14 letter words ending in ship

Accompliceship (n.) The state of being an accomplice.

Accountantship (n.) The office or employment of an accountant.

Ambassadorship (n.) The state, office, or functions of an ambassador.

Apprenticeship (n.) The service or condition of an apprentice; the state in which a person is gaining instruction in a trade or art, under legal agreement.

Apprenticeship (n.) The time an apprentice is serving (sometimes seven years, as from the age of fourteen to twenty-one).

Archdeaconship (n.) The office of an archdeacon.

Chancellorship (n.) The office of a chancellor; the time during which one is chancellor.

Commissaryship (n.) The office or employment of a commissary.

Commissionship (n.) The office of commissioner.

Controllership (n.) The office of a controller.

Disworkmanship (n.) Bad workmanship.

Legislatorship (n.) The office of a legislator.

Lieutenantship (n.) Same as Lieutenancy, 1.

Postmastership (n.) The office of postmaster.

Prebendaryship (n.) The office of a prebendary.

Procuratorship (n.) The office or term of a procurator.

Progenitorship (n.) The state of being a progenitor.

Proprietorship (n.) The state of being proprietor; ownership.

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