selfishness.

Convincingness (n.) The power of convincing, or the quality of being convincing.

Coordinateness (n.) The state of being coordinate; equality of rank or authority.

Corrigibleness (n.) The state or quality of being corrigible; corrigibility.

Corrosibleness (n.) The quality or state of being corrosible.

Courageousness (n.) The quality of being courageous; courage.

Creditableness (n.) The quality of being creditable.

Customableness (n.) Quality of being customable; conformity to custom.


Deceivableness (n.) Capability of deceiving.

Deceivableness (n.) Liability to be deceived or misled; as, the deceivableness of a child.

Defensibleness (n.) Capability of being defended; defensibility.

Definitiveness (n.) The quality of being definitive.

Degenerateness (n.) Degeneracy.

Deliberateness (n.) The quality of being deliberate; calm consideration; circumspection.

Dephlegmedness (n.) A state of being freed from water.

Deplorableness (n.) State of being deplorable.

Derogatoriness (n.) Quality of being derogatory.

Despicableness (n.) The quality of being despicable; meanness; vileness; worthlessness.

Detestableness (n.) The quality or state of being detestable.

Detractiveness (n.) The quality of being detractive.

Diffusibleness (n.) Diffusibility.

Digestibleness (n.) The quality of being digestible; digestibility.

Diminutiveness (n.) The quality of being diminutive; smallness; littleness; minuteness.

Diseasefulness (n.) The quality of being diseaseful; trouble; trial.

Disgustfulness (n.) The state of being disgustful.


Displeasedness (n.) Displeasure.

Disputableness (n.) State of being disputable.

Dissolubleness (n.) The quality of being dissoluble; dissolubility.

Distractedness (n.) A state of being distracted; distraction.

Distressedness (n.) A state of being distressed or greatly pained.

Diureticalness (n.) The quality of being diuretical; diuretic property.

Dogmaticalness (n.) The quality of being dogmatical; positiveness.

Do-nothingness (n.) Inactivity; habitual sloth; idleness.

Effeminateness (n.) The state of being effeminate; unmanly softness.

Electricalness (a.) The state or quality of being electrical.

Elementariness (n.) The state of being elementary; original simplicity; uncompounded state.

Emphaticalness (n.) The quality of being emphatic; emphasis.

Everywhereness (n.) Ubiquity; omnipresence.

Explicableness (n.) Quality of being explicable.

Extendlessness (n.) Unlimited extension.

Extensibleness (n.) Extensibility.

Farsightedness (n.) Quality of bbeing farsighted.

Farsightedness (n.) Hypermetropia.

Fatherlessness (n.) The state of being without a father.

Flowerlessness (n.) State of being without flowers.

Formidableness (n.) The quality of being formidable, or adapted to excite dread.

Forthrightness (n.) Straightforwardness; explicitness; directness.

Governableness (n.) The quality of being governable; manageableness.

Headstrongness (n.) Obstinacy.

Healthlessness (n.) The state of being health/ess.

Heathenishness (n.) The state or quality of being heathenish.

Homogenealness (n.) Homogeneousness.

Hospitableness (n.) The quality of being hospitable; hospitality.

Immaterialness (n.) The state or quality of being immaterial; immateriality.

Immoderateness (n.) The quality of being immoderate; excess; extravagance.

Impassibleness (n.) Impassibility.

Implacableness (n.) The quality of being implacable; implacability.

Inclinableness (n.) The state or quality of being inclinable; inclination.

Incoherentness (n.) Incoherence.

Incompleteness (n.) The state of being incomplete; imperfectness; defectiveness.

Incredibleness (n.) Incredibility.

Inculpableness (n.) Blamelessness; faultlessness.

Indecisiveness (n.) The state of being indecisive; unsettled state.

Indecorousness (n.) The quality of being indecorous; want of decorum.

Indefiniteness (n.) The quality of being indefinite.

Indigestedness (n.) The state or quality of being undigested; crudeness.

Indisposedness (n.) The condition or quality of being indisposed.

Indistinctness (n.) The quality or condition of being indistinct; want of definiteness; dimness; confusion; as, the indistinctness of a picture, or of comprehension; indistinctness of vision.

Inevitableness (n.) The state of being unavoidable; certainty to happen.

Inexorableness (n.) The quality or state of being inexorable.

Inexpectedness (n.) Unexpectedness.

Inexpiableness (n.) Quality of being inexpiable.

Infallibleness (n.) The state or quality of being infallible; infallibility.

Infeasibleness (n.) The state of quality of being infeasible; infeasibility.

Infectiousness (n.) The quality of being infectious.

Inflexibleness (n.) The quality or state of being inflexible; inflexibility; rigidity; firmness.

Ingloriousness (n.) The state of being inglorious.

Inhabitiveness (n.) See Inhabitativeness.

Insatiableness (n.) Greediness of appetite that can not be satisfied or appeased; insatiability.

Insensibleness (n.) Insensibility.

Intemerateness (n.) The state of being unpolluted; purity.

Interestedness (n.) The state or quality of being interested; selfishness.

Inventibleness (n.) Quality of being inventible.

Inveterateness (n.) Inveteracy.

Inviolableness (n.) The quality or state of being inviolable; as, the inviolableness of divine justice.

Irrationalness (n.) Irrationality.

Left-handiness (n.) The state or quality of being left-handed; awkwardness.

Legitimateness (n.) The state or quality of being legitimate; lawfulness; genuineness.

Locomotiveness (n.) Alt. of Locomotivity

Loquaciousness (n.) Loquacity.

Low-mindedness (n.) The quality of being lowminded; meanness; baseness.

Magneticalness (n.) Quality of being magnetic.

Marketableness (n.) Quality of being marketable.

Mechanicalness (n.) The state or quality of being mechanical.


Mensurableness (n.) The quality or state of being mensurable; measurableness.

Mysteriousness (n.) The state or quality of being mysterious.

Mysteriousness (n.) Something mysterious; a mystery.


Newfangledness (n.) Affectation of, or fondness for, novelty; vain or affected fashion or form.

Obligatoriness (n.) The quality or state of being obligatory.

Obsequiousness (n.) The quality or state of being obsequious.

Oleaginousness (n.) Oi

Overthwartness (n.) The state of being overthwart; perverseness.

Pardonableness (n.) The quality or state of being pardonable; as, the pardonableness of sin.

Passionateness (n.) The state or quality of being passionate.

Peremptoriness (n.) The quality of being peremptory; positiveness.

Perfidiousness (n.) The quality of being perfidious; perfidy.

Periodicalness (n.) Periodicity.

Perishableness (n.) The quality or state of being perishable; liability to decay or destruction.

Perplexiveness (n.) The quality of being perplexing; tendency to perplex.

Precociousness (n.) Alt. of Precocity

Preferableness (n.) The quality or state of being preferable.

Prodigiousness (n.) The quality or state of being prodigious; the state of having qualities that excite wonder or astonishment; enormousness; vastness.

Profligateness (n.) The quality of being profligate; an abandoned course of life; profligacy.

Protectiveness (n.) The quality or state of being protective.

Reasonableness (n.) Quality of being reasonable.

Reciprocalness (n.) The quality or condition of being reciprocal; mutual return; alternateness.

Redeemableness (n.) The quality or state of being redeemable; redeemability.

Refractiveness (n.) The quality or condition of being refractive.

Refractoriness (n.) The quality or condition of being refractory.

Regenerateness (n.) The quality or state of being rgenerate.

Resolvableness (n.) The quality of being resolvable; resolvability.

Roundaboutness (n.) The quality of being roundabout; circuitousness.

Sanguinariness (n.) The quality or state of being sanguinary.

Scandalousness (n.) Quality of being scandalous.

Scripturalness (n.) Quality of being scriptural.

Searchableness (n.) Quality of being searchable.

Sequaciousness (n.) Quality of being sequacious.


Smolderingness (n.) Alt. of Smoulderingness

Solertiousness (n.) The quality or state of being solert.


Specificalness (n.) The quality of being specific.

Spirituousness (n.) The quality or state of being spirituous.

Threadbareness (n.) The state of being threadbare.

Transitoriness (n.) The quality or state of being transitory; speedy passage or departure.

Triliteralness (n.) The quality of being triliteral; as, the triliterality of Hebrew roots.

Tumultuariness (n.) The quality or state of being tumultuary.

Ubiquitariness (n.) Quality or state of being ubiquitary, or ubiquitous.

Unaccurateness (n.) Inaccuracy.

Undisposedness (n.) Indisposition; disinclination.

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