15 letter words ending in er

Breakbone fever () See Dengue.

Bunsen's burner () See under Battery, and Burner.

Cloud-compeller (n.) Cloud-gatherer; -- an epithet applied to Zeus.

Credit mobilier () A joint stock company, formed for general banking business, or for the construction of public works, by means of loans on personal estate, after the manner of the credit foncier on real estate. In practice, however, this distinction has not been strictly observed.

Discountenancer (n.) One who discountenances; one who disfavors.

Fellow-commoner (n.) A student at Cambridge University, England, who commons, or dines, at the Fellow's table.

Haemadremometer (n.) Same as Hemadrometer.

Haematachometer (n.) A form of apparatus (somewhat different from the hemadrometer) for measuring the velocity of the blood.

Haemotachometer (n.) Same as Haematachometer.

Hemadynamometer (n.) An instrument by which the pressure of the blood in the arteries, or veins, is measured by the height to which it will raise a column of mercury; -- called also a haemomanometer.

Historiographer (n.) An historian; a writer of history; especially, one appointed or designated to write a history; also, a title bestowed by some governments upon historians of distinction.

Joseph's flower () A composite herb (Tragopogon pratensis), of the same genus as the salsify.

Lactodensimeter (n.) A form of hydrometer, specially graduated, for finding the density of milk, and thus discovering whether it has been mixed with water or some of the cream has been removed.

Micromillimeter (n.) The millionth part of a meter.

Misunderstander (n.) One who misunderstands.

Myodynamiometer (n.) A myodynamometer.

Radiomicrometer (n.) A very sensitive modification or application of the thermopile, used for indicating minute changes of radiant heat, or temperature.

Seek-no-further (n.) A kind of choice winter apple, having a subacid taste; -- formerly called go-no-further.

Telethermometer (n.) An apparatus for determining the temperature of a distant point, as by a thermoelectric circuit or otherwise.

Thermobarometer (n.) An instrument for determining altitudes by the boiling point of water.

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