14 letter words ending in or

Archchancellor (n.) A chief chancellor; -- an officer in the old German empire, who presided over the secretaries of the court.

Circumferentor (n.) A graduated wheel for measuring tires; a tire circle.

Differentiator (n.) One who, or that which, differentiates.

Disarticulator (n.) One who disarticulates and prepares skeletons.

Excommunicator (n.) One who excommunicates.

Experimentator (n.) An experimenter.

Isabella color () A brownish yellow color.

Post-disseizor (n.) A person who disseizes another of lands which the disseizee had before recovered of the same disseizor.

Procrastinator (n.) One who procrastinates, or defers the performance of anything.

Prognosticator (n.) One who prognosticates; a foreknower or foreteller of a future course or event by present signs.

Self-tormentor (n.) One who torments himself.

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