15 letter words ending in ate

Antepenultimate (a.) Of or pertaining to the last syllable but two.

Antepenultimate (n.) The antepenult.

Archiepiscopate (n.) The office of an archbishop; an archbishopric.

Circumstantiate (v. t.) To place in particular circumstances; to invest with particular accidents or adjuncts.

Circumstantiate (v. t.) To prove or confirm by circumstances; to enter into details concerning.

Consubstantiate (v. t. ) To cause to unite, or to regard as united, in one common substance or nature.

Consubstantiate (v. i.) To profess or belive the doctrine of consubstantion.

Consubstantiate (a.) Partaking of the same substance; united; consubstantial.

Contortuplicate (a.) Plaited lengthwise and twisted in addition, as the bud of the morning-glory.

Counterirritate (v. t.) To produce counter irritation in; to treat with one morbid process for the purpose of curing another.

Cyclobranchiate (a.) Having the gills around the margin of the body, as certain limpets.

Dentate-ciliate (a.) Having the margin dentate and also ciliate or fringed with hairs.

Dentate-sinuate (a.) Having a form intermediate between dentate and sinuate.

Dermobranchiate (a.) Having the skin modified to serve as a gill.

Disaffectionate (a.) Not disposed to affection; unfriendly; disaffected.

Dorsibranchiate (a.) Having branchiae along the back; belonging to the Dorsibranchiata.

Dorsibranchiate (n.) One of the Dorsibranchiata.

Heterogangliate (a.) Having the ganglia of the nervous system unsymmetrically arranged; -- said of certain invertebrate animals.

Hyperoxymuriate (n.) A perchlorate.

Improportionate (a.) Not proportionate.

Incompassionate (a.) Not compassionate; void of pity or of tenderness; remorseless.

Intercessionate (v. t.) To entreat.

Intercollegiate (a.) Existing or carried on between colleges or universities; as, intercollegiate relations, rivalry, games, etc.

Lophobranchiate (a.) Of or pertaining to the Lophobranchii.

Metropolitanate (n.) The see of a metropolitan bishop.

Ovate-acuminate (a.) Having an ovate form, but narrowed at the end into a slender point.

Ovate-rotundate (a.) Having a form intermediate between that of an egg and a sphere; roundly ovate.

Ovato-acuminate (a.) Same as Ovate-acuminate.

Ovato-rotundate (a.) Same as Ovate-rotundate.

Pterygoquadrate (a.) Of, pertaining to, or representing the pterygoid and quadrate bones or cartilages.

Pulmobranchiate (a. & n.) Same as Pulmonibranchiata, -ate.

Quindecemvirate (n.) The body or office of the quindecemviri.

Scutibranchiate (a.) Having the gills protected by a shieldlike shell; of or pertaining to the Scutibranchiata.

Scutibranchiate (n.) One of the Scutibranchiata.

Sesquiduplicate (a.) Twice and a half as great (as another thing); having the ratio of two and a half to one.

Sulphantimonate (n.) A salt of sulphantimonic acid.

Sulphocarbonate (n.) A salt of sulphocarbonic acid; a thiocarbonate.

Sulphophosphate (n.) A salt of sulphophosphoric acid.

Sulphotungstate (n.) A salt of sulphotungstic acid.

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