15 letter words ending in ical

Alcoholmetrical (a.) Relating to the alcoholometer or alcoholometry.

Amphibiological (a.) Pertaining to amphibiology.

Amphitheatrical (a.) Of, pertaining to, exhibited in, or resembling, an amphitheater.

Anthropological (a.) Pertaining to anthropology; belonging to the nature of man.

Anthropotomical (a.) Pertaining to anthropotomy, or the dissection of human bodies.

Antimagistrical (a.) Opposed to the office or authority of magistrates.

Antimonarchical () Opposed to monarchial government.

Antiparalytical (a.) Antiparalytic.

Antiscorbutical (a.) Antiscorbutic.

Architectonical (a.) Pertaining to a master builder, or to architecture; evincing skill in designing or construction; constructive.

Architectonical (a.) Relating to the systemizing of knowledge.

Bacteriological (a.) Of or pertaining to bacteriology; as, bacteriological studies.

Bibliographical (a.) Pertaining to bibliography, or the history of books.

Cryptographical (a.) Relating to cryptography; written in secret characters or in cipher, or with sympathetic ink.

Ecclesiological (a.) Belonging to ecclesiology.

Epidemiological (a.) Connected with, or pertaining to, epidemiology.

Eudaemonistical (a.) Eudemonistic.

Glossographical (a.) Of or pertaining to glossography.

Idiosyncratical (a.) Of peculiar temper or disposition; belonging to one's peculiar and individual character.

Isoperimetrical (a.) Having equal perimeters of circumferences; as, isoperimetrical figures or bodies.

Kaleidoscopical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or formed by, a kaleidoscope; variegated.

Lexicographical (a.) Of or pertaining to, or according to, lexicography.

Logarithmetical (a.) See Logarithmic.

Materialistical (a.) Of or pertaining to materialism or materialists; of the nature of materialism.

Monosymmetrical (a.) Same as Monoclinic.

Organographical (a.) Of or pertaining to organography.

Orthodoxastical (a.) Orthodox.

Paleontological (a.) Of or pertaining to paleontology.

Philanthropical (a.) Of or pertaining to philanthropy; characterized by philanthropy; loving or helping mankind; as, a philanthropic enterprise.

Photomechanical (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, any photographic process in which a printing surface is obtained without the intervention of hand engraving.

Physicochemical (a.) Involving the principles of both physics and chemistry; dependent on, or produced by, the joint action of physical and chemical agencies.

Physiographical (a.) Of or pertaining to physiography.

Pneumatological (a.) Of or pertaining to pneumatology.

Polypragmatical (a.) Overbusy; officious.

Psychrometrical (a.) Of or pertaining to the psychrometer or psychrometry.

Rationalistical (a.) Belonging to, or in accordance with, the principles of rationalism.

Selenographical (a.) Of or pertaining to selenography.

Semicylyndrical (a.) Half cylindrical.

Siderographical (a.) Of or pertaining to siderography; executed by engraved plates of steel; as, siderographic art; siderographic impressions.

Spectroscopical (a.) Of or pertaining to a spectroscope, or spectroscopy.

Stereo-chemical (a.) Pertaining to, or illustrating, the hypothetical space relations of atoms in the molecule; as, a stereo-chemic formula.

Stereographical (a.) Made or done according to the rules of stereography; de

Stoichiological (a.) Of or pertaining to stoichiology.

Stratigraphical (a.) Pertaining to, or depended upon, the order or arrangement of strata; as, stratigraphical evidence.

Stratographical (a.) Of or pertaining to stratography.

Technicological (a.) Technological; technical.

Tetrasyllabical (a.) Consisting of, or having, four syllables; quadrisyllabic.

Theosophistical (a.) Of or pertaining to theosophy; theosophical.

Trigonometrical () Of or pertaining to trigonometry; performed by the rules of trigonometry.

Universological (a.) Of or pertaining to universology.

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