15 letter words ending in ble

Circumnavigable (a.) Capable of being sailed round.

Circumscribable (a.) Capable of being circumscribed.

Countermandable (a.) Capable of being countermanded; revocable.

Distinguishable (a.) Capable of being distinguished; separable; divisible; discernible; capable of recognition; as, a tree at a distance is distinguishable from a shrub.

Distinguishable (a.) Worthy of note or special regard.

Forcible-feeble (a.) Seemingly vigorous, but really weak or insipid.

Hendecasyllable (n.) A metrical

Imprescriptible (a.) Not capable of being lost or impaired by neglect, by disuse, or by the claims of another founded on prescription.

Imprescriptible (a.) Not derived from, or dependent on, external authority; self-evidencing; obvious.

Inapprehensible (a.) Not apprehensible; unintelligible; inconceivable.

Incommensurable (n.) One of two or more quantities which have no common measure.

Indeprehensible (a.) Incapable of being found out.

Indisciplinable (a.) Not disciplinable; undisciplinable.

Ineffervescible (a.) Not capable or susceptible of effervescence.

Interchangeable (a.) Admitting of exchange or mutual substitution.

Interchangeable (a.) Following each other in alternate succession; as, the four interchangeable seasons.

Intransmissible (a.) Not capable of being transmitted.

Irreprehensible (a.) Not reprehensible; blameless; innocent.

Irrepresentable (a.) Not capable of being represented or portrayed.

Miscarriageable (a.) Capable of miscarrying; liable to fail.

Petworth marble () A kind of shell marble occurring in the Wealden clay at Petworth, in Sussex, England; -- called also Sussex marble.

Predeterminable (a.) Capable of being determined beforehand.

Quinquesyllable (n.) A word of five syllables.

Skimble-scamble (a.) Rambling; disorderly; unconnected.

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