14 letter words whose second letter is N

Anabaptistical (a.) Relating or attributed to the Anabaptists, or their doctrines.

Anacamptically (adv.) By reflection; as, echoes are sound produced anacamptically.

Anacardiaceous (a.) Belonging to, or resembling, a family, or order, of plants of which the cashew tree is the type, and the species of sumac are well known examples.

Anaglyptograph (n.) An instrument by which a correct engraving of any embossed object, such as a medal or cameo, can be executed.

Anagrammatical (a.) Pertaining to, containing, or making, an anagram.

Analogicalness (n.) Quality of being analogical.

Anarthropodous (a.) Having no jointed legs; pertaining to Anarthropoda.

Anathematizing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Anathematize

Anelectrotonus (n.) The condition of decreased irritability of a nerve in the region of the positive electrode or anode on the passage of a current of electricity through it.

Anglo-Catholic (a.) Of or pertaining to a church modeled on the English Reformation; Anglican; -- sometimes restricted to the ritualistic or High Church section of the Church of England.

Anglo-Catholic (n.) A member of the Church of England who contends for its catholic character; more specifically, a High Churchman.

Anglo-Saxondom (n.) The Anglo-Saxon domain (i. e., Great Britain and the United States, etc.); the Anglo-Saxon race.

Anglo-Saxonism (n.) A characteristic of the Anglo-Saxon race; especially, a word or an idiom of the Anglo-Saxon tongue.

Anglo-Saxonism (n.) The quality or sentiment of being Anglo-Saxon, or English in its ethnological sense.

Angostura bark () An aromatic bark used as a tonic, obtained from a South American of the rue family (Galipea cusparia, / officinalis).

Angoumois moth () A small moth (Gelechia cerealella) which is very destructive to wheat and other grain. The larva eats out the interior of the grain, leaving only the shell.

Angulo-dentate (a.) Angularly toothed, as certain leaves.

Angustifoliate (a.) Alt. of Angustifolious

Angustifolious (a.) Having narrow leaves.

Angustura bark () See Angostura bark.

Anisodactylous (a.) Characterized by unequal toes, three turned forward and one backward, as in most passerine birds.

Anisostemonous (a.) Having unequal stamens; having stamens different in number from the petals.

Anomaloflorous (a.) Having anomalous flowers.

Another-gaines (a.) Of another kind.

Answerableness (n.) The quality of being answerable, liable, responsible, or correspondent.

Antagonistical (a.) Opposing in combat, combating; contending or acting against; as, antagonistic forces.

Antaphrodisiac (a.) Capable of blunting the venereal appetite.

Antaphrodisiac (n.) Anything that quells the venereal appetite.

Antarchistical (a.) Opposed to all human government.

Anthony's Fire () See Saint Anthony's Fire, under Saint.

Anthraciferous (a.) Yielding anthracite; as, anthraciferous strata.

Anthracometric (a.) Of or pertaining to an anthracometer.

Anthropography (n.) That branch of anthropology which treats of the actual distribution of the human race in its different divisions, as distinguished by physical character, language, institutions, and customs, in contradistinction to ethnography, which treats historically of the origin and filiation of races and nations.

Anthropologist (n.) One who is versed in anthropology.

Anthropometric (a.) Alt. of Anthropometrical

Anthropomorpha (n. pl.) The manlike, or anthropoid, apes.

Anthropopathic (a.) Alt. of Anthropopathical

Anthropophagic (a.) Alt. of Anthropophagical

Anthropophuism (n.) Human nature.

Anthropotomist (n.) One who is versed in anthropotomy, or human anatomy.

Antiapoplectic (a. & n.) Same as Antapoplectic.

Anticontagious (a.) Opposing or destroying contagion.

Anticonvulsive (a.) Good against convulsions.

Antidysenteric (a.) Good against dysentery.

Antidysenteric (n.) A medicine for dysentery.

Antimetathesis (n.) An antithesis in which the members are repeated in inverse order.

Antimonarchist (n.) An enemy to monarchial government.

Antimoniureted (a.) Combined with or containing antimony; as, antimoniureted hydrogen.

Antiodontalgic (a.) Efficacious in curing toothache.

Antiodontalgic (n.) A remedy for toothache.

Antipathetical (a.) Having a natural contrariety, or constitutional aversion, to a thing; characterized by antipathy; -- often followed by to.

Antiperistasis (n.) Opposition by which the quality opposed asquires strength; resistance or reaction roused by opposition or by the action of an opposite principle or quality.

Antiperistatic (a.) Pertaining to antiperistasis.

Antiphlogistic (a.) Opposed to the doctrine of phlogiston.

Antiphlogistic (a.) Counteracting inflammation.

Antiphlogistic (n.) Any medicine or diet which tends to check inflammation.

Antiphrastical (a.) Pertaining to antiphrasis.

Antiputrescent (a.) Counteracting, or preserving from, putrefaction; antiseptic.

Antiquarianism (n.) Character of an antiquary; study or love of antiquities.

Antiquarianize (v. i.) To act the part of an antiquary.

Antiquatedness (n.) Quality of being antiquated.

Antisacerdotal (a.) Hostile to priests or the priesthood.

Antiscriptural (a.) Opposed to, or not in accordance with, the Holy Scriptures.

Antiseptically (adv.) By means of antiseptics.

Antisyphilitic (a.) Efficacious against syphilis.

Antisyphilitic (n.) A medicine for syphilis.

Antithetically (adv.) By way antithesis.

Antitrochanter (n.) An articular surface on the ilium of birds against which the great trochanter of the femur plays.

Encephalopathy (n.) Any disease or symptoms of disease referable to disorders of the brain; as, lead encephalopathy, the cerebral symptoms attending chronic lead poisoning.

Encyclopedical (a.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, an encyclopedia; embracing a wide range of subjects.

Endecaphyllous (a.) Composed of eleven leaflets; -- said of a leaf.

Enharmonically (adv.) In the enharmonic style or system; in just intonation.

Enigmatography (n.) Alt. of Enigmatology

Enteradenology (n.) The science which treats of the glands of the alimentary canal.

Enthronization (n.) The act of enthroning; hence, the admission of a bishop to his stall or throne in his cathedral.

Enthusiastical (a.) Filled with enthusiasm; characterized by enthusiasm; zealous; as, an enthusiastic lover of art.

Enthymematical (a.) Pertaining to, or of the form of, an enthymeme.

Entomostracous (a.) Belonging to the Entomostracans.

Entoperipheral (a.) Being, or having its origin, within the external surface of the body; -- especially applied to feelings, such as hunger, produced by internal disturbances. Opposed to epiperipheral.

Inacquaintance (a.) Want of acquaintance.

Inalienability (n.) The quality or state of being inalienable.

Inalterability (n.) The quality of being unalterable or unchangeable; permanence.

Inappreciation (n.) Want of appreciation.

Inapprehension (n.) Want of apprehension.

Inapprehensive (a.) Not apprehensive; regardless; unconcerned.

Inapproachable (a.) Not approachable; unapproachable; inaccessible; unequaled.

Inarticulately (adv.) In an inarticulate manner.

Inarticulation (n.) Inarticulateness.

Incapacitating (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Incapacitate

Incapacitation (n.) The act of incapacitating or state of being incapacitated; incapacity; disqualification.

Incivilization (n.) The state of being uncivilized; want of civilization; barbarism.

Inclinableness (n.) The state or quality of being inclinable; inclination.

Incogitativity (n.) The quality of being incogitative; want of thought or of the power of thinking.

Incoherentific (a.) Causing incoherence.

Incoherentness (n.) Incoherence.

Incommensurate (a.) Not commensurate; not admitting of a common measure; incommensurable.

Incommensurate (a.) Not of equal of sufficient measure or extent; not adequate; as, our means are incommensurate to our wants.

Incommunicable (a.) Not communicable; incapable of being communicated, shared, told, or imparted, to others.

Incommunicated (a.) Not communicated or imparted.

Incompleteness (n.) The state of being incomplete; imperfectness; defectiveness.

Incompressible (a.) Not compressible; incapable of being reduced by force or pressure into a smaller compass or volume; resisting compression; as, many liquids and solids appear to be almost incompressible.

Inconditionate (a.) Not conditioned; not limited; absolute.

Inconscionable (a.) Unconscionable.

Inconsiderable (a.) Not considerable; unworthy of consideration or notice; unimportant; small; trivial; as, an inconsiderable distance; an inconsiderable quantity, degree, value, or sum.

Inconsistently (adv.) In an inconsistent manner.

Inconsumptible (a.) Inconsumable.

Incontentation (n.) Discontent.

Incontrollable (a.) Not controllable; uncontrollable.

Inconveniently (adv.) In an inconvenient manner; incommodiously; unsuitably; unseasonably.

Incoordination (n.) Want of coordination; lack of harmonious adjustment or action.

Incorporealism (n.) Existence without a body or material form; immateriality.

Incorporealist (n.) One who believes in incorporealism.

Incorporeality (n.) The state or quality of being incorporeal or bodiless; immateriality; incorporealism.

Incredibleness (n.) Incredibility.

Inculpableness (n.) Blamelessness; faultlessness.

Indecipherable (a.) Not decipherable; incapable of being deciphered, explained, or solved.

Indecisiveness (n.) The state of being indecisive; unsettled state.

Indecomposable (a.) Not decomposable; incapable or difficult of decomposition; not resolvable into its constituents or elements.

Indecorousness (n.) The quality of being indecorous; want of decorum.

Indefatigation (n.) Indefatigableness; unweariedness.

Indefiniteness (n.) The quality of being indefinite.

Indemonstrable (a.) Incapable of being demonstrated.

Independentism (n.) Independency; the church system of Independents.

Indestructible (a.) Not destructible; incapable of decomposition or of being destroyed.

Indeterminable (a.) Not determinable; impossible to be determined; not to be definitely known, ascertained, defined, or limited.

Indeterminable (n.) An indeterminable thing or quantity.

Indifferentism (n.) State of indifference; want of interest or earnestness; especially, a systematic apathy regarding what is true or false in religion or philosophy; agnosticism.

Indifferentism (n.) Same as Identism.

Indifferentism (n.) A heresy consisting in an unconcern for any particular creed, provided the morals be right and good.

Indifferentist (n.) One governed by indifferentism.

Indigestedness (n.) The state or quality of being undigested; crudeness.

Indiminishable (a.) Incapable of being diminished.

Indiscerptible (a.) Not discerpible; inseparable.

Indiscoverable (a.) Not discoverable; undiscoverable.

Indiscriminate (a.) Not discriminate; wanting discrimination; undistinguishing; not making any distinction; confused; promiscuous.

Indisposedness (n.) The condition or quality of being indisposed.

Indistinctible (a.) Indistinguishable.

Indistinctness (n.) The quality or condition of being indistinct; want of definiteness; dimness; confusion; as, the indistinctness of a picture, or of comprehension; indistinctness of vision.

Individualized (imp. & p. p.) of Individualize

Individualizer (n.) One who individualizes.

Indivisibility (n.) The state or property of being indivisible or inseparable; inseparability.

Indoctrinating (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Indoctrinate

Indoctrination (n.) The act of indoctrinating, or the condition of being indoctrinated; instruction in the rudiments and principles of any science or system of belief; information.

Ineffectuality (n.) Ineffectualness.

Ineffervescent (a.) Not effervescing, or not susceptible of effervescence; quiescent.

Inequivalvular (a.) Having unequal valves, as the shell of an oyster.

Inevitableness (n.) The state of being unavoidable; certainty to happen.

Inexcitability (n.) The quality of being inexcitable; insusceptibility to excitement.

Inexorableness (n.) The quality or state of being inexorable.

Inexpectedness (n.) Unexpectedness.

Inexpiableness (n.) Quality of being inexpiable.

Inexpressibles (n. pl.) Breeches; trousers.

Inexterminable (a.) Incapable of extermination.

Infallibleness (n.) The state or quality of being infallible; infallibility.

Infeasibleness (n.) The state of quality of being infeasible; infeasibility.

Infectiousness (n.) The quality of being infectious.

Inflammabillty (n.) Susceptibility of taking fire readily; the state or quality of being inflammable.

Inflexibleness (n.) The quality or state of being inflexible; inflexibility; rigidity; firmness.

Infra-axillary (a.) Situated below the axil, as a bud.

Infrabranchial (a.) Below the gills; -- applied to the ventral portion of the pallial chamber in the lamellibranchs.

Infralapsarian (n.) One of that class of Calvinists who consider the decree of election as contemplating the apostasy as past and the elect as being at the time of election in a fallen and guilty state; -- opposed to Supralapsarian. The former considered the election of grace as a remedy for an existing evil; the latter regarded the fall as a part of God's original purpose in regard to men.

Infralapsarian (a.) Of or pertaining to the Infralapsarians, or to their doctrine.

Inframaxillary (a.) Under the lower jaw; submaxillary; as, the inframaxillary nerve.

Inframaxillary (a.) Of or pertaining to the lower iaw.

Infrangibility (n.) The quality or state of being infrangible; infrangibleness.

Infrastapedial (a.) Of or pertaining to a part of the columella of the ear, which in many animals projects below the connection with the stapes.

Infrastapedial (n.) The infrastapedial part of the columella.

Infratrochlear (a.) Below a trochlea, or pulley; -- applied esp. to one of the subdivisions of the trigeminal nerve.

Ingenerabillty (n.) Incapacity of being engendered or produced.

Ingloriousness (n.) The state of being inglorious.

Inhabitiveness (n.) See Inhabitativeness.

Inharmoniously (adv.) Without harmony.

Inheritability (n.) The quality of being inheritable or descendible to heirs.

Innumerability (n.) State of being innumerable.

Inorganization (n.) The state of being without organization.

Inquisitionary (a.) Inquisitional.

Inquisitorious (a.) Making strict inquiry; inquisitorial.

Inquisiturient (a.) Inquisitorial.

Insatiableness (n.) Greediness of appetite that can not be satisfied or appeased; insatiability.

Insatisfaction (n.) Insufficiency; emptiness.

Insatisfaction (n.) Dissatisfaction.

Inscrutability (n.) The quality or state of being inscrutable; inscrutableness.

Insensibleness (n.) Insensibility.

Inseparability (n.) The quality or state of being inseparable; inseparableness.

Insignificance (n.) The condition or quality of being insignificant; want of significance, sense, or meaning; as, the insignificance of words or phrases.

Insignificance (n.) Want of force or effect; unimportance; pettiness; inefficacy; as, the insignificance of human art.

Insignificance (n.) Want of claim to consideration or notice; want of influence or standing; meanness.

Insignificancy (n.) Insignificance.

Inspirationist (n.) One who holds to inspiration.

Institutionary (a.) Relating to an institution, or institutions.

Institutionary (a.) Containing the first principles or doctrines; elemental; rudimentary.

Instrumentally (adv.) By means of an instrument or agency; as means to an end.

Instrumentally (adv.) With instruments of music; as, a song instrumentally accompanied.

Insufficiently (adv.) In an insufficient manner or degree; unadequately.

Insuperability (n.) The quality or state of being insuperable; insuperableness.

Insuppressible (a.) That can not be suppressed or concealed; irrepressible.

Insurmountable (a.) Incapable of being passed over, surmounted, or overcome; insuperable; as, insurmountable difficulty or obstacle.

Insurmountably (adv.) In a manner or to a degree not to be overcome.

Insurrectional (a.) Pertaining to insurrection; consisting in insurrection.

Integropallial (a.) Having the pallial

Intellectively (adv.) In an intellective manner.

Intellectually (adv.) In an intellectual manner.

Intelligencing (a.) Informing; giving information; talebearing.

Intelligential (a.) Of or pertaining to the intelligence; exercising or implying understanding; intellectual.

Intelligential (a.) Consisting of unembodied mind; incorporeal.

Intemerateness (n.) The state of being unpolluted; purity.

Intempestively (adv.) Unseasonably.

Intempestivity (n.) Unseasonableness; untime

Intentionality (n.) The quality or state of being intentional; purpose; design.

Interambulacra (pl. ) of Interambulacrum

Interarticular (a.) Situated between joints or articulations; as, interarticular cartilages and ligaments.

Interauricular (a.) Between the auricles; as, the interauricular partition of the heart.

Interbastation (n.) Patchwork.

Interbranchial (a.) Between the branchiae.

Intercavernous (a.) Between the cavernous sinuses; as, the intercavernous sinuses connecting the cavernous sinuses at the base of the brain.

Intercessional (a.) Pertaining to, of the nature of, or characterized by, intercession or entreaty.

Intercessorial (a.) Intercessory.

Intercommoning (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Intercommon

Intercommonage (n.) The right or privilege of intercommoning.

Intercommuning (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Intercommune

Intercommunion (n.) Mutual communion; as, an intercommunion of deities.

Intercommunity (n.) Intercommunication; community of possessions, religion, etc.

Intercondyloid (a.) Between condyles; as, the intercondylar fossa or notch of the femur.

Intercutaneous (a.) Subcutaneous.

Interdependent (a.) Mutually dependent.

Interestedness (n.) The state or quality of being interested; selfishness.

Interjectional (a.) Thrown in between other words or phrases; parenthetical; ejaculatory; as, an interjectional remark.

Interjectional (a.) Pertaining to, or having the nature of, an interjection; consisting of natural and spontaneous exclamations.

Interknowledge (n.) Mutual knowledge or acquaintance.

Interlaminated (a.) Placed between, or containing, laminae or plates.



Interlocutrice (n.) A female interlocutor.

Intermaxillary (a.) Between the maxillary bones.

Intermaxillary (a.) Of or pertaining to the intermaxillae.

Intermaxillary (n.) An intermaxilla.

Intermediaries (pl. ) of Intermediary

Intermediately (adv.) In an intermediate manner; by way of intervention.

Intermediation (n.) The act of coming between; intervention; interposition.

Intermigration (n.) Reciprocal migration; interchange of dwelling place by migration.

Intermittently (adv.) With intermissions; in an intermittent manner; intermittingly.

Intermittingly (adv.) With intermissions; at intervals.

Intermodillion (n.) The space between two modillions.

Interoperculum (n.) The postero-inferior opercular bone, in fishes.

Interpellation (n.) The act of interpelling or interrupting; interruption.

Interpellation (n.) The act of interposing or interceding; intercession.

Interpellation (n.) An act of interpellating, or of demanding of an officer an explanation of his action; imperative or peremptory questioning; a point raised in a debate.

Interpellation (n.) A official summons or citation.

Interpenetrate (v. t.) To penetrate between or within; to penetrate mutually.

Interpenetrate (v. i.) To penetrate each the other; to penetrate between bodies or their parts.

Interplanetary (a.) Between planets; as, interplanetary spaces.

Interpretament (n.) Interpretation.

Interpretation (n.) The act of interpreting; explanation of what is obscure; translation; version; construction; as, the interpretation of a foreign language, of a dream, or of an enigma.

Interpretation (n.) The sense given by an interpreter; exposition or explanation given; meaning; as, commentators give various interpretations of the same passage of Scripture.

Interpretation (n.) The power or explaining.

Interpretation (n.) An artist's way of expressing his thought or embodying his conception of nature.

Interpretation (n.) The act or process of applying general principles or formulae to the explanation of the results obtained in special cases.

Interpretative (a.) Designed or fitted to interpret; explanatory.

Interpretative (a.) According to interpretation; constructive.

Interrepellent (a.) Mutually repellent.

Interscapulars (n. pl.) The interscapular feathers of a bird.

Intersectional (a.) Pertaining to, or formed by, intersections.

Interspiration (n.) Spiritual inspiration at separate times, or at intervals.

Interstapedial (a.) Pertaining to a part of the columella of the ear, between the stapes and the mediostapedial.

Interstapedial (n.) The interstapedial part of the columella.

Interstinctive (a.) Distinguishing.

Intertwiningly (adv.) By intertwining or being intertwined.

Intervertebral (a.) Between vertebrae.

Inthronization (n.) Enthronement.

Intolerability (n.) The quality of being intolerable; intolerableness.

Intractability (n.) The quality of being intractable; intractableness.

Intramercurial (a.) Between the planet Mercury and the sun; -- as, the hypothetical Vulcan is intramercurial.

Intramolecular (a.) Between molecules; situated, or acting, between the molecules of bodies.

Intranquillity (n.) Unquietness; restlessness.

Intransigentes (n. pl.) The extreme radicals; the party of the irreconcilables.

Intransitively (adv.) Without an obj

Intransmutable (a.) Not capable of being transmuted or changed into another substance.

Intrinsicality (n.) The quality of being intrinsic; essentialness; genuineness; reality.

Introductorily (adv.) By way of introduction.

Introreception (n.) The act of admitting into or within.

Intuitionalism (n.) The doctrine that the perception or recognition of primary truth is intuitive, or direct and immediate; -- opposed to sensationalism, and experientialism.

Intuitionalist (n.) One who holds the doctrine of intuitionalism.

Intussuscepted (a.) Received into some other thing or part, as a sword into a sheath; invaginated.

Invaletudinary (a.) Wanting health; valetudinary.

Inventibleness (n.) Quality of being inventible.

Inveterateness (n.) Inveteracy.

Inviolableness (n.) The quality or state of being inviolable; as, the inviolableness of divine justice.

Invisibilities (pl. ) of Invisibility

Knickerbockers (n. pl.) The name for a style of short breeches; smallclothes.

Knight-errants (pl. ) of Knight-errant

Knights-errant (pl. ) of Knight-errant

Knight marshal () An officer in the household of the British sovereign, who has cognizance of transgressions within the royal household and verge, and of contracts made there, a member of the household being one of the parties.

Knight service () A tenure of lands held by knights on condition of performing military service. See Chivalry, n., 4.

Knight Templar () See Commandery, n., 3, and also Templar, n., 1 and 3.

Knobbling fire () A bloomery fire. See Bloomery.

Oneirocritical (a.) Of or pertaining to the interpretation of dreams.

Pneumatologist (n.) One versed in pneumatology.

Pneumatothorax (n.) See Pneumothorax.

Pneumoskeleton (n.) A chitinous structure which supports the gill in some invertebrates.

Snake's-tongue (n.) Same as Adder's-tongue.

Snipper-snaper (n.) A small, insignificant fellow.

Unaccomplished (a.) Not accomplished or performed; unfinished; also, deficient in accomplishment; unrefined.

Unaccurateness (n.) Inaccuracy.

Unacquaintance (n.) The quality or state of being unacquainted; want of acquaintance; ignorance.

Unappropriated (a.) Not specially appropriate; having not special application.

Unappropriated (a.) Not granted to any person, corporation, or the like, to the exclusion of others; as, unappropriated lands.

Unappropriated (a.) Not granted for, or applied to, any specific purpose; as, the unappropriated moneys in the treasury.

Unchristianize (v. t.) To turn from the Christian faith; to cause to abandon the belief and profession of Christianity.

Uncircumcision (n.) The absence or want of circumcision.

Uncircumcision (n.) People not circumcised; the Gentiles.

Uncivilization (n.) The state of being uncivilized; savagery or barbarism.

Uncompromising (a.) Not admitting of compromise; making no truce or concessions; obstinate; unyielding; inflexible.

Unconscionable (a.) Not conscionable; not conforming to reason; unreasonable; exceeding the limits of any reasonable claim or expectation; inordinate; as, an unconscionable person or demand; unconscionable size.

Unconscionable (a.) Not guided by, or conformed to, conscience.

Uncontrollable (a.) Incapable of being controlled; ungovernable; irresistible; as, an uncontrollable temper; uncontrollable events.

Uncontrollable (a.) Indisputable; irrefragable; as, an uncontrollable maxim; an uncontrollable title.

Underpossessor (n.) One who possesses or holds anything subject to the superior of another.

Undersaturated (a.) Not fully saturated; imperfectly saturated.

Undersecretary (n.) A secretary who is subordinate to the chief secretary; an assistant secretary; as, an undersecretary of the Treasury.

Undersheriffry (n.) Undershrievalty.

Understandable (a.) Capable of being understood; intelligible.

Understatement (n.) The act of understating, or the condition of being understated; that which is understated; a statement below the truth.

Understrapping (a.) Becoming an understrapper; subservient.

Undertreasurer (n.) An assistant treasurer.

Undervaluation (n.) The act of undervaluing; a rate or value not equal to the real worth.

Undeterminable (a.) Not determinable; indeterminable.

Undisposedness (n.) Indisposition; disinclination.

Unidimensional (a.) Having but one dimension. See Dimension.

Uniformitarian (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, the view or doctrine that existing causes, acting in the same manner and with essentially the same intensity as at the present time, are sufficient to account for all geological changes.

Uniformitarian (n.) One who accepts uniformitarianism, or the uniformitarian doctrine.

Unintelligence (n.) Absence or lack of intelligence; unwisdom; ignorance.

Unintermission (n.) Want or failure of intermission.

Unipersonalist (n.) One who believes that the Deity is unipersonal.

Unitarianizing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Unitarianize

Universalistic (a.) Of or pertaining to the whole; universal.

Universalizing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Universalize

Universologist (n.) One who is versed in universology.

Unmentionables (n. pl.) The breeches; trousers.

Unmerchantable (a.) Not merchantable; not fit for market; being of a kind, quality, or quantity that is unsalable.

Unphilosophize (v. t.) To degrade from the character of a philosopher.

Unpleasantries (pl. ) of Unpleasantry

Unquestionable (a.) Not questionable; as, an unquestionable title.

Unquestionable (a.) Not inviting questions or conversation.

Unregeneration (n.) Unregeneracy.

Unreproachable (a.) Not liable to be reproached; irreproachable.

Unsatisfaction (n.) Dissatisfaction.

Unsophisticate (a.) Alt. of Unsophisticated

Unsurmountable (a.) Insurmountable.

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